Manager: Donald Trump

Good Manager

  • The chosen manager is Donald trump which was the president of the United States of America as he was a good manager who built the work culture on the basis of mutual trust between the workers of the country.
  • The good manager always focuses on the strengths of employees, handle pressurized situations and communicate honestly.
  • Donald trump was proved to be good manager for the country as the manager who was responsible for the doings of the various working styles as a leader and manager.

Management skills and approaches

  • Management skills of Donald trump are nice for the management of the various situations for country and this is also important for handling the difficult situations as well.
  • Donald trump has the management skills for the country as his interpersonal skills, communication and motivational skills that are very important for him to handle various democratic situations in the country.

Autocratic style

  • Autocratic leadership style is the leadership style in which the leaders are responsible for making important decisions and don’t considers the point of view of the team members.
  • Donald trump had been following the autocratic leadership style in his working as the president in which he dictates the working processes and methods for the working environment and does not trust his fellow mates for the important decision making.

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