HR40024E – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Society and Organisations Assignments


The report is based on Tesco Company which a British international grocery and general retail organization and it is situated in Welwyn Garden city, Hertfordshire, England, UK. It is the third leading retailer in the world. The market share of Tesco is around 28% and they provide a variety of products and services to their customers. This report helps in understanding the experiences of the company in managing and maintains charges of discrimination such as age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and so more. Along with this, it describes how it is important to manage the diversity level in a better way.

Part One

Outline the problems in an organization

The major issue which arises in Tesco is associated with the discrimination that will create a negative influence on the business functions and its operations. It is seen that discrimination can cause main problems among employees’ minds in which they are demotivated towards their job and they do not satisfied with their working style. The discrimination is varied forms that create a bad impact on the company productivity and profitability such as it is based on age, gender, sex, religion and so more. It is necessary for Tesco is to focus on maintaining the discriminate action through which they can easily maintain business functions in a better way. In addition to this, it is required for Tesco is to concentrate on motivating its staff members and lead them towards the correct direction where they can only achieve profit. But when an employer discriminates their workers based on gender then this will develop negative opinions and thinking to the job profile (Kyriakidou, et. al., 2016). It has been analyzed that Tesco is facing an age and gender discrimination claim after they cut the pay for the night and weekend working for some of their longest delivering staff members. Diversity is another issue which has been faced by an organization in which employees have come from different background and culture and they are not easily fit in another cultured environment. This will create issues and problems in Tesco and this directly influences their business growth and revenue.

Outline the different methods the organization used to manage its problem

Tesco must focus on various methods and techniques that can be used to maintain and manage specific problems related to discrimination. For this, employers should treat all the employees in the same way which can help reduces discrimination problems (Scott, 2020). It is important for Tesco is to provide training to its managers and employers regarding understand the discrimination laws and legislations. This will assist to make sure that managers could have the right to discriminate with their junior workers on different bases such as age, gender, sex, otherwise they will be punishable under the law. It is required for Tesco is to focus on maintaining the job responsibility of an employee in which they should analyze their worker’s performance and growth level. Tesco set the punishment and penalty charges for such junior or senior employers who are doing discrimination against their co-workers and other staff members. This is the right to perform such activities and functions within an organization as it will reduce the job satisfaction and productivity range of workers continuously (Fine, et. al., 2019). For improving diversity in the workplace, the managers need to develop inclusive policies and strategies which help in maintaining such practices. They can also provide diversity training to the new employees who belong to different backgrounds and have the power to gain growth in this company. For them, Tesco conducts sessions where they are learning how to fit in a varied environment and perform great work.

Examine how the organization dealt with the complexities of the situation and its current position

Tesco’s main role is to understand and describing the influence of diversity and discrimination within an organization. It is required for the company is to develop plans and strategies to deal with major difficulties of the current condition and also evaluating the position of a firm in a better manner (Coe, et. al., 2019). For dealing with main problems, Tesco needs to formulate common plans and tactics that can use by them to manage the overall growth and success level. Tesco thinks differently and they are motivating their staff members by evaluating their roles and responsibilities that are performed by them in gaining the required income or profit. With the assistance of this, it is important for the company is to focus on maintaining and managing business operations and its functions. An organization should deal with complexities and issues where they should provide on providing training to their employees. 

Part Two

Tesco has done different work that helps in attracting a large number of customers towards company products and services. They are providing various discounting offers and coupons that assist in retaining buyers (Awesti, et. al., 2016). Tesco has the best leaders and managers who are managing and maintain the whole business function to gain the required income and profits. Also, the company shares and develop strong communication procedure within the workplace where they are flow effective information and data among staff members.

Tesco could avoid discrimination and diversity problems in the company where they need to perform common functions and treat all staff members in an equal manner. It is required for Tesco to concentrate on business functions and operations to gain potential goals.

Tesco needs to conduct training programs where new and existing employees can learn skills and abilities which help them in increasing knowledge or information. They are effectively performing great work to reach with desired objectives or goals (Scott-Baumann, et. al., 2019). Also, managers analyze the whole marketplace in which they understand customers needs and preferences as per this they develop and manufacture required commodities.

Various strategies need to implement by Tesco to manage and maintain the diversity problem. For this, they should provide a targeted audience that is attracted to their products and services (Scott, 2020). It is important for the company is to manage its whole functions and develop new strategies or plans through which they can achieve desired objectives. Along with this, Tesco work for gaining more income and profitability that assist in enhancing their growth and success level in a large market place. Due to the discrimination, it is required for Tesco to concentrate on developing huge success and growth.

The crisis in the Tesco company represents the leadership problem as the leaders in the firm must represent the true nature of the policies and procedures of the company in which discrimination among the employees does not stand for the true nature. The leadership problem will be represented in the crisis as the leaders have failed in managing the non-discriminative nature of the company’s working environment (Story, 2020). The leaders are responsible for the stability and positive vibe in the working culture of the company. If there appears any crisis about the discrimination among the employees and the other staff members, this responsibility goes to the leaders of the team who are required to conduct a peaceful and ethical culture in the business environment. The leaders need to represent the right examples in the working environment in which there is no place for any kind of discrimination or other factors which describe the unethical approach of the company. One incident represents the overall working environment of the company as the leadership problem is represented in the appeared crisis in the Tesco Company which is very important to be resolved for the company’s overall growth and development of the company.


From the above-mentioned report, it is analyzed that it is important for Tesco is to focus on managing and maintaining diversity in an organization. They should also concentrate on developing accurate strategies and tactics through which the manager can reduce eliminating discrimination among employees whether they are new or old. The report discusses the problems which are identified in Tesco and evaluates various methods that are used to manage such issues. Besides this, it assists in analyzing how the company deals with major difficult conditions and the firm existing position in the marketplace.


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