Report Based on E-Business Solutions for organization (Shirts R US)


The report is based on Shirts R Us which is the retail chain of the clothing store and they are trying to enter the online business where they sell their products through online websites. This will help them in attracting new customers and gain more profitability by selling a variety of goods and services to the clients.

1. Summarising the scenario and providing your own thoughts on the solutions

Shirts R Us is the leading retail chain of a clothing store which is situated in Melbourne. They are noticed that their major competitors are doing online business and they are gaining the attention of their potential customers. For this, they also use an online platform for attracting new customers and retain existing clients(Davis, et. al., 2020). The company sells a variety of products and services in the market place which includes clothing of children, adults, infants, toddlers, and newborn children. The company is famous for providing convenient services for its customers. Shirts R Us wants to expand its business in international market areas for gaining more income and revenue which includes china, japan, and Singapore.

Shirts R Us needs to focus on analyzing the whole market place before establishing e-business. Also, they should make their delivery and service procedure very fast and reliable which satisfying customers’ needs or wants and get their products on time properly.

2. Possible e-business solutions for organization (Shirts R US) with a colleague or manager. Take personal notes and develop a document that summarises these ideas.

E-business solutions help business and government processes that are automated and combined for using ICT. Shirts R Us managers are discussing some possible solutions to e-business which help the company to easily gain the attention of clients and gain the required income. It includes:

  • It is important for the company is to focus on maintaining and managing the ability to integrate with the Shirts R Us websites and social media platform. This will enhance awareness among customers towards firm goods and facilities. A company needs to be able to integrate it with their sites and social media platforms quickly.
  • Maintaining ease of navigation which is used by customers to see their product actual position and when it is delivered. It requires being easy to navigate(Thomas, et. al., 2016).
  • The company needs to concentrate on the payment method and this should be flexible whether it is cash in hand and online mode. Customers can easily choose their convenience method to do the payment. The payment method should be trusted and that customers can feel comfortable using it.
  • This is important for the company is to describe the full detail of the products which are sold online. This will gives trust and develop loyalty among customers. For this, buyers can easilyselect their demanding and requiredgoods as per their reviewing and feedback(Bi, et. al., 2017). Shirts R Us considers whether they are selling physical products that they will have to ship to the customers and digital goods that they will download online.
  • Managers discuss that platform should be mobile friendly to mobile customers. Along with this, statistics demonstrate that the mobile shopping crowd is going to enhance in the upcoming months and years. For this, the company needs to ready for the influx of mobile customers on the websites and ensure that they are willing to accommodate them on the shipping site.

3. Presentation communicating one proposal for an e-business solution.

Covered in PPT

4. Analyze one document relating to e-business solutions in your industry which contains numerical information

According to IBIS World Report, the clothing retail industry has faced challenges over previous years which includecautious consumer spending, increasing rent costs, and huge competition in the market place. Industry income is expected to decline at 0.2% over five years in 2019-20 to $15.7 billion. Sucha trendincludes an anticipated decrease of 12.2% in the existing year as the COVID 19 consequences which reduces the shopping activities as well. For this, the company provides online productswhile the situation is normal and gain the trust of customers that they are offeringthose safe goods(Alos-Simo, et. al., 2017). This can help to increase their goodwill and reputation in the Melbourne market areas.

5. For one workplace goal, develop and implement an organizational procedure to achieve it. Ensure that it complies with legislative requirements.

Shirts R Us is a retail chain of clothing stores in Melbourne that is required to convert its business style from offline to online in the e-commerce world. To achieve its workplace goal, the organizational procedure needed to be developed and implement to take the business on an e-commerce platform along with the legislative requirements ensured. There are various kinds of steps need to be executed for the process of conversion. The Shirts R Us need to take the offline business stocks and develop the pricing strategy for the e-commerce platform business for the clothing stores in Melbourne(Zhu, et. al., 2020). The next step in the process will be developing and implementing the online business tools which will help the Shirts R Us retail chains of clothing stores to create the platform suitable according to the demands of the consumers. The business also required to develop the plan for the e-commerce marketing plan which is required for the smooth flow of the business online. The website for the company will introduce the stores on computing devices of consumers where they can purchase goods. The process ensures the legislative requirements such as law enforcement and consumer protection acts of Australian legislation.

6. Monitor how closely the organization procedure from the previous question is being adhered to.

Shirts R Us is following the procedure for taking a step forward in the direction of the online store management as per the competitive business in the market. The procedures are being followed accurately which is now providing the market space for the retail chain of clothing stores of Shirts R Us in Melbourne. The consumers of the business can now purchase the clothing for every age group whether its adults, young, old, infants, or toddlers. The shopping experience for the consumers of Shirts R Us is increasing and it’s benefitting for the business stores(Kwilinski, et. al., 2019). The online business for the Shirts R Us is being profitable for the chains of clothing stores as per the increase in the consumer’s range than ever before as per the increasing use of the online mediums for the purchasing of various kinds of goods and services. The online e-commerce platform for the Shirts R Us of Melbourne is taking a step forward in the direction of the increment in the consumer’s base and increase in the profit ratio due to the better implementation and execution of the procedures for setting up the business of retail chains of clothing stores on the online platform. This is being upgraded in the sense of the procedural store chains in Melbourne. 

7. Investigate and implement one new or innovative idea to improve your organization’s e-business practices and policies. Ensure that you:

There are various kinds of innovative modes which can help in the improvement of the Shirts R Us e-business practices and policies. The video demonstration of the products on the e-business can help in improving the practices and policies of the online business platform for Shirts R Us.

  • Gather and analyze and relevant all information.

The video demonstration for the clothing products is relevant for the consumers as it will provide a basic idea of the products which they are interested in purchasing. The knowledge about the products will increase in the consumers and it will ensure the product quality and quantity offered by the business(Benitez, et. al., 2018).

  • Evaluate available to improve the practices

The implementation of the video demonstration on the e-commerce platform of the business will improve the practices and policies of the business to improve the range of profits and also to improve the customers’ ease in purchasing from Shirts R Us. The implementation of the innovative idea will improve business opportunities in the online mode of business and benefits the organization.

  • Consider the effectiveness of a solution in terms of how well it met stated goals.

The goal of the organization is to create an e-commerce platform for the increasing competitiveness in the business field of clothing stores in Melbourne(Guo, et. al., 2018). The innovative idea for the video demonstration will improve the consumers’ visit to the online stores of Shirts R Us, the profit and competition are being rewarded by the business policies and practices in which the limited resources are providing huge benefits for the online stores of Shirts R Us in Melbourne. 

8. Complete one workplace task which involves using digital technology/systems to access, store, or share information.

The consumers select the products which they are wanting to purchase will be stored in the shopping cart. This information will be stored in the database of the company and will only available for the consumers who have selected the particular items. The information regarding the shopping details of the consumers like the address, name, phone number, and payment details will be exclusive to those customers only. This is the task in which the database storage digital technology being used by the workplace to access, store, and share information(Ruan, et. al., 2019). The process of using the database digital technology is completely safe, legal, and ethically correct because the information about the consumers is kept safe from any kind of theft or loopholes for being eroded in any form.

This technology is frequently used to store the information about the customers to ensure the best shopping experience on the online business of Shirts R Us in Melbourne and also outside Melbourne. The consumers provide their priorities in the shopping experience to ensure the best shopping culture from the stores on the online mode of the marketplace. This technology is safe and legal in terms of the online business rules of Australian legislation(Abdullah, et. al., 2018). The technology of database storage is used in such a manner that the information which is very crucial to the consumers is not seen by the company workers itself like the payment procedures used, passwords and credit/debit card details of the customers to ensure the safety and privacy to the consumers of Shirts R Us in Melbourne.


As per the above-described report, it is concluded that Shirts R Us wants to go online where they can easily sell their variety of products. For this, they are focus on the organization process which help them in maintaining their e-business and easily attract new customers as well. Also, they want to expand their business operations in different countries for gaining profit. 


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