Individual Reflective Journal – Analyzing Reflective Journals That Help in Evaluating the Learning of Students


The assessment is based on analyzing reflective journals that help in evaluating the learning of students in a better manner. It has been developed as a tool for allowing the individual to reflect on the nature of the core structure. This is the business research project which has been completed and in what I have learned as described. Each point of the research has described in the report on which reflective has been done properly.

Reflective journal

For developing the research project, I have required to select a topic that must be attractive and provide knowledge to me. I have chosen an effective topic that helps me in gaining information and required abilities effectively. I have been analyzed that most of the time there are two common possibilities while selecting a topic in which I need to the applied advertisement and select on freely. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In this project, I was responsible for the introduction, research objective, research scope, editing, and adjusted version of the literature review, research questions, and formatting of the whole project (Lindroth, 2015). Such tasks were done by me as it helps me in enhancing my skills and knowledge and also learn how to make an effective report with the assistance of team members.

The topic of the research is sustainable tourism which is defined as the set of practices of traveling which provides minimum adverse impacts on the tourism places and prefers leaves for constructive effect on the society. I have worked hard for a search on sustainability tourism which plays an important role in maintaining and increasing the growth of business in the large market place. In addition to this, I refer to some books, journals, and explore the internet for the perfect development of the introduction as it shows the projected image at the initial level. In the introduction part, firstly I had a focus on introducing the topic which is sustainable tourism that assists in increasing the goodwill of the company in the market area (Lazarus, et. al., 2017). After that, I had developed some background and context which is important and write content that provides details to the readers regarding the research main theme in a proper manner. Also, I had made this introduction simple and clear which could easily understandable by any reader. I have been a concentrate on describing the reasons for conducting the research and why the research is essential. Lastly, I had stated the hypothesis that helps in analyzing the positive and negative points systematically.

I had work on developed research objectives which helps in described the sub-points of the topic and complete the whole project. I have learned that research objectives are set at the starting of the project which guides and provides the right direction to the research. Such indicate the topics and problems in the research plans to investigate to reach the primary objectives. The main motive of the objective of investigation helps in focus on analyzing the approaches to promote sustainable tourism at the Great Barrier Reefs. In addition to this, I have a focus on examining the business operations and functions to reach set goals and objectives.

My main responsibility is to develop research scope which provides focus on sustainable tourism growth and how far the company can gain success to gain the attention of customers. I analyzed that the scope of this sustainable tourism can be gained by securing natural habitats, natural and wildlife resources when creating and managing tourism practices (Sage, et. al., 2015). At the time of developed the project, firstly I focused on the scope that evaluated that tourism sustainable helps in protecting the culture and heritage of the destination by educating tourists and develop socio-economic profits for the society. My role is to identifying and recognizing the scope of the research topic and properly understands it for further task performance.

While conducting the research, my duty and role are to edit and adjust the literature review in proper formatting which presents a great look at the report. Apart from this, the literature review provides a foundation of knowledge on the topic. Also, I have learned that it helps in identifying major areas of prior scholarship to protect the repetition and also gives credit to other researchers (Kim, et. al., 2017). Another team member who has the responsibility to develop and complete the whole Literature review section needs to identify the gaps in the research, conflicts, and issues in the previous study, evaluate open questions of the research from other studies. My work and role is to adjust and edited the LR part which is a major section in the research project as it is based on main objectives and represents the learning and evaluation of topic in a better manner. while edited the LR section, I had focused on correcting the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors which create a negative influence on the reader while they read the literature. Also, I always check that the text and content should concise and clear throughout. I also offer tips on the usage of academic vocabulary and ensure that references and citations are consistent and clear in each way. After proofread whole research work, my role is to give helpful comments on the writing style which could be useful for the writer to make appropriate changes.

The literature review adjustment is important which my duty is and the role is to make proper changes after completing the whole research. I organized and managed the LR part in a better way which is required. The structure of this section should be correct and authentic that presents the entire research detailed evaluation with attractive content that makes the reader curious to read. Sustainable tourism is the most important topic which is famous among readers and based on this topic research project has been developed effectively. For the adjustment in LR, I was focused on paste the necessary and content linked graphs, images, illustrations, quotes, and tables which presents and justify the critical analysis of the literature (Abd Majid, 2016). Also, it has helped me in making the report attractive and authentic systematically.

My role is to develop research questions which are analyses the whole research project topic. As per the research project, the primary objectives for the study were described the best approaches which facilitate sustainable tourism in the Great Barrier Reef. On the other hand, some of the secondary questions were also discussed which focused on analyzing the negative implications of tourism on the coral reefs and so more.

Lastly, my main responsibility is to formatting of whole research report which is an important task. I had set the top, bottom, and side margins of the project at 1 inch. I also use 1.5 line spacing throughout the paper. I used standard font Like Arial in a legible size (12 points). These are major instructions and a guideline which has been followed by me for a developed research report appropriately.


Based on the above-described assessment, a reflective journal helps in analyzing what has been done in the previous research project in a better way. In this, I have contributed my knowledge and what I have learned in the development of the research project. Along with this, it helps in maintaining and improving my knowledge and develops skills for achieving desired goals.


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