Marketing Essentials


  • Marketing is a set of various activities and functions that are associated with purchasing and selling of products or services.
  • Marketing tools assist a company to formulate market share for their goods.
  • This is the management process which assist in recognising customers requirements and needs in better way.

Different Marketing Process

  • Situational Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Implementation and Control

Different Marketing Process


Situational analysis

  • It is that tool that are used by organisation manager to examining their internal and external environment.
  • It can help in evaluating and understanding the company’s capability, buyers and business environment.
  • It can be used to assess the high level of rivals that helps in developing negative influences on firm growth and success level.

Marketing strategy

  • This is an effective method for planning and operating with fundamental targets for reaching with competitive benefits.
  • H&M also formulate accurate strategy and tactics which can assist them in promoting different products or facilities in large market area.

Implementation and Control

  • This is one of the essential marketing procedure where they are manage and implement the business functions in proper manner.
  • It is such process which ensure regarding the achievement of set goals and targets of the company.

Role and Responsibility of Marketing Manager

  • In H&M company, marketing manager plays an important role in different marketing strategies and plans in proper way.
  • The marketing managers also make sure about the company’s goals and objectives in an effective manner.
  • The main duty and role of marketing manager to formulate strong relation between business goals along with marketing plans.

Influence of Marketing on other functional department of H&M

  • This can be examined that marketing decisions are majorly influences with various departments or divisions.
  • It is related with different departments that involves sales, finance, purchase, HR and so more.
  • An organisation also formulate proper marketing plan in such way through which they can easily satisfying all the department needs or requirements.

Importance of Marketing in H&M

  • Fulfil customers needs and wants: An organisation can easily examine customers choices and preferences through the usage of marketing methods.
  • Develop utility: With the helps of effective marketing strategies, H&M can easily increase their utility among clients.

Importance of Marketing in H&M


Significance of Interrelationship between departments of H&M

  • H&M has different functional divisions that are manage and maintain business functions and its operations effectively.
  • This involves various departments such as customer service, finance, sales and marketing, research and development and production, etc.
  • These departments perform their roles and duties in achieving company’s goals and targets.
  • From the described presentation, marketing is an essential components that assist in examining the customers requirements and needs.
  • The marketing head manager assist in maintaining whole business functions and its operations in satisfying their customers wants.
  • Marketing is an important procedure which helps in achieving potential organisation goals and objectives.

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