MGT605 Business Capstone Project Assignment 3 – Reflective Report and Activity Journal


Reflective writing is an analytical procedure that helps the writer to describe real or imaginary scenes events, communication, memory, and ads personal reflection on its meeting. This is helpful writing skill which helps an individual to gain the right knowledge and easily reflect the real-life setting with the help of using the first person. The main motive of reflective writing is to assist in learning from specific practical experience. Along with this, it will help a person to make connections and contacts between what they are taught in theory and what they need to perform in real practices. The reflection supports an individual to learn new things in a better manner. In this assessment, reflective writing is describing along with what has been learning and want are the challenges faced while learning new things.

Application of theory experience of a real-life setting

As per my experience, I learned how to make an effective project and how to do marketing of the new products of the company(Ruhi, 2016). This is important for me is to transfer each detail and information to my senior team leader regarding the product or service current progress in a better manner. Also, my duty and role are to research how to make new products that are unique and gain the attention of a large number of customers. With the help of experimental learning theory, it helps in gaining real-life experience and support in gaining new learning which has been helpful for the company.

This is important to the link the theory to practice as it may assist in preserve leader to develop effective decision which is effective and it also helps in lead an organization in the right direction. I have used this theory which helps in change the attitude and behaviour towards learning. In an organization, I was always focused on learning new things that properly enhance my knowledge and skills(Pinto, 2015) .Along with this, there are some other theories and models which also helpful in providing greater knowledge to an individual so that they can increase their career in limited time. The behavioural theory helps in learning and it mainly focuses on changes in an individual attitude and working style. For example, I was working on the project in an organization and check the product sample which is good or which is defected. I learned how to monitor the product progress with my senior member but after I was perfectly doing such activities so that I have given attitude to my leader which disappoints him. By the changing behaviour of me, all my teammates stop talking and communicating with me which feel me like alone and nobody was interested to interact with me(Ottenberg, et. al., 2016). Then I realized I should change the behaviour others I lost my friends and colleagues who feel alone and disappointed. With the help of behaviour theory, a person was easily analyzing the changes which they feel in themselves and try to alter in a given time.
In an organization, behaviourism is most useful for analyzing and recognizing the relationship between particular actions by employees and the immediate consequences. It is less useful for evaluating and understanding the changes among staff thinking, for this motive company realized that they need theories that are more cognitive and it should be applied in real-life situations as well(Moussa-Inaty, 2015). Such methods and tools analyze that it is that situation which is difficult, complex and abstract the subjects which are difficult to comprehend and it helps in learning new experience which make it easier to absorb the complex material. Both the behavioural and experimental learning theory helps me in gaining new knowledge and with the assistance of this; I was performingwell in my company. The theory helps in maintaining and managing my behaviour or attitude which must be good when we were working in an organization as if a person does not behave well with others so they cannotwork properly. I think such theories change my behaviour which is beneficial for me and it helps in building a strong relationship with my colleagues or peer members(McCarthy, 2016). When I was working in an organization, my senior leaders gave me work to complete in an hour so I was taken the help of my colleagues and they helped me in this situation. I think if an individual behaveswellwith another person so they also support him in any way(Staddon, 2016).

I was experiencing a lot of things while I was working in an organization. Firstly, I was work under a leader who has skills, personality, experience, qualification, and capability to handle five to seven members of the group. Also, he has to give work and allocates between us. A leader monitors the entire member’s work regularly and if any mistake arises they can help in resolving it in a better manner(Lucas, et. al., 2019). My leader gave me a project in which I need to analyze customers’ current preferences and demand based on this I need to make a report and send it to him in four days. This is my first project so I was very excited so I started doing my work. For this, I was in contact with customers through emails, phone calls, social media, or the internet, and sometimes I was interacting with the customers outside of an organization. This process helped me in gaining accurate knowledge and I was done proper analysis about the current demand of consumers and according to this, I have developed a report in which I have mentioned all the positive thoughts and negative views of consumers regarding the helpful company. I was submitted my report to the leader on time(Leão, et. al., 2016). After someday, the leader come to me and said I was doing a great job and my research was so good. Because based on my report, they were making changes in their current products and services which is very much liked by customers and they were satisfied with their facilities as well.
After working in the past organization, I was started my own business in which I have used both behavioural and experimental theories which helped me in learning new things. It is difficult for me to begin a new start-up as it required a huge amount of investment. For this, I invest all the money which I have been earned in my previous job. Various things need to be done before starting the business so I was focused on all the necessary things. Firstly I was doing market research which helped me in analyzing which customers like what type of products and also gain ideas to make a business successful(Leal-Rodriguez, et. al., 2019). After I was work on making a business plan in which major things are listed such as budget, technology, labours, cost and so more. Then I chose the location which was situated in crowded areas and where I was attracted more customers. It is the best suitable option for the smoothly running of business operations. I was concentrated on skilled workers who can deal with and handle different types of customers and satisfied their needs or requirements. While operating the business, I was focused on maintaining and managing business functions in a better manner(Ullmann, 2017). Also, I was regularly updating their websites that are important for the company as it helps me in connecting with customers and provide them new products description properly.

What did you learn and how useful it is in the future for you?

I have gained various learning skills while managing and operating the business. According to my view, workplace experience was a complement for academic studies by providing another way of learning outside of the classroom(Gonzalez-Perez, et. al., 2015). It helped me in learning new knowledge and gain opportunities to work hard to achieve set goals and objectives. I was learning new skills which helped me reach company targets and increase profitability by 10%. While operating business, I learn how to deal with different employees and also I need to listen to their issues which make them trustworthy and loyal towards an organization. I thought that a person who worked in the company should be professional and they can easily adjustable in the workplace. I was concentrating on how other workers behave in the company and guided them to perform good work which should be beneficial for an organization. Work experiences teach the value and challenges to every member(Gibson, et. al., 2017). Whether a business is arranged around a team structure, it is important for supervisors are to instruct their team members to do the right tasks. I also learned how to manage time which helped in completed all the work in a limited period. I was conducting training sessions for my new employees so that they were learning new skills and knowledge which assisted them to perform required job role in a better manner. In my opinion, such employees who have dealt with deadline pressure and lengthy list to so they should likely o have developed personal strategies that make them more efficient. Along with this, I was distributed each task to different team members and order them to complete before the deadline.
For this, I was told them to make a strategy regarding which work section done by whom and divide all the parts among members; this made them easier to complete the entire project in a given time. During the working experience, I learned how to resolve problems and issues of the employees in an organization(Gibson, et. al., 2016). The conflicts mainly arise among different workers when they have different viewpoints and opinions on the same topic. This situation has created a negative impact on the working environment of the workplace(Wald, et. al., 2016). For this, I was given the duty to the senior member to resolve their issues and if they were failed to do. Then I was entering in this matter and solve the specific problem effectively, in my new business, I was mainly focused on smoothly running of business functions and operations in the large market place.
All the learning is useful for me in my future career as it will help me in enhancing skills and competencies that managed my business. Professionalism helps me in future career growth when I was in contact with big clients(Ekstrand, et. al., 2016). Teamwork is helping me communicate and combined all efforts to make better results for an organization. If all the team members’ work together to reach with desired goals so the business can easily achieve high success and growth level. With the assistance of teamwork, the company has seen the positivity and sound environment where a large number of workers are willing and interested to do the job. This will also enhance my company’s goodwill and reputation in the market. Problem-solving helps me in understanding the relationship and execute the changes and improvements that are required to compete in the changing surrounding of business(Ferguson, et. al., 2016). It also allows me to identify the opportunities in such an environment and gain more profitability. The problem-solving skill is very important for running and operating the business and I can make proper decisions as well so I can easily resolve any issue at the workplace.
What was challenging and what was easy?
During the business operation, I was facing various issues and challenges. I was issued while business operation and functioning of different tasks. The money is important for me while starting the business so I invested money from myself and some are taken the loan. It is difficult for me is to lead every team member together and communicate them at the same time as every member has a different opinion(Cook-Sather, et. al., 2019) .While I was making some decisions so I was confused because each member gives different suggestions which make me feel frustrated and nobody compromise with this situation. By this, there are no final decisions would be made and it will be going on hold. I was frustrated and irritated with such a situation because this conditionsslower the decision making process and also increase conflicts among team members. If employees do not work together so the company cannot gain profit. The workers have diverse suggestions to operate the business and on a specific project. If an employee from different backgrounds so other colleagues do not try to interact with him so he will feel lonely that will increase disappointment and discouragement among employees(Coleman, et. al., 2015). I was tried my best possible knowledge to resolve such types of issues and challenges thatoccur within a month in my company. For this, I also appoint a team who is looking into this matter and work on resolving it in less time.
As per my experience, various things were easy for me to regulate business activities. I have good leadership skills which make in increasing the morale of employees which motivate them to perform great work. Communication and interaction are the main tools that assist me in controlling all the workers(Bandera, et. al., 2018). I can motivate employees to enhance their working power so that they can easily gain potential goals. With the help of effective leadership skills, I was easily providing training to new workers who do not know their job role. Then I encouraged them to attend the training sessions where they can increase their skills and abilities to manage work. Ieasily maintained and manage all the important projects by distributing among employees in an equal manner then no one had any problem regarding the allocated work and they are performing their work with the best knowledge. Leadership is a useful method in the business and while operating business functions I was work on managing workers’ tasks and concentrate that they will submit the projects on time(Berends, et. al., 2016). Also, I haveconducteda regular meeting in which I was analyzing their opinions and views regarding the current functions. As per their perspectives, I was making changes in the management systems and processes effectively.


As per the above-described reflection writing, it has been concluded that it is important for a person is to focus on their career and development. In this report, I have started the business and reflect my experience in my own words. At this time, I learned different things and which are helpful for me in the future time and this will enhance growth or career. Besides, I was facing some challenges which are also described along with which task was easy. Some theories are explained which helped me in increasing my knowledge and learning capabilities. It helps me to change my behaviour and attitude which do not support me in front of other person such theories include behavioural and experiential. This helps enhances learning abilities and skills among persons so that they can get the new thing and learn knowledge in a better way.


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