MIS500 ASS-3 Reflective Report


This reflective report shows my learning’s during the semester and how I can apply the learning into the real world in my professional and personal life. I took part in different kinds of activities during the semester. I have learned a lot from those activities and this report reflects the enhancement in my skills and knowledge with the help of these activities which improved my career growth. Kolb’s learning cycle is the basis of this reflective report. Four stages of Kolb’s cycle are included in the report which is the concrete experience, abstract conceptualization, reflective observation, and active experimentation. 

Reflective observation

I took part in different activities between various modules that were conducted in the semester. I learned quite a few things from those activities. In the first module, there was a quiz competition. Although I do not have much technical knowledge still I scored good marks. This quiz helped me in improving my technical knowledge about cookies, data connection, neutrality, and many others. This has helped in improving and makes good skills through which I could perform work in the company with perfect way.

In reading comprehension, “the most innovative companies just the ones with the most data” helped a lot in understanding the crucial role of data in innovation and competition with others. This helped me in gaining knowledge about the relation between data and innovation. If a company wants to launch a new application then the data will help in the analysis of the issues in the services from the previous applications(Young, et. al., 2015). This will help in minimizing the gap between the service availability and the products in the company. The research will find out the data that is needed to develop the application. The data will continuously change according to the requirements of the customers so that the application will fulfil the customer’s satisfaction. With the help of accurate data, they could easily analyse customers’ needs and wants and also satisfying their requirements regarding any services.

I had a vague about the value chain before I studied this subject. In my understandings, the value chain is the chain of processes that help the business in the servicing of goods and products to their targeted customers. But when I studied this subject, it taught me about the porter value chain system. Under this system, the value chain is divided into two parts, primary and secondary activities. The company’s focus on both the activities which help them in improving efficiency, reducing the cost of the products and also in introducing the innovation to the existing products and services which help in competition on the greater range.

The skills of working together with the team and managing the team were taught in the personal reflection activity. This was a team activity, and the team members shared their various point of view and opinions which made difficult to manage the team. In the activity, poor communication between the team and the conflicts in the division of the tasks was the biggest challenge. These challenges impact the success rate of the team.

My analytical skills were improved with the help of the Jawaharlal service desk manager case study. The case study consists of different analytics for individuals and teams. But its rate of positive results is based on the type of situation they are handling(Wandersman, et. al., 2019). According to the situation, individuals need to choose analytics. ServiceNow is the most suitable choice concerning the given case study. Different analytics can be chosen according to the type of situation faced.

I learned about the Business-ITT in Rainer and Prince, which helped me in understanding the spine of the organization, is the coordination, trust, and communication. Lack of any one condition and the results will be beyond the expectations which are just like the case study. These various reflective activities helped me in gaining knowledge about coordination and communication with the team is important. 

Abstract conceptualization

The quiz activity enhanced my skills and knowledge in the field of cookies and net neutrality. The internet helped me with thorough knowledge about these two and now I am more skilled in these topics.

The reading comprehension about the use of data as innovation helped me in understanding how Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb are leading the respective industries. The customer’s requirements are their point of focus. These companies research the preferences and the desires of the customers and then provide those services to the customers to satisfy their needs and wants. This activity helps the companies in gaining the advantageous lead in the competition with other industries.

This subject helped me in understanding the objectives achieved by the companies through the value chain. Organisation uses the value chain process in the reduction of the time in delivering the products and services to their targeted consumers. The relationship between the suppliers and the resellers can also be improved(Schultz, et. al., 2016). The inventory of the businesses can also be maintained through the analysis of the value chain. It also helps in the maintenance of the customer relationship with the value chain that includes the marketing and the after-sales services. This subject taught me the various benefits of the value chain system.

The activity taught me to overcome the challenges appears in the team. The strategies were used for solving the issues occurring in the real world. These issues can solve the problem with the personal relationship with the team members. We listened with a personal level perspective on the team. This will solve the communication issues and also the conflict related tothe division of the tasks within the team members.

The Jawaharlal service desk manager case study also helped in the process of analytics. The success of the task depends on the analytics chosen for the fulfillment of the objective of the company. The quality and the success of the data are important for the objective and the wrong analytics will affect the process(Tomkins, et. al., 2016).

The coordination and the communication were taught by the business-ITT of Rainer and Prince in the activity. It shows the importance of the communication skills and the coordination needed to compete for the achievement of the goals.

Active Experimentation

After learning about the cookies from the activity, I understand their purpose. Before it, I always accepted the cookies appearing on the website when browsing the internet. Now I focus on the terms and condition policy of the websites before accepting their conditions and accepting the cookies.

After the session with the reading comprehension about the importance of the data in the industry for the gaining of competition, I deeply understood the data import. I also took some courses online which helped me in a better understanding of the data analysis concepts. This helped me in making my resume better and also opened some new opportunities in this field for my career.

The value chain system is a part of human resources. Human resources are very important in competing with different companies in the market. The candidate’s selection should be stricter. As the employees are the keys to the success of the company.

My team working skills are improved with the help of the activities. It helped me in facing different challenges that may appear as a team member. It was a lifetime experience and also helps in the corporate world. The companies run with teamwork and this activity taught me the importance and working standard for the team members.

The analytical skills and decision-making skills were improved with the help of the Jawaharlal service desk manager case study(Avery, et. al., 2017). The importance and effectiveness of these theories helped me.These practices can help in the analysis of the data which can change from situation to situation in the competitive world. The selection of the right strategies for the given issue will be the only way to lead towards the success of the organization.

The activities made me understand the importance of communication and the coordination in success as a key factor for the company, my focus was on it. I realized the improvement in communication and the coordination skills of mine. This was the effect of the different kinds of activities that I participated in which helped me in this achievement. All activities were a result of teamwork. I analyzed my weaknesses and overcome them with regular practice and hard work. Communication and coordination skills helped me a lot in the improvement. The challenges were faced by the following of these skills learned from the different sessions in the reflection.


The reflection report concludes the activities to work in a team and face different kinds of challenges and learned how to face these challenges in a team. It was a lifetime experience and it helped a lot to work in a corporate world. The companies give priority to teamwork and this activity taught me that. My communication, coordination, and data analysis skills improved in this activity during the semester. This report concludes how to face a challenge and overcome it with the help of the teamwork and improve different team working skills by doing so.


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Date Learning Activity Impact (What is means to you)
Module 1 Quiz for digital knowledge and respondent comparison The quiz activity made me learn about the digital applications like the cookies. This made me aware of the working of cookies so now I do not accept cookies with looking for its terms and conditions.
Module 2 The most innovative organisation with the most data It helped me in the understanding of the importance of the data for the company. Now I started learning about the data analysis through internet courses. This helps in improving my skills and also adds an extra credit for my resume.
Module 3 Discussion forum post The value chain is a part of the human resources unit of the company. It helps in the competitive advantage for the company. The value chain helps in the understanding of the needs of the consumers.
Module 4 Personal reflection The personal reflection taught me to work in team units and the situation in how to face the challenges. This gave me a lifetime experience for the corporate life. This taught me team management and working skills.
Module 5 Business-ITT alignment in Rainer and Prince The business-ITT alignment in Rainer and Prince taught me the skills of coordination and cooperation and communication with the organisation working criteria. This made me realise the improvement I have made with the help of the activities in the semester. This helped me in achieving my targeted goals.