Study Skills and Research Methods Assignment B


The report is based on analyzing the modern techniques which help in enhancing the learning of individuals and also enhance their capability. In the current time, most of the person adopts online learning which properly saves their time and money. Along with this, a large number of schools, colleges, and universities provide the system for their students is to study at their home. By this, they can increase their students’knowledge and provide the best information through the use of the modern technique. 

Introduction to the research topic and problem context

The modern techniques are very helpful in enhancing the individual’s abilities. Modern techniques are the new form of learning which is being adopted all over the world to increase the learning capacity and understanding capability of the individuals. Modern techniques are the form of innovative and creative methods that are being used to teach individuals about any particular topic. The creativeness and innovation make the individual enter the world of imagination where the things are not complicated but appears to easily understand. The Gamification and digital form of learning are used to create video graphic representation of the particular teaching material which will be more interesting to understand and learn that the old textual material(Yazzolino, et. al., 2019). This form of learning will improve the abilities as the individuals do not have to spend time reading the textual materials but they can learn from the graphic representation and videos which will save time and increase the ability to understand in the individuals. Theseare the benefits the individuals gain from the modern techniques of learning which enhance their ability in the various sections and development of the mental abilities of the individuals.

The problem statement of this research is to understand modern technologyto continue the learning of students. It is important for a person is to adopt the latest technologies which can improve their knowledge and abilities in a better manner(Maarif, 2016). This is required for the schools anduniversities are to focus on providing online learning platforms where all the individuals can easily learn new study.

Aim and Objectives

Aim: “How do modern techniques of learning enhance individual ability”.

Research Objectives:

  • To understand the study of modern techniques.
  • To evaluate the modern techniques of learning that help in increasing individual ability.
  • To analyze the benefits of modern techniques of learning for individuals.

Research Questions:

  • What is a modern technique?
  • How to evaluate the modern techniques of learning that help in increasing individual ability?
  • How to analyze the benefits of modern techniques of learning for individuals? 

Literature Review

Understand the study of modern techniques

As per the view of Yulindar, et. al.,(2018)The modern techniques are the techniques in teaching which are innovative and creative and help in the personality development in the individual’s ability. There are various kinds of modern techniques that are being used in the teaching profession to help individuals in achieving the best outcomes in the individual’s ability to perform a particular task with their efforts and outcomes. The modern techniques are involved in the personality development of the children and other people through using various kinds of innovative steps in the teaching. The flipped classroom, Gamification, self-learning, social media, design thinking, and many more are the various kinds of modern techniques that are being used in the process of teaching. The flipped classroom is a model that is used to encourage the students for preparing the lessons before the classes to develop the understanding of students in reading. The modern technique of self-learning is the process in which the students are promoted to learn on their own to improve the involvement in the learning process. Gamification is the process in which the learning is promoted in the game forms to increase understanding through creative means and animated pictures. This is the modern approach that uses digital technologies to involve in the learning process to improve the outcomes.

Evaluate the modern techniques of learning that help in increasing individual ability

In the opinion of Rogers-Shaw, et. al.,(2018)modern techniques are helpful in the increment of an individual’s ability by various means. The modern techniques involve digital sources, Gamification, self-learning processes, social media involvement, and design thinking tools which helps in the increase in the ability to think for the problems in alternative ways to resolve it. The modern techniques are making the individuals solve the problems using their capabilities and thinking process which is enhancing their mental ability and capabilities to deal with the upcoming results of the given issues. The modern techniques are helping the situation of the individuals where they are being promoted and encouraged to use their own mental ability to deal with the situations. The tools like social media and Gamification are helping them in a better understanding of the situations regarding the issues. This is helping the individuals in increasing their abilities to perform in anunfavorable environment to deal with the hardships. The ability of the individuals can be promoted in this way where they can only depend on their strengths. The modern techniques are making them stand on their own feet and fight for the development and growth in their abilities.

Benefits of modern techniques of learning for individuals

According to the view ofColchester, et. al.,(2017)individuals are getting more than enough benefits from the modern techniques of learning. The individuals are nowadays following the modern techniques to perform the tasks given to them as the modern techniques of learning are helping them in such a way in which the task is more and clearer when the modern techniques of learning are being used. The digital mode of learning and Gamification are methods or techniques which are giving benefits of better understanding, improved mental ability, and an increase in the concentration. These are the benefits that are commonly achieved by individuals in the process of learning through the modern techniques of learning. The benefits also involve an increase in the interest of learning about various kinds of things. The modern techniques improve the eagerness to learn. The benefits in the modern techniques of learning are also helping in the increase in intelligent quotient in the individuals who are frequently using the modern techniques of learning. The individuals are faster to understand the learning than the other individuals as the benefits of the modern techniques as the modern techniques of learning is the future of the world to improve the abilities in the individuals to enhance the process of understanding and involvement of the abilities. 

Research Methodology

It is that process and method which is used to recognize, select, analyze, examine, and procedure the information about a specific topic. In this research, the methodology part enables the readers is to evaluate and determine entree study along with their validity and reliability.

Research Philosophy– It is a belief and value regarding how data regarding the phenomenon which should be collected, used, and examined. In this, the researcher has been used spate collection of phenomena to complete the entire study in their pre-decided time. There are three types of research philosophies which include positivism, realism, and interpretivism. These are common forms of philosophical analysis methods and tools(Maarif, 2016). Data has been used for reviewing of nature of research subject in this investigation by using positivism techniques. This has also allowed the researcher to autonomously and collect appropriate data accurately.

In this research, a positivism philosophywill be used to collect and gather accurate information to complete the study.

Research approach–It is the plan and process which mainly contains stepsof broad predictions to detailed tools of collecting methods, interpretation, and analysis. This is based on research nature and also helps in highlighting the research issues.It is that tool that enables the researcher to complete the investigation in better way(Zhou, 2017). Work has been finished in a professionalway which helps research approaches. There are mainly two types of research approach which involves deductive and inductive. In this, deductive is that approach that is concerned with formulating a hypothesis and it is based on current theory and then developing research tactics to analyze the hypothesis. Whereas, the inductive approach is also called inductive reasoning which begins with observations and models that are proposed towards the end of the investigation procedure as an outcome of the analysis and noticeable. The patterns and regularities are examined in order to achieve the conclusion and judgment.

For this study, the researcher will use a deductive approach that helps in evaluating any element of quantitative methods.

Data collection method–It is the procedure of collecting and measuring the information on variables of the interest in a systematic manner. It also allows one to answer stated research questions, evaluate results, and test the hypotheses. Along with this, it is a continuous cycle of analysis that assists in gaining accurate knowledge and determines the multiple variables. With the use of different data collecting methods, the selection system has been analyzed and effectively gathers important information for completing the study. The primary research in this investigation has been conducted by using the questionnaire. On the other hand, a secondary method is used to collect second-hand data with the use of journals, newspapers, books, magazines, case studies, and articles.

In this research project, the researcher will use both primary and secondary methods which help in developing the study more effective and systematic.

Research design – It is the group of methods and procedures under which the various measures are collected and analyzed for a specified variable thatis being used in the problem research.  The research design is the collective strategy that is required to combine the various parts of the study logically and coherently(Huda, et. al., 2018). This will ensure the addressing of the research problem effectively. This also contains the blueprint for the analysis, collection, and measurement of the data in the research process.

In this research, an investigator will use the descriptive design of research which helps in evaluating descriptive data and information to finish the study.

Data analysis – It is the process in which the data is being inspected, cleaned, transformed, and modeled in such a way that it will become useful information that is required to form the decision making and conclusions of the research method. The data analysis is the method in which the logical techniques and statistical techniques are used to evaluate and illustrate the data findings(Maarif, 2016). Data integrity is needed to be maintained in the process of data analysis which is being done by the appropriate and accurate analysis of the findings of research in the whole process.

Sampling method–It is that process that is used to select a sample number of people from a huge population. There are three methods of sampling which include simple random, stratified sampling, and cluster sampling(Ehsan, et. al., 2019). It is that method that enables the researchers to infer the data and information regarding the population and it is based on results from a subset of the population without having to examine every individual. Sampling techniques can be used in research survey software for optimum derivation effectively.

For this study, a simple random sampling method is best suitable as it helps in collecting accurate information of selected respondents and gather their views and opinions regarding the research topic. Researchers select 30 respondents for this study who are giving their opinions and views regarding the topic.


Ethical issues that can be anticipated and how these will be addressed

The ethical issues are the issues in which the organization needs to choose from the alternatives of what is right (ethical) and wrong (unethical). There are various kinds of ethical issues that arrive in the research process such as data analysis, redundant publication, authorship, and conflicts of interests. These are the ethical issues in which the organization needs to perform the ethical actions which are right to do(Ornellas, et. al., 2019). The ethical issues of authorship are the issue in which the authorship should be attained by the ethical means. In the data analysis process, accurate analysis should be done according to ethical means.

It is important for researchers are to focus on ethical issues which can create problems in the study. For this, they should adopt a Code of Ethics that can help in developing a course of action for the pursue. It helps in identifying the power and control in the situation. With the help of a code of ethics, the researcher can address the ethical issues which arise in the report and may create some problems while conducting the study. For this, they should evaluate the right of each party and duties which are assigned to them. Theresearcher should monitor their working and respondents should maintain privacy regarding the details of the study with anyone else.

Consideration of any risks involved with the chosen methodology, and how these will be managed

This is required for the researcher is to focus on considering and managing all the risk factors that can arise in the selected methodology. For this, they should select the best appropriate sampling otherwise they can face issues while collecting data and information from the respondents. in this research, investigator select 30 respondent which is the risk as research should be based on taking a large number of respondents views so they can easily evaluate their chosen participants opinions regarding how modern technology of learning enhancing the individual abilities in the proper manner. Along with this, researchers work on analyzing risk factors and maintain the risk properly. With the help of evaluating respondent’s numbers, they can easily select such an appropriate number of members while conducting the study(Chen Hsieh, et. al., 2017). The selected respondents also responsible for providing their opinions and response about modern technology which is a common technique for increasing learning activities. in current times, it is important for all the schools and universities is to focus on giving online learning platformsthat help students to enhance their knowledge and gain new information. The risk of sampling selection will be managed by analyzing the actual number of respondents and gather responsible participants who can give correct thoughts and responses towards the researcher. 

Work plan for the proposed study including Milestones and related tasks

Activity Time Taken
Research project topic selection Week 1


Research proposal Week 2 and 3
Data collection Week 4 and 5
Data analysis Week 6
Findings Week 7 and 8
Conclusion Week 9
Submission Week 10

 Study Skills and Research Methods Assignment B


From the above-described report, it is analyzed that modern techniques help in education which allows students to adjust their place of learning and feel comfortable. A student who needs extra time can spend more time to study through online methods. On the other such student who needs less support so they can continue ahead. This is free up to the teachers to support their children who need more assistance on a personal level.


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