ITC504 Interface Usability Assignment Help

Design Evaluation

According to Nielsen, there are heuristic principle that is needed to be followed in order to analyze any design. Those Heuristic Principle are being used in order to Evaluate the designs in the in this assignment. With the help of these Principle, this assignment is going to be analyzed in order to make this design much better and enhance it in order to make this application much more User-Friendly and requirement fulfil. Also, after this stage, the user is not going to have to worry about the issues and can work upon them nonchalantly (Nielsen, 2013).

This assessment is done with the collaboration of three Team Members. The evaluation of various Mockups has been done equally by all three team members in order to provide the best results. Each team Member is going to analyze a separate Mockup in order to find issues with it that might include Violation of Heuristic Principle or Requirements. Analysis of the Mockups using the 10 Heuristics Principle are shown below:

Screen Assessment by Manoj Nagulapally:

  1. Visibility of System Status: This Heuristic Principle is going to show user about whenever there is any change in the system screen. This design principle is not followed properly in this design as there are very few feedbacks that are being provided by the design in a Reasonable time.

Issue: The Mockups does not have any a background so, it is very hard for the user to understand and this is going to increase the loading time of the system

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Manoj Nagulapally

Position of Issue: It could be found on each and every page of this assignment.

Issue Resolving: This issue could be resolved by a simple Background Image that can show better display 

  1. Flexibility and Efficiency of use: According to this principle, the interfaces that are being made needs to be simple and the user can operate the whole system freely

Issue: Application Customization is not possible and there is no such option to link their account to social media to save their data

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Manoj Nagulapally

Position of Issue: No Email or Social Media Links are provided on Login Page and there is no Settings tab

Issue Resolving: Social Media Integration can be done and a tab for settings button

  1. Aesthetic and Minimalist Design: The Visibility of the Design can be made in an easy manner in order to make design much more visible. Also, all of the inappropriate data needs to be removed from the system and make the design to a minimum but Aesthetic. 

Issue: There are no images in the Bike Rental Application

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Manoj Nagulapally

Position of Issue: It is present on Hire bike page and Available Bike Page

Issue Resolving: Some neat images can be used in order to provide better information about system (Kan Peng, Ramaiah, & Foo, 2004).

Screen Assessment by Dinesh Chandra:

  1. Match Between System and the Real World: This principle suggests that any screen must have various entities that can help the system to speak as of the user. Further, the system should process various information in a way so that they can appear in a natural form.

Issue: Many Pages does not possess any kind of Logo or company name along with the log out that is also not available on every page

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Dinesh Chandra

Position of Issue: Payment Management Page and Notification Page

Issue Resolving: The Issue can be resolved by making a Logo and placing it on screens

  1. User Control and Freedom: According to this, the system must have an emergency button that can be used if the User is stuck. Also, the user must have the freedom if any unwanted action is performed.

Issue: There is no help button on Screens that could be used when the user is stuck. Also, the back button leads to the page that is not required for certain pages. Like back button on Payment page leads to Hire Bike Page

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Dinesh Chandra

Position of Issue: Most of the Pages

Issue Resolving: A separate Help icon must be placed on each Screen along with the back button that is very Important

  1. Consistency and standards: A Certain parameter needs to be followed that shows to the user that this system is consistent like a particular convention that is followed throughout the application.

Issue: There is no help button on Screens that could be used when the user is stuck. Also, the back button leads to the page that does not contain any instructions

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Dinesh Chandra

Position of Issue: Most of the Pages

Issue Resolving: Each and Every Page needs to have a help button that can help the user when stuck or get a Gist about the page

  1. Help and Documentation: The system needs to be designed in such manner that the user does not have to go through the Documentation but there should be help option on every page such that if the user is stuck they can get help.

Issue: Information while the registration is not perfect as it does not ask for a Valid Email address that is necessary also, there are no navigation bar on screens

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Dinesh Chandra

Position of Issue: Subscribe Page

Issue Resolving: Navigation Bar needs to be Provided on every screen

Screen Assessment by Raja Marneni:

  1. Error Prevention: The Designed system should be such that it has no error in it. The developer must use several rules that can be used for setting passwords. The design must provide various kinds of pop-ups or messages in order to inform user if they are mistakenly doing anything wrong.

Issue: No Pop-up Messages are provided. Further, Instruction Page there is no proper linking also, the Payment Page does not provide any pop-up message it directly goes to payment

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Raja Marneni

Position of Issue: Payment Page and Instruction page

Issue Resolving: On Payment Page, the Developer asks for confirmation also, the Instruction Page can be linked with desired page 

  1. Recognition Rather than Recall: It is going to use a proper manner that could be used in order to assess and evaluate all screens. It implies that a load of users can be reduced with the help of various system elements. Like auto-Search button or Breadcrumbs.

Issue: There are no Breadcrumbs found in this design

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Raja Marneni

Position of Issue: Every Page in this design

Issue Resolving: Creating and Placing proper Breadcrumbs in order to help user

  1. Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, and Recover from Errors: This principle is responsible for making sure that the application that is being made is going to have no errors. It needs Testing the application in a regular manner.

      Issue: There are buttons on many pages that are not working

Level of Issue: Major

Identifying Member: Raja Marneni

Position of Issue: It is present on Hire Bike Page and Payment Notification page

Issue Resolving: It can be done by adding links to the non-functional buttons

Remediation of Usability of Issues:

There are various issues that are found during the analysis of this design. Those issues are identified by different group members and they are listed below:

Issues found by Manoj Nagulapally:

Issue 1: The Background is of Poor Quality and there is no Background Page

Remediation: Put Background Image with appropriate design

Issue 2: There is no Logo on most of the pages

            Remediation: Needs to put logo of rental service in each and every Page

Issue 3: The Design does not follow whole requirements like in the page of Subscribe page

            Remediation: An Email Address tag needs to be added

Issue 4: There are many links that are not working like the notification page

            Remediation: Proper linking in the Notification page needs to be done for Transaction Record

Issue 5: The Design on Hire Bike Page is like a Flowchart

            Remediation: A proper Design needs to be implemented with a better User Interface

Issue 6: There are many pages like an Available bike that is very less interactive

Remediation: Proper Interactive page needs to be made in order to create a Better User Interface

Issue 7: The User cannot go directly to the homepage

            Remediation: A button needs to be added that can lead directly to the home page

Issues found by Dinesh Chandra:

Issue 8: Button Details are very low

            Remediation: Button should be consistent and texts in it need to be proper

Issue 9: There are no Header and Footer on any page

Remediation: The Application must possess a Header and Footer on Each page

Issue 10: There are No Breadcrumbs on any page

            Remediation: To improve navigation Breadcrumbs needs to be placed

Issue 11: Button like Transaction Record is not working

Remediation: There should be proper linking in for seeing the transaction record

Issue 12: The System Status is not visible to the user

            Remediation: Proper Loading should be implemented

Issue 13: Most of the pages like Return Page and Station map is not representative

            Remediation: The Return Page is not interactive and the Station Map could have much more functionality

Issue 14: Payment page does not follow Error Prevention Principle

            Remediation: A proper Error Prevention method for Payment Page like “Do you want to Pay?” can be added

Issue 15: Print Receipt button is not working

Remediation: A Notification page can be made that can help in showing the system status while printing

Issue Found by Raja Marneni:

Issue 16: There is no logo on bike details on any page along with the logo of the BIKE RIDERS

            Remediation: Logo of Company along with name must be placed on every screen

Issue 17: The functionality of Payment Page is Unclear

            Remediation: Payment Page is not showing proper usability

Issue 18: There is no Help Icon on any Pages

            Remediation: Each Screen needs to have a Help icon in case user is stuck

Issue 19: The User is not getting any notification or Pop Up Messages when they accidentally press any button

            Remediation: An Interactive design could be implemented in order to resolve the issues

Issue 20: The User has a Hard Time understanding of the usability of the pages

            Remediation: Proper Interactive mock-ups needs to be created for better user interaction

Issue 21: There is no Back button on any page

            Remediation: Each Page must include a Back button if user wants to go back

Usability Issues:

The project is going to be designed for the ‘Bike Rental’ Shop. The Rental services need some design improvements and after this, a better application can be created. With the help of this report, the various discussion has been done about heuristics Principle and their usage in this design. Various steps that are needed for this phase are:

  • To present a better application the context that is used is realistic and according to the scenario
  • The main focus must be on the Important tasks and it needs to be completed in a proper manner
  • Also, the errors that could be present in this design needs to be identified and then some proper mechanism needs to be used in order to reduce the errors in an easy manner

Required Steps before Designing:

  • Each and every component needs to be listed in a proper manner
  • A list of usable components need to be created
  • A proper requirement analysis needs to be done

Required Steps While Designing:

  • Heuristics Principle needs to be followed by each and every design
  • Designs must be according to the requirements
  • Proper links needed to be established

Required Steps after Designing:

  • Regular Testing.
  • Removing the limitation of application


  • Kan Peng, L., Ramaiah, C. K., & Foo, S. (2004). Heuristic-based user interface evaluation at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The program38(1), 42-59.
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