BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business Plan Assignment Help

Executive Summary

The business plan is based on opening a new restaurant in which food is prepared and serves by robots. It is a very interesting theme for a restaurant which is mostly liked by most people. The restaurant name is the Food Centre in which a variety of food products and items are served through robots.

Business Overview


The food center is the new restaurant that provides a variety of food items and dishes to their customers. It has unique lights and chairs which attract more customers towards its infrastructure. This is developed and established by George Handson. It is situated in Melbourne, Australia [1].

Management structure

The food center management structure has identified and shows the roles and responsibilities of each department within a restaurant. The common structure of the restaurant can be adapted to various requirements of every individual restaurant. Such a structure helps in arranging and managing its important administration hierarchy [2]. The management structure of this restaurant is mainly handling and managed by robots who serve food to their guests.

Management structure

Legal consideration

The food center focuses on its legal framework in which its manager maintains all the staff members’ duties and roles. Also, the employers are responsible for repairing robot features on a monthly and monitor their functions [3]. The restaurant develops some legal laws and policies which should be followed by all the workers who are working in an organization. They are legally bound by such legislation when they are hired in this restaurant, so they need to perform duties under the legal considerations.

SWOT analysis

Strength Weakness
·      It is becoming one of the unique restaurants in Australia.

·      The restaurant has robots who serve and prepare food items for the guests


·      Lack of management skills among leaders

·      Poor research and development tools

·      Lack of strategies and tactics

Opportunities Threats
·      The restaurant can expand its business operations in different countries in the future time.

·      Merge with another famous restaurant to gain more profitability

·      Huge competition

·      Rivals offer cheap price of food

·      Competitors are located nearby

Business Concept

Core idea

The food centre core idea is to develop restaurant structure and infrastructure in such a way which attract a large number of adults and young people whose age is 18-27. Such an age of people is mainly attracted to restaurant services or facilities [4].

Goals and objectives (SMART)

Food center has various goals and objectives which help restaurant in gaining higher growth and revenue. SMART goals of this restaurant are described as follows:

Specific: The main goal of the restaurant is to increasing restaurant sales within 5 years.

Measurable: Attracting a large number of customers will enhance the sales volume of the restaurant. With the use of social media platforms, food centres can easily attract people.

Attainable: The sales increment goal can be attained by using different methods and fulfilling customers’ demands and needs [5].

Relevant: The restaurant sales increment objective is realistic as it is completed when the food centre satisfying all the customers’ requirements.

Time-bound: The total time for fulfilling this goal is around 6 months.

Product /services

Food centres provide fast food and items such as pizza, burger, fresh fries, coffee, shakes, juices, Chinese noodles, lasania, and many more.


The restaurant needs to approve and permit license from the government which is required to smoothly run the business operations [6].

USP/UVP (Unique selling/value proposition)

Food Centre USP is to offer a reasonable rate of food items and there is no extra charge for the robot serving food to their customers.

Environment Scan

Industry environment and trends

The food centre requires to analyze both external and internal environment for business functioning. The current trends should be understood by the restaurant as well [7].

Competitors’ analysis

There are two main competitors of the food centre that include G&M and Libra restaurants which are creating huge competition for the new restaurant in a market place.

Pest analysis


Tax policies

Environmental policies


Inflation rates

Current economic condition


Changing preferences

Age demographics


Research and development

Impact of emerging technologies

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies are the fundamental planning for the new restaurant business plan in which the food and services will be prepared and served with the use of robots technology as these will help in the achievement of sustainable competitive advantage for the new restaurant business plan in the market place along with the understanding of the requirements and needs of the customers [8].


The products and services of the food centre restaurant should understand the needs of the customers which will stand apart from competitors in the market place which will help in winning over the customers. The products and services of the food centre restaurant will attract the customers from a competitive marketplace through the impactful use of the efficiency and effectiveness of the robots in the field of the food industry in serving and preparing food.


The price is the payment for the product and services offered to the customers. The food centre should cheapen the prices of the products and services which will attract more customers as they will provide higher quality services and products on lower prices which will bring transparency in the system of the food industry and the customers will understand that the food is not as expensive as it is being created by the big brands in the industry.


The place for the restaurant is the most important for the success factor. The location of the restaurant should be easily approachable for the customers. The customers won’t come to a location, business needs to go them. The location needs to be on the epicenter in which the customers will easily arrive and enjoy the food and services from the robotic staff members.


The promotion of the services and products offered for the customers should be promoted using various social media platforms or internet services which are used by the major population for the growth and development of the food centre restaurant which will be serving food and products using robotics technology.

Performance and control

Performance and control is the process in the business plan under which the performance in the direction of the fulfillment of the objectives of the business is measured to meet the goals. The control process will help in the way for taking advantage of the situations of opportunities and handling the crisis management in the way of achievement of goals and targets.

Performance measures based on KRA & KPI

The performance of the food center restaurant will be measured based on KRA and KPI which is a key performance indicator. The step was taken for the achievement of the goals and targets of the restaurant to serve the customers for the product and services using the robot servants in the restaurant [9].

Quality objectives and measures

The quality objective and measures for the new business plan should focus on the service and product providing for the customers to attract in the competitive market place which will help in the achievement of the quality objectives of the business.


The responsibilities of the business are to serve the best services and products for the customers who will win the hearts of customers and help in the meeting of the targeted goals and objectives for the food centre restaurant as the robots will be used for the services.

Performance evaluation

The performance evaluation will be taken place on regular terms to evaluate the goals and targets met in the particular period using the best services for the customers of the new business plan in which the robots will be used for the evaluation of the performance [10].


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