EPM5600 Principles OF Project Management Assignment Help

Executive summary

This report is based on the National conference and that can be approved by the AIPM Board of project management plan. It can be noted that our team is appointed for the post of manager to deliver the AIPM National conference. This report helps to communicate the intentions for effective planning and control that helps to guide the delivery of projects. The changes are also made according to the feedback of client they resubmit the final PMP for the approval of client and then execute it.


This report helps to understand the concept of project deliverables in which the organization appointed the project manager to deliver the AIPM National conference. It is necessary for the project manager to prepare a PMP and deliver the project and obtain the approval of client before the execution of projects. It involves the planning and communication that helps other members to deliver the successful projects. The project can be delivering by the Australian Institute of project management that represents the interests of project management across the different sectors. It focuses on the project management that provides the information to their members. It also run the different training courses and upholds the accreditation standards.


The background of project contains the description of the project that can be completed within the organizations. It provides the prerequisites for the project that is AIPM national conference. It also produces the expected task by the project manager.


The main aim of the project of the PMP is to set and determine the plan for the management of the project so that they can make effective plans to conduct the projects. If the project manager plans each and every activity then they can deliver the successful projects. The AIPM also frames the different standards and policies and that can be communicated to the other individuals also so that they can easily attain the objectives (Yeoman, et. al., 2012).

Success Criteria and Achievement of the success criteria

It can be evaluated  that to deliver the successful project the project manager has to include certain factors such as time which means the project should be completed at the given time period. The project should be completed within the given budget that can be allocated by the manager of organizations. If these factors can be completed by the manager then they can easily attain the scope of project, milestones, cost targets, safety, health, environmental and security requirements (Woodcock, 2018).

It can also be noted that the success criteria are the standards through which project can be projected at the end. The success criteria can be measured by raising the question in yes or No form or secondly on the basis of continuous that can be based on the scale. For example, the project management ask the opinion from their clients whether they are satisfied by the national conference or not. Secondly, they review the performance through the method of rating scale.

Scope of the project

Scope is the part of project planning that includes the documenting of project goals, features, functions, deadlines and cost. It determines the needs that can achieve and the work that can be performed to deliver the projects. It extends to other sectors and also maintains the reputation of project management (Sanghera, 2019).

Key project roles

It can be determined that roles can be fulfilled by the project manager to deliver the success of the project. The project manager is an individual’s that is responsible to deliver the project. The manager leads and manages the team for the project and also run the project on regular basis. There are different roles who play and effective role that are discussed below :

  • Marketing manager: It can be asserted that marketing manager is under an obligation to manage the business of marketing in the business. It consists of different services and products and the manager is responsible for that services and products. They have to formulate the standards and policies that help the members to coordinate the work.
  • Project director: The director has toguide their members and workers in respect of conference. The director directs the standards and regulations and fulfills the criteria of projects.
  • Operation director: It is the duty of manager to formulate the production activities that leads to the success of projects.
  • Staging director: It is the duty of staging director to execute the plans and formulations in the organizations.
  • Finance manager: It is the duty of finance manager to formulate the decisions which are provided in the national conference and it formulate only those activities which are related with the financial activities. They also make plans in respect of investment plans, strategies that lead to the success and goals of the conferences.
  • Project manager: The project manager is responsible to formulate the factors that are essential for the success of the projects. The manager has to schedule the meetings with the other members of team, promoters. The manager is responsible to make plans, manage the staff and coordinate with them. They also ensures the agendas of the project along with their consequences.

Project’s governance

There are certain officials that are responsible for the project’s governance such as AIPM ,project manager, directors. It can be noted that directors are responsible for the acts that are performed by the members. They allocate the roles and responsibilities to theirmembers so that they lead a success to the project.

Internal Resources on the project

Internal resources manages and prioritizes the resources such has operation director, conference manager, finance manager, marketing manager. All this resources plays an effective role in respect of national conference.

External Resources on the project

The external resources refer to the external source that helps to organization to manage the activities. In respect of national conference the manager requires the hotel and technicians to complete the activities that lead to the success of project.

Internal stakeholders on the project

The stakeholder are the individuals, group, organization that affects the outcome, decisions, activity of project.  It can be evaluated that internal stakeholders plays a crucial role in the conference and holds the major portion in the national conference.

External stakeholders on the project

They are external stakeholders who hold the major stake in the domestic participants and foreign participants. The shareholder has obligation to formulate the polices and plans in respect of delivery of project.

Project Communications

The main aim of project manager is to communicate the information to their members and it can be received by the following members.

  • Stakeholders
  • Member of AIMP
  • Domestic and foreign participants


The main objective of national conference is to deliver the successful conference that leads to the success of the project. The aim of project manager is to deliver the high-quality event that is the platform for the foreign and domestic participants through this conference the AIPM increase the number of members that leads to the success of projects. The conference also provides the facilities to theirmembers that will leads to rise in the members of the participation in events.

Project Risks can be identified and controlled

Risks are always present in a project; however a good project manager identifies the risk available in the project and finds reasonable solutions to the risks and problems of the project. A proper risk management plan should also be made by the project manager in order to overcome all the risks and hindrances available in the project. A good project manager should identify other risks such as technical risks, risk of emergency situation such as fire, other risks in the venue. In order to achieve success of the project the project manager should make a success plan to avoid such risks.

Project can be controlled

There are certain ways through that project can be controlled. On e of them is the risk mitigation that can be defined as the steps or stages that helps to decrease the adverse effects, it can be controlled by providing the different quality of services such as participation, accommodation services, catering services etc. They must approach the different techniques that helps them to control the risk. As the technical problems creates the hindrance in the event and that leads to the risks.

How are Procurement activities beingplanned

It can be asserted that there should be proper procurement and planning  in respect of different activities such as list all the activities in contract, document them in relation to the standards and regulations. If the manager can formulate the activities for the project then they easily attain the goal of the national conference.


After the execution of project the company can analyses the value of the conference and also identify the number of participation who participate in the projects. They can also determine the total revenue and profits that can be generated through the conference. If the project can be executed then the members can attain the goals and objectives of the organizations. If all the activities are complete andformulated then this project can be implemented according to the plan.  These projects can be implemented then all the activities can be completed and formulated (Rue, et. al., 2012)

Project Milestones date

Activities Months Milestones
Theme planning June Plan the activities in relation to the conference.
Preparation of budget June The budget should be prepared according to the list of activities (Kim and Gu, 2018).
Allocation of budget June Approach the manager and director to allocate the proper budget.
Sponsorship July Approach the different sponsors.
Volunteer Search July Hire the employees who can organize the event of conference.
Selection of venue July The place of event should be easily accessed by all participants.
Speakers July Contact the speakers and the different participants.
Marketing September Promote the activities and target them to deliver the successful projects.
Hospitality September Invitations can be sent to the other participants and also book the different caters.
Main Event September Manage and coordinate the event (Sarkar, 2018).
Closing September Provide the report of deliverables to the management.

The above table represents the project milestones in which they separate the different activities and divide the activities according to months and also provide the milestones according to the different activities. If they complete the activities within the given timeperiod then they can easily attain the success of projects (Kirch and Peres, 2018).

Key meeting dates

Activities June (1-15) June (16-30) July (1-15) July 16-31) September (1-15) September (16-20)
Theme planning            
Preparation of budget            
Allocation of budget            
Volunteer Search            
Selection of venue            
Main Event            


The above graph shows the different activities and also allocates the activities along with the different time period. The manager divides the activities in to different months and tries to complete that activities within the given time (Smith, 2018).

Key decisions

It is necessary for the project manager to make the effective decisions for the national conference. They should take decisions by observing the interest of teams’ members and participants. They should take decisions in respect of cost, revenue and budget so that they can deliver the project.

Project Budget

Activities Cost
Equipments and stage 6000
Rental Fees 30000
Offsite Activities 5000
Food and Beverages 9000
Rooms 15000
Transportation 8000
Communication 4000
Collateral 5000
Other Expenses 4000
Total Expenses 86000

It can be noted that project budget is the personnel and financial limits that requires for the execution of projects (Heldman, 2018). It creates to define the works, cost, resources that are essential for the projects. The project is approved in the form of order that helps to manage and coordinate the activities. With the help of budget they can implement the earned-value analysis. It can be divided in to the different resources such as resource budget, financial that represents the amount of various activities.


From the above report, it can be determined that to deliver the successful project the manager has to formulate different policies and standards that helps to attain the objectives in organizations. They also specify the duties and roles of the directors and managers and that creates the positive influences on the organizations. It also determines the project timings in which they identify the data and schedule of the projects. The project manager also determines the cost of the different activities and they have to accomplish their tasks within that budget. If all this factors can be carried in effective manner then they can easily attain the objectives of the national conference.


The above slide elaborates the introduction of the project management in which project manager identifies the different activities and also lays down the budget and cost structure that helps to attain the goal and deliver the successful projects.

The above slide determines the background and objective of the project management . The main objective of the project manager is to identify the different planning activity and communicate to the member.

The above slide determine the criteria of success and that can be achieved if the project manager accomplish the task in the given time period and they have to manage the budgets according to the project.

The above slide identifies the different resources that help in the national conference. Internal sources are the different managers such as finance manager and director etc. If the managers can perform the activities in proper manner then they can easily attain the goals.

The above slide determines the external resources and that helps to coordinate and manage the activities. As per the case study, the external resources can be in form of technicians and hotels that helps to administer the conference.

In the above slide it can be asserted that communication can plays a crucial role in the conference. The main aim of project manager is to communicate the information to different team members that helps to perform the activities.

The above slides determine the different roles in the project manager and they can be in form of project director who direct and guides the organisation. Finance manager who arranges the funds and finance for organising the event of nation conference by AIPM.  The project manager is the person who coordinates and manage their team in effective manner (Rue, et. al., 2012).

In the above slide, the manager scheduled the activities according to the scope of National conference. For this they have to make planning in respect of different activities and formulate according to the plan.

The above slide determines the milestone of project in which they provide the activities and on the basis of that activities time period can be allotted according to different months(Kirchand Peres, 2018).

The above slide represents the cost of Budget in which it provides the different activities along with its cost. It is the duty of project manager to manage the activities within the given amount . So that they can execute the plan in effective and efficient manner.

From the above slide, it can be determined that it is the duty of manager to frame the policies and guidelines  for the national conference. If the policies can be followed by the team members then they can carry out the activities easily.

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