Business Research Project


It has been analyzed that increment in the sector of technology has enhanced the opportunities for business concerns to gain competitive advantages in the international market place. Most of the companies are shifted towards technological advancement to increase their level of productivity. Along with this, the company uses various web-based applications to manage and maintain their business procedures. However, it has observed that businesses are using mobile technology for operating their functions and communicate with their desired clients(Ehrenhard, et. al., 2017). The purpose of this report is to analyze and evaluate the significance of mobile computing in the various areas of business procedures of the company. This study provides information about the scope of the whole project along with accurate investigation design and the use of different appropriate methods to complete the research in a better manner.

Research Problem

The main issue in this research is that it is difficult for the researcher is to focus on gaining the opportunity for making their business success and growth. For this, the organization requires to execute the specific technology to increase business performance. Along with this, it is important for an organization is to gain sufficient knowledge regarding the use of mobile technology techniques and how such devices can properly help businesses(Kamilaris, et. al., 2016). In addition to this, the researcher faces issues while they use the latest technology such as a mobile device to develop interaction with their clients.

Research Objectives/Questions:

Research objectives

  • To understand the way business operations are evolving
  • To analyze the way businesses are obtaining benefits from mobile computing

Research question

Q1. How have business organizations been transforming with the blessing of mobile computing?


A literature review is considered as the review of different articles, journals, and books that arerelevant to the current research topic. It includes existing information and knowledge that helps in examining, analyzing, identifying and methodological contributionswith the assistance of various authors’ points of view regarding a specific topic(Keith, et. al., 2015). The literature review comprisesthe secondary method which is used for providing second hand by using different sources such as books, journals, articles, case studies, newspapers and so more.

Opportunity making business with mobile computing

As per the view of Legner, et. al., (2017)Technology is evolving with new trends and providing different kinds of opportunities for the business field. Mobile computing is also a kind of technology which is providing the best opportunities in enhancing and improvising business areas for its growth and development.  Mobile devices now become more powerful and capable that they are able to perform all the tasks and jobs which were traditionally relied upon the computers. These mobile devices are known as smartphones which are increasingly pushing the boundaries of its capacity and capability. This evolution in the technological world for computing devices in which they are able to perform different kinds of tasks which were not basically they were designed for in actual. There has been prominent in the rise of the wearable and robustness of the capacity of mobile computing devices which can connect various kinds of other gadgets and appliances to work together. The mobile devices are now doing the more and more decisive and inclusive role in providing opportunities for the businesses.

In the opinion of Liu, et. al., (2015)the businesses are now using mobile devices for different purposes. The traditional desktop computers are rarely used in business. The mobile devices are very handy and easy to use at any moment. They do not take time in starting and turning off which makes them so popular. On the other hand, Yang, et. al., (2017) states the previous research which described that there are many applications of traditional computer systems which are used for various purposes of business areas like word, spread sheet, PowerPoint, access, tally, and many more which can be easily accessed from mobile devices. This creates a great opportunity for business profiles to use mobile devices to work smoothly and properly without much labour. The role of the cashless and digital wallet is being used in the business world on a higher level in which the digital transactions are being promoted. The transactions in the business are done as a direct bank to bank transfer. The mobile devices are being used as mobile wallets and the cashless manner in which the business gets profit. There are minimal chances of frauds and other monetary thefts in business because of digital transactions. There will be bank to bank transfer which has proper records for each transaction. This will benefit the organization and creates opportunities for better performance and development of the business.

The business has opportunities for using an app and also uses the same app in multiple other devices from different locations. Mobile technology can help in the making of business opportunities in which mobile devices play an important role. The businesses can enhance the projects and jobs of daily business activities through mobile technology. The mobile technology is involved in every step in the business and offers various opportunities which are helpful in the making of business success. The restaurant business uses mobile technology in which the home delivery and online orders can be taken as opportunities for business success. The buyer can order online for their needs and requirements and the business can serve them with the help of mobile technology. The mobile technology is very efficient and effective as most of today’s generation are using mobile phones which make them opportunities for business.

According to the view of Liyanage, et. al., (2016) the use of social media with mobile technology can help in the promotion and advertising of the businesses which will create an opportunity for spreading their business in different parts of the country and also all over the world. The youth are highly prone to the use of social media websites that connect people with each other regardless of their nationality, beliefs, and values. This platform for business helps in promoting their products and services to a great range of expected consumers which can help in the beneficiary and improvement in the business practices. These are some of the opportunities that mobile technology in evolvement is providing for every kind of business. The business fields can take advantage of the opportunities to take a step forward in the direction of the enormous successful adoption of mobile technology and leading the business to the peak with its help. These opportunities will help in the growth of the business culture and improvising technology usage in business activities and projects for better results in future upcoming targets.

Understand the way business operations are evolving

As per the view of Maresova, et. al., (2015)the business operations are evolving on a great range as the effect of mobile technologies on the operations of the business. Ojala, 2016 states that the traditional ways of doing business are getting extinct and mobile technology is taking the place for traditional business operations means. There are various kinds of ways in which the business operations are getting involved which has affected the business and also the customers or consumers of the business.

Improvised customer experience: The trend in the increase in the importance of mobile devices in the lives of consumers the businesses are evolving their business operations which can please the consumers and also provide them with improved experience with their business. Every kind of business are using mobile technology and changing their way of operations for improving the customer’s experience. The mobile technology allows consumers to communicate with the business authorities about their experience and any improvement in their view about the operations in the business. Thus this way the business operations are evolving according to their requirements.

Enhanced collaboration with colleagues: The mobile technology has proved to be important for the enhancement in the collaboration between colleagues as changing the way of operations in the business field. The more the collaboration between the colleagues, the more will be a performance improvement. The operations in the business are being held with the help of mobile technology. The colleagues are getting together well by mobile technology usage in business operations. The way of conferences and meetings are done with the help of mobile technologies like teleconferences, online meetings or video calling, and so on. This creates improvement in workplace productivity and helps in meeting the deadlines.

Optimized operations: The business operations have evolved to be smoother and swifter than ever before with the usage of mobile technology. The process and operations in the business have been streamlines with the evolution in the business processes. The accessibility in business operations has been helping immensely as per mobile technology. The mobile technology has improved the way of doing business according to the latest trends which have proved to be helpful and beneficial for the business. The accuracy rate and increment in speed have been achieved as per the start of the mobile technology in business operations which has evolved everything in the businesses. The services for the customers are accurate and the speed in the delivery of services has also been improved a lot in business culture.

Better marketing strategies: The preparation of business marketing strategies is an important aspect of business operations. The business operations are evolving in the business field, which has impacted the way of making business strategies for improvement and future targets. Business marketing strategies can be made effective and efficient with the help of mobile technology. Mobile technologies are being used in a different manner in the field of business. The strategies for improvement in the business are making with the use of mobile technology(Rodriguez, et. al., 2016). These are the major evolution in the way of business operations. The impacts and effects of the business strategies will be able to calculate with different software programs in mobile devices. There is plenty of technology that can be helpful in the preparation, execution, and maintenance of the business strategies with the use of mobile technology.

These are the major changes and improvements in the way of doing business operations which are being improved with the use of mobile technology. The mobile technology has improved and evolved the business operations in such a way that the businesses are shallow without mobile technology devices.

Behaviorist theory is such a theory that mainly impacts the behavior of a person from others and it will create alterations in their decision-making procedures, attitude, and learning. This theory helps in easily analyze the behavior towards driving devices which can be used by them to use different technologies. In this case, behaviorist theory is best appropriate as mobile computing technology helps in increasing growth and development level of the business. Along with this, the company manager properly evaluates the mobile device to communicate with their end-user and resolve all issues regarding the products and services. In every business, this technology has been used because this assists in enhancing the base of customers and goodwill as well. With this, the company manager can understand its positive and negative influence of technology on business operations.

Analyze the way businesses are obtaining benefits from mobile computing

There are various ways of businesses which are attaining the advantages of mobile technology effectively. These are described as follows:

Effective communication–The mobile device helps businesses to do better interaction with their employees, suppliers, customers, and vendors. The increasing use of digital communication helps them save time and interact with long-distance people which are considered as issue. But currently, it is beneficial for business growth and goodwill.

Enhancing coordination with the employees–It has observed that telecommunication can be boost with the use of technology and mobile device within an organization. Mobile technology helps in developing a strong relationship with their team members and employees to reach potential goals(Yang, et. al., 2017).

Reduction of operational costs and save time–The mobile device can help in saving the business time and money. In different ways, workers are performing remotely work from home which can save lots of capital of the businesses. Also, this technology assists in reduces the requirement for the expensive device that involves a landline carrier facility. Cloud-based services are cheaper as compared to the other services. Technology also provides flexibility and enhancing productivity for the company.

Enhanced productivity–It has been analyzed that mobile devices are created a major influence on the organizational productivity ratio. Also, the mobile application helpful saves around 7.5 hours per staff member. Such technology allows employees to become more productive. It is easier for the companies are to provide work from home facilities to their workers so that their work cannot be distracted and continuous smoothly run properly.

Real-time data–It has been observed that mobile technology helps in providing an effective method which assists organization access to the real-time information that is required for their operations. It helps enhance the importance of data which is necessary to smoothly run of company functions. EPR system also enables users to access real-time, report status, and live data updates.

Access the cloud–The cloud services have used in the businesses for maintaining and managing their data which helps in save required information related to reports, customers, and suppliers. This is an important technology that assists in storing the data for further usage(Yang, et. al., 2017).

Mobile technology helpful in increasing growth levels and also smoothly operated business in the large market place. This helps companies in instant messaging, enhance communication, and higher reputation. They let the desired clients can easily contact with the organization managers at any time, whether it is day or night. If they are responding to their message and call, so they will quickly gain new customers. Also, portable technology provides the customers ‘knowledge regarding the business system, operations, products, services, and facilities offered. Small and large companies use such devices for gaining customers attention properly.

Cognitive theory mainly influences the business decisions making and thinking process of the firm managers. With the assistance of this, an organization maintains positivity which can lead in the right direction and they are effectively using mobile technology for their operations. It also helps in developing capabilities among workers so that they can properly use such devices and increase the growth of the business.



Mobile technology is an effective device that helps most of the business sector as companies are using information technology to smoothly run their operations in the current time. For this, they are concentrating on adopting mobile devices which make the opportunity for them to grow and gain development. Along with this, they require to use such technologies to manage and increase their productivity and profitability ratio.



Based on this report, it has been concluded that researchers are conducting this study for analyzing the opportunity gain with the use of mobile technology in business. This technique helps in enhancing the growth and productivity level of business operations. Also, this technology can make it easier for the company is to communicate with its desired customers and also resolve their complaints regarding the delivered goods or services. It is important for organizations are to focus on developing strategies for the implementation of mobile technology as it provides higher income.



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