Action Plan Assignment for Completed a Task, Strategy, Project, and Initiatives

Action Plan

It is the detailed plan which outlines the actions required to achieve major goals and targets. This plan helps an individual to identify what needs to be completed a task, strategy, project, and initiatives. The action plan is an essential section of planning strategic objectives in a better manner (Alodwan, et. al., 2018). As per my view, I need to identify my skills and focus on improving my abilities to reach my potential goals or objectives. The action plan helps in developing such skills over the 3 years at the university.

Action Plan for the apprentice challenge

After attained admission to the study for my modules which helps me in increasing my skills and capabilities. There are various challenges and issues which I had faced while studying different learning modules in the university. Such modules involve people management, business analytical skills, a global business environment, and financial accounting. My first short-term goal is to improve my skills in understanding business analytics and also develop knowledge for managing people in an organization (Ammendolia, et. al., 2016). My second long-term goal is to get my graduate degree from the university along with a good grade and I can complete my master’s degree.

SMART goals:

It is an effective method and technique which offers the focus, clarity, and encouragement requires gaining desired goals. This can assist in improving my abilities and skills to attain motivation and complete work in a limited time.

Specific targets: My main goal is to improving and developing my skills and knowledge to understand how to manage people, analyze global business surroundings, and financial accounting. These are the major skills which are needed to be improved by me to reaching with potential goals (Chappell, et. al., 2018). I was focused on developing my skills in managing individuals and analyze the global business environment. For this, I need to improve my leadership skills, management abilities, and analytical capabilities.

Measurable: It is important for me is to concentrate on developing skills and abilities by using different ways which help me in understanding how to improving and build required competencies in a better manner. For improving my leadership skills, I need to guide team members and provide the right path to reach goals. For measuring the skills, I was collect and gather different candidates’ feedbacks or a response regarding the abilities in a better way. I will perform my best work and tasks in conducting working functions, presentation, and different module assignments.

Attainable: For attaining the goals, I need to examine my skills and competencies in people management and various other modules. I will also analyze information about the brands and evaluate the current models and theories effectively. I will focus on learning new skills along with existing capabilities which help me in gaining required targets (Kim, et. al., 2019). In the university, I learned various modules that are important to understand me for completing the assignment. Through examining the modules of the assignment, I can easily finish it and attain leadership abilities in a better manner.

Realistic: This is crucial for me is to attain and formulating whole skills and abilities which are required for a growing career in a specific field. Such skills are accurate as this helps me in improving my leading capabilities by which I can guide and provide direction in a better manner (Passmore, 2020). Leadership skills are very important for my personal development as I can lead to the future aspects in which the leadership has proved to be relevant to its impact on the surroundings for leading in the competitive environment. This skill will be relevant for me for the personal growth in studies and other competitive variants. The leadership skills help in facing the situations and dealing with them with a positive attitude along with making others realize the importance of the skills. The relevance of leadership skills is very important for the development of personal skills in dealing with the conditions of the external world.

Time-bound: The time for improving my skills and abilities within 6 months helps me in developing my leadership competencies, people management, and business analyst. The leadership skills for personal development should be time-oriented as time management along with the use of the skills in the field of the conditions to deal with the competition in the external surroundings. The time orientation will help for dealing with timely issues in the leadership for various situations in study-related matters or other aspects. The conditions of the time roundness for the solution or resolving of any problems with the leadership skills will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency for the skills used and it will help me in realizing the situations which are important for following in the time-oriented manner.


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