Business Proposal Assignment Help

A. Description of Business

What business are you in?

The start-up business is about providing manpower for the farms, agriculture fields, and fruit farms in which the laborers are required in the farms for various kinds of works. The business focuses on the providing of manpower for the agricultural area where the manpower is required for the various kinds of tasks such as picking of fruits, harvesting, sowing seeds, transportation, and other kinds of work (Franceschelli, et. al., 2018). The business is focused on the service providing for the agriculture sector and the business will also provide for the various sections of the business field in the future.

What is the status of the business?

The status of the business is a start-up which is a fresh new idea for the development of the business area in which the manpower for the agriculture needs is being provided for the people in the agriculture and fruit farms. The manpower is being selected from the unemployed sector for the people who need work. The starting stage of the business is based on the providing of the manpower for the business of agriculture and fruit farms but the startup will move the various sectors in the working area to provide manpower in the various working areas.

What is the business form?

The start-up business is the proprietorship business form in which the owner of the startup is the sole boss of the business who has the whole rights of the business and there is no other legal distinction between the owner and the business entity (Hartmann, et. al., 2016). All the legal and other kinds of decisions for the various aspects of the business culture are taken by the owner, in which the decisions for the improvement and changes will be taken by the proprietor of the company. This is the proprietor type of business formation which is very exclusive for the start-up business formation.

Why is your business going to be profitable?

The start-up business is based on the service providing for the agricultural sector and the fruit farms with the help of manpower distribution to the various kinds of places in agriculture. The business will be going to profitable as there is a high requirement of manpower in the agriculture sector in various parts of the world. The manpower is the basic assets of the business in any sector. The start-up business will hire unemployed people from various areas who require work. The company will train them and deploy them in various agriculture sectors and fruit farms for different kinds of working area. This will increase by the time and the working area of the business will expand towards different sectors such as retail, information technology, labor, and many more. This is the reason by which the business will continue to grow on a larger scale and the manpower who is fully trained will earn which will eventually benefit the business.

When will (did) your business open?

The business will be opened at the time of the higher requirements of the manpower in the fields for fruit picking, harvesting, etc. This will happen at the time of the harvesting of Kharif crops. This is the best time for the opening of the new start-up business when there is a high demand for manpower in the agriculture sectors. This is the reason for the opening of the business start-up to follow by the harvesting seasons (Eggers, et. al., 2017).

What hours of the day and days of the week will (are) you in operation?

In the starting phase of the business, there is a need to work late hours and all weekdays to establish the business on higher ranges. The business requires time and effort for the starting phase in the business because the business will need efforts for the establishment in the industry.

Is your business seasonal?

The business for the providing of manpower for the agriculture industry is seasonal. But the increase in the business area of the start-up will improve the time limit for the business field in which the seasonal opportunities will enhance and will become an annual business and will provide services to the various kinds of business areas in the different parts of the locality with trained employees who will achieve the motive for the company. The business will evolve on the frequent efforts and trust of the service users of the company and the business will change into the annual trustworthy service providers.

B. Product/Service

What are you selling?

The business offers a variety of services in which they are providing solutions, collaborating closely with the clients to ensure their needs, wants are fulfilled and they are striving to offer the best in class services and facilities with the comprehensive recruitment procedure. The services of the business are based on providing the best quality based services to different sectors. The business concern focus on analyzing and fulfilling needs and demand of such companies which required skills and capable employees to work to reach their desired goals.

What are the benefits of what you are selling?

The benefits of services and facilities that are required for maintaining business operations. Manpower offered agency assist in protecting issues that include injury and burnout. Employees’ compensation and lawsuits claims can be decreased (Munemo, 2017). The business focus on appropriate manpower in the company which means that concern has more options and alternatives regarding how to operate and regulate the functions in a better manner. In this business, there is flexibility in terms of how staff members cover shifts.

How do your products and /or services differ from competing products and/or services?

The company services and facilities are different from competing services in which they are offering quality based services for providing the best facilities, business are conduct training and development sessions for their employees where they can gain the required knowledge and abilities correctly. This is important for the company is to focus on manpower services that are beneficial for the unemployed people in the country. There are large numbers of the same industries and companies are located in Queensland in Australia.

If your product is new or state-of-the-art or otherwise unique, what makes it different? Desirable?

The business is supplying manpower to farms, etc. and then slowly provides manpower for other jobs to a different sector of the company. The concern mainly delivers and supplies manpower to the dairy farms, fruits farms at a reasonable salary. This business provides their candidate special training for the different industry working styles and operations so that they can properly effectively perform their job (Hatak, et. al., 2017). Along with this, they are providing the best quality of accommodation within their budget and candidate does not require spending any money on their job or getting the job according to their skills and competences. It is desirable in each manner.

If your product or service line is not special, why would people buy from you?

This is important for businesses is to make and develop their service line special so that buyers are like to purchase their manpower services. Most of the large organizational sector wants such manpower agency that provides skilled and trained employees in their company. With the help of this, the company does not need to spend cost and time in their training and development programs as they are already learning how to perform work at their job position. The business concern mainly focuses on fulfilling companies’ manpower requirements as per their demand.

 G. Personnel

What are your current needs?

The current needs of the manpower business are putting the right number of people, the right type of people at the correct place, the right time, for doing the right thing for which they are appropriate for achieving the goals of an organization. The concern requires the best skilled and capable employees along with a good education certificate so they can get a job in a reputed company.

What skills will your employees need shortly? In five years?

All the companies want such employees who can deal with their desired customers and resolve their issues in a better manner. Along with this, business concern employees must have such skill in which they have excellent communication ability to manage customer service and maintain operations effectively (Kolvereid, 2016). Shortly, employees should enhance their competences so that they can perform work in the best way and achieving great results or outcomes for an organization. It is important for Concern Company is to conduct a training session for their candidates as well. By this, they can easily be increasing their skills and abilities to perform tasks and complete it in the given time.

What are your plans for hiring and training personnel?

For hiring capable employees, business needs to define the required position which is vacant in this position. After that candidate should know their department in which they are performing and get roles performed. Training is given to the new employees where they learn how to perform a job role in a better way to complete all tasks in a given period.


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