How modern technology can change the way of teaching in the future? Assignment


In current time,teaching technologies have enhanced and it allows the teachers is to conduct automated tests which instantly grade the highest of the people’s work.Technology is becoming a major part of the current lives of all the people.Since an individual wake up, they are always surrounded by the technology anduse it various times in the whole day for the different motives. It is stated that technology has gradually and slowing penetrated in every person’s lives. The overall world is moving digitally and it is quite a lot of facilitiesprovided to the individual as well such as store the data, make confidentialityof required information, play games, learn something new and so more(Darling-Hammond, 2015). Sometimesit is realized that it majorly influence people’s lives. Along with this, itwill make an easy and simple way to gain any type of knowledge with the bits ofhelp of Modern technology. Digital skills and abilities are thefresh methods in order to develop growth, increase the standard of living, andwith the effective skills offered it can help in formulating more futureopportunities such as education. It is important but attaining new skills at asimilar tome which is required for the learning.

As per the view of Kažoka et al., (2017)Modern technology and education help increase the knowledge and abilities of students and also enhance the future professional who is sounder in their knowledge with their skill which assists the country in overcoming the main issue which includes poverty and a lower standard of living of individuals. Such an online platform is essential as it also overrides any opportunity of biasness and nepotism which provide equal chances t every person. So this would not matter and concern that whether a person is live in any region. A student can access the technology for gaining skills and increase their knowledge about their respective subject. Modern technology helps in enhancing self-learning and development which will develop better growth and materializing their motivation. With the assistance of modern technology, students can easily coordinate and collaborate on a group project which increases their skills and also give them a chance to learn something new in this way.

In the opinion of Kessler, (2018)Technology is the mosteffective method which can help and transforms the way of education indifferent modes. Also, it provides teachers are that process through which theycan create an easy method for them to educate their students and develop instructionalmaterials to enabling the new ways for an individual to learn and perform worktogether. It has been analyzed that teachers are giving lectures from thepodium at the front of the classroom and students sit in a row and listen. Amongthem, some of the students have books open in front of them but they are notinterested in reading and study such books. Some of the students lookbored and some are talking to their classmates and sleeping in the classroom.This is because; the current classrooms are not looking interesting anddifferent from the perspectives of students. Also, it had found that moderntimes of students are most of the time looking at their tablets, laptops, andsmartphones instead of books. However, technology has been extremely altered bythe education system(Kysela et al., 2015). Technology has significantly prolonged access toeducation. In ancient times, books were rare and it provides bettereducational chances to the students. Individuals had to portable to midpointsof learning to acquire an education. Recently, a massive amount of data andinformation are accessible at one click with the use of online platforms suchinternet and it provides several contents that give proper knowledge andinformation regarding the subject.

With the help of modern technology, there is a chance to expand the opportunities for communication andcoordination. In traditional times, classrooms have been comparativelyinaccessible, collaboration has limited to the other students in a similarclassroom. But in today, technology allows the types of communication andcollaboration which makes it easy for the learners is to ask any question to theirteacher by using technology such as mobile phone, SMS, etc. the effectivecommunication method helps the students to share their learning withthe other leaners in the classroom and also in some other place. Technology hasalso started to alter and variation in the roles of learners and teachers(Maurer, 2015). Ithas been analyzed that in traditional times, only teachers are the only source ofproviding information and deliver the required knowledge to their students. Also,the learners respect their teachers and listen to their every word and implementit in their real-life as well. This will make them able to deal with their hurdlesand issues that might be faced by them in the future time. For this, teachersare given them subjective and practical knowledge which helps them in survivingin the modern world.

According to the view of Montrieux et al., (2015)some of the universitiesand schools which are situated all across the world are started to redesignand preparing the learning spaces which allow this new model of education.Also, it assists in enhancing the knowledge and skills of the students in a propermanner. The new method of learning and gaining education change the life ofthe people and in this they are using modern technology which provides whateverthey want, any information, data, and facts. By this, communication becameeasier and convenient for the student when they develop a project within agroup so that they need to interact with each other.

With the use oftechnology, they can easily interact with their team members and attainnecessary information which helps them in completing the whole project. Theschools are developing their educational system in a new way that delivers andserves the technology-based orientation. By this, students are communicatingwith the teacher and also submit their projects online which reduces the work ofteachers as well as students(Popenici et al., 2017). This will provide various benefits to the environmentthat includes the reduction of cutting trees, fresh air, and many more. The moderntechnology in education implemented in the schools in which they are usingvisual projectors, online degrees, and provide internet connection. The role of technologyin the sector of education is to deliver the best knowledge and information tothe students which enhance their career growth level in the future.

It has been analyzedthat technology always changing and altering the dynamics of education, andalso develop the storing relationship between students and teachers. Educationis essential in the academic and corporate settings and it is used toassist the employees to perform various things differently. Educationis geared to creating curiosity in the minds of learners and the effectiveuses of modern technology can help such students who are properly using this andunderstand the concepts better. In addition to this, there are several issuesand challenges occur which are face by teachers in society due to theincreasing expansion of the information or knowledge(Poritz et al., 2016). The modern techniques aredemanding that teachers need to learn how to use such technology in theirteaching systems and this is important for a teacher is to attend training beforeexecuting the technique. Modern technology helps in enhancing access toeducation and also makes improvements in the quality and relevancy of thelearning information. For this, students need to develop a relationship with theirteachers and clear their doubts at any time which will help in increasingtheir knowledge and skills of learning.

In today’s world, everything is changing and evolving according to time requirements. Evolution has become a part of life which is necessary for every aspect of life. The technology is greatly evolving through time and helping people in every kind possible. The evolution in education and teaching techniques is moving forward. Today, the teaching process consists of chalk, blackboards and talk lessons but the future consists of new ways and techniques for teaching in which digital education is highly rated. Future teaching involves the use of modern technology which evolves a new way of learning. The futures involves the encouraged use of audio reality (AR) and video reality (VR) which will help learners to complete and unrestricted access to the minute’s details of the lectures and lessons(Stankova et al., 2016). Technology is nowadays serving different kinds of sectors. The education sector is also taking benefits from modern technology. The parents and governments are taking initiatives for producing various kinds of policies and structural format that will help the teaching process with the use of modern technology.

As per the view of Susskind et al., (2015)The modern technology like the quality of digital infrastructure and less expensive broadband connections countries will help in the future teaching processes. The modern technology will ensure the education reach ability to the villages, towns and cities of every country. The accessibility of digital education will become easier. The internet will help in the implementation of modern technologies like digital education, online classes, online exams, online internships, etc. for the development of the teaching process in the future. Numerous websites will be associated with various schools, colleges and universities institutions which will help the students in future to get an education and learn from online modes. The modern technology methods will be cost-effective as they will provide the teaching facility at low cost. Today the cost of teaching is very high. Education has become very expensive. Many people cannot afford the school and college fees for their children which results in dropping out of schools and colleges at an early stage.

In future with the help of modern days technology, the learning and teaching process will be dependent on the online modes in which the cost of learning will be reasonable and everyone can afford the education. There will be no need to spend on spacious classrooms and high costs study material. All facilities will be provided by online modes which will be cost-efficient. The role of education in building a career is very enormous. In the future teaching process, the students will receive many opportunities through an online business which will help in building a career and also enhancing their knowledge. Different kinds of opportunities will be available for learning processes which will be rare and expensive but will be easily available through modern technology usage. The traditional ways of teaching are very old as comparing the content delivery and learning speed. The modern technology will help the students in improving the learning and teaching processes through which the rate of content delivery and learning will increase in comparison with the traditional teaching methods. The traditional teaching methods include learning through paper and pen. This restricts the learning speed and also inhibits the speed of teaching. But in future, the teaching process will change from traditional ways in such a manner that there will be no restriction in learning.

 Teachers will be able to improve the speed of teaching. The students will be able to understand difficult topics in video graphic manner which will be in their memory for a longer period. These ways of modern technology in the learning and teaching process will change the ways of teaching. The education technology in future will change the way of teaching and learning. There will be no actual classrooms where students will sit together and learn new things. There will be virtual classrooms in which the students don’t need to be present in reality rather in a virtual manner through mobiles and computers. The video lectures of teaching will be able to see from computers for the learning process(Susskind et al., 2015). The homework will be given through online modes and also will be submitted using online modes. The traditional way of teaching will be erased from the future world. The future will offer real-time learning opportunities as the teaching processes will be changed in a drastic format which will help in achieving the goals and objective of the teaching processes. Thus modern technology will change the way of teaching in future through this manner for the modern world.

It can be recommended that the modern technology is quite useful and enhancing changes in the teaching ways. Modern technology is the use of the latest technology in such a manner that it will help the teaching processes for future use. There are many ways which will change the way of teaching in future but there should be some implications in the methodology that will ensure the learning outcomes and efficiency of the teaching process with the use of modern technology in future. There are multiple options available to do on the internet. The parents need to keep an eye on the surfing habits of their children on the internet(Kysela et al., 2015). This habit of internet surfing can negatively impact on the process of learning through online modes. In online modes, it is difficult to keep an eye on every individual in comparison with the traditional methods of learning in schools and colleges. The teachers need to pay attention to every student in online class which is quite a difficult task to do.

There should be freedom for learning through modern technology in anyplace, anywhere and anytime. The traditional scheduled and boring methodologies need to be removed in the future and the teaching process should be evolved in such a way that there will be no definite structure or building where the education will be provided. Every student should have the right to gain proper and cost-effective education through the use of modern technology. There should be improvement and enhancement in the ability of the educators which will help in the support and guiding the learners in for learning in the networked environment. This should be done on a large scale as in present it is available to a small number of students and learners. The infrastructure needs to build stronger. Today’s infrastructure for digital education and using modern technology is changing the way of teaching is not worth. The infrastructure should be stronger and unrestricted to anyone. There should be no limit to learning and teaching.

The learners should be able to continue their learning without thinking about the place and time. This can be done with building a smart, strong and modern infrastructure of networking which will connect the whole world in learning and teaching processes. The governments should adopt various kinds of policies in which the basic skills for the digital age of learning should be taught. The new world is moving forward on the path of digitalization in which every facility will be available on the distance of one click(Darling-Hammond, 2015). There should be limited skills known to everyone which will help in building the policies and help the future teaching methods to become a slave for modern technology. These recommendations should be followed for using the modern technology in the future teaching ways which will enhance the level of education and everyone on earth will be able to receive the best quality education from various means of technology.


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