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The project is based on discussing principles and practice of marketing. It is an administration in which one party exchange products or facilities from other party that assists in formulating association with them. It is an essential company process which helps in developing a relationship with buyers and also fulfilling their requirements and needs in a better manner. It is such a procedure which is used for attracting a large number of clients to company facilities and it is also determined a general component of firm growth. The report is based on BT group which is British international telecommunication company and headquarter is located in London, UK. The company has operated in approximately 180 nations and it is the major supplier of fixed-line, broadband, and mobile services in United Kingdom. The main purpose of this report is to describe the use of marketing knowledge and abilities which are implemented in the reach world. There are various models and theories of the company which assists in analyzing the strategies.

Task 1

Background of the company

BT is an international telecommunication company that provides a variety of products and services. It is a British multinational telecommunication holding company and headquarter is situated in London, United Kingdom (Nowak, et. al., 2015). It is operated in approximately 180 nations and it is biggest contributor of server, mobile facilities, or broadband facilities in UK and it gives subscription TV and information technology forces.

BT performs different marketing activities and functions where they need to focus on gaining the attention of a huge amount of buyers to their brand clothing and various facilities. Besides, they are focus on managing and maintaining company functions which are needed to smoothly operate the business’s promotion operations. Recently, they are expenses costs on an online promotion where they are promoting its services of telecommunication through use of different methods and tools that includes social media, Instagram, sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more that are influence business operations (Dumont, et. al., 2016). For using such a method, they are earning huge income and profitability to reach a wide range of customers. Along with this, they are work on developing brand awareness that attracts a large number of people. Enhancing consciousness indicates that clients identify that BT is the brand that exists and it can remember importance of goods associated with information. An organization work for providing quality based services that help in achieving desired goals and targets. They need to enhance loyalty and commitment to the brand which assists in reduces the marketing expenses and increasing BT capabilities to introduce any new products. They are majorly targeted and segmented their customers which helps them in acquiring goals and reach with a wide variety of clients. With the help of a segmenting tool, BT can diversify the marketplace and gain the attention of users who are mainly using networks and telecom services (Serrat, 2017). For effective marketing, they are choosing an accurate target audience who are willingly using such company services and facilities. Furthermore, company should concern regarding promotional tactics which are used by them to attain a higher place in a large marketplace which is compared as main competitors.

Promotional mix and activities of BT

Promotional tactics are developed to notify, convince, and capture target audience regarding desired products. Promotion is the exceptional integration of advert, sales promotions, personal selling, social media, and PR which is used to encourage different products and facilities by a company. BT company is using a wide range of promotional platforms and techniques which assist in promoting a variety of services of telecom. It is use of a combination of direct advertising, public relation, etc. BT is using direct marketing promotional methods that help in gaining the concentration of several users. There are different promotional strategies which company use to endorse defined marketing strategies with the help of personal e-mail and newsletter to the users. Besides this, BT uses social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to promote their selected marketing tactics (Vos, 2015). Along with this, it is important for the company is to focus on analyzing their customers’ requirements and needs as per this they are developing alterations in their existing products. For promoting company functions, BT needs to run business operations and its functions.

The promotional mix is an effective process which involves the integration of advertisement, public relation, and sales promotion, direct marketing which help reach company goals.

Advertisement is a tool that is used to attract a large number of customers regarding potential goods and services. BT promotes their services by using various methods such as social media, websites, TV, newspaper and so more.

Public Relations and Publicity assist in developing a strong relationship along with desired users and the last one is direct marketing which provides an opportunity for to company to make direct communication with people regarding specific goods and facilities.

Sales promotion is a process that helps n convincing desired clients to buy appropriate services of telecommunication. It is such a method that is developed and designed effectively and it is short-term tactics which assist in increase BT sales and success level. This is the finest suitable method and tool which helps in formulating long term loyalty among customers (Everett, 2016).

Events and Experiences: BT company conduct various events in which they provide information to their users regarding how to shape data centre for the new normal. The company undertake CSR activities where they are only provide environmental friendly products or services to their users.

Personal selling: Employees have full knowledge about the product so that BT company tell them to promote their products or services among customers. If users have any issue they can easily resolve such as well.

Direct marketing: BT use direct marketing in which they are directly connected with users and provide them advantages of their networking services.

Interactive Marketing: It is one- to-one marketing practices which centres on individual customer and prospects activities of the company. It involves different marketing initiatives which are impacted by customers’ choices and preferences.

Word of Mouth Marketing: BT company use visual presentation for attracting number of customers. Most of the users use this company network as it provides fast speed at low cost.

Social media Marketing: It is an important promotional method which is used by BT for reaching with wide range of users of their services. The company share effective messages and conversation through which they can easily attract new customers. This will help in positioning the brand in the large market place.


At customer-facing touchpoints

It is such a location in which customers are easily interacted and communicate along with goods, brands, and facilities. This is necessary for users is to formulate effectual evaluation of every touchpoint which means they require to formulate and design accurate users to assist in gaining experience. This is important for BT is to concentrate on providing basic information and details regarding the networks. Every organization tries to improve its customer’s satisfaction level in which they need to examine their wants and needs as per their convenience. BT focus on attracting users towards touchpoint that is considered as stores where they can understand what type of services the company provided to such users. The company also developed its stores and shops in such locations where they can gain the attention of customers (Gupta, et. al., 2015).

External sources

It is such a source which is mainly used for acquiring income and profitability by attracting various buyers. BT uses the external source as announcement billboards that are use for formulating and developing brand alertness and means of communication the company function. Billboards tend to have a huge amount of views and opinions while compared with merchandising techniques. This will assist in providing accurate details and information regarding specific facilities which are essential for attaining more users towards a company. They are post ads on billboards that help BT in promoting their important networking and telecom services in the market place. Such a method enables firms to achieve users in a earlier and reasonable method rather than mass marketing channel (Migliorini, et. al., 2017). Company uses such ways as it is cost-effective and it helps in reaching a variety of customers at any place. With the assistance of planned concentration, billboards can help in generate accurate awareness and it is the section of the vast arrangement of outdoor place. This is the most appropriate method of reaching a wide range of customers where they live, efforts, and entertains users by providing a variety of discounts and offers. Different forms of advertisement networks are used for attracting users such as TV, radio, billboards and so more. This is an external way that helps the company concentrate on users’ needs and requirements in a better manner. As per their demands, BT can easily properly fulfil its services and facilities.

Digital platforms

This is measured an online platform that assists in offering advertisement interaction between two groups that includes supplier and customers. There are different digital presence such as social media and Facebook. BT company uses a digital platform that can help them communicate with their long-distance customers and provide them full details of their new services in telecommunication. Websites is important tool that help them in motivating various business functions in a marketplace. BT, updates, and upgrades their sites for delivering current data and information on their services and networking facilities. With the assistance of websites, people can easily evaluate and understand data concerning their services that are offered by them in the market area.

The social media is considered as major internet facilities that are used to communicate with an individual and provide information regarding networking services. This is given range marketing chances for companies of various sizes that involve small, medium, and large and it gives information related to the networks. BT Group plc uses social media to advertising and promoting its various forms of services among clients. This is an important method for developing and creating strong relationships with their customers and this can lead to increasing users’ satisfaction level (Migliorini, et. al., 2017). It also helps in engaged with users and social media is used to develop a relationship with desired users of the BT company. Along with this, social media helps the company to recognize new customers through the use of personal communication information.

Through third parties

It is a business contract that involves a person who concentrates on delivering a wide range of facilities to an organization. Third parties are determined as an self-governing individual who became intermediary for any activity of a firm. They are not accountable for maintaining and managing business operations and functions effectively. In BT, third party involvement and they need to give auxiliary services that are not complete by the main manufacture to the final consumers of networking. Besides this, they are doing their task that is advertising their variety of goods and services. They are concentrating on business development and also charge additional fees for the work and presentation helps in increasing growth.

Task 2

Apply two theories of marketing on BT company

AIDA – It stands for attention, interest, desire and action. It is such a model which is mainly used in promotion and assists in discussing different phases in which buyers go through in process of buying a commodity. AIDA model has been utilised in the 19th century and it is that model which has utilised for promoting a variety of services and facilities of telecommunication (Simão, et. al., 2017). This model helps in evaluating and determining procedure which has used at the time of delivering services to users by BT.

Figure 1: AIDA Model, 2019

(Source: AIDA Model, 2019)

Attention – It is characterising which users are alert of the telecom services that are given by an organisation. This theory is used to make users capable to evaluate regarding the occurrence of the firm. BT is using promoting activities which assist in developing users more aware regarding their facilities. The model also assists in advertising their current services with the help of social media channels. Along with this, it helps in developing awareness among users regarding existing strategies and policies that are formulated by the company (Rana, et. al., 2016).

Interest – It is important for BT to concentrate on formulating attention among users related to its services or facilities that are provided by them. It can occur while customers are responsive of their present services or facilities of company that are circulated in the market area. When a user likes products so they are using it and the firm can analyse their satisfaction level. For evaluating the interest, BT requires taking correct feedback and reviews regarding telecom services. Besides this, they are making changes according to their needs and requirements. This model is used for analysing their user’s desires and preferences in networking.

Desires – BT starts to analyse the user’s satisfaction level regarding BT services and telecom facilities. An organisation need to develop buyers needs so that purchasing can be formulated and easily retain users for the long term. If users are not showing their interest in adopting network and new telecom services then this will create a negative impact on the business functions (Yuruk-Kayapinar, 2020). This is examined that telecom users are an essential asset that is gained by the company for further development of customers needs in a proper manner. Moreover, the users have used this phrase to formulate employees to understand what they want and fulfil their requirements. These functions are to develop users happy and satisfied in each manner.

Action – In this stage, users are willing and interested to buy the required goods and services. The company requires taking corrective action in terms of using BT company networks and telecom services. BT gives its full efforts to developing interest among its customers at the time of purchasing different services and facilities. Along with this, the company requires to take required action in which they should focus on business functions and activities. Besides this, customers need to take accurate actions which help users to buy different services and examine the requirements.

The Communication process

This is an effective method by which one individual can communicate with other and easily transmit accurate facts and information. To manage the company’s communication, they should use Shannon Model (Beede, 2020). It is important for managing the successful flow of communication facts or ideas among employees within an organisation. Besides this, communication helps in analysing the optimistic and negative impact on the decision making procedure of the company. This is required for BT is to interact with staff members regarding satisfied networking facilities.

Communication process mainly involves different steps that assist in implementing the communication among various staff members in BT. There are various elements of the communication process which involves sender, receiver, encoding, decoding and messages. In addition to this, communication is a common fundamental technique which is mainly used for transferring and sharing important information, ideas, opinions, thoughts among people. BT can also use such model which assist them in easily transfer all the details of the company’s growth in a better manner.

Moreover, there are various steps which are necessary to follow by BT to manage communication level in a company. The main purpose of such model is to enhance transfer of required data and details. Shannon’s model assists in sharing data to the final receiver. In this, different stages are required to be follow through the communication can efficiently distribute a message from one person to another. The purpose of model to increasing transmission of details at various level in the company. There are different communication processes components are discussed as under:

Figure 2: Communication process, 2020

(Source: Communication Process, 2020)

Sender: This is an effective procedure where information is transmitted to the other side of the communication for sharing of ideas on easy terms. The BT is focused on the transmission and networking services in which the sender sends the information and data for attracting a large number of customers for the company using the current market trends of the market place (Szablewska, et. al., 2019).

Encoding: this is the process in which the encoding of the transmitted information or data is done which is present in the form of non-verbal information such as symbols, gestures, signs or facial expressions and translates the message into understandable language. The BT Company is required to the encoding process for analysing the knowledge about sender, competencies, background, abilities and skills which are the very important impact on the growth levels and success levels of the company. The BT Company encodes the message which will make the competitors decode the message very difficult and they will not be able to take advantage. The barriers can be present in the encoding process of the message.

Message: the message is being transferred to the receiver after the encoding process is completed which will initiate the conversation. The messages can be verbal, oral, written or symbolic. The BT Company uses mostly written communication messages which are important for the reliability and validity of the messages. The BT Company uses marketing situations for the developmental changes in the telecommunication department.

Communication channel: the main role in the transmission of messages is the communication channel which interprets the message from sender to recipient. The company need to use the best suitable communication channel for non-interruptive communication. The communication channel will improve the levels of communications and its effectiveness for the whole process in the market place for business operations (Szablewska, et. al., 2019).

Receiver: the receiver is the person to whom the message is being transmitted by the sender. The completion of the conversation is the work of the receiver. The decoding process is used by the receiver for cracking the message for retrieval of data and information send by the sender and take appropriate steps for the business operations.

Decoding: the decoding is the process of translating the encoded message in the form of human-understandable language. The decoding process is being executed on the side of the receiver for the understanding of the received message. The BT Company uses the decoding for the effective and protective communication environment for confidential information and data.

Feedback: this is the final phase in the process of communication in which the receiver receives the information and data from the sender and analyses the message on accurate terms. The feedback process helps in the enhancement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication process which will provide various benefits for the whole process in the organisation. The BT Company uses the feedback and response methods in the communication to understand the effectiveness of communication establishments and how much understanding is created among senders and receivers which are very important for the organisational functioning in the marketing trends (Szablewska, et. al., 2019).


From the above-described report, it is concluded that there are different aspect which helps the company in make able to provide various services. BT has formulated accurate tactics and policy which are used for the considerate entire marketplace. Besides this, two main theories and models that have been described and assist the company in achieving users needs. This includes AIDA and Communication process which help in promoting various services of networking among users. Such models are used for managing and formulating relationship with users and concentrate on the current market situation.


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