Services Marketing – OLA Transportation Services


OLA Australian Company is the transportation services which is situated in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This organization generates and earns around $18.09 million in sales (USD). There are approximately 92 companies in the OLA Australia firm and they are delivering the best services to their customers.


It is analyzed that service is the economic function that is performed by one party to another party in return for money. OLA Australian Company provides the best facilities and transportation services to its customers. The company implements various marketing mix strategy which helps the firm to satisfy its clients and analyze their rivals’ tactics that can create a negative impact on the business operations (Aras, et. al., 2017). OLA Australia’s core Product is to offer personal transportation services to its customers. It has provided an easy and simple method to people for booking the cabs and fill the destination name where they want to go. The company gives a reasonable rate of transport facilities which attract a large number of customers. OLA Australia offers affordable Prices of services to the customers and also provides a comfortable setting with furnished and air-conditioned cabs. The organization also adopts a penetration policy and it has kept its price range affordable so they are gain competitive benefits over the competitors’ companies. The firm uses a competitive pricing strategy as there is huge competition in this sector (Berghäll, 2018).

The place is an important strategy that assists in increasing the growth and development level of an organization. OLA Australia established its branches in different countries where they provide different services to their clients in a proper manner. Also, the company works for expanding its business operations in different nations for gaining the attention of more customers towards its services or facilities effectively. Promotion is an essential strategy that is used by companies for promoting and advertising their different forms of services and facilities in a large market place. This will also assist in attracting customers and fulfill their needs or wants in a better manner (Gillis, et. al., 2018). For attracting more people, the company posts their advertisement on social media channels where a large number of individuals see that ads and willing to use their facilities. In the promotional strategy, OLA uses the latest technology and priories analyze their customers’ requirements according to this they are making changes in the current services. In processing, the company focus on managing business functions and activities. Clients also assist the firm in maintaining their processing and offers quality based services. People are an important asset in every organization and employees are considered as people which perform complex tasks to increasing company profitability. People should interact and communicate with customers for resolving their issues. Physical evidence is the tangible parts of the facilities which are provided by OLA to their customers and evaluate their point of view accordingly (Huotari, et. al., 2017). In which, driver behaviours must be good and right towards the customers and do not misbehave with them. This will develop positive influences on the people mind regarding the company facilities.

Change proposed

Ola Australian Company is efficiently using the marketing mix strategies for the development and growth of the company in the market place but there is always some space for improvement in the strategies and policies. Ola provides comfortable and reliable services for the customers as the core product of the company. The product can be improved by the business organization by providing some extra perks like discounts and gift vouchers for a long journey which will improve the marketing area and value of the company. The price is another factor that plays important role in the services of the Ola Australian Company in which there is room for improvisation (Solimun, et. al., 2018). The company can provide the best deal offers for the regulars which will help in the marketing strategies. The company can expand the business in the rural areas of Australia as it is most effective in the urban and suburb areas which will help in the expansion of the market place and advantage will occur with them (Subagiyo, et. al., 2017).

The promotional activities for the Ola Company can use the opinions and positive feedbacks of the regular customers who are taking benefits from the services of the company. This will ensure the market advantages and expansion of the business on a wider range. The services are required to be effortless, reliable, timely, and quick which will attract the customers from various competitive companies as the packaging of the products of the company is very important in the marketing mix strategies (Pomering, 2017). The services of the company should be easily available for people from various distances as this will increase the trust of the customers towards the company for using the services. The customers are the most important entity for the Ola Company of Australia as the customers are the people who will ride for taking services of the company. The customers need to impress by the company’s services and products in different ranges as the customer will decide the future of the company. These actions are very important which can ensure the expansion of the business on a larger scale as the marketing will show its effect sooner. The marketing mix strategies will help in making the various actions for the growth and development of the company and also ensures the customers’ satisfaction from the services as the customers are the main assets of the business which decide the terms and conditions for the business effectiveness (Mahajan, 2019). The Ola Company needs to follow the procedures for benefit of the company.

Expectations: Services

It has been analyzed that there are certain places where customers’ expectation is not matched with the providing services of OLA Australian Company, which create difficulty in developing a strong customer base for an organization. Such a situation arises due to poor management and lack of communication that will lead to customer dissatisfaction. OLA needs to reduce its price which attracts several clients and develops its goodwill in the market area (Kwitonda, 2020). The company should concentrate on price and quality of services which plays an important role in fulfilling customer’s satisfaction positively. The Ola Australian Company is a well-known company for the cab services as it provides the services for pick up and drops on the customers. The customer’s expectation reaches a different level from the company as the services are required to be improved regularly. The expectation of the customers is required to be fulfilled by the company to remain in the market place. The customers want the location of the services to more precise as the pickup locations and drop locations to vary on great ranges in the Ola services as they come far from the locations provided from the applications on the mobile devices (Huotari, et. al., 2017). The customer also expects the company to reduce the fare charges for the small distances as these are the very important expectation for the customers which can be fulfilled by the company using their services. The company can also use the method of feedback for getting information about the customers’ expectations from the services provided which will help in customer’s satisfaction and fulfilling the demands on better ranges to provide the advantages and benefits for the company in market areas.


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