MITS5003 Wireless Communication and Networks


The report discusses the use of wireless devices to be used for the home office for Jan due to a doctor’s recommendation for resting in her pregnancy period. The report shows the various aspects of using wireless communication technology to be used for making home office for Jan. The report will elaborate on the importance of the home office, and how this will meet requirements for a solution [1]. The report also discusses the critical analysis of the communication channels, transmission techniques, and the limitation of the Li-Fi wireless device which is being used as the proposed solution in the report.


The home office is very much important for Jan as the doctors have ordered her to take proper rest during the time of pregnancy and after the pregnancy. The home office provides comfort and convenience for Jan to work from home by the corporate office. The instalment of the home office with the help of Li-Fi technology for wireless communication techniques will help Jan to work from any place[2]. The home office will help in meeting the requirements for the working conditions from home in various ways. The home office will minimize interference from cordless phones and microwaves in the way of working.

The home office is created with the help of a cost-efficient manner as this is created by using the Li-Fi technology of wireless communication. The network created will be secure as it is using the Li-Fi technology which can be protected from any kind of threat or fraud which can result in loss of data. The other users of the home network will not be disturbed from the Li-Fi technology created a home office in the house which will be particularly used by Jan for her office work. This is the importance of the home office as it will provide the best possible outcome for working at home.

Critical analysis

Significance of Li-Fi technology

Li-Fi technology of wireless communication is the modern technique for communicating from one location to another location using digital devices. The Li-Fi technology of wireless communication uses various kinds of communication channels for transmitting the data from one device to another device. The information is being transmitted through ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light communication. This is a wireless technology that does not use any kind of cable or wires for transmitting data from one device to another device. The other technologies for wireless communication techniques use radiofrequency waves which are lower in bandwidth when compared with the bandwidths of the light communication in which the various channels like ultraviolet light, infrared light, and visible light communication channels are included[3]. This is an important part of communication that is being used in making home office for Jan to work from home. This will be used in the fast transfer of the data and information from her home office to corporate office as the light communication offers lower bandwidth which is ideal for the communication establishment for the home office working for Jan to download and upload from the corporate office which can be done easily from a home office.

Use of Li-Fi in Home Office case study

The Li-Fi communications of wireless technique which uses the visible light communication for transmitting the data as transceivers modulate the data and information using the signals which help in the transmitting of the data and information from one place to another using the various kinds of devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. The Li-Fi technology is being used by the various kinds of the organization for transmission of data on a higher speed which will enhance the working criteria for the organization. The data is being converted from electrical form to optical signals for the order to transmit the signals from one place to another place[4]. The Li-Fi wireless communication technique uses various kinds of transmission techniques for transferring data and information one device to another which will be very helpful in working from home for Jan. The Li-Fi connection in her home office for use in the office working for the benefit in the working from home to office in her pre and post-pregnancy when working from home to complete the given work on time and also agreeing to the works given for the company.

Importance of Li-Fi technology in Work from home

There are various uses of the Li-Fi communication technology in which the proposed solution will have various kinds of limitations in using the technology. The Li-Fi communication technology has various limitations in serving with the sharing of data and information and transmitting them from one place to another. The internet technology cannot be used without the use of a light source in Li-Fi technology. The Li-Fi technology has limited areas and locations in which the Li-Fi technology can be used in its fullest. The Li-Fi technology is only used in the visible light which is not able to penetrate the walls which make its use limited to the part of the location where the visible light is available[5]. There are various physical barriers present in the range of signals for the light waves to be operated by the technology of Li-Fi. This is the major limitation of the usage of the Li-Fi technology for wireless communication in the home office which will not interfere in the various activities in the home computer which is being used by the other members of the house. The Li-Fi technology is the technology which has many limitations besides the factors which are very powerful to be used in the communication from the wireless mode.


The report concludes the various aspects of the Li-Fi technology as wireless communication being used in the home office of Jan which will provide her with the comfort and convenience to work anytime and anywhere in her house. The report concludes the elaboration of the importance and role of Li-Fi technology in making the home office for Jan. The updated design for the home office is being included in the report. The various communication channels, transmission techniques that are being used by the Li-Fi wireless device are being concluded along with the various limitations of the technology being used.


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