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The thesis is based on the analysis of the impact and influence of coronavirus all over the world at both the international and local levels. This has been developed by implementing an initiative that has been planned by the government and represents the media. The report covers different sources that hold transparency and credibility and also discuss the data which are based on needs.

A. First Credible Source

COVID 19 is the main pandemic all over the world and this will create a major cause for the different countries. By this, all the countries face issues and all the businesses work has been stopped that will create a negative impact on every nation’s GDP growth rate. Such sources discuss the writing from the WHO team that is a department of higher authority of Canada. This part also covers the data regarding the impacts of COVID 19 and its outbreak. In this section, the writing has discussed the impact of coronavirus that may create negative influences on the different countries’ industries and sectors. During COVID 19, it is not allowed for all the individuals is to going outside otherwise they will be punishable.

The thesis mainly describes the COVID 19 impacts on the individual in different areas and how they will grab to this disease. This is one of the major pandemics which spread continuously in the various nations of all the international, national, and domestic places. In this situation, the government also works for developing plans and strategies that may help the common public to stay away from this pandemic by following their mentioned guidelines and instructions. For this, the government informs all the country people is to stay 10 m distance from one another and wash their hands after every half an hour, which can save them from this dangerous coronavirus.

This section mentions the recovery plan which can be undertaken and how the airline’s main motive is to secure passengers’ health. The government counters facilities in the area of infrastructure and equipment which will give customers the possibility that is covered in this content (Reddan, 2015). The division is related to different services all over the world and it makes sure that users are secured and friendly in providing services. The current report of ICAO involves the effects of a pandemic on the sector and its relative activities that are pampered by the Canadian transport system (Jackson, et. al., 2016).

B. Second Credible Source

As per the Times of India, the whole world is facing the biggest crisis since World War II. Every nation has been affected by this devastating situation of COVID 19. The main outbreak of this pandemic is china. In the past few months, coronavirus has rapidly spread in different countries such as India, the USA, Europe and so more. This COVID 19 creates a major risk to every nation’s economic growth rate. However, the world is going to face huge recession time and international losses to the different businesses or sectors (de Hollander, et. al., 2018).

The pandemic is affected by individual health and wellbeing which creates a major impact on the life of people. It is considered a global issue and this is directly affected the different countries’ growth rate, economic ratio, financial stability, and increase recession. Meanwhile, the world arrangement has been altering vastly and various theories are being postulated (Brooks, et. al., 2016). It admitted that accurate criteria of cleaning should be followed which is top to bottom. By which, the danger of this pandemic can be reduced for some time but all the individuals focus on maintaining the cleaning process of their home as well as their surroundings. Times of India publishes that safety measures have been executed and implemented on ground level so that common people understand what they need to do for dealing with such virus (Shoqirat, et. al., 2015).


It is examined that sources that have been explored from the WHO site and have given the required and clouded data along with accurate facts and information.  The higher authority initiation is also explained in this study which includes parts that were felt required to increase and this is provided priority to manage the international reputation of specific sectors.


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