Sustainable development goal (ZERO HUNGER)

1. Project Description

1.1   Your sustainable development goal(ensure you note the correct number and title of the SDG) The sustainable development goal (SDG) for the project is “ZERO HUNGER”.
1.2 Provide an example of how this issue has been dealt with in other projects or by other organisations.

Make sure you cite the example both intext and in the reference list.

Zero hunger is the second sustainable development goal for all over the world. There are various organizations that are targeting to achieve the goal of zero hunger. For example- United Nations is the organizations which are targeting to achieve the goal of zero hunger by 2030. This issue is created by different types of problems such as manmade conflicts, environmental factors and many more.
1.3 High level project description

(a)  In your description ensure that your project scope only includes what your team can deliver before the week 9 gallery. Make sure it is clear what your team will be delivering (output not outcome).

(b) Discuss what ideas you have incorporated from the example you have provided above and how your project differs from that example.

(a)The project scope for the whole team will be to work for the project goal’s fulfillment and achievement direction of zero hunger in all over the world. For this scope, the team will work in the way to consider the factors which are affecting the increasing rate of hunger in people. They can be manmade conflicts, wars, environmental factors, financial factors and different kinds of other reasons which are contributing for the increasing hunger rates. The project team will deliver the output in the form of identification of the factors influencing hunger problems in all over the world and then make strategies for reducing these factors for achieving the goal of zero hunger(Hendriks, et. al., 2017).

(b) The example of united nations fighting for the goal of zero hunger achievement includes long term duration for the issue of hunger in different parts of the world. The team project is different from the given example as the team project focuses on taking initiatives for the instant achievement of the goal of zero hunger in particular situation. The team project finds out about the influencers and then solves it using various strategies of mitigation.



Non-research project I confirm that this project will NOT require the collection of data from humans for the purposes of research.

And is not a research project in any other way.

(Therefore, no surveys, interviews, focus groups etc.)



Not related to Homelessness I confirm that this project is NOT related to the previous theme of ‘Homelessness’ YES/NO


2. Social Innovation

Social innovations are the practices of society which are performed to obtain the aims and objects of the social requirements in an innovative or different way which are better than the preexisting solutions. These solutions come out from the practices of community development or health development, education policies, or working conditions in the society. These practices work in the direction to achieve the goals for improving and powerful civil society(Creegan, et. al., 2020).

The project for achieving the sustainability goal of zero hunger is socially innovative in which the project team will work on the conditions to improve the situation of hunger in society. The new means will be used for social practice in which the society will contribute for fight with hunger. Any factor which will influence the hunger in society will be dealt in a new and innovative manner which will be socially innovative.


3. Stakeholders

Stakeholder name and organization


Contact details How will they be able to assist your project?


3.1 Local Communities   The local communities are the stakeholders which can assist in the project. The goal for zero hunger can be achieved by the contribution of the local communities such as providing food for the people who are suffering from malnutrition and other issues which is leading them towards hunger. The local communities are the stakeholders which are very important for goal of zero hunger in different parts of society(Szabo, et. al., 2018).
3.2 Volunteer groups and foundations   The volunteer groups and foundations of society are very important and can play an important role for assisting in the project. The volunteers will help in reaching the every end of social culture in people who are suffering from hunger due to different regions.
3.4 Explain how the above stakeholders enable you to increase your network in the industry that you would like to work in (as stated in your Baseline). The above stakeholders will be very useful for fulfilling the goal of zero hunger in society. The local communities and volunteer groups will increase the network of society to find out the reasons for hunger and malnutrition within society and the major steps that will help the society and project to reduce and help the people who are suffering from hunger due to environmental issues such as destroyed crops from extreme weather conditions, financial issues, homelessness and manmade conflicts. This will be helpful in fighting for these issues to reduce the levels of hunger in society.


4. High Level Schedule 

id Activity Name Week of term activity will be actioned
1. Project planning and tracking Project planning and tracking is the step in first week which is the process in which multiple tasks are done before the starting of the project. The understanding of the project is being created for all the team members and different aspects for the project will be learnt in this week.
2. Project resource management This is the work done in the second week activity in which the resources for the project will be managed. The project resource management is the activity in the project working where the resources to be used in the project activities will be managed such as the manpower, tools and network connections are some of the resources for this project.
3. Scope management Scope management is the activity of the third week in project development. This is the step in which the things to do in the project and things not to do in project will be decided. This is known as the scope management of the project. The work to do for zero hunger goals will be decided in the scope management.
4. Estimation management This is the fourth step in week activity in which the estimation for tools of requirements will be estimated. The estimation requirements can be cost, human resources, tools, networks, communication levels, and many more things.
5. Project risk management The expected risks for the project of zero hunger will be found out and how they will be managed will be the activity in the fifth week. There can be many risks such as low financial support, low agricultural aspects and many more.
6. Scheduling management In this week of activity, the activities to be done for the project completion will be scheduled for the whole team such as the tasks for each team member will be decided in this step.
7. Project communication management This is the step in which the communications for the various steps of project will be schedules and management in such a form that all the activities of the project management will complete without any complications.
8. Configuration management Configuration management is the step is the process of changing the requirements of the project and making modifications for the implementation procedures and steps which need to be followed by the team members of project.
4.2 Name the soft skill that you stated in your baseline and describe how this project will give you the opportunity to demonstrate that skill. Include which activities in the list above you or your project teammembers will use the skill. The soft skill of communication will provide various opportunities for demonstrating this skill in the project activities for all the team members will use this skill of communication in the project completion. The activities of project in which the networking of society need to be developed which will enhance the working of project(Banerjee, et. al., 2019). The communication will be helpful in project for telling society about the various means to improve agricultural outcomes which is major step for this project.

5. Human Resources

Name and student number of project team. Undergraduate Degree and past work experience highlights Describe how you believe each member of the team adds value to this project, with specific focus on their current skills and the knowledge they have gained from their undergraduate degrees and experience (if applicable).

Ensure that you include yourself as well.

Tony Under Graduate in management Tony has great knowledge for management from undergraduate degree. This will help in project management and team management for skills like organizing, scheduling, risk management, etc.
George Undergraduate in HR HR qualities of George will be helpful in dealing with people when making them experience the skills to deal with the hunger issues in society.
Mark Undergraduate in marketing The marketing skills will be helpful in project to advertise the actions taken for the zero hunger goals in society. This will gain popularity and support from people.
Team leader Undergraduate in management The team leader will manage the whole team and activities of group to deal with the hunger issues in society and zero hunger goal for sustainability.

6. Ethics and Risk Management

Risk Category Lessons Learnt and considerations for this project

Discuss the relationship to the project, including possible causes, likelihood and impact. You can use personal reflection or the experience of others. You must support your statements or description of others experience with reference to peer reviewed journal articles.


Strategy to manage the risk including how you will comply with relevant policies and procedures (also include the specific name of policy / procedure and the web link).

6.1 Academic Misconduct(Threat) It is major risk factor which are create negative impact on the project development where if a team members do not perform appropriate action towards the society people so this will create threat and it is considered as academic misconduct of rule(Sunderland, et. al., 2019). For this, team leaders focus on maintaining and developing proper knowledgeamong members and communicate with regarding such issue.
6.2 Student stress and anxiety(Threat) This is analyzed that some students are feel stressed and anxiety to the work while they are perform task in the project. This will create negative impact on their project development in which they should provide food to the needy people. For this, they need to provide rest to the students which is important to perform best delivering of their services.
6.3 Reputation of students and university (Threat and opportunity) I have learned that reputation of university is important for students. it is required for them is to gain accurate knowledge regarding how to behave with society and needy people. The main strategy which help reduces this threat is that students should perform such work which increase goodwill and image of the university.
6.4 Health and safety of students and stakeholders:

How will this project be able to run if there is a second wave of COVID-19 and we need to move back into lockdown with strict social distancing?  (Threat)

I have learned that it is difficult to provide food facilities to the needy people in the time of corona virus as government declare lockdown in thisno one could not go outside for anything. They are allowed if they have necessary work to complete otherwise they will be punishable. in this, they should maintain social distancing and focus on health and safety which is important(Blesh, et. al., 2019). For this, they need to maintain their health in the corona virus situation and concentrate on maintaining safety. The government announces that people need to stay with other person and maintain health and safety.
6.5 Describe any other risks associated with your project. The labour risk is main issue in which project manager need skilled and experienced for developing project. The main strategyof this threat is that they need to analyse and evaluate such employees who have skills to work in the project.


7. References

Make sure that your references comply with APA style and that all references and in-text references map to each other. These references will be checked to ensure they are applicable to the information they are used as references for. Falsificationof references are deemed academic misconduct.

Banerjee, O., Cicowiez, M., Horridge, M. and Vargas, R., (2019). Evaluating synergies and trade-offs in achieving the SDGs of zero hunger and clean water and sanitation: An application of the IEEM Platform to Guatemala. Ecological Economics161, pp.280-291.

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