Impact of social media on consumer behaviour in purchasing cosmetic products


Background of the research

Social media is the online method of communicating and interacting with anyone and it is the medium to develop relation, share feelings and interactions. Currently, social media is becoming an important part of life as social websites and applications. The research report is based on analyzing the impact of social media on consumer behaviour while they purchase effective cosmetic items(Pütter, 2017). It is examined that consumer who is use more social media when they are shopping process are four times likely to spend more money on buying than those who do not like such things. Social media is an integral part of every person life so they can easily deal and manage all the important work as well. With the use of social media, the seller can analyse their consumer’s demands and needs and also evaluate their behaviour what they want to purchase or not. The research is based on understanding the behaviour of consumers in purchasing cosmetic products. Also, such type of goods mainly buys by female customers as they are using such items.

Research Aim:

Aim: “To analyse the impact of social media on consumer behaviour in purchasing cosmetic products”.

Research Objectives and Questions:


  • To investigate the impact of social media on consumer behaviour in purchasing cosmetic products.
  • To determine the importance of social media on consumer purchasing decisions.
  • To evaluate the challenges of social media while consumer buying cosmetic products.


  • What is the impact of social media on consumer behaviour in purchasing cosmetic products?
  • What is the importance of social media on consumer purchasing decisions?
  • How to evaluate the challenges of social media while consumer buying cosmetic products?

Rationale of research

The study is important as it helps in understanding regarding consumer behaviour which directly influence them when they purchasing cosmetic products. This is required for the researcher is to focus on analyzing that consumer who always prefers to buy cosmetic products and who does not like to purchase these items. This research helps in identifying the effect of social media which helps in attracting and gain the attention of more customers towards cosmetic items which are mainly used by the female group of consumers. For this, owners of the shop develop a website where they post a new item picture or image that can gain the attention of buyers to the products and increasing their sales or profitability(Irshaid, 2020). The significance of the research is that it helps in evaluating different age group of people preferences and choices and how they purchase such products. Social media plays an important role in buying maximum goods so that most of the retailers or sellers use social media platforms for attracting a wide range of consumers to the services or products. Along with this, it is necessary for sellers is to properly examine the buying behaviour of consumers as their behaviour or attitude towards products are always changes and frequently modify their demand or requirements as well. 

Literature Review


A literature review is a kind of review article. A literature review is also known as a narrative review. A literature review or narrative review is a scholarly paper which consists of various aspects on a particular topic such as its current knowledge, methodological contributions, and substantive findings along with the theoretical contributions of the topic. This is a paper which consists of information regarding a particular topic based on various parameters of literature. The literature review is the summary of a topic’s previous research in a comprehensive manner done in a scholarly paper(Lim, et. al., 2017). This is the process which uses books, articles, and various sources of information which are related to the particular area of research. The previous research of the topic should include the enumeration, summary, clarification, and objective evaluation in the review paper. This is known as the literature review of a particular topic. This is used to research for the previous research agenda to evaluate the findings, critical evaluation, or objectifying clarity using various kinds of the source of information whether it is books, articles or another relevant source of information regarding the fact of literature review of a particular topic.

Impact of social media on consumer behaviour in purchasing cosmetic products

According to the view of Lee, et. al., (2020)Social media is the emerging platform for purchasing various kinds of stuff for consumers. There are various online retail shopping websites available which are offering a wide range of products and services for consumers. The cosmetic products are one of these products which are being offered on online platforms. Social media is the most important part of the daily lives of people. The social media impacts the purchasing behaviours of consumers regarding the cosmetic products which are sold on online retail markets. Social media plays an important role in influencing consumers behaviour. The social media helps in branding of products and goods offered for the consumers. The social media platform is being used for branding of products of cosmetics which are very important issues for various kinds of people who regularly use cosmetics in daily life. The branded cosmetic products are trusted by the consumers and this impact is shown due to the branding marketing of cosmetic products on the social media platform. The consumer’s trust and show faith in branded products rather than some local items. The social media thus shows the influence of consumers’ behaviour in purchasing cosmetic products. Social media is highly used to promote and for marketing purposes of different products and services. The cosmetic products should be trustworthy as consumers are very conscious of their face which can be harmed due to the use of wrong cosmetics. Thus the social media highly impact on the behaviour of consumers when purchasing cosmetic products, as the cosmetic products can directly influence on their face which can be harmful to the skin. Thus the social media impacts on the behaviour of consumers in such a way that the branded cosmetic products advertised on social media have high sales in comparison with the other products.

Significance of social media on consumer purchasing decisions

In the words of Stokinger, et. al., (2018)Consumers purchasing decisions are very frequent in changes as the decisions can be influenced due to the surroundings and other influencers. Social media plays a significant role in consumers purchasing decisions. The social media is a platform which provides various kinds of people to come together to share their viewpoint. This platform is also being used by various business organisations to promote and market their products and services. The users of social media follow their desirable field and get knowledge. Social media plays an important part when it comes to the purchasing decisions of consumers. The consumers get influenced by the branding of products being done on the social media platform and get attracted to particular products and services. This makes the business have profited by successfully influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers by just using the social media platform. The social media is widely used by various large business organisations in promoting and handling the marketing of products and services being offered for the consumers to influence their purchasing decisions using promotional branding processes. People consider social media as a reliable source of information and believe everything on social media platforms which makes it easier for business organisations that are waiting to influence the decision-making procedures of consumers to their side. This is an important aspect of social media in which it is being used as a promotional strategically platform for the improvising of business opportunities to enhance business. The social media platform is important for significant use of influencing on purchasing decisions of the consumers to react for the branded products of cosmetics personnel. Social media is significant for the promotion of various kinds of products.

Challenges of social media while consumer buying cosmetic products

As per the view of Garg, et. al., (2018)Social media is a very responsive, interesting, and innovative manner of organising thoughts and conversing with people of different opinions. Social media works in the direction of making consumers as their brand advocates who will help in promoting brand products and services through a social media platform. The consumers will be facing various kinds of challenges when purchasing through the social media platform. Generally, consumers believe everything on social media regarding a particular brand or products of particular business organisation. They do not consider the situation of side effects and other issues for the products. These are the challenges which arise due to the extra faith in the campaigning of brands of cosmetics products. These need to be checked on the standards for products before taken in use. The challenges faced by consumers can be the difference of products while purchasing and when comes in hand. The difference can be of quality, colour, and quantity. This challenge is the most common for consumers while buying cosmetic products using the social media platform. There are various other challenges which are being faced by consumers such as effects of particular cosmetic products cannot show the same results as compared with the branding of the product on social media. Cosmetic products are the products which are used to emulsifying the facial features of individuals through buying of products and services through social media promotional campaigns which are not as good as the product has been shown for the consumers. The consumers need to be aware of the details of products of cosmetics which they are buying using social media as they can or cannot be as effective and efficient as shown in the promotional campaigning of cosmetic products on the social media platform being used to attract more customers for the products and services of cosmetics.

Research Methodology


The research methodology is the process which is used for particular techniques and procedures to select identify process and analyse information about a particular topic. The research methodology consists of a research paper in which there is a section of methodology(Alexandra, et. al., 2018). This section helps the reader to evaluate the results of the study regarding the validity and reliability of the critical evaluation of research study done on the topic. The research methodology is used for the evaluation of results based on the study done on the particular topic under the critical analysis of various aspects of the topic in research papers.

Research Approach

It is the plan and procedure for the research which span steps from broad predictions and assumptions to detailed tools of data collection, interpretations and analysis. The overall decisions include which approach should use to study a specific topic. It is based on the nature of the research issues and problems which are being addressed. The research approach is divided into two parts which include inductive and deductive.

Inductiveapproach–It is also known as inductive reasoning, begin with the observations and theories that are proposed to the end of the research procedures as a result of observations. Inductive research includes the search for the patterns from the observation and development of theories(Ahmad, et. al., 2019). This is required to understand that the inductiveapproach does not imply such theorieswhile developing research questions and objectives.

Deductiveapproach–It is that method that is mainly concerned with formulating hypotheses thatare based on current theory and then design a research strategy to test and evaluate the hypotheses. Ithelps test thehypotheses research content and it can derivefrom the proposition of the theory.

In this research, an inductiveresearchapproach will be used for analyzing the effect of social media on the consumer buying behavior and collect accurate data to complete the whole work.

Research Paradigm

This is that approach or research model to conduct the research which has been verified by the researcherfor a long time. Thishelps provide an effective idea to the researcher to select methods and research design. It is one thatassists in address what should be the best tool to adopt by the investigator and reach with set goals. The term has been used in social science research in around 3-4 various ways. The paradigm means a worldview, a paradigm is an epistemological stance, it is the set of shared beliefs among members of the particular region and it is the correct instance of the research. This is that method which helps in assume and predict the shared views by team members who are selected in this research for giving opinions. This helps analyze consumer behavior and assumes their wants which they express in front of sellers. With the help of this method, the researcher easily evaluates consumers’ demand and their buying decision impact on social media. It is important for the researcher is to focus on social media that attracts a large number of buyers towards effectivecosmetic products.

Data collection

Data collection is the process of collection of data and information which can be measured in variables for a stabilised and structured systematic system. This is being used for the collection of research questions, to evaluate outcomes or results of research and testing hypothesis of the research methodologies. The data collection is the process which is very useful for analysing and evaluating the various aspects on a particular topic regarding research analysis. The data collection can be done in various ways by using different kinds of data collection methods. This method will be useful for collecting data for the information of consumers’ behaviour regarding purchasing of cosmetics products from social media significance(Chin, et. al., 2018). The data collection can be done using observation, interview, questionnaire, and group discussions which are the data collection methods used to collect the views of consumers under various circumstances’ about cosmetics products purchasing under social media influence. The data collection is the way which shows the preferences of the consumer’s behaviour during the purchasing of products of cosmetics via social media and it will help find out the significance of social media for influencing the decision making of consumers for purchasing of cosmetics.

Primary data

Primary data is the data which is being gathered using the first-hand sources of information by the researcher. These first-hand sources of information can be collected using methods like interviews, surveys, or experiments. This data is being collected from the primary sources of information directly with the research project in mind while gathering the data sources. The primary data is also known as raw data. This type of data is being collected by the researcher on the first-hand collection in which the researcher uses various kinds of methods to collect the data for the research process. The methods involve the direct conversation with the people related with the sources of information in which interviews, surveys of people regarding the topic of research is being done to gather the data related with the topic of research. This is being done by the researcher to find out the information regarding the data collection and topic of research which is being able to find out the necessary information regarding the research methodology to identify and evaluate the critical research of the topic for the data collected through primary data.

In this research, the Questionnaire method will be used which helps in gathering and collecting selected respondents’ views and opinions regarding the impact of social impact on consumers’ buying behavior of products.

Sampling method

It is that process which is mainly used in the statistical analysis where a predetermined notification is taken from a different population. Thismethod is used to take a sample of a small group of members from a large population. Samplingis a procedure of selecting a representative group from the large population under the study. Along with this, the target population is the total group of people where the sample might draw. In this research, Random sampling method will be used which helps in collecting and gathering respondents opinions regarding how the social media effects on consumer behaviour in purchasing cosmetic products(Ananda, et. al., 2016). This method is that part in which every sample has a gain equal probability of being selected. A sample is chosen randomly which means to be an unbiased representation of the huge population. This method is used to select a small group of sample and the researcher collects their opinions related to the topic in a better manner. It helps in evaluating and determining the accurate representation of the study effectively. The selected method helps in manage the survey questionnaire which is used to collect respondents’ views regarding the impact of social media on the consumers buying behaviour. The research is mainly concentrated on social media so it appears as such respondents which are families themselves with social media websites and methods.

Secondary data

Secondary data is the data which is not collected by the researcher but collected by some other source. This data is also known as second-hand data in the research process or methodology. The secondary data is being collected by using various kinds of sources of information such as censuses, the government collected data, and research data gathered by government organisational records are some of the sources which are being used to gather information for the research topics. The data will be used using various sources to analyse and identify the critical evaluation of resources for data collection(Truong, 2018). This is very useful for creation of research report in which the secondary data is being collected using the other people in which the researcher is not directly connected for the collection of data which is used for the information collection which is being used in the research methodology. The evaluation, identification, critical evaluation is being done sign the sources of information collected through censuses and directly collected from government sources of information such as data from government departments and many more. The secondary data is the opposite of primary data that means it is processed data and ready to use for making a critical evaluation of research methodology.

Data analysis

Data analysis is the process which includes different sub-processes for cleaning, modelling, transforming and inspecting of data collected in the process of data collection which will be used for the informational uses in the process of decision making for business purposes. The major role of data analysis is to retrieve the useful and important information through the collected data and this information will be used to make important decisions for the business and it is called data analysis(Strubel, et. al., 2018). The data analysis will be used to analyse the situation of the consumers on social media which are purchasing cosmetic products under the influence or impact of social media. The data analysis will consider the consumers choice and their demands for the cosmetics products and the conclusions will be drawn out from discovered information from data analysis. This will eventually help the consumers to support the decision making the process of consumers as the impact of social media to support the decision making process under the influence of cosmetics products purchasing. The data analysis will be very useful in finding out the relevance of the impact of social media on consumers’ behaviour of purchasing cosmetic products through data analysis reports.

Research Design

Itdefines as the whole strategy and tactics which are selected to combine the various elements of the research reasonably. Itensures that it will effectively highlight the research issues and problems. It is used to integrate the final plan to measure, collect, and analyze the important data. There are two forms of research design which includes descriptive and experimental. In this descriptiveresearch main aim is to systematically and correctlyevaluate the population, conditions and situation of the existing study(Suresh, et. al., 2016). This method can use a variety of investigating tool to analyse more than one variableeffectively. It mainly uses surveys to collect the required data regarding different subjects. On the other hand, the experimentalresearchdesignis concerned with developing research that is valid and reliable.

In this study, the researcher will use descriptiveresearchdesign as it helps in collecting and gathering accurate data or information for analyzingthe effect of social media on consumer buying behavior.

Research philosophy

It is the value and belief regarding the method where data should be collected, gathered, used, analyzed and interpreted effectively. There are two types of research philosophy such as positivism and interpretivism. In this, positivistphilosophy is that philosophical theory or model which states that positiveknowledge and information which is driving from the experience of natural phenomena and their strong relationship. Itbelievessociety formation and shapes a person and use quantitative methods(Sharma, et. al., 2020). In this research, ascientist isan approach which defines as the assumption and prediction of study. Interpretivism research philosophy is based on the principle that indicates that the researcher performs a particular role in analyzing in observing the social world. This study is mainly based on what the researcher thinks. It is focused on meanings that an individual brings to conditions and behavior and such ways that they use such to analyze the whole world.

In this study, the researcher will use a positivism research philosophy which helps in collecting and assembling important data for completing the report in a better manner.

Research Limitations

In every study, there are some forms of issues and problems which are lead to mismanagement in such activities of research. Some of the main limitations in this research are resources and unwillingness of respondents to interactions and limited availability. This research will require to be completed within a limited time so they need to focus on select accurate sample size which helps them in gathering correct results or outcomes. In addition to this, it is important for the researcher is to select the most capable and interested respondents who are willing to participate in this study(Cooley, et. al., 2019). This is required for the researcher is to focus on expanding the sample size as it is used to collect accurate information regarding social media impact on consumer buying behavior where a large number of female members purchase cosmetic products that are the current trend in the market. The researcher needs to concentrate on methods that are selected for gathering authentic results that should be beneficial for the report in a proper manner.

Ethical consideration

It is the critical factor for all the academic work and there are some important ethical issues which required to be considered while conducting the research.

Firstly, all the participants who are taking part in the questionnaire process have volunteered. Each person who will participate in the research should take part in their interest. No person develops to feel that they are forcefully involved in this study. This is that the qualitative researcher’s role is to make sure that all the respondents have the right and freedom of choice to participate in the process.

In this research, the most important ethical concern is data collection and keeps confidential data secure and safe. Confidentiality and privacy of the questionnaire data are carefully managed and maintained through online method(Zahid, et. al., 2018). This data can be misused by other parties and especially by other commercial respondents. For keeping all the required data safe, the researcher will store and manage this gathered data safely and keep it safe which cannot identify by another one. A questionnaire is an effective tool if this is not preplanned so this could provide incorrect outcomes.

Last, the researcher needs to evaluate the plagiarism and it should be properly handled by referencing the sources.


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Q.1. Do you use social media network?

·         Yes

·         No

Q.2. How much you spend on social media per day?

·         1 hour

·         2 hours

·         3-4 hours

·         More than 4 hours

Q.3. How long have you been on social media?

·         Last 2 years

·         3 years

·         4 years

·         6 years

Q.4. Do you prefer online shopping?

·         Yes

·         No

Q.5.Which site do you use for shopping?

·         Amazon

·         Flipkart

·         Big bazar

·         Others

Q.6.Do you use social media for compare products or services?

·         Yes

·         No

Q.7. What type of product do you like to shop online?

·         Clothes

·         Cosmetic items

·         Households

·         Travelling

·         Others

Q.8.Do you check reviews while shop online?

·         Yes

·         No

Q.9. How often do you use social media?

·         Rarely

·         Sometimes

·         Always

Q.10.Do you satisfied with the social media services?

·         Yes

·         No