Project Plan – Analysing one Issue Related to The Health Care Settings Assignment


The report is based on analysing one issue related to the health care settings and how this will helpful in improving students learning needs in better manner. The chosen area is improving the services quality of health in the hospitals. This is important for students are to learn regarding quality assurance and it assists in providing quality care to the patients. The main purpose of the project is to analyse the major problem in healthcare settings and this will aids in improving standards services of the health effectively. Along with this, it is requires for students to learn and evaluate the health and nursing care practices.

Main Body

Specific issue or problem in the health care setting that indicates a student’s learning needs

The improvement in the quality of the health services is the issue in the health care setting which is very important to be considered in the broader perspective to analyse and take actions in the direction for the growth and development of the health care sector in the country. The quality of the health services is a very important issue as this problem requires to be addressed for improving the various conditions in the health sector to provide the best services with the help of the various services to improve the conditions in health services. The quality of the health services requires improvement as the situation of the health services is not satisfying considering the population density and the evolving diseases in the humankind (Jorm, 2019).

The improvement is very important as the current technology, staff, services, and medication is not sufficient to deal with the latest issues and challenges in health care services. The health care services are required to be improved using the latest approaches for dealing with the new issues and problems. The students are required to take actions for resolving these issues which require improvement for the various situations. The problem or issues in the health care services for the improvement in the quality of the services is a very legit issue as the quality requires improvement from time to time as the quality never remains on top for a longer period due to the technology and advancement in the services of the health care services. The health care services will help the public on a wider range in small time limit in which the impacts will be better if the quality of the services is an improvement. The health care services are very important to improve the quality as these are requiring enhancing in the advancement or situational conditions for the better service providing.

Learning objectives using SMART goals

The SMART goals help in understanding and evaluating learning objectives related to the health care settings and students can learn how to improve and maintain quality services of health.

Specific: The main goal of students is to focus on understanding the importance of quality based services of health in the hospital. Also, they need to work on increasing and managing tasks in a better manner.

Measurable: The goal can be measure and evaluate by analyzing the improvement in patients’ health and how they feel after providing a standard level of services or facilities. The students need to contact doctors and nurses for analyzing any hospital criteria and offerings which they are provided to their staff members and patients. They can determine the measurement of the goal achieved by taking feedbacks and reviews (Jorm, 2019).

Attainable: It is required for students are to analyze whether the goal is achieved or not and how this will help in improving their knowledge and skills. They need to focus on health care settings that assist in maintaining and managing their patients.

Realistic: The goal is realistic as this will helps in examining the health care settings and this assist in analyzing the quality facilities. When the students learn how to improve in health care services then this will show the positive impact on increasing their abilities and capabilities.

Time-bound: For completing this goal, the maximum which has been taken is around 6 months. This is important for students to enhance their capabilities and skills through set their time frame in a better way.

Literature review

As per the view of Mensah Abrampah, et. al., (2018) The health care sector is the most important part of the services which are provided to every citizen in any country as per the basic requirements and fundamental rights of the citizen. The quality of the health care services are required to be of the best quality as these services are directly linked with the lives of the people as the health care services provide the life-saving services are very important to be of the best quality for the people. The health care sector is required to improve the services which are provided for the public facilities as the situation of life saver services are very much important for enhancing in technology and quality as this will increase the standard of the health care services in which the advanced technology can attain the position which will be proved a boon for the public in countries.

In the words of Ritchie, et. al., (2020) The health care sector is very much available for important improvement such as the use of advanced technological tools, using artificial intelligence in diagnosis of severe injuries and trauma which are not possible to diagnose using the current technologies. The budget of the health care sector needs to be increased for improving the quality of the health care services in the country which is most important as current times had proven its importance. The quality of the health services can be improved by increasing the health care staff members who are in shortness in the current times (Bala, et. al., 2020). The increase in the health staff will increase the attendees for the patients and enhance the quality of service provided using the best approach for dealing with the issue faced by the patients. The students need to learn about the various approaches which are required for the improvement of the health services in the technical terms and using of the latest approaches for dealing with the patients of various kinds in the different sectors of the medical board. The students are required to involve in the situations of improvement in the medical sector where the improvement in the various sector of the health care sector.

According to the view of Gardner, et. al., (2018) The advanced technology will improve the services being provided by the doctors and nursing sector in which the services provided will enhance as per the use of the new technology for dealing with the situations of various kinds of health issues. The health issues in the health service care sector are required to be improved in the various levels in which various actions can be taken for improving the quality of the health services. The health sector needs trained personnel for every field in the medical services such as cardiology, neurology, urology, etc. these sectors requires specially trained staff for the health sectors in which the patients will be provided services according to the issues and problems faced by the patients. The quality equipment needs to be used in the health care services which will ensure the diagnosis and use of this equipment will improve the quality of health services. The usage of proper instruments in the health sector, which will not harm the patients in any form when used for the service providing.

In the view of Hespe, et. al., (2018) The use of proper medication in the health services are required to be fulfilled in the health service sector as the medications are very important for the health care service facilities for the public in the country as the medications should be of the best quality which will affect on the diseases and issues in the body of the patients. The side effects of the medications should be less and effect on the issues of the body which will improve the quality of the health services. The newer technologies in the medicinal field are very important for the improvement of the quality of the health care services which are very impactful for the patients to be dealt with the situations.

In the opinion of Cunningham, et. al., (2016) The quality of the health care services is very important for the growth and development of the fundamental facilities provided for the public of the country which is important for the health care services. The use of proper instruments, medications, advanced technologies; trained personnel are very important for the enhancement of the quality in the health care sectors. The health care services are a very important aspect of any country which is provided for the public who are suffering from any kind of physical or mental situations adversely affecting the public. These services help in stabilising of the situations of patients and save their lives from deadly illness and other impacts on the mental-physical body of the patients. These are very important for the quality improvement which is necessary for the country to deal and the students need to understand the situations of the various conditions in which the enhancement and improvement can be done in the health care services.

Justify why this is a problem and its significance

The selected issue is improving the quality of health services which has been offered to the patients. For this, hospitals need to develop various strategies and policies in providing proper care to their patients in a better way. The quality issue is the issue in healthcare because this will negatively impact patients’ health and treatment. There are different quality-based problems such as patient satisfaction, compliance with doctors’ orders, willingness to re-use the services, and many more (Hengel, et. al., 2018). If the doctors and nurses do not focus on providing quality facilities then this will create a bad influence on the patients’ health and affects their treatment.

On the other hand, different hospital’s staff members and employees need to maintain and managing quality services in the area. Improving the quality and performance in the healthcare surroundings can assist providers along with cost-effective, reliable, continuous health care procedures and allow them to reach their goals of improving care delivery and increasing patient results. Along with this, it is required for students to understand and evaluate the health settings which help in properly improving the quality-based facilities. With the assistance of health care, patients need a better patient experience in which they are the center of care. Customer service requires a consistent demonstration of skills and shows the patients. Nursing students focus on a specific issue that can be improved by them and learn how to maintain quality services properly. Moreover, students should understand and determine the best facilities that assist in the recovery of patients’ health and provide care to them (Jorm, 2019). Healthcare organizations develop collaboration and coordination among their staff members so they can easily be satisfying their patients’ requirements and needs properly. This is also important for associations are to concentrate on increasing patients’ engagement and participation in every activity.

Design the project:

Method – There are two types of methods such as qualitative and quantitative. In this, qualitative is such a tool that can be used for collecting and gathering descriptive data for completing the project. Another is quantitative method is that technology that can be utilized for assembling numerical and statistical information for gaining knowledge regarding the improvement of quality services of health. In this project, the qualitative method can be used for gathering required data related to the health care settings and students’ learning needs. This will helps in understanding the major points in which they can easily evaluate how to improve and maintain standard services associated with health.

Sample – It is that procedure that is used in a numerical examination where a predetermined number of observant are taken from a large number of people. For the project, it is important for the researcher is to select a sample size that helps provide their response and feedbacks from chosen respondents (Hibbert, et. al., 2020). The selected respondents are 30 which are given their views and perceptions of the related topic in a better manner. Besides this, sample respondents’ assists in providing their responses regarding the improvement of health services and maintain quality effectively.

Ethical considerations – It is one of the major parts of analyzing the negative impact and risks which arise while conducting the project. Various ethical issues occur at the time of completing the report that includes openness, confidentiality, discrimination, informed consent, respect for anonymity, privacy, and protection the important data and sources. Along with this, it is required for all the participants and respondents to keep confidentiality in the report’s information and data that should be required. If they share any information and facts with someone else then they will be punishable and give a charge for this penalty.

Data collection – It is such a procedure that helps in collecting required data and information and also understands the whole topic effectively. This is essential for researchers to focus on gathering facts with the use of different data collection methods. It includes primary and secondary data. The primary data used for assembling original information first hand and there are various sources of this data such as questionnaire, interview, survey and so more. Secondary collection of data helps in gathering second-hand information associated with the quality facilities of health and it involves different sources i.e. case studies, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and many more  (Gadsden, et. al., 2019).

Data analysis – It is a systematic process which is used to implement statistical and logical methods and also describes, evaluate, process, determine, and analyze the data. This is an important component that assists in making sure to integrate the data and conduct an accurate analysis of investigation outcomes and findings. The main motive of data analysis is to use reasonable and analytical facts to attain correct information regarding the health settings. It helps in recognizing the sense in data so that they can derive knowledge and this can be used to developed informed decisions.


The report concludes the issue and problem in the improvement of quality of health services which is very important for dealing with the health care services in the various parts of the world. The report concludes the design of the project which focus on the whole planning and procedures of the project for the students. The report also concludes the justification of the issue in the health services for the improvement in the quality and the literature review for the issue in the health services are also concluded.



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