Decision Support Systems


The decision support system is the computerized program that is used to support the judgment, conclusion, course, and actions that are taken by an organization. DSS examine through and evaluate the massive amounts of information, data, compiling comprehensive data which can be used to resolve such issues and problems in developing decisions. It helps in providing measurable, rational, and scientific data that assist leaders to make effective decisions(Kunath, et. al., 2018). Decision support systems include hybrid systems, manual systems, and various forms of analytics and appropriate DSS. The report is based on Wal-Mart which is an international retail company and they provide different types of products and services to their customers. The main purpose of this report is to analyze the decision support problem in Walmart and also design a DSS for this decision support issue in a better manner. This is described as how to implement or execute the decision support systems of such a problem effectively.


Identify, define and analyze a decision support problem in this chosen industry

Wal-Mart is an international retail industry that operates different functions and serves the best facilities or goods to the desired customers in the large market place. DSS application is the development and management of a difficult system of performing functions. The decision support system is interactive computer-based systems that allow an individual to use IT communication, documents, models, and data to resolve issues or problems to make effective decisions(Kheterpal, et. al., 2018). Walmart mainly take poor decisions that directly affect their business operations and their functions. An organization takes a decision in which they are failed to understand the Germany market place and by this, they could not compete with the local companies so they left the market areas. In this situation, the firm feels that it is bad decision making so that they work on recovering the decision and take back all the required actions immediately. Along with this, the main reason for this failure decision is that it has made a rare charge of failure by selling its hypermarket chain which is located in Germany at the loss of $1 billion after failing to transform the country’s shoppers and operates to its low price.


Design a decision support system for this decision support problem

The decision support system is a kind of computerized program which is used by various organizations and business corporations to support judgments, determinations, and course of actions. The decision support system is used for the analysis of a large amount of data to compile comprehensive information from gathered data which will be used to solve the issues in the operations of the organization. The decision support system is a system that supports decision-making activities for the business or organization. The decision support problem is identified as the problem of Walmart under which the company failed to understand the market situation in Germany and could not compete with the local firms of the market in Germany. This led to leaving the market by Walmart. The designing of a decision support system for the decision support problem is done by following a set of instructions or procedures to create and develop a decision support system(Wright, et. al., 2016). The desired features which are required for the proposal should be able to fit in the budget of the organization to deal with the problem. Various kinds of technologies can be used in the designing of decision support systems for the decision support problem for Walmart leading towards leaving the market in Germany due to failure in understanding the demands and requirements of the market. The efficiency of the DSS should be measured in solving the problems for the organization.

The decision support system (DSS) has the basic four components that are used in the development or designing of DSS. The four components for designing DSS are as follows- data management, knowledge management, model management, and user interface management. The four components play a crucial role in the designing of a decision support system. This is a kind of computer program which follows a series of step to design. The first step will be the identification of the problem which is, in this case, is about the failure in understanding the market situation in Germany. The data collection techniques are identified in the next step under which the related information which is needed to develop DSS(Yanie, et. al., 2018). In the next step, the process for decision making will be decided that how will be the decisions taken for the organization. In the next step, the processes involved in the decision making will be identified such as who is responsible for the decision making process for the benefits of the organization. These are the steps which are followed for the designing of decision support system for the identified decision support problem for Walmart in Germany which are facing issues in the understanding of the market to compete against the local firms of the market. The designing for the decision support system can be done through various approaches in which there is a system development life cycle (SDLC), a rapid prototyping approach, and end-user DSS development approaches are present. These are the most frequently used approaches in the development of a decision support system. The decision support system is very powerful to resolve the decision support problems for Walmart in Germany.

Implement the decision support system of this problem

The decision support system is a type of computerized program which is used for making decisions for the betterment and improvement of the business organization. Walmart has faced problems for the failure of understanding the market in Germany and this led the local competitors to cross ahead of Walmart and they ended up leaving the market(Noorollahi, et. al., 2016). This problem can be resolved using the decision support system in which the proper analysis of the business operations will be done for making the decision making for the benefits and enhancement of business on a global level. The problem for Walmart can be resolved using a decision support system.

The first step for the DSS will be to identify the problem. The problem should be identified for the Walmart organization which leads the organization towards failure and leaving the market. This step will help in the identification and analysis of the information about the problem faced up by the organization. In the second step of DSS, the data collection for the problem resolution should be done to understand the mistakes in understanding of the market situation in Germany. The details for the competitors on market should be collected to analyze the situation of competition on market to develop more effective and efficient policies for delivering goods and services to consumers to enhance the business operations of the organization(Siryani, et. al., 2017). The next step will be followed for the decision making process in the way of making impactful decisions for increasing sales according to the collected information about the local firms which play an important role in competition in the German market.

The decision-making process should be involved for the higher authorities who will take necessary steps for the involvement of procedures which will enhance the sales and profit percent of Walmart which is having problems in the process of understanding the failure for market involvement. The higher authorities should take the decisions for the improvement of conditions of Walmart in the German market to cope with the local firm competitors. This will resolve the issues which have to arise due to the failure in understanding of German market (Lolli, et. al., 2015). The decision-making process will help in understanding the data and information related to the competitors of local market firms which create problem in dealing with the consumers of Walmart. The decision support system will resolve the problem according to the step by step procedure in which the data will be collected about the identified problem for Walmart which is having problem in understanding the market and coping with local firm competitors of the German market. This has led them towards leaving the market. The DSS will help in solving the problems related to the issues of decisions made after the wrong judgment of market place and lead towards the loss of sales and profits for the Walmart organization in the German market. The DSS is very crucial for the resolving of the problem arise due to the wrong decision-making activities.


Test and critically evaluate the performance decision support system

DSS is that type of data and information system which is designed to assist the company in storing, keeping, managing, maintaining, and analyzing the managers’ decision-making procedures. DSS is the old term and it is described as different major elements from various points of view such as system function, problem solver, and development procedures(Golshani, et. al., 2017). Walmart uses this system for effectively keeping and storing the required data that is helpful for them in future time. In an organization, a decision support system mainly used for collects and examine important information and develop comprehensive data that are essential for the company. DSS differs from normal functions applications which functions are to gather data only for further actions of Walmart. DSS can either be computerized or operated by humans. In some cases, it may use both aspects and the ideal system for analyzing information helps properly make accurate decisions. It has been evaluated that DSS adopt by Walmart for maintaining and managing business records that are used while operating all required functions. This system can be used for operation management and planning the divisions work in an organization to compile the data and information in a better way(Jaworska, et. al., 2015). Theperformance of DSS is an effective way that helps in operating different departments of Walmart and manages its important work or tasks. The main motive of the decision support system is to present data to the customers in an easy way. This is the most beneficial method as it can assist in generates various reports and these are based on specifications.

Also, if Walmart effectively implements the DSS on the described problem so they can gain maximum profitability as well as attract new customers towards their products or services. For this, they need to analyze whole Germany market areas where they try to establish business operations. If they properly evaluate and examine the entire place so they could not lose with the local firm competitors. The performance of Walmart is bad in this situation and they were not take great decisions at the same time which help them gain little money. Walmart’s DSS performance is fluctuating and variations are also presented in their working or operating style. They need to develop effective strategies and policies to expand their business in another country after that they enter such nations to increase goodwill and attain income. Walmart needs to concentrate on its business operations and with the help of DSS, they can easily be kept required data and information associated with the clients in a better manner(Aiello, et. al., 2018). This system provides flexibility and it is extremely beneficial for users who travel frequently. This will give them an effective opportunity to be well informed at all times, offering the capability to develop the best decisions for their firms and company and its buyers on the specific position.



As per the above-described report, it can be analyzed that DSS helps in making an effective and appropriate decision that assists an organization to take necessary steps. Walmart is the money maker company that always works in such countries where they can get the maximum amount of income and revenue. Also, they are attracting new customers in different nations which enhance their growth and success level. DSS assists in keep all the important information and data in a better manner and whenever the company required they get it. The decision support issue of Walmart is they do not properly understand the Germany market so this could not compete with the local firm by this they require to leave the market.



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