HRMT20028 – Organisational Change Management Assignment

Executive summary

The report had analyzed the issues, challenges, change management models, concepts, and theories in an analytical frame for the Virgin Australia airline company. The report had discussed the changes and reforms for the case study organization for the future implementation strategies for the organization. The human resource development strategies to overcome resistance had been discussed along with the recommendations for the change managed strategies for the company in the appropriate manner for coping with the situation of a collapsing of the airline.


The report is based on the Virgin Australia airline company of Australia. The report discusses the analysis of the various issues in the case study company using management tools, concepts, and theories. The case study company, virgin Australia airlines have implemented various changes and reforms which will be discussed in the report. The company has also identified a range of changes and strategies for the future implementation of the proposed planning for the coping of challenges and issues by the case study company Virgin Australia airlines. The report focuses on the human resource development strategies which are being implemented by the Virgin Australia airlines for overcoming and coping from the resistance in the path of changes and improvement for the company in tough times. The factors which are driving for the need or demand for the changes and improvement in the company are also being discussed in the report for analysis and theoretical strategies are being used. The report also discusses the appropriate recommendations for the change management strategies and planning for the virgin Australia airlines which is a case study organization for the better and enhanced implementation of changes. The report will help in the better analysis and implementation of the strategies for the changes in the virgin Australia airlines.

Report body

a) Key changes and reforms that have already been implemented by Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia Airlines Company is an Australian company that has become a regular airline service in 2012 but after a spiral of 7 years of becoming regular services, the company has now getting towards the voluntary administration due to the adverse impact of coronavirus on the functionality of the organization. Virgin Australia has already been implemented various key changes and reforms in the organization for dealing with the situation of the collapse of the company as a result of the coronavirus (Aakjær Andersen et al., 2020). The company has implemented a range of reforms and key changes in the functionally and operation management of the company to cover the losses which have occurred during the pandemic all over the world. The business has impacted as the airlines were closed for a period in Australia to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus in Australia. The Virgin Australia airlines have adopted reforms like restructuring the fares for the customers to attract airlines.

The lockdowns have made losses for the company of about $350 million which requires changes in the way of doing business in Australia. The changes like reform in the structure of fare for domestic flights for the customers have been implemented for attracting and gaining customers from the competition of the virgin Australia (Amankwah-Amoah, 2020). These reforms and key changes in the operational management of Virgin Australia will help the company in coping with the crisis and collapse of the company in the lockdown period. The collapse of the company can be fixed or restructured with the help of these changes and reforms for the company. The crisis of the company can be dealt with the contribution of the employees and other administration members of the company to cope with the voluntary administration of the company as the company is collapsing due to the spread of the pandemic in all over the world (Aparicio & Pinilla, 2019). The Virgin Australia airline company is using the changes and reforms for the enhancement and betterment of the company’s operational and management functionality for coping with the crisis of pandemic in the period of lockdown which has nearly collapsed the Virgin Australia airline company in Australia. The changes are impacted on the operations for the management of the collapse and attracting the sales of tickets for airlines in Virgin Australia which have been implemented for the reduction of collapse and moving towards the voluntary administration after the spiral of 7 years in Australia.

b) Changes and strategies that have been proposed for future implementation

The changes and strategies which are proposed for the future implementation to cope with the situation of the voluntary administration of Virgin Australia airlines due to the collapse of the company after 7 years of the spiral of the organization. The changes and strategies for organization management are necessary for the future implementation to handle the resistance occurred in the pandemic era of 2020. The change management will be used for the company to define the strategies for the operational functionality of the business to come in line for the business organization (Bloombergquint, 2020). Virgin Australia needs to strategize proposed incentives, exercise authority, recruit champions of change, redefine cultural values, and shift the burden for the changes being implemented for the company to deal with the situation of resistance occurred in the business organization. These strategies can be implemented for the future prospectus of the company for dealing with the company management which has been restricted due to the coronavirus crisis in the virgin Australia airlines for the operations of the organization (Williams, 2020).

These strategies and changes are proposed for the future implementation in the airline used for the case study in the report. The changes and strategies will help the company in handling the various impacts and issues which are being raised in the company as they are dealing with the collapse of the company and leading the company towards the voluntary administration for the virgin Australia airlines (Centreforaviation, 2020). The strategies will help the organization for dealing with the resistance which is occurred due to the impact of pandemic and lockdown in Australia. Virgin Australia has suffered a lot of losses for the company and the changes can be proved to be helpful for the operational management of the firm to deal with the future implementation of the techniques and strategies for the company. The change and strategies such as providing incentives, looking out for issues and challenges which are needed to be solved for the better administration of the company can be implemented in which the administration will handle the changes to deal with restriction of the company in business operations and functionality (Ceptureanu, 2016). The future implementation can help the virgin Australia airlines to come out from the voluntary administration which is resulted due to the collapse of the company in the corona virus crisis and these strategies will help in the future outcomes of the strategies to remove the obstructions in the business operations of virgin Australia and cover its losses.

c) Key factors driving the need for change

The changes are driven in the organization due to some of the change driving factors that drives the necessity for the changes to be implemented in the organization for betterment and enhancement of the company management and business opportunities to deal with the crisis in the tough period. The Virgin Australia airlines of Australia has some key factors which have driven changes in the airline for the improvement in the various challenges and issues faced by the company in the collapse situation of the organization in the time of the corona crisis. The need for change in the company is driven by the customers, competitors, key performance indicators, technology development, and business growth which are the major factors for the need for change in the airline of the case study (Deccanherald, 2020). The competitors are growing at a faster rate from the Virgin Australia airlines is indicating the changes are required within the organization for attracting customers who are not satisfied with the services of the company. The customers need to be provided with the various kinds of services for making them use the services being provided by Virgin Australia at higher rates.

The technology is changing at a fast mode in the business culture and businesses are required to adopt the changing technologies for providing the best features and support of the organization for their customers and other stakeholders of the airline. The technology will be used for providing services for the customers to deal with the crisis that occurred in Virgin Australia after the corona crisis all over the world. The human resources are required to be changed with the management operations of the virgin Australia which will help the company in dealing with the perspective of the various actions and impacts of the pandemic on the airlines of Australia (Firstpost, 2020). Business growth is a very important aspect in the business operations and management of the airline and required to be changed frequently for adopting future implementation to handle the coping techniques to improve business restriction and resistance. These are driving for the need for change in the virgin Australia airlines. Globalization is another factor that drives the need for change in the company for betterment in the functionality and management of the organization after the collapse of Virgin Australia airlines after the 7 spiral years in the industry of airlines in Australia in corona crisis time (Wang et al., 2019).

d) Identify human resource development strategies

The airline can have resistance to change during the changes implemented which can be overcome by implementing the human resource development strategies in the company which are very helpful in overcoming the resistance which occurs from the changes in the organizations’ management and other functionality. There are various kinds of human resource development strategies that help in the implementation of the changes in the airline and also remove the obstacles in the path of the changes of the company for the betterment and improvement in the business operations (McIlroy, 2020). Recruitment, performance appraisal, learning and development, compensation, and succession planning are some of the human resource strategies which are crucial for Virgin Australia airlines to handle the resistance from the changes. The employees or the human resource in the organization are the best assets which can be used by the airline to deal with the changes for enhancement in the business operations and opportunities in the time of corona crisis in all over the world (Voolaid & Ehrlich, 2019). These human resource development strategies can help the human resource of the organization to deal with the crisis of coronavirus which is impacting the business of Virgin Australia. The company is now under the situation of dealing with the voluntary administration.

The human resource strategies will help in dealing with the situation of collapsing of Virgin Australia and having voluntary administration which will help in reassuring the situation of the organisation to be dealt and coping with the crisis (Penda Ivor Altaras. 2019). The HR strategies for development will have a mission statement, vision, and higher level of actions for the execution of the mission and vision of the airline to overcome the resistance in the implementation of the changes for the enhancement of the business activities. The coronavirus has resulted in the need for changes in the virgin Australia which is very crucial to cope the situation of disaster in the airline which is leading it towards the risk of collapsing after 7 years of the spiral of the company in the airline’s industry of Australia (Popa, 2018). The changes will be overcome from obstruction from the process by using the various kinds of human resource development strategies in the virgin Australia company which is very important for the progress of the company.

e) Recommendation for implement strategies

The change management strategies implemented in the virgin Australia organization will help in overcoming the situation of crisis in the tough times for the changes implemented in the organization. The company needs to apply the changes which are required for the development and growth of the company and also dealing with the crisis which has occurred due to the pandemic from coronavirus (Sujová Andrea & Remeň Ondrej, 2018). The change management strategies will help attract the customers from the competitors of Virgin Australia and also increase the sales of the organization as the changes are driven by the factors affecting the issues and challenges. The company needs to properly implement the change strategies for overcoming the current situation of the company in which the voluntary administration is being introduced for the better outcomes of the organization.


Based on the above-described report, it can be concluded that Virgin Australia needs to focus on changes that provide them higher growth. Also, they require implementing the human resource management strategies which are important for the organization to deal with the recent situation of the company. This will help the virgin Australia Company to handle the situations regarding the collapsing of the company due to the adverse effect of the coronavirus which is affecting the whole world and every industry.


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