Contemporary Issue in Marketing


Marketing is an important component for every organization which helps them in promoting their products and services. Contemporary marketing issues are the consequences of changes in the international economy. It also affects the business operations and changes the method of performing and operating the company functions in a better manner. The report is based on Marks and Spencer which is a multinational retail company and they are serving a variety of products and services in the market place. The main purpose of the report is to develop a portfolio that includes promotional mix along with the digital communication channels. Along with this, the AIDA model also used for planning the five pieces of communication and also suggests some other suitable channels. The report also describes reflection in which understanding the importance and application of digital marketing tools in contemporary marketing.




Promotional Mix

Promotional Mix and available digital communication channels, including social media

The promotion mix defines a blend of various promotional methods which is used by the business to develop, manage, maintain, and enhance the demand for products and facilities. The company needs to focus on developing awareness and convincing the customer to initiate the purchase. Different tools are providing the promotion goals of an organization that are collectively called a promotion mix(Speed, et. al., 2015). It is a combination of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing. The marketing plan is concentrated on the target market and it develops four key elements. Such components help in promoting firm goods and services in the market area.

Four promotional mix components are described as follows:

Advertisement – It is one of the most essential elements of the promotional mix for Marks and Spencer. It is the form of impersonal paid communication where the company is identified in the market place. It is required for M&S is to conduct an advertising campaign as this would allow the company to reach a large number of people effectively. Marks and Spencer mainly used radio, television, social media, and internet ads to introduce the target market to the grand opening of the new stores.

Public Relations – It is another promotional mix that Marks and Spencer are public relations. The main motive of the public relation is to help in developing a positive image in front of the customers of the company. It also assists in evaluating the public attitude and communicates the whole goals of an organization. Marks and Spencer use their public relations where they need to increase goodwill and reputation in the large market place and gain the attention of desired clients. Along with this, it is the most essential method that enhancing goodwill and creates awareness of the company’s new products and services among customers.

Sales promotion – This is an important method of the promotional mix and it consists of motivating the consumer purchase and it is based on short term objectives. Sales promotion elements involve giveaways, free samples, coupons, sweepstakes and so more. It is important for the company is to focus on attracting some customers towards their goods and services properly. This method helps in promoting a wide range of products among buyers in the huge market place.

Direct marketing – It is that marketing that is directly delivered to the person. by communicating with a narrow group of desired customers, an organization mainly promote their offerings through telephone marketing, email, brochures and catalogues. It is used to interact with the number of clients and reach with desired goals.

Digital channels can be defined as a boundary connected to the world wide view with the help of communication that can be formulated. The company mainly used such channels which helps in providing accurate data and information to the potential customers. Different forms of digital communication channels are used to attract new and existing customers towards the company services and products(Singhapakdi, et. al., 2015). It includes social media which is one of the important channels that help in make contact with desired buyers. Such channels have a certain capacity for transmitting and transfer important information, also measured its firm growth. Social media plays an important role in making connect people and develop a strong relationship, and not only with the key influencer and cover the company sector but also provide great chances to establish customer service by collecting input.


Five examples of digital communications that show understanding of digital marketing tools to achieve given objectives

1.      Mockup web pages: the mocking up of the web pages in the company’s website is a process in the web designing world, in which the simulation is triggered for the high fidelity of the appearance of the website of Marks and Spencer. The mocking up of web pages in the website of the Marks and Spencer will be able to redefine the appearance and the looks of the website which will play an important role for the development of the customer base for the company by using the digital communications and digital marketing tools of various kinds for achieving the predefined objectives of the company.

2.      Social media posts: Social media stands on the top of the digital communications for the retail industries to achieve their aims and objectives through increasing the demand for the consumers in the market place. Social media has negative and positive both impacts on digital communications for the company and organizations. It plays an important role in the increase of the sales and consumer demands for the products and services of the Marks and Spencer. The digital marketing tools also improve the product delivery and the increase in goodwill of the company through using digital communications for the achievement of the goals.

3.      Other digital media content: The digital media content is the way to communicate with the wide range of consumers of the Marks and Spencer through one mode using digital technology. This communication establishment between the company and the consumers will create a bonding that will establish the trust of the consumers in the products and services of the company. The social media content will help the company in this process to achieve the goals and objective of the company to deal with the sales and increasing computer base of the company. The digital marketing tools help stabilise the connection between the consumers and the company.

4.      Videoconferencing: It is a kind of method in digital communication which can be used by companies like Marks and Spencer to initiate the communication level between the various stakeholders of the company. This communication technique or tool will help the company in achieving the goals and objectives which are the increase in growth and development of the company’s market value, the increase in sales percent and other milestones(Shet, 2020). The video conferencing is also helpful in the establishment of digital marketing tools to enhance the company’s growth rate.

5.      Blog: Blogging is a digital communication tool in which the company can directly communicate with the various kind of stakeholders of the company to achieve the goals and objectives of the company to increase the growth and development of the Marks and Spencer. The blogging is a kind of digital marketing tool which will publicize the motto and goals of the company in front of the stakeholders of the company which will be able to communicate by the companies’ administration which will be helpful for the company to involve the consumers in the company’s objective towards growth.


AIDA model

AIDA model stands for attention, interest, desire and action. This is a marketing model that describes the phases through which the consumer passes during the purchasing of any product. The AIDA model can be used in the planning of the communication modes. This model includes the attracting of attention and getting noticed by the company(Rood and Razzouk, 2015). This can be achieved by the various kinds of channels but the best is social media on a digital platform. The next step is generating the interests of future consumers towards the products and services of the Marks and Spencer Company. The next step is to maintain the interest generated with the help of digital communication channels. The next step is to create the desires for the products and services in the consumer base which can be achieved by the various kinds of channels of communication to develop the growth and development in the company. The last step in communication is to let the consumer take actions for the company. These communication tools will help the company to grow and develop in the way of the digital tools to improve the policies which will enhance the development.



Importance and application of digital marketing tools in contemporary marketing

The importance of digital marketing is that an organization can easily monitor and track the campaigns. When a company invests money and time in a particular event or campaign so they are work to reach with desired customers. I think Digital marketing makes it simple and easy for Marks and Spencer to track the campaigns, that allow adopting and drivingeffective results. This method can reach an international marketplace. In contemporary marketing, digital marketing is an effective tool which can save money and reach more buyers for less money than traditional marketing techniques(Nikolić, 2018). It is essential to know the Marks and Spencer audience and develop strong relationships with them. It also helps in developing brand loyalty and retains a large number of customers. I believe that digital marketing is a valuable asset to the company’s business growth and assist in establishing an authoritative online presence. It is important for a firm is to focus on promoting a variety of goods and services effectively. For the promotion of business and it is very helpful for new start-ups, different digital channels involve social media, search engines, websites and email that are used to communicate with existing and prospective clients(Prior and Keränen, 2020).

Using digital marketing, Marks and Spencercan easily achieve an enormous customer in such a way which is both cost-effective and measurable in each manner. It is important for the company is to concentrate on conducting a campaign which helps in attracting potential customers. In addition to this, digital marketing applications and software includes social media management, content marketing, and community building. This is that method that is used to promoting a variety of commodities and goods correctly. I think digital marketing helps in increasing goodwill and reputation in the large market place. Moreover, it is essential for a firm is to focus on increasing business growth and success at the international level. Digital marketing helps to reach with a wide range of customers and deal with them(Lim, 2020). Also, it assists in analysing customers’ needs and demands according to this company develop required goods and services. Marks and Spenceruse tools related to digital marketing for enhancing reputation in whole market areas and also gain the attention of potential clients. With the assistance of digital marketing, the company can save money and accomplish more customers for fewer amounts and deliver them the required can help in developing loyalty among customers.


Social media is a very important digital marketing tool which is very helpful in persuading the customers of the company to respond to the products and services being offered to them by the company. The social media a digital platform that is reachable to the various age groups of people which can be the possible future consumers of the Marks and Spencer company in the race towards achieving the objectives and aims of the company. The social media digital marketing tools are very much persuading the customers of the company to response towards the offers being offered by the company to the consumers because of the reachability percent is very high(Klarin, 2018). The effectiveness of social media digital marketing tools can be measured by the number of users available on the various kinds of social media platforms. In today’s world, the digital world is livelier than the real world. Millions of people use social media platforms for entertainment, newsfeed, and other purposes. These users can be targeted for the consumer base of the company. I think the effectiveness of the social media platform is very high in terms of the consumer responses on persuading.

This is done because of the availability of a large number of people on social media platforms are ready to be a part of the brand name of the Marks and Spencer company. The effectiveness can be judged by the responses being achieved by the company through the various people to develop the responsiveness in the consumer base(Greenberger, et. al., 2017). The social media digital marketing tool is the platform which is very effective in terms of the availability and direct connection with the various stakeholders and mainly between the consumers and business. In my opinion, the effectiveness of the responses towards the products and services of the company, which are being offered by the company for the best experiences to the consumers. The company establishes direct communication in which the consumers can be updated about the new products and services of the company which can be purchased by the consumers through the social media platform.

This will be persuaded to respond to the company by consumers or customers for the products and services of the company. This is achieved due to the high number of users available on the social media platform which is a great source for activities involved in the company’s direct decisions for the new launches(Cegliński, 2016). I think it is the best method for the increase in the persuasiveness of the consumers for responding to the new changes being made in the company. The relation of the consumers with the company is very important because the consumers are the main assets of the company in the growth and development of the company. The responsiveness of the consumers is very important for the company to improve the goals and objectives of the company which will lead towards the path of achieving their targeted objectives for the company’s success and future stability.



Based onthe above described that marketing helps in promoting a variety of goods and services through the use of different social media platforms. Along with this, it is important for the firm is to focus on identifying a target market where they gain the attention of clients. The promotionalmix method is used forpromoting marks and spencer goods and services. There are four elements of the promotional mix which includes public relation, sales promotion, direct marketing and advertising. AIDA model helps to identify stages where a person goes through during the process of purchasing a product.



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