Research Proposal – Manage Innovation and Technology Transfer


In current era, every organization work managing the innovation procedure in case of a small and medium-sized organization. Innovation and technology transfer is considered as core business in the company which is related to refreshing what they offer the world and how it develops and delivers the offerings(Swinnen, et. al., 2019). The development of cooperation and partnerships between the private and public industries with the help of joint public-private investigation is the major method for the stimulation of innovation and technology transfer. In an organization, technology transfer has become the main pillars of innovation and open innovation along with the quickening of the digital economy and digital sector. The research is based on Sainsbury which is an international retailing company that is providing a variety of products and services in the market area.

Research Aims and Objectives

Aim: To analyze how to manage innovation and technology transfer as a core business procedure. A case study of Sainsbury.


  • To examine the concept of innovation and technology transfer within an organization.
  • To evaluate the ways through which the company can manage innovation and technological transfer.

Research Methodology

Research approach

It is a procedure which is consists of steps from common conclusion to comprehensive tools that help in collecting, gathering, and processing specific data. It mainly concentrates on the quality of research which is systematically described accurately(Link, et. al., 2019). There are two types of research approach which includes inductive and deductive. In this, the researcher will use the deductive approach which helps in collecting and gaining accurate knowledge for the development of research.

Research methods

It is that procedure that helps in collecting data that includes qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method(Guerrero, et. al., 2019). Qualitative is considered as descriptive data collection technique and on the other hand, quantitative is determined as a numerical gathering of information for the research. In this, the researcher will use a mixed-method for collecting correct and authentic data for completing the study.

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