MAN7077 International Operations Strategy and Innovation


International operations management is the myriad action which is used by global level business to change various forms of resource inputs such as labors, materials and so more. International production and operations management manage with goods production and services in global locations and market place. It involves management procedures that have been taken into account local manufacture market and in international customer needs. The report is based on Starbucks which is a multinational chain of coffeehouse and roaster reserves which headquarter is located in Seattle Washington. It is the world’s largest coffeehouse center which provides different types of coffee with quality based ingredients to their customers.

Evaluate International Operations Management of Starbucks

International operations management is the strategy that is used for the production and distribution of the goods and services of the company in the international locations and markets where the company’s replica is presented for an international business organization. This phenomenon includes the various management processes for local market production which requires both labor and capital and it also includes the international customer requirements from the company. Starbucks is an international company that serves coffee all over the world. several international operations management strategies are being used by Starbucks to promote the various strategies and working culture of the company to be improved and used on high stakes in various stores of Starbucks(Tanaka, et. al., 2017). These strategies will help the company to increase its success rate and profitability. The international business management operations include various aspects in which the company needs to consider the culture, language, currency, and other aspects which can play an important role in impacting the operations of the company in all over the world. The globalization of the company will bring many difficulties that are needed to be solved by Starbucks for continuing the operations of working and serving goods and products to the customers. The company needs to understand the taste preferences of people in a particular geographical region when operating at international levels.

The language barrier needs to be removed to enhance the customer base of the products and goods offered by the company. The supply chain of the star bucks needs to be established in international conditions which will ensure the better engagement of the company with the consumers of the company to improve the sales and promotional strategies overseas. The delivery of the products and goods for the consumers according to the taste and at a reasonable price will improve the sales of the company(Sinkovics, et. al., 2016). The involvement of the company with the consumers on direct methods will improve the popularity of the company and also help in the better engagement of the company and the consumers for a responsive business strategy. Starbucks uses different kinds of international operations management strategies which are very essential to cope with the various issues which arise when doing business on international lands. These strategies will help in the establishment process of the company’s store, taxation policies will be easier to handle and the supply chain can be improvised which will ensure the distribution of the end products of coffee to the desired consumers of Starbucks.

Critical awareness of the issues, problems, and practices that characterize International Operations Management
The international operations management of Starbucks faces various kinds of issues and critical problems when moving the business on international levels. Starbucks can have issues in operations management in which there will be issues for international company structure which is very important for business issues(Muñoz, et. al., 2017). The structure of the company is directly involved with the issues of the sales and distribution process. The operations management can also face the problems related to the foreign laws or rules and regulations which need to be followed while running the business. International accounting processes are also required to be learned and used properly for the working operations of the business on international levels. The foreign rules and regulations will make some issues in front of Starbucks when establishing the business for distributing coffee products which are very famous in all over the world. Starbucks needs to adopt the universal payment methods which are very useful for the company to do business all over the world and operations need to be operated in a proper manner which is very much required for the business operations.

As international consumers are being involved in the business operations thus the universal payment methods. The universal payment methods are very important for the consumers which makes the issues of foreign currencies and payment method differences to overcome and the consumers can pay for the coffee products with any method they like(Khan, et. al., 2017). The currency rates in the various parts of the world are different according to the universal methods. The currency rates for every popular country should be told or be used as the rate lists in stores of Starbucks to inform the consumers about the currency rates of the various countries which will help the consumers to understand the price of the products they are going to buy in their convenient prices rates. The shipping methods are also a critical issue for business operations management in Starbucks.

This is the issue that is required to be used on the global levels to improve the sales and other aspects which can create the profit percent of the Starbucks store. Many other issues are very critical to the operations management on international levels of the company of Starbucks which is establishing on the international lands all over the globe. There can be communication difficulties and cultural differences all over the places which are different from the other parts of the world. Every country has its own culture and communication processes which need to be considered for the establishment of the business and other aspects that need to be used in communication difficulties and cultural differences(Hack, et. al., 2018). There are many ways to improve the communication difficulties and cultural differences in the various parts of Starbucks stores which are international levels of operation management. These issues need to be solved for the proper operations management on international levels to deal with the proper implementation of the business management for international operations of Starbucks.

Evaluate and appraise the role that innovation plays in the development of Operations Management techniques in different national and cultural settings

In an organization, innovation plays an important role in developing operation management tools in different national and cultural settings effectively. Innovation happens when a company uses effective technology to provide a real and perceived value to the customers. Innovation management involves a set of techniques and tools which enable managers plus employees or users to cooperate with a general understanding of procedures and objectives. It also helps an organization to respond to the external or internal opportunities and also use creativity to develop new ideas, process the new products or services(Enomoto, et. al., 2015). Starbucks mainly focuses on maintaining and managing innovative activities to reach with huge income and profitability. It helps to concentrate on streamlining supply chains in operation management. Shipping status tools, order processing tools, warehouse management tools, and demand forecast tools are such methods that could be used to better manage a supply chain. it has been analyzed that national culture has received a substantial amount of interest in operation management.

Operation management deals with transforming resources in the products and services. Culture refers to a set of shared values in people that distinguish the group of members from others and shape personal behavior(Vilanova, et. al., 2015). Starbucks is focused on its international business operations which help them in achieving  a wide range of customers and fulfil their needs or demand accurately. In past years, most of the companies completed the operation within their boundaries, region, or country but today firms purchase materials and services, formulate alliances, and sell their products all over the world. Starbucks can easily manage their business at national and cultural levels with the help of analyzing whole market areas where they want to expand their business. Culture can impact on the effectiveness of practices that can be integrated to develop a management control system. Starbucks mainly concentrates on customers’ demand and when they expand their business operations so they need to analyze customers’ culture as per this they should make changes in their products and services.
There are various international operation management techniques which help in developing in different national and cultural settings include:

  • Shipping status tool –It is an important tool that is used for maintaining and managing business operations in a better manner. Starbucks needs to identify shopping orders and develop an effective procedure that is used to deliver the products and services to the final clients. Along with this, Starbucks uses the shipping status tool by which they need to maintain and process the orders that are ordered by different companies. Most of the organization helps in keeping records of the shipping orders and receiving orders that are important to manage the business operations at the international level.
  • Warehouse management tool –It is that technology that helps in controlling and managing day to day operations in the warehouse. This tool is used to receive and kept the stocks, optimize picking and shipping of orders, and advise on inventory replacement. Starbucks is kept its resources and inventory which includes coffee materials, items, ingredients and so more. They are appointing some employees who are focus on stock and check their items expiry date.
    Demand forecast tool–It is the technique of international operation management which helps in providing techniques for systematic analysis procedure whose main aim is to estimate consumer demand for products or services that are based on historical sales information. The future demand allows the suppliers to keep an accurate amount of inventory on hand and it effectively offers good consumer facilities. It is important for the company is to focus on maintaining and managing business operations to evaluate the demand of customers that arise while delivering goods(Drayer, et. al., 2015). This is required for an organization is to predict and estimate the total cost of products in a better way.

Starbucks uses innovative ideas and services that can help achieve desired goals and objectives. Along with this, all the major tools and techniques of international operation management are used by the company to increase goodwill and manage the business functions in a better manner. Innovation is a systematic process which captures, implementing, and refining the ideas of business and to drive innovation that required having procedures in place to solicit thoughts from targeted customers.

Assess the approaches for developing a culture of creativity and innovation in an organization

In the current period, innovation is increasingly identified as a key method and source of developing a culture within an organization. Various approaches help in formulating a culture of creativity and innovation that helps in make things different which attracted by customers. It has been analyzed that creativity has mainly focused on individual factors which including intelligence, cognition, personality, and behaviour. Starbucks also focuses on creativity in their working culture as it is analyzed that high creativity leads to more innovation. Developing organizational culture means it assist in promoting and developing creativity and innovation which is an integral part of an organization to seek competitive advantages. Along with this, it is required for the company is to develop some changes in its strategies that help in increasing goodwill and profitability(Daniels, et. al., 2016). The company needs to concentrate on easily flow of communication information from one department to another that assists in gaining accurate knowledge about what firm needs to do for their further actions and express. Starbucks also develops diverse teams that help to highlight and identify strategic issues that arise in an organization to create a negative impact on operations.
Some approaches are described as follows:

Appoint and hire people with the right skills set and mindsets –It is an important approach that is used by the company so that they need to hire such employees who have the ability and skill to lead an organization towards higher success and growth. Before selecting a candidate, managers analyze and evaluate employee set skills and their behavior to company work and its job position. After this process, they hire a capable candidate who can serve best to their knowledge to Starbucks.

Motivate team members to broaden their abilities –It is required for the manager is to analyze an employee set expectations to the company. Sometimes team members do not want to participate in any business activity so that supervisors force them to collaborate and involved in specific activities in a better manner(Cremers, et. al., 2016). The role of Starbucks manages is to motivate and encourage their group of people to set their skills and perform their best action to gain potential results. This approach is helpful for an organization and gains success in the market place.

Build empathy for customers –For developing a culture of creativity and innovation in an organization, Starbucks needs to develop empathy for their clients. It has been observed that un-channeled creativity can lead to chaos if an individual feels constrained from giving their opinions(Cascio, et. al., 2016). This is important for the company to provide their team a method that helps them channel their creative energy, motivate them to understand and evaluate their customers’ needs or wants, and also develop deep empathy for them. This is required for an organization is to concentrate on increasing morale and abilities which is used to reach goals and targets.

Empower the team – In an organization, the creative team requires to feel empowered, they need to have the freedom and accountability to use their creativity which helps them in resolving effective problems and issues in a better manner. They are focus on solving problems to do their best work and complete it within the given time(Caprar, et. al., 2015). The leader or manager of Starbucks’ main job is to inspire and encourage their team members and remove the obstacles from their direction.

Set up the team for success–In the company, creativity is fragile, ad it requires to be nurtured. A leader of Starbucks setting up the people to gain more success which involves connecting with the right people and resources which helps them in increasing company growth. The leader needs to discuss innovative ideas with their team members and motivate them to give their best work in gaining success in an organization. Besides, leaders should consult and discuss with senior members with their further plan and upcoming action which are beneficial for the firm.


From the above-described report, it has been concluded that operation management plays an important role in managing business operations and its functions in the market place. International operations management helps to reach a large number of customers for the company. Starbucks mainly focuses on issues, problems that characterize the IOM. Also, determine the role that innovation plays an important role in developing operation management methods in various national levels. Along with this, it is assessing the approaches for developing culture and innovation of the company. Innovation is adopted in every organization which helps in enhancing reputation and gain the attention of a large number of buyers in the market place.

Operation management is that process that helps in maintaining business functions to achieving potential goals. Starbucks needs to focus on analyzing different country people’s needs and preferences so that they can easily satisfying their requirements. Some of the recommended points for the international operation management that is described as under:

Need to analyze the whole international market place – It is important for Starbucks Company is to analyze the entire global market where they can offer different types of products and services to their customers. Before establishing their business in another country, an organization requires to evaluate its market situation, process, legal procedures, rules, customers’ preferences and so more. This is helpful for them to achieve high income and profitability. Along with this, Starbucks coffee is famous for its coffee beans which are fresh and original. For this, they need to examine customers’ demand as per this they are making changes in their current products to satisfying their needs.

Adopt new and latest technology–Starbucks needs to adopt the latest technology and tools that can help them in increasing goodwill and reputation in the market area. Also, they need to upgrade and update their current techniques which are used to manufacture their products. It is assist to develop innovative and unique forms of goods that gain the attention of buyers.

Develop effective strategies and policies – This is required for the company is to examine its internal and external environment of business. Starbucks needs to formulate effective strategies that may help them lead to another country. The company should focus on change and update its strategies and policies as per the requirements in a better manner. It is important for a firm is to concentrate on conduct strategies that help in maintaining goodwill.

Require understanding customers’ needs–Starbucks needs to evaluate and understand their customers’ wants or requirements in a proper way. When an organization establishes its business operation in other countries so they need to analyze their people’s choices or preferences according to this they need to develop effective products and services. In addition to this, it is required for team members are to analyze customers’ wants and needs. The company conduct straining and development sessions which help in improving the knowledge and skills of employees so that they can easily male connection with new customers. They are providing details and required information to their desired clients and they can choose demanding goods.


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