HRMT20028 Organizational Change Management Assignment Solution

Executive Summary 

The report had based on the impact of corona virus on the virgin Australia airlines which is the case study organization. The report had focused on the change management strategies and human resource development strategies for coping with the situation of pandemic and lockdown by the virgin Australia airlines. The key factors for the need of change driven are also discussed in the report along with the recommendations for the organization change management.


Virgin Australia is an American airline which is established in 1999 and they are smoothly run their business operations in 2012. But currently, in the corona virus pandemic situation, they are facing major issues and their company going towards the closure stage. For this, they are looking forward to appointing an administrator who works on increasing the sales procedure of the airline and provides the best suitable outcomes for an organization. Along with this, the main motive of this report is to analyze some changes and reforms which they are executed and also described proposed strategies which have been used for future implementation in an organization.

Main Body 

a) Outline key changes and reforms that have already been implemented by the Virgin Australia organization 

Virgin Australia is the leading airline which provides temporary services at the initial time but the success they are permanent their flight services for their passengers. As per the case study, virgin already implements some key changes and reforms which help them in gaining a certain amount of income and revenue. They are focused on reduces the price of fights which can attract people towards their services. During the corona virus, Virgin airlines understand the attitude and behavior of people and according to this; they are making accurate changes or alterations in their management systems and processes. It is important for the company is to concentrate on a working style which could impact on their business growth and development level (Bögel et al., 2019). With the change in rates of flights, most of the people prefer their airline to travel. But at the time of COVID 19, they are work on passenger’s health and concern about their safety so they are arranging some key pieces of equipment and materials which can make them secure from any virus. Along with this, Virgin Australia hires an administrator who is accountable for managing its business systems and processing along with enhancing sales volume effectively. Another reform which they are made for attracting the customer, changes in their travel packages and lower the full-service cost that can gain the attention of a large number of people. This is the best way through which Virgin can easily maintain and manage its business functions and operations. Apart from this, this will help them in achieving set goals and gain success in any way (CAN, 2020).

It has been also analyzed that most the airline face issues and loss in profitability ration during the corona virus and this would create a negative influence on different sectors or industries performance. By this, some of the companies are permanently closed and certainly come at the edge to closure. On the other hand, Virgin Australia group perform each activity and actions which can do for gaining maximum profitability and retain their desired customers back. The airline company makes changes in such areas which are necessary and help them in attracting sensitive customers. It has been examined that by reduces the prices, sensitive customers prefer to travel from the virgin airlines which are good news for them. For this, they can easily enhance their growth level and compete with a major competitor which is Qantas, and understand its strategies and policies for attracting new customers.

b) Identify the changes and strategies that have been proposed for future implementation

Virgin Australia is facing a collapsing situation due to the spread of corona virus in all over the world and impacting a large range of industries in various parts of the world. Virgin Australia is identifying a wide range of changes and strategies which have been proposed for the future implementation in the organization to deal with the crisis and also increase the demand of the business opportunities in the market (Domingues et al., 2017). Virgin Australia is proposing to develop new planes for the business organization to emerge from the COVID 19 impact crises which have adversely affected the business and Virgin Australia is making a decision for the future security of the airlines. The strategies of business organizations are required to be changed by the company for acquiring better opportunities in the competitive industry for prospects. The changes and strategies for the future business opportunities for Virgin Australia can be developed for effective planning which will help in the analysis of the market place after the corona crisis is over. This will help in making the strategies and required or necessary changes in the company to deal with the restrictions in the changes for the company which is leading the company towards the voluntary administration of the organization to have better outcomes and results (FRANCE 24, 2020).

For the future strategy, the fare system for the domestic customers can be reconstructed which will be a big change in the direction of the business enhancement and engaging more customers for Virgin Australia. The airline company will focus on the implementation of the latest strategies to deal with the situation of corona virus which is leading the company towards collapsing and dying after a spiral of 7 years in the industry. The customers will be attracted by the lower range of fare system for the domestic travelers and will be provided with the products and services to gain their trust and make them eager to use the services of Virgin Australia every single time (Gibson & Groom, 2020). These strategies and changes for the future implementation by Virgin Australia will provide a chance for the organization to retrieve better outcomes from the situation f collapsing of the company and turning towards the voluntary administration for the company.

c) Discuss the key factors driving the need for change

The changes are driven by the key factors for better achievements in the business field for the virgin Australia Company. There are various key factors which are driving the need for the changes in the company for gaining more stable outcomes to profits and benefit the company in dealing with the situation of the corona pandemic which is affecting the whole world on a drastic rate (Kaine, 2020). The market share of Virgin Australia is the major factor for the change in the organization’s culture and working environment or strategies which is being a disadvantage for the company rather than being an advantage in the situations of crisis. The market analysis of Virgin Australia is showing issues and challenges which are required for changes in the operational management of the company. The competitors of Virgin Australia are another factor which proposed the need for change in the organization as Virgin Australia is not able to compete with its competitive companies in the market place which is driving the company towards the possible changes in the strategic policies of the company to implement for the better outcomes of the organization (Koo & Lau, 2019). The technology is advancing on a high rate and the business organizations are driven for the change in the use of technology for the better administration of the work. Virgin Australia is also being driven for the need of change in the business organization for using the latest technology for serving the customers and other stakeholders of the company to deal with the situations of collapse and downfall of virgin Australia.

The future development plans are also an important factor in dealing with the situation of the collapsing of the company for the impact of corona virus spread. The changes are driven due to the future development plans of Virgin Australia which are required to be started on base level for completing them in the future aspects for the development and growth of the company (Krauss et al., 2020). The various factors are important for driving the need for change in the virgin Australia organization for coping with the conditions and challenges faced by the company in the time of difficult situations. This is very important for the company to handle the conditions of the need for change in the development and growth factors. 

d) Identify human resource development strategies that have been implemented

Virgin Australia is facing the hardships of collapsing of the company and moving towards the condition of voluntary administration for the better outcomes of the company. The human resource development strategies are the most important part n the business operations and management (Lozano et al., 2016). The company needs to understand the situation of the business for defining the goals and objectives of the company to move in the growth and development formation in the implementation. The company need to understand the state of market and activities used in the market place for the better human resource development strategies to be implemented to cope with the tough times for the company and overcome the resistance of the changes being made for the organization. The human resource is the best resource for the company to have for the implementation of the strategies to deal with the situation of corona pandemic in all over the world (Mansaray, 2019). The human resource capabilities need to be evaluated in the strategic actions for the human resource development strategies for the organization to implement on the business activities for the betterment in the market position and shareholding.

The human resource is required to be handled with care as the employees are the best weapon for competing with the competitors of Virgin Australia and they are required to be implemented for the decision making plans for the future planning of the organization’s activities and opportunities. The human resource strategy is very important for the business culture of Virgin Australia and required the implementation of the tools for the evaluation of the steady growth and development of the company according to the market growth and development (Moody’s Analytics, 2020). The employees are needed to be provided with the perks and benefits for their hard work to cope with the situation of corona virus spread in the whole world and leading the virgin Australia in the hands of voluntary administration for having better outcomes from the resistance in the changes for the company which are required for the future growth and development. The company will gain profits and income from human resource development strategies in the way of future implementation of the strategies for gaining growth and development (Rosenbaum et al., 2018).

e) Assess the case study organization’s change management strategies and provide appropriate recommendations

As per the case study, the organizations change management strategies are very important and provide help for the virgin Australia airlines company for improving the situation of activities and functions of the business (Schutz, 2020). The change and their process for the system of virgin Australia help the passengers in various ways after the corona virus with sanitizers and social distancing by protecting them from the conditions of a pandemic. The safe and secure environment should be provided by Virgin Australia after the changes being implemented in the company (Seo et al., 2020). The change management strategies should be focused to deal with the pandemic and its aftershocks which are impacting on the collapsing condition of Virgin Australia. The airlines should provide the customers of the organization with every possible service neatly and cleanly to protect them from the pandemic and gain their support for the growth and development of the organization by providing best services and products for the customers of the company in the upcoming future (Skogland et al., 2017). This can help the company in coming out form the voluntary administration and becoming independent again to compete in the market place for a better future and providing its services for the customers of virgin Australia.


The report concludes the Virgin Australia airlines facing the issues and challenges from the lockdown in Australia due to the spread of corona virus. The report concludes the various strategies and business opportunities which can be developed by coping with the situation using the organizations change management in the company for providing the customers with the services in a better manner to compete with the other companies in the market place. The human resource management strategies and key factors for driving need for change in the organization are concluded for coping with the harsh situations of COVID pandemic by Virgin Australia.  


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