Principles of management


NewCo is a company which is serving produced goods and services to the Edmonton Market of Alberta. There are around 100 employees who are working for NewCo. The tough economic conditions of Alberta have adversely impacted on the functioning of the company in the market place. This report discusses the changing requirements of the company and enhancing adaptability, flexibility, and innovation in the operations of the company by which the company will be able to compete in a better and faster mode to provide cheaper products and services to the consumers of the company in Edmonton market place of Alberta.

Strategic human resource management

Strategic human resource management is the process of attracting, maintaining and developing a talented and energetic working force for NewCo Company in a strategic manner which will ease the functioning of various operations of the company. The employees need to be attracted, developed and should be fit for the organisation to enhance functioning to improve delivering of products and services to the consumers. Organizational strategies can be implemented in the best manner through strategic human resource management(Delery, et. al., 2017). The process should be headed by a senior executive to be reported directly to the chief executive officer of NewCo.

The employee is the best assets to the company who is responsible for the flexibility and adaptability of the company to compete with competitors in producing cheaper and easily available products for the Edmonton market place. There should a strategic approach in recruiting workforce and attract a qualitative workforce to enhance the productivity of products and services(Boon, et. al., 2018). The equal pay for employees, non-discrimination in the workforce, is some of the measures that will improve the rate of adaptability of production to cope with economic conditions in Alberta of Canada(Wright, et. al., 2017). The employees should be trained to deal with the adverse or unfavourable conditions during the downfall of the economy in Alberta which is impacting on the operations of NewCo.

The task force needs to be trained, oriented, and developed in such a manner that they will bring new ideas of innovation for the working operations of the company to handle adaptability, flexibility and become faster in providing cheaper products and services for consumers of Edmonton market place of Alberta in Canada(Jiang, et. al., 2018). The quality workforce not only needs to be developed but also be maintained to maintain the results obtained from the workforce. The employees need to be provided with extra perks or benefits to retain them for working in the direction of providing cheaper goods to consumers through increasing adaptability, flexibility and improvement of functional operations of NewCo(Zehir, et. al., 2016).

Leading and leadership development

Leading and leadership development is the most important part in the functioning of NewCo Company as the leaders are the entity who inspires other employees of an organisation to develop and enhance their working skills to improve the functioning of the company and deliver enhance products and services to Edmonton market of Alberta(Kjellström, et. al., 2020). Leadership can be of various kinds in which they inspire, they control, they plan, and they organize the working in the direction of providing goods and services at a cheaper price. Leadership has the ability under which the leader can influence employees to perform in a particular manner which will enhance the productivity, and maintains flexibility in the functioning to provide products and service to the consumers at a cheaper rate(Grunberg, et. al., 2019).

The leader of the company should consist of the following traits which will improve functioning and enhance adaptability in function at a time of the economic downfall of the company in Alberta. The leader should be creative, flexible, honest, integrity, and self-confidence(Low, et. al., 2020). The leaders can motivate employees and train them in such a way that they will work hard to achieve the objectives to the company and their career will boost up by facing a situation that they can cope with using the help of their leaders who can be manager, chief executive officers or many more. The NewCo needs to perform actions under which the flexibility, adaptability to enhance the operations and functioning of the company to deliver products and services at a cheaper price for the consumers of the Edmonton market place(Wilson, 2016). Thus the leadership plays an important role in the achievement of productivity enhancement and improvement in the delivery process of the company in Alberta. Leadership development is the process in which the leaders enhance their skills in managing the performance and functioning of the whole team they are being responsible. This will help in increasing the resolving of issues which are being faced due to the loss of economy in Alberta which has seriously impacted on the production and delivering of product and services for consumers of Edmonton market place(Andersson, et. al., 2016).

Control process and systems

Controlling is the procedure in which the performance of the company can be measured and required actions can be taken to ensure the desired results for the benefits of the company. The NewCo is facing adverse conditions due to the tough economic conditions of Alberta(Scott, et. al., 2019). These tough conditions will need to be controlled as a management process which will enhance the productivity, flexibility, adaptability for the improvement in delivering of services and products to the consumers of Edmonton market place of Alberta in Canada. The serious issues need to be managed and controlled so the NewCo can improve the conditions of a tough time for the company(Luo, et. al., 2019). The control process and system ensures that the actions taken in NewCo Company are doing the right thing, at the right time and in the right way for the benefits of the company to deal with the situation of tough economic conditions where adaptability to the new systems are required.

This will help in managing the conditions which are being faced by the company due to the tough conditions of the economy in Alberta and Edmonton market place. The organisational learning will be the benefit for control process and system in which the delivery process for the products and services offered to the consumers of NewCo will be benefitted(Zornio, et. al., 2019). The control system and processes are the work of managers under which they plan, lead, organise, and control. In planning, the direction for the target will be set, leading will inspire the workforce to attain the objectives and aims of the company, organising will create structures for the targets and control will ensure that the desired results are being achieved by the contribution of the whole workforce of the company. The control process and systems will help in the achieving of goals and objectives in which the NewCo company will be more productive, competitive, flexible, and adaptive in the direction to provide the products and services of the company at a cheaper price to deal with the tough conditions of the economy which are being faced by the Edmonton market place of Alberta in Canada(Rollins, et. al., 2018).


The report concludes the conditions of tough economy in Alberta of Canada under which the NewCo Company is having difficulties. The control process and systems, leader and leadership development, and strategic human resource management have been concluded in the report which will help in achieving the desired goals in which the products and services of the company will be available for the consumer of Edmonton market place at cheaper rates.

The NewCo Company can use the strategic human resource management process in modern ways to target the skilled and talented workforce to enhance the resulting ratio obtained. This will help in engaging towards the better option for achieving the desired targets in better form. The leaders need to establish personal relations with the workforce to acknowledge their individual goals which can be obtained through common objectives of the company(Ostroukh, et. al., 2018). The control system needs to be established in the company in such a form that the workforce will trust control systems which will help in targeting goals on a higher range to help the company to provide goods and services for the consumers of Edmonton market place in Alberta at cheaper rates.


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