HS2061 IT Project Management


IT project management is a procedure that helps in planning, initiating, organizing, controlling, and managing the company-specific data and information related to information technology. Project management assists in achieving and reaching potential goals in a better manner. The case study of Sunshine Motors involves various project initiatives for increasing the growth of the company. In this, an organization currently uses the manual system but they are trying to use computerized and digital systems that help them in easily and quickly simply complete huge work. The report describes project charter, assumption log, change request form, stakeholder register and so more.

Project Charter

Project: Sunshine Motors

Project Charter
Project Name                   Sunshine Motors
Project Sponsor
Date of Project Approval 23rd September 2020 Last date of Revision 25thNovember 2020
Project Description Sunshine wants to use a computerized system which helps them easily complete huge tasks and complex work in a fast manner.
Scope This project has huge scope in which they can quickly finish work and develop new ideas for increasing company growth.
Vision The vision of this project is to reach potential targets and objectives
Strategy For this, the manager needs to train all employees before implementing a digital and computerized system in an organization. This is easy for them to do the work on the new system.
Outcomes By this, the company can gain required results or outcomes in which they gain higher success and development level
Benefits This will provide great benefit to the sunshine motors where they can gain the attention of more customers and their work can be completed without any issue and delay.
Assumptions Sunshine Motors’ new system project assumes that it offers long term advantages to the company and customers are satisfied with their facilities and provided services.
Risks Unskilled workers and lack of latest technology create the main issue in front of the company while executing the new system. Resources Some resources of the project involve skilled employees, technology, capital which is important to complete the project.
Roadmap The project roadmap involves planning, collecting necessary types of equipment, analyze external environmental factors, skilled workers, and qualified project managers.
Stakeholders Assessment Stakeholders are investing the required cost in this project and it assists in managing project activities and operations.


Assumption log

An assumption log is a place which is simply used for the collection of all log assumptions and validation tracking for every assumption(Bjorvatn, et. al., 2018). The assumptions are necessary for the project to make, to find out the possible outcomes of the project in the way of successful completion. The log assumptions are very important as they allow the project to move forward in the scope of path planning without validating every fact in the project. The project has very important detailing for the assumption log to deal with the completion of the project.


Project Title:   Sunshine Motors adopt New system                                                          

Date Prepared: 20th September 2020


ID Category Assumption/constraints Responsible party Due Date Actions Status
1 Budget Fixed budget cost is used Manager NA Requires to set a budget before conduct project Progress
2 Schedule Need to complete the project within a given time Project manager NA It is important to do all the work on time Progress
3 Technology Use only latest and advanced technology Project manager NA Adopt advanced equipment for use new systems Progress
4 Planning Only skilled workers are required while developing a project Project manager NA Train employees and plan project activities Progress


Stakeholder Register

The stakeholder register is a kind of document which used for describing the effect of the project, and their impacts and effect on the project. The proper management of the stakeholders is done with the help of the stakeholder register. That’s why the stakeholder register is completed in the early stages of the project(Demirkesen, et. al., 2017). The sunshine motors need to create stakeholder register in the early stages of the project to find out the impact and effect of the document on the project of a new system which will help the company to store information regarding their clients and service history of the vehicles which are being provided by the branches of sunshine motors of various locations. The stakeholders will help in the understanding of the various aspects of the project which can provide for the requirements and constraints of the project of the new improved system on the place of the old manual based system which fails in dealing with a large amount of information of clients and services of vehicles(Kivilä, et. al., 2017). The stakeholder register will help in finding out the various aspects related to the new system production for the sunshine motors to store information regarding clients and previous service records of the company.

Project Manager   Project phase Initiation
Role Category Power (H/L) Interest (H/L) Concerns Expectations
Sponsors Internal H H Delay work due to the upcoming fiscal year Need to complete whole work within a given time
Product manager Internal M M Focus on project resources and allocate work among workers equally Clear requirement and timely completed whole project work
Project leader Internal M L They are concerns on examining the needs of the project at the beginning to the end of project development Requires to analyze employees performance and project status regularly
Development Manager Internal M H Gain and collect required data related to the development of the project along with its blueprint Focus on project scope and develop appropriate actions and strategies which help in achieving desired goals.


Change request form

Project Name:

Sunshine Motors

Requested by:

Project Managers

Request name:


Change description:

Sunshine motors perform manual working but in this, they are adopting new systems such as computerized and digital through which they can easily complete their workload in minimum time.

Change reason:

The reason for this change is that sunshine face many issues with the manual system so that they are want to adopt a new system for increasing the growth and development of the company in the large market place.

Impact of change:

Scope: The scope of the project is to enhance the company’s success and growth level.

Budget: It is important for sunshine motors are to increase the budget cost for implementing the new system.

Timeline: In completion of this project, sunshine motors take around 3 months.

Resourcing: Various resources are used in this project such as skilled employees, latest equipment, and budget.

Communication: The project manager delivers some information to the required employee or workers though emails, telephone.

Proposed action:

For this project, the actions which are required to conduct for adopting new systems which include a digital and computerized system.


Associated cost:

For every project, the cost is important for completing and gathering the required resources in a better manner. The cost helps in maintaining and managing the new system project of sunshine motors effectively.

Approved by:                                                                  Date:

Project Head 25th September 2020


Scope Management Plan

A scope management plan is the group of processes which are used to ensure the inclusion of all the essential tasks for the flawless and successful project completion. The scope management plan focuses on defining how the scope of the project will be explained, developed, structured and verified for the project completion(Kerzner, 2017). The managers can define the route map for the project with the help of a scope management plan. The scope management helps in the allocation of resources for project managers and ensure completion of project within the time limit, budget and expected quality from stakeholders.

There are various steps in the way of making a scope management plan for sunshine motors to define the scope of the project for a new system for the branch offices. The steps are as follows-

Requirements: In this step, the requirements for the web-based system will be identified. The sunshine motors need a new system which can keep records for the mechanics on duty, the duty schedule for the mechanics daily, the loan provided information need to be stored in the system, the upcoming service records should be stored, and so on are some of the requirements for the sunshine motors from the new system which will remove all these issues(Heagney, 2016).

Scope statement: the scope statement consists of the aims and objectives of the new system for sunshine motors. The new system should digitalize the information collection and data management regarding the duties’ schedule of mechanics and service records for the coming days. The goals and objectives of the new system should be identified in this statement.

Work breakdown structure (WBS): In this step, the work breakdown structure will be created which will consist of the essential tasks need to be done for the new system for sunshine motors to shift from manual systems for data handling and information collection(Radujković, et. al., 2017).

WBS directory: This step includes the development of all the processes which will be used in the maintenance and approval of the work breakdown structure for the new system of sunshine motors. The tasks in the WBS need to be completed through systemic processes which will ensure success.

Roles and responsibilities: This step describes the roles and responsibilities of the project team which will work in the direction of creating of the project as a new system for sunshine motors to resolve issues occurrence from the manual based system of working(Papke-Shields, et. al., 2017). The team will be assigned with an individual as well as group roles and responsibilities.

Project deliverables: the project deliverables need to be accepted by the sunshine motors to check the completion of a new system and expected response from the system used for data collection and assigning of jobs to mechanics(Fleming, et. al., 2016).

Scope control: In this step, the changes in the scope and its control will be done by the sunshine motors to gain the full advantage of the new system. The new system will enhance the working efficiency in sunshine motors to deal with the issues arising from the manual based system which is being used for dealing with the management of the work of the company.


Requirements Document

It is important for sunshine motors is to have some required documents and pieces of evidence that are necessary while they are adopting a new system which reduces their work pressure in a better manner. It includes the real identity of the company, certificates of firm establishment year, stakeholders’investment document, employees’bio data, and certificate of technology adoption(Meredith, et. al., 2017). These are such necessary documents that are important when sunshine motors need to adopt a computerized system for enhancing income and gain the attention of more customers towards their services. This is helpful in reduces issues that arise due to the use of the manual system and it creates problems such as delay in delivery products to final clients on time.

Preliminary Financial Analysis

It is that analysis that is released in an organization and it examines its main stakeholders which indicate the company’s current financial situation. The financial analysis is a procedure that helps in evaluating and determining business, budgets, projects, and other related financial activities to consider their performance and reliability properly. Sunshine motors are analyzing its care services statement and budget that is important to present in the financial statement(Kerzner, 2019). The company used this analysis to identify the status, progress of a specific project, and how much amount they need to include for the smooth functioning and operations of the project. As per the case study, sunshine motors used a manual system to update their invoices and bills of cars delivering but this has consumed time and increases the cost. In this situation, they want to adopt a new and effective system and easily run and complete their project over time. For this, they are focused on financial analysis which is required to maintain the budget appropriately.


From the above-described report, IT project management is used to plan, manage, maintain, and process the system and activities related to information technology correctly. Due to the manual system, the company faces issues related to not track progressing orders and it is complex to answer and resolve customers’ complaints through the phone. But a new computerized system helps the company easily reduces its workload in simple steps.


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