PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control Part B: Change Control

1. Identify the changes required for the case study. Critically analyze their impact on scope, time, cost, quality of the project and the techniques used to manage them.

The case study analysis about the myki project of Victoria includes the smart card ticketing service system. The project was developed and implemented for the public transport services in Victoria to ease the public needs and providing. In all over the world, the myki ticket system is the most powerful and smart system for public transportation. The myki project was started with a budget of $1 billion in the year 2005 and it was completed in the year 2007 after approving for formulating and operating(Zwikael, et. al., 2015). The case study includes some of the changes identified for the analysis of the project myki ticket system. The changes identified are management change in the ticket system and its two major functions. The roles include the management of present ticketing system of MetCard and controlling and managing the new ticketing system for public transportation. The changes need to be made in the TTA in the formulation of the new system under myki project which will contribute to the difficulties, budget or cost and timeline of the project(Willems, et. al., 2015). The process of the project also requires changes for improvement in the way of betterment. The case study shows the frequent disturbance and intervention in the myki project. These changes impacted on the myki project which is analyzed in the report. The cost constraint has shown an increment in the project due to the summation of workers costs, testing which overhead the costs and resources of the project. The scope constraint’s consideration shows the intervention in the project took more time in completing the project successfully. The resultants of the project were poor as per the expected results. The project manager of myki project has been decided of two years time constraint for the design and delivery of the full project which was limited to more than two years. The myki project is required to attain the provided quality constraint for the ticket system for public transportation along with its procedures.

As per mitigating the effect of the changes on the overall project constraints, the team of managers requires to use and adapt some techniques for the equilibrium of the project which will be required for meeting the expected results with new constraint and achieve the expected outcomes.

2. Explain what processes are involved in submitting a request to deal with the changes necessary from your analysis of the case study.

The myki project which was developed and designed for the public transportation system has many mistakes done by managers which are directly influencing the ticketing system. The TTA using appeasing techniques in myki project for taking help in philosophy designing of the project. The individuals of TTA have many examples of association with tender ventures with other persons(Treite, et. al., 2015). The system of smart card ticketing is a small sector of formulation which is enhancing its relations with individuals. The probity appealed from such issues in the project. There is a lack of project development policy and appropriate planning for the project which is being identified of such issues. Thus it is necessary to identify procedures which could be involved in controlling some changes.

Effective documentation of change request or RFC: For starting the process of the change request, it is necessary for gathering and understanding the information regarding the issue. It will be wrong to execute this phase of evaluation and calculation on later terms. Thus, it’s an important challenge for change assessment and administration. The myki project is examined to make changes according to the requirements of the clients and put their focus on the requested changes in the project.

Request change form: this is a form which should be developed for making a request change in the myki project which is being recognized in the case study. The project requires a change request for special tasks in the project development(Peña, et. al., 2019). The documentation of the project myki is required to be analyzed considering the general responsibilities and accountability of the person in charge.

CID log: The CID log need to be analyzed by the project manager after the evaluation of change request forms which is a necessary step to identify problems, changes, risks and decisions due to the intervention in the project and resolved by registering them.
Change request review: it is the last step where the change request form is identified by the controlling supervisor and project manager about the information necessary for the project. As per the case study, the impacts of changes in a project concerning the time, quality, scope and cost of the project are measured by leadership assistance. The formulation and development will be done on the root of different aspects such as:
• Analysis of changes’ opportunity and feasibility
• Various change alternatives
• Provide post-implementation controlling and monitoring
• Change issues and risk requested option
• Scalability of intervention outcome propose

The focus of the myki project is on the procedure to initiate the production and verification of the alterations in the procedure. The planning of the project needs to be identified and transformed in a better way for growth. The lessons learnt need to be outlined and the opportunities for assistance in future should be identified.

3. Identify and discuss options to satisfy each change request and any risks associated with the options.

As per the case study, the risks were identified in the time of allocation and discussing the project concern with disruption of the organization part. The R&D supervisor and project manager already proposed the change. The changes are being analyzed where project managers handle the entire changes situation. The myki project involves risks from lack of incapability to analyze the situation by the project manager. The management of the myki project wants to change the present policy which will impact on the business operations and various functions directly(Olawale, et. al., 2015). The common public will get benefit from the smart care technique of ticket system. The people engaged in the myki project gets de-motivates from poor management. The employees need to improve their skills and capabilities for project completions which will be done by the project manager. It is also the responsibility of the manager to focus on the evaluation and functioning of the employees’ style of working to use their skills in the system development and procedures of the project. The supervisor of myki project requests for the tender for collecting and gathering the information for the data to analyze the profits for conduction of the procedure of project in a better manner. This will involve the responsibility of the project manager to properly implement the techniques and procedures for project completion.

The myki project manager needs to predict the total price of the project process and the systems which are applied during the project. Along with this, resistance to alteration could be calculated as a major issue and risk as per the concern of this project. The project supervisor requires focusing on various phases and stages in which risk can occur and for this, they are formulating an accurate solution to deal with this(Nyeste, et. al., 2018). It is essential for managers are to perform work with sub-contractors that assist them in maintaining their tasks and also attain general data and information concerning the myki project in a proper manner. As per the case study, the tender process was very difficult and interactive that involves in on-going negotiation process where tenderers were encouraged and also request them to work with the sub-contractors to achieve what was regards the best outcomes for the government in term of deliverables, price, and delivery. This is important for myki project manager is to focus on delivering the best services of ticketing systems and adopt new methods and techniques which help them in enhancing business growth. With the analysis of change requests, the manager concentrates on two main changes that are conducted in myki such as work with sub-contractors and change in the policy of the project.

4. Complete the change request/control form provided or one that is used from the workplace.


Project Title: Myki Project

Change Request No. 221

Date prepared: 06: 07: 2020


Requested by: Project supervisor

Code: XYZ

Date Decision Required: 09: 07: 2020


1.      Effective Changes in the myki project policy

2.      Request to work with various project sub-contractors


1.      The project manager focus on changes in project policy to maintain the TTA system and procedure

2.      In the tender process, project manager requested to perform work with sub-contractors to attain better results


The impact of such form of changes that could directly influence on the business or company internal operations and management systems. TTA system helps public to gain online ticket for any transportation which make easier for them. It has been analyzed that there are some chances of this impact on different sections of an organisation. Along with this, such type of changes could impacts on project and its resource or policy management systems.

Statius                    In review                         Approved                                Rejected


Approved date: N/A

Approved By: N/A

Description: With the assistance of these changes, the existing condition of the project is expected to be change to gain best results. However, the organisation has to invest certain additional costs to maintain required funds.


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