Prepare for meeting with the General Manager Assignment

PART A: Prepare for meeting with the General Manager

Human resource manager: Good morning! Sir

GM: Hello! Good morning

HUMAN RESOURCE: I need to converse company strategies and processes for the human resource department which is a very important part of the company’s functioning.

General Manager: Alright! I require to be briefed about the situations of policies and procedures in the human resource department which is managing the functioning of the Company.

HR manager: Sure

GM: Give me the details of strategies and dealings of a firm

HR Manager: currently we are working for the improvement and enhancements in developing better relationships between employers and employees to increase the communications which will help in the reduction of turnover rate for employees and they will remain in the company for a longer time. The local emplacement attraction steps are also being initiated for enhancing employee’s rates.

General Manager: great! You have done good work

Human resource: Thank you, sir, for appreciation. Although we are also working in the direction for developing multiple abilities and skills in the employees and staff which will help in their profession growth way to gain growth and success in career

General Manager: Great efforts manager. Good job. Keep it up

HR manager: thank you so much, sir. I will

GM: Tell me about the planning for future work?

HR: for further actions we are planning for hiring highly qualified and skilled candidates who will be appropriate for the particular role in an organisation.

GM: well done and keep up the good work. It is great initiative for enhancing goodwill for the company and helping the company in various directions.

HR manager: Thank you so much for your appreciation

GM: Human Resource strategies important and great for further actions but there should be some scope for company operations enhancements.

HR manager: of course. I will contribute my best knowledge and action

General Manager: alright then

HR: Thanks for your support

General Manager: My pleasure

Email to GM:

From:HR manager
To:General manager
  Date:11th August 2020
  Subject:HR policies
 Respected sir,


I hereby inform you about the steps taken for the maintenance and management of Jumbucks for emerging work and activities of an organisation. Plan of farming involves the various kinds of steps which is necessary for the better management of the project activities. The steps are as follows-

  • Project initiation
  • Resources required planning
  • Necessary actions implementation
  • Project closures

I hereby inform you about the anticipated employees who eagerly need to involved in meeting and offer some suggestions for better planning for company project. I hope you will permit the above, and then I will give them permission for the meeting presentation.

Please respond soon.



HR manager


PART B: Write a learning strategies report

Strategy and main concern of JBR’s learning and development vision includes set objectives and goals of development and growth of the company according to the various stakeholders’ vision to meet (Garcia, et. al., 2018). There is a huge requirement for the knowledge and growth planning to the JBR Company which functions in the tourism sector as it will help the company for future goals achievement and developing progress of company activities.

The learning and development (L&D) strategies are highly essential to increase the motivation of the employees for business culture and retain employees in a firm duration by influencing the decision-making process. These strategies engage the employees with a ranger to reach out to options and bring them loyalty to the organization.

The various kinds of stakeholders such as the BOD, investors, clients, and many others play a significant role in the development of the learning and development strategy for the company (Bridgstock, 2016). These stakeholders will also be consulted for the enhancement of developmental goals for improving the business activities for tourism and engaging career opportunities.

JBR can use numerous forms of administrative knowledge approaches for the better performance of the company. Method selection, method optimization, and goal selection are some of the models for organizational learning. Method optimise is the model in which the company enhances the currently used methods in the company for achieving and attaining the expected goals of the organization.

The selection of method is that model of organizational learning in which the accurate tool is selected to attain the desired goals of the organizations in which objectives and object’s validity of the company is not put on bars (Hattie, et. al., 2016). This is a good model. The objective chosen is another model for organizational learning where specific goal is defined based on reasonable, desirable, and feasible factors. The company’s progress and formulation will be increased in these goals.

The organizational learning will improve the engagement of employees, innovate leadership for better achievements of targets and goals. The various policies can include organizational learning which will train employees to improve growth aspects of the company’s developmental factors. The management of the employees’ performance is done with the PMPF (Caputo, et. al., 2019). This will also improve the amount of growth grounded on the criteria of performance. The firm requires concentrating on recruiting highly talented and skilled employees who will help in attaining the aims and objectives for the company.

PART C: Email

To:General manager
Date:11th August 2020
Subject:Attending the meeting

Respected sir,

This letter is mailed you to inform you that meeting is conducted in the conference room where we discuss the knowledge approaches of the company. All senior managers, executives, junior employees, and other staff also participate and invite in this meeting to share their views regarding the same. I also hope that you will be present at the meeting which is conducted on Thursday.

If you are not able to attend the meeting so please inform me as possible and there are some attachments and important documents of LSR in the mail.



HR Manager

PART D: Meet with the General Management

Manager – Hi GM!

General Manager – Hi! How are you?

Manager – I am good. I want to talk to you about the company concerns

General Manager – Sure you can discuss your point.

Manager – Thanks… I want to inform you that our learning strategies include company operations, functions, vision, goals, mission and all the things are required to be reorganized and formulate some more effective strategies that help in enhancing firm success and growth level.

General Manager –I understand and tell me your plan to make it good

Manager – As per my opinion, we require to select skilled and experienced staff members who can reach company goals and targets. Also, we need to conduct training and development sessions for them which enhancing their skills more and they can easily gain huge income and profits.

General Manager – You are right. This is a great idea. We need to work on that plan. I contracted with your point. You can continue to work as per the plan and appoint some skilled candidates for our organization.

Manager – Off course sir

General Manager – That’s great

Manager – Thanks a lot sir for your precious time and have a nice day.

General Manager – You too. It’s okay.

PART E: Design and develop an organizational learning strategy

This is required for the company is to formulate and improve an operative learning policy that can assist in enhancing their reputation in a large market place. An organization mainly focuses on developing their company farm into the tourism operations that helps in increasing revenue and income of company (Neelen, et. al., 2017). At the time of investigating specific summary details of project, it has examined that the GM need to form an appropriate strategy which helpful in provides benefits to the firm in a better manner. Along with this, they need to hire and appoint employees who have the required skills as per the job role and perform great work to manage all the business functions.

In below, the table shows the different strategies which need to follow and adapted to the Jumbuck Bush Retreat that are explained as under:

Strategies Responsibilities Timeline Resource and performance indicator
Concentrate on gaining success and growthHR manager3 monthsExamine the whole market area
Appointing skilled employeesHR manager4 monthsConducting effective training and development programs
Use latest and advanced technologyHR manager5 monthsIt helps in developing a unique type of services and delivers the best facilities

PART F: Write an External Training Procurement Policy and Procedures

Purpose and Context:

Main motive of an approaches and policies is to offer accurate T&D programs to the new employees and it comprises the company’s goals, objectives, and strategies (Odena, et. al., 2017).

The main aim of company policy is to conduct training that is required for firm because it assists in providing the best abilities and skills to improve in their new candidate knowledge.


Selfdevelopment – This is the practice which is initiating the steps to develop and formulate a person before such as through learning and enhancing skills.

Training – It is those methods that can assist in learning new things so that an employee can easily achieve potential goals.

Policy statement

It has been analyzed that training policy focused by the company HR manager is accountable for organizing and managing important resources and tools.

Employment development is the required section of training where Human Resource manager concentrates on maintaining the abilities and competences of new employees by offering them required skills (Dealtry, 2017).

In such a policy, staff training covered in which an organization concern in improving their skills and capabilities of new or current employees, and they are doing great performance.

Equal opportunity

Within an organization, human resource managers mainly focus on providing equal opportunities to all the company workers and allocate them to equal tasks. HR also resolves employees’ problems and issues in a better manner. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resource – HR role of an organization is to maintain all the required functions and activities properly.

General Manager – In the company, GM’s main role is to evaluate and monitor entire business actions that are occupied by an organisation and they are responsible for making decisions.

Managers – The manager of a company role is to operate day to day activities and also check the employees’ performance (Nisbet, et. al., 2017).

Staff – Employees played major function in every company and they are performing hard work and reach with desired goals and objectives in given period.

Training evaluation and value for money

This has been examined that training assists in enhancing and increasing knowledge of employees and they are concentrate on evolving original learning. It is beneficial in learning and gaining knowledge on how to achieve set goals for a valuable organisation.

Record keeping

This is the phase where an organization concentrates on kept and record all the business and customer-related information and these are necessary for the future time.


Identify the training needs – This is an essential procedure in which a company can easily evaluate the training requirements for the staff so they can perform their role according to the position (Tu, et. al., 2018).

Identification of training chances- It is that process where an organization should analyze the benefits of training and evaluate the opportunity which helps in increasing growth level.

Sourcing training – This is that process in which an organisation obtaining training helpful for attracting new candidates who are best suitable for the job role.

Approval of training – This step, an organization needs to attain approval regarding the training from the manager, and in these, they can spend some cost.

Undertaking training – It is that procedure which helps in undertaking the training and in these new employees can learn fresh skills and knowledge (Broadbent, 2017).

Record keeping – They are developing some lists and records of designations of all the staff members those are attending specific training sessions for the future needs of the company.

Determining of training – HR manager also evaluates and determine training program and develop a report which is necessary for the manager.

PART G: Send an email to the General Manager

To:General manager
Date:11th Aug 2020
Subject:Participate in the company meeting

Respected sir,

This is informed you that there are some necessary data and records which can be used at the time of developing the summary report. Also certain required official papers and letters sent you that involves:

·       External Training Procurement Policy and Procedures

·       Revised learning strategies report

·       Organizational learning strategy

After getting and receive the documents, please inform me so I can sent you some more important data for further processing of the company and you can make the best possible decision as well.





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