Impact of social media on consumer perception


The report is based on analyzing the impact of social media on the consumer perspective. Social media provides a social-communicative environment in which consumers have great chances to interact with brands or products, exchange ideas with users, and develop content that influences a large number of the population towards their services. Brands of different companies are creating social media marketing use by turning such opportunities in their favor. Social media create a positive or negative impact on the user’s point of view in which they think that which products are most popular on the site and only buy such good.


Research Problem

The main problem of this study is that researcher needs to understand the different consumer behavior and attitude towards various products which shows or post on social media sites. This is a platform where different brands of organization post their products along with description and value for gain the attention of several customers(Alalwan, 2018). It has been analyzed that social media mainly influence and change the consumer perception and it may negatively impact on their mind as well.

Research Objectives/Questions


• To understand the study of social media.
• To determine the impact of social media on consumer perception.
• To analyze the challenges and issues related to the use of social media.


• How to evaluate the impact of social media on the consumer’s point of view?

Understand the study of social media

As per the view of Ha, et. al., (2018)the study of social media is a process of analysis of data present on social media for conducting quantitative research. This study of social media helps to understand the various aspects related to the audiences by using various data extraction techniques and tools. The social media study is a way to gather the data or information related to a particular topic and find out the matters to understand the use of these research materials by analysis of data. This is modern research to understand the various aspects of a related topic. The data will be collected from the social media sites on which different people share their views which are available in the public domain. These data can be used to analyze data related to a particular topic.
The study of social media is very influential for the research methodology as it shows an impact on the people due to the impact of influences of social media on the public. Social media plays a significant role in the daily life of people as the people show their views and opinions on different matters on various kinds of social media platforms(Hwang, et. al., 2020). This data is required for the research purposes for the study of social media. Social media is highly required for the modern world’s analysis as the data for the research analysis is fetched from the various kinds of social media platforms which are a significant platform for sharing of view, opinions, and data related with the various situations and various kinds of aspects related with a particular topic.

Determine the impact of social media on consumer perception

In the opinion of Ibrahim, et. al., (2020)Social media plays an important role in the lives of consumers. Social media platforms are highly used in changing the perceptions of consumers on a particular product or service as the social media impact on the consumer’s perception of various brands or products. Social media is a platform that offers consumers a place to interact with the society or interact with an environment where they get an opportunity to communicate and share views with other consumers about various kinds of brands, products, exchange ideas, and also influence other consumers through mass sharing of ideas. This platform impacts on the perception of the consumers as they believe other consumers easily based on their experience with any particular brand or products.
The consumers also have an impact on their perception due to social media platforms where various branded companies and organizations run marketing campaigns to turn the opportunities of bad perception of other brands on their favour. These situations highly influence the perception of consumers and make it frequently change based on information provided on the social media platform(Schivinski, et. al., 2016). The consumers share information regarding the experience of products and services being offered by a particular brand and the other consumers gets influenced by this information and change their perception. The marketing campaigns running for various brands and products also highly impact the perception of consumers and they bend towards another brand. This goes on and on and the perception of consumers gets frequently impacted by social media.

Analyze challenges and issues related to the use of social media

In the words of Shareef, et. al., (2019)Social media is a platform which is being used to share views and opinions with the society through online medium. There are various kinds of issues and challenges being faced by users of social media. The emotional connection between societies is lacking due to the excessive use of social media. The friends, family, or relatives are connected with social media but are lacking emotional connection due to lack of meeting personally. Social media is highly challenging the face to face communication skills as the excessive use of social media platforms are resulting in a lack of communication skills when met face to face. This is a great issue when considered in society. The society cannot run with the support of one another. This is influencing the core structure of society.
The understanding and thoughtfulness are decreasing at a high rate as people are not connected physically and show their emotions in the form of emoticons on social media. Sensitiveness and humanity are losing due to the impact of social media. Laziness is increasing as a result of social media. People are becoming lazy as all the work is being done with the help of internet facilities(Yadav, et. al., 2017). Social media is also highly used in spreading fake news and running selfish propagandas which can highly influence the emotions and feelings of people due to the impact of social media influences. This is very important to analyze the challenges and issues of social media for the people who are using social media platforms daily as their lives are revolving around social media platforms.


Social media is the platform where any person can communicate and interact with another person. Also, it is the site in which companies can post their branded products for attracting a wide range of customers this study’s main aim is to measure and evaluate the effect of consumer point of view on the marketing uses of brands on different websites and it impacts on brand loyalty.


As per the above-described report, social media helps in enhancing brand awareness among customers. Most small businesses use social media to attract new users. It is that platform where a large number of people search and browse different sites for purchasing the demanding product. This helps save the time of customers and they get goods at their home through delivery. Social media mainly influences consumer perception and most people believe in social media content. This is spread awareness among users regarding new branded goods and services available on sites.


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