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Assessment 1 Part A – Reflective Profile

In this particular section I would like to discuss about the strengths and personal capabilities of mine. I could say that different experiences of mine helped me to build different ideas about the best possible ways essential to be carried in the self-analysis. While the time I was working on different project or trying to build my career with some small job role, I got to know more about my positive and negative aspects. I have analysed that this is necessary for me to develop proper intervention over the significance and valuations of changes essential to be established (Evers, et. al., 2019). This particular analysis also provided me with the assurance of attaining best possible and necessary evaluations to be gathered.

There are certain strengths allied with me which I analysed while doing my studies. I got to know that I am capable enough of taking the decisions. I have determined that while the time of attaining the group tasks m major advantage for me was related to taking timely decisions. This could be determined that I am also capable enough to build an idea about significance of measuring the information and necessities to be developed. This could also be analysed that the I am quite good in terms of adapting the changes quickly which in my opinion is one of the key necessities to be attained as it provides with the idea of attaining proper intervention over the aspects allied with the business perspectives.

Initially I did not have any idea about my capabilities of working in the team as I never experienced the same. While doing the projects in my university there were many of the times when I lacked to collaborate properly. This created issues for me and I also felt less interactive due to the poor communication skills. These certain situations made me think of the best possible resolutions which could be helpful for me to avoid such negative influences. The other challenge which was allied with my practices and personal competencies was related to analysing the best suitable ways in terms of engaging the valuations to be carried (Dehghani, 2020). This is also necessary for me to have proper idea about the aspects which relates to my growth.

From the above reflection of my strengths and weaknesses I could say that this is necessary for me to attain certain changes and modifications which will provide me with the advantages of developing effectual growth allied with personal as well as professional growth. This also is the key necessity for me to have proper intervention over the aspects which provides with the key significance of letting the changes and procedures to be developed. I also have determined that one of the major needs for me is to build the evaluations and modifications which somewhere provides me with the idea about my interpersonal improvements and valuations to be carried. This could be analysed that the changes and professional capabilities of mine capabilities to be gazed.

Part B – Personal Learning and Development Plan

Stage 1 – Analysis

I have analysed the strengths and weaknesses allied with me as this is necessary to build the information about professional capabilities attaining by me. I got to know that I am good enough in taking the decisions which provided me with the information about some of the best possible aspects essential to be carried. As I got to know that the effectual decisions making most of the times helped us to take the decisions necessary for growth and changes to be adapted. While doing my university projects I got to know that I am capable enough of taking decisions to manage the challenges allied with team management (Christie, et. al., 2018). I also analyse that one of the advantage of mine is good observation skills as whenever I have taken participation in some gaming activities with my friends I was capable enough of winning by having good observation power.

This specific analysis also provided me with the information about some of the key aspects essential for me to attained while developing the personal growth. The negative influences allied me are some of the negative influences and weaknesses of mine which mainly are essential to be removed which provides with the best possible changes to be carried. One of the major issues of mine which I analysed was the lack of effectual communication as the issues were related to having the proper information about the way which could be used for the discussion. The other challenge allied with me was related to building the significant leadership (Thommessen and Fougner, 2020). The opportunities allied with my learnings are to build the significant professional growth. the only threat I am looking forward to resolve relates to the inefficient communication skills. This could affect my professional capabilities.

Stage 2 – Setting Goals

There are some of the goals essential to develop the idea about perspectives allied with the growth and significant modifications.

Goal Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time
Communication Skills This could be the major necessity to develop effectual impressions (Kassymova, et. al., 2019). This could be measured by taking proper training and several online classes. This could be achieved in terms of building the idea about significant of changes. This is the approach which ensures to have self-control. 3 Months
Professional Growth This is the key objective for an individual in terms of carrying the best possible values. This could be attained by taking several online classes ensuring about the ways of improvement (Tsay, et. al., 2018). This could be helpful to achieve all the aspects essential for the growth and changes. This could be the key approach to related with the advantages and values. 3 Moths
Time Management This could be helpful to develop effectual ad timely execution of the tasks. This provides with the advantages of building some of those changes which are essential for measuring growth, This could be the key approach to maintain all the possible and essential values effectually. This will also be the key to let the changes and development of some of the values and aspects. 3 Months

Stage 3 – Personal Objectives

I have analysed that the major necessity for me is to build an idea about the long terms goals of mine which provides me with the advantage’s pf developing the personal as well as professional growth aspects. I have analysed that in the future I want to become successful manager in the MNC. At the same time, I have precise idea that I could only achieve these specific goals while attaining the information about some of the professional capabilities. This also provides with the information about letting the changes and approaches be engaged in terms of building broader growth and changes. This can be determined that specific goals of mine somewhere are the key aspects which are helping me to have precise idea of the effectual and appropriate changes to be engaged (Evers, et. al., 2019). This also ensured to have the information about some of the key valuations which relates to developing and carrying the best possible interventions of professional and significant growth. This also provided with the idea of having proper growth factors to be measured.

Development Needs Priority How to Meet The Needs Sources of Funding Evaluation Modification
Effectual Communication High Online classes, Training and development plans Own funding I have learnt different ways of formal and informal communication essential to be used at specific aspects. This helped me to build precise idea about the way of communication required to be managed.
Leadership Moderate Online classes, Training and development plans Own funding I have learned about some of the key skills and interventions essential to leading the workplace culture (Dehghani, 2020). I have gained the information about the ways of leading workplace which could be taken as the key necessity to let the business be measured.
Problem Solving Moderate Online classes, Training and development plans Own funding I have learned about the problem solving techniques essential to be carried and handled in terms of attaining the information of situation analysis. This is also necessary to have effectual problem solving aspects which provides with the idea of letting the business progression.
Team Work High Online classes, Training and development plans Own funding I have learned several ways which relates to attaining the perception about team work essential to be measured. This provided with the information about effectual ways of working in the team.
Time Management High Online classes, Training and development plans Own funding I have learned the import of attaining proper time management which relates to the aspects of letting the task to be accomplished significantly. This provided me with the advantages of developing the aspects which provides with the information of taking proper time management (Christie, et. al., 2018).


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