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1. Introduction

Social media strategy refers to how a company will use social media to reach its communication supporting aims and helps platforms and techniques which will be used to achieving target goals. For a product, a social media strategy helps in developing and building a strong presence of online apps. The research is based on understanding the effectiveness of social media strategies to online shopping of Lekura products which is considered as healthcare cosmetics. The Lekura product is a cosmetic product that helps in resolving issues and problems. Social media provides an ability to take control of brand and organization voice to build engagement with their customers. The social media acts as a platform in which products can enhance its visibility with the help of communication and referrals that will lead to long term sales (Berman, 2016). This strategy can provide proper guidance and product need to find out their target audience and develop a strong relationship with them and fulfil their demands or wants. The main purpose of this research is to understand the problem statement and aims or objectives which are related to the topic of investigation. Along with this, it will describe the justification and required outcomes of a project. The conceptual framework helps in understanding the themes and points which describe the research topic in a better manner.

2. Problem Statement

The research is based on analyzing the effectiveness of social media strategies for Lekura products. In an online healthcare cosmetic commodity, there are certain possibilities to have major issues and problems. Some problems may arise while the social media strategies are going to the wrong platforms for the promotion. For promotional activities, Lekura also presents on different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. It is analyzed that the mistakes and errors making in this social media to an understanding about when in this study, doubts and discussion are massively assisted for examining new social media strategies appropriately (Haldorai, et. al., 2018). For this problem, here is the research which analyses the types of strategies along with tools to fix the online Lekura products. This study assists in gathering and collecting an effective strategy to help the online shopping platforms. Apart from this, the main reason for investigating this solution is to improve business operations and its functions effectively. Besides this, different strategies support and fix the described problems and issues properly. With the assistance of a literature review, the researcher can easily gather various methodologies that help implement an accurate method for the upcoming part.

3. Aims and Objectives/Research questions

Aim: To analyze the benefits of social media strategies to the online shopping cart: The Lekura.


  • To analyze the social media strategy for the Lekura product to increase its performance.
  • To understand the online shopping system for improving growth and development.
  • To identify the various ways which help in increasing online shopping of Lekura product along with creating loyal platforms?
  • To evaluate various social media strategies to gain the attention of desired customers of the Lekura product.

Research Question:

  • What is the effectiveness of social media strategies to promote and improving online shopping platforms?

4. Justification and output of the research

The current research work will provide appropriate and different effectiveness which helps in improving actions that are related to work operations in a better manner. Along with this, the study helps in gaining knowledge and information about the Lejura products which will assist in healthcare problems. This report will help in identifying various social media strategies that can aid in promoting various healthcare cosmetic products among customers (Bowen, et. al., 2016). The promotion of the Lekura product through the use of social media channels will help in gaining the attention of several customers to purchase such and add in the shopping cart. Suitable management can help the company in advertising and promoting products and lead in a large market place. However, the main difference which has been identified in the concern is associated with the fact that it has become more complex for the respective company to evaluate different factors related to customers’ needs.

The major outcomes and the point of value that will be gained by study work can be used by the government in developing suitable decisions concerning potential activities. It will assist the authorities in developing accurate process and policies that can lead to conduct better activities and functions (Roland, 2018). To achieving potential buyers, the company can use online techniques and different sources can assist in attracting a large number of clients.

  1. Conceptual framework and hypothesis development

5.1 Analyze the social media strategy for Lekura product to increase its performance

As per the view of Felix, et. al., (2017) Lekura is a brand that works in the profession of skincare in the world. The brand provides a wide range of highest quality products for natural cosmeceutical and bioactive products for their customers to provide skincare facilities. Social media plays an important role in the increase of performance of lekura products under strategical actions in social media platforms. Lekura products are well known for skincare products in cosmetics which are very much popular in various parts of the world. The social media strategies are used by lekura product to increase its performance in the market place to increase and enhance sales and other aspects of the business progression in the share market. Social media is a highly efficient and cheap medium for increasing the performance of the products in the market through the marketing of the brand name in the various social media platforms. The lekura products can start promoting their various ranges of skincare products on social media to attract customers who are widely interested in skincare cosmeceutical products and bioactive products for protecting their skin from harmful exposure to the UV rays or dust or pollution in the environment. Social media can also be used in organizing a campaign for promoting the skincare in people through natural products of lekura products which are naturally made. The promotional campaigns will help the company to increase the performance of the natural skincare products of lekura. The customers will be attracted and the performance of the brand will increase in the marketplace. The blogging in favor of lekura will also help the company to increase its performance in selling and growing market shares for natural skin care products, or enhancing business on higher levels in Australia.

5.2 Understand the online shopping system

In the opinion of Aydin, (2020) An online shopping system is a system for shopping in the online mode which is used using electronic devices for commerce purposes. Online shopping provides the facilities for the consumers to allow goods and services on direct purpose from the seller through the internet using web browsers. The online shopping system provides the facility for the consumers to shop on the online medium. The online shopping serves in the business to business models for the consumers of the process of shopping. The online shopping system is very purposeful for consumers to save time and money from the online system. The valuable time of the consumers can be saved through the process of online shopping systems in which a variety of products and services are offered for the consumers which can be used by them through electronic devices such as computers, laptops, or mobile devices. The consumers can order the products of their choice on the online shopping list which will be delivered on the registered address of the buyer. The facilities are provided for the consumers according to the services and products. The order can be tracked by the consumers for the follow-up of the orders for the safety and other benefits that are being provided by the online shopping system. The online shopping system is being provided for the consumers to use the various kinds of services and products according to the desires of the consumers and getting various kinds of products and services. The online shopping system provides a wide range of consumers with online services and products through internet providers and web internet browser.

5.3 Identify the ways to boost the online shopping of Lekura by developing loyal platforms

According to the view of Mupepi, et. al., (2017) The lekura company can boost the online shopping by developing loyal platforms on social media services to attract a wide range of consumers towards the natural and bioactive products and services for skincare from harmful cosmetic products used in daily life. There are various ways to boost the online shopping of lekura by developing loyal platforms which will help in the promotion of the brand of lekura which offers the natural products for skin care issues to the consumers of lekura. Online shopping can be boosted by promoting the brand and ease of shopping on the online mode for lekura products. The benefits of online shopping and extra perks of shopping through online mode can be promoted and reached towards the consumers who can have heavy discounts from online shopping. The consumers can be attracted to the online shopping mode in which sales can be provided and free home delivery of the products will be provided. This can boost up the online shopping of lekura by developing the loyal platforms of social media tools in the way of promoting and attracting various consumer base for the brand. Online shopping can also be boosted by providing credit money for the consumers to be used for shopping purposes on the exclusive brand name which will promote the brand in the online market policies and will boost up the level of online shopping for the lekura products.

5.4 Examine different social media strategies to attract customers to Lekura product

In the words of Kim, et. al., (2018) The social media strategies are used for the consumers to attract them towards the various popular brands and other purposes. Various social media strategies attract the customers to lekura products that offer a wide range of skincare products that are made from the natural and bioactive extracts to protect the skin from the harshness of the environment and sun. the social media strategies such as driving traffic to lekura products, boosting brand engagement, increasing mention of lekura in the press, building community in business, generating new leads, increasing brand awareness, and social customer service providing are some of the major social media strategies used by a wide range of products. These strategies can successfully attract customers to lekura products by defining the benefits and features of the lekura products offered to consumers by social media platforms. Social media is a platform on which the common man can share their opinions with the whole world. The opinions of the people matter on social media and they are the majority of the social media platform (Ducange, et. al., 2019). The strategies of social media marketing can easily boost up online shopping and attracting the customers for the lekura products and services for the people who are protective of their skin and wants to use the specialized natural products for the skincare. The lekura products are easily available and attract the natural essence of the customers for the use of products by lekura and attract a wide range of consumers for the products and services by lekura.

5.5 Hypothesis development

H0: Social media strategy directly boost product performance

H1: Social media strategy no directly boosts the performance of Lekura product

H0: There is the effectiveness of an online shopping system

H1: There is no effectiveness of online shopping system

6. Methodology

6.1 Research approach and sources of data

For the assortment of information, it is necessary that the investigation personnel mainly concentrate on different approaches and data collection tools. It is an important method as this will help in better understanding and gaining an overview of the subject matter. Research methodology provides an effective and appropriate framework in which major activities are needed to be conducted. With the accurate selection of research methodology knowledge that can be attained in the relation between advertising and motivation on the number of customers (Chong, et. al., 2018).

However, an assortment of data is required that the main focus is made on the gathering of information from different sources. In this context of existing research, Qualitative analysis has been taken into consideration. In this, the qualitative analysis will help in attaining and identifying different theoretical factors that can support in evaluating the subject matter.

Qualitative analysis was conducted taking into conclusion and views of different authors with the assistance of different articles, magazines, journals, etc. This will assist in better highlighting major issues and challenges so that they can attain an in-depth evaluation of realizing aims and objectives (Alalwan, et. al., 2017).

The target population of the Natural Cosmeceutical includes all ages of people. They are such individuals who are mainly interested to purchase their goods and facilities. There are different sources of data that assist in gathering appropriate data to build a systematic report. It involves publications, books, articles, journals, and magazines.

6.2 Proposed data collection and analysis techniques


The target population of existing research includes customers and parties that are related to business operations of the Natural Cosmeceutical. The population is selected for taking into parameters in which different factors are associated with the promotion and advertisement so it will make sure to gain a better position in the large marketplace (Cheng, et. al., 2020).


The method of sampling is used in the current research work is a systematic sampling. It helps select the effective population from large size and this will support in gaining accurate insights regarding the subject matter. Along with this, it will help in attaining the appropriate reliability and suitability in a better manner. Besides this, systematic sampling provides a simple method that helps in making sure that the outcomes can be easily used in gaining the valuable points which can directly be improving the decisions of study.

Variables and analysis

In this study, two main variables involve the first is a social media strategy and another is online shopping platforms. This research has been conducted for examining the qualitative analysis which has taken into consideration the opinions and thoughts of different authors. This will help in understanding and evaluating both dependent and independent variables properly (Godey, et. al., 2016). In addition to this, a suitable examination and determining the varied factors can lead to a better decision-making process which assists in future actions.

6.3 Organisation of the study

The company of the study research is an important section that helps in conducting all the behaviour and operations in a better manner.

The organization concerned study mainly includes:

Chapter 1: This will help in providing an appropriate insight and overview of the social media strategies and online shopping platforms for a specific product.

Chapter 2: It will highlight and identify the problems which are associated with the topic so this will assist in gaining accurate knowledge.

Chapter 3: This section will describe the best suitable understanding of the aims and objectives that are related to study work. Also, it will address the research questions which are required to be concentrated for acquiring the appropriate results (Dekker, et. al., 2020).

Chapter 4: This part helps in gaining suitable justification of different factors so this will gaining desired outcomes for the whole investigation in a better way.

Chapter 5: It will address the conceptual framework which includes opinions and views of various authors so this assists in gaining accurate evaluation.

Chapter 6: It will help in dealing with the selection of different kinds of methodologies make sure that effective analysis of assorted statistics. This chapter mainly deals with developing the budget schedule so this will ensure to conduct systematic activities.

6.4 Budget, project Activities, and Gantt chart


It is statements that help in effectively allocate the cost resources to different functions so that the study work can be conducted properly and it leads towards attaining positive results or outcomes (Lindsey-Mullikin, et. al., 2017). The financial plan has been capable of the described reasons:

  • For the gathering of the different author’s views associated with the research topic and these are collected with the use of various sources such as books, magazines, texts, and articles. The expenditure estimated in this activity involves $2000.
  • For the collection of accurate statistics from different secondary sources. In this, the expected expenditure in this activity includes $1500.
  • For the evaluation and examination of different methodologies so this will have to better decision. The income expected in this function includes $ 600.
  • For structuring the data and its accurate analysis. The expenditure estimated in such activity involves $1200.

The budget can be described as follows:

Review of the literature$2000
Assortment of statistics$1500
Analysis and evaluation$600
Structuring of the data$1200

Project activity and schedule

ActivitiesPreliminary DateClosing DateDuration
Recognition of the problems27th July 20202nd August 20201 week
Recognition of the aims and objectives3rd August 202016th August 20202 week
Research output and justification17th August 202023rd August 20201 week
Understanding of the conceptual framework24th August 20206th September 20202 week
Selection of the methodology7th September 202020th September 20202 week
Preparation of the suitable budget21st September 20204th October 20202 week

Gantt chart

The Gantt chart indicates the timeline of the project that can be used as a project management technique and it illustrates the project functions and operate properly. It is a graphical interpretation that can involve different activities of the project and timeframe for the completion of the research (Ducange, et. al., 2019). The Gantt chart is used to transfer ad convey accurate information to the final individual who is required to gain information regarding various activities which has been performed in the study. This will help in outlining the tasks which are involved in the project and their activities, demonstrate against the time. It also provides an overview of a project, its related tasks and these should be completed effectively.

7. References

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