Project Delivery – The report is based on Campaign Monitor that is a leading email marketing platform


Professional practice refers to conduct and performs work for someone from a particular profession in the company. The profession can be defined as an occupation that is necessary to extend the time of learning and training in a better manner. This is important for each professional employee is to put great efforts and provide effective facilities to the business so that they can attain increase income and profitability (Fischer, et. al., 2017). In addition to this, the organisation needs to provide compensation to the staffs which play an essential role and part the reliable place in an organization. Professional standards develop and design a capable level of the firm in which IT professionals play an important role in maintaining required data safety and concentrate on managing secure data.

The report is based on Campaign Monitor that is a leading email marketing platform and it includes 250,000 trusted clients across the world. They offer the best goods and facilities and customers are gaining such items with the help of marketing methods. The purpose of the report is to examine the role of important information technology professionals in an organization and how they play essential operations in a business environment. It helps in analyzing IT professional functions that manage and handle the secure associated issues which occur in business. 

Overview of an organization

Campaign Monitor is one of the leading email marketing platforms which is reliable of around 250,000 clients in all over the world. They offer the best services and products to the people and such individual easily buying their required products with the help of email marketing techniques. It is the software organizations with around 500 staff members who are perform working for achieving potential goals and objectives to enhance the reputation of the company in a large market place. The company headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee, Australia and it is privately regulated business and it was established in the 2004 year (Mesa, et. al., 2019).

They are specialized in computer software, email marketing automation, web analytics, product designing, and email marketing systems. The company gains the attention of its customers by delivering them the necessary products and services and also concentrate on their best quality facilities which are provided to them. It is required for them is to develop valid and reliable customers who are loyal and committed towards the form and purchase only their products and services. This will enhance their profitability and income level. In addition to this, the Campiagn monitor is the software development company that has different IT professional employees who perform work for managing and dealing with different types of data issues that occur in the firm. This is used to eliminate and reduces these issues and formulate effective software that heelflips to secure the required data and facts of an organization.

Role of IT Professional in the contemporary business environment and society more broadly

In business information, the information technology in the professional field has variant types of roles to be filled for multiple operations. The world of globalization includes the use of computers and other technological devices for various kinds of transaction in the business field and personal activities. The computer technology is being highly and prone used in the business culture for paying bills, sales, computing accounts and many other activities. For handling various kinds of computing activities in the business firms, every business unit requires an IT professional for handling these issues (Franz, et. al., 2017). The IT professional will take care of the issues regarding computing and data storage of the business. Campaign Monitor is a globally known technological organisation which provides email marketing service platform for the registered users of the company. The IT professional of Campaign monitor organisation plays an important role in the marketing performance of the company. There are various kinds of roles available which can be performed by the Information technology professional. These are as follows:

Help desk

The computer systems are machines which are prone to any disturbance and disruptive functionality. The computer machines can show any issues with the software part of the hardware part of the system which is why the IT professional is required to solve the issues. The help desk operators provide help to the customers of the campaign monitor company for the issues and troubles they face during the service providing process (Yun, et. al., 2016). The help desk IT professional of the company assists the customers for problems faced in using the company’s services. The IT professionals help the customers and the employees of the company in installing and maintaining the computer systems by debugging it from time to time. They can also help in training the employees and customers for properly using the computer systems and also train in using the concerning technologies for business purpose.

Network administration

The computer network maintenance is the responsibility of the IT professional in the business field. The flawless information and communication transfer in the network of the business computer systems is the primary job profile of the network administrator. The network administrator is the role of an IT professional in which the network is being handled in the company’s system installation (El Asmar, et. al., 2016). The type of network being used in the company is being decided by the network administrator which can be WAN, LAN or intranets and any other kind of network for sharing and communicating with different computer systems in the business field. The campaign monitor company’s network administrator IT professional deals with the communication and information transfer in the company and employees.


In the world of globalisation, the security of data and information for companies is a very important issue. The IT professional is also responsible for the security of the data theft and any kind of fraud being taken place in the company network. The IT professionals are highly used in the security purposes for designing and developing software for preventing cyber-attacks in the company. The campaign monitor company uses IT professional for preventing this cyber attacks and data theft from the internet of the computer systems of the company. These IT professionals attack the privacy of customers and rob confidential data from the campaign monitor company. This is a very important role in an IT professional regarding security.

Database analysis

This role of an IT professional in which the professional helps the company in saving and protecting the data and information regarding various operations in the company. The primary role of the database analysis IT professional is to secure the information related to sales, purchase, accounts, and other financial matters of the company (Yun, et. al., 2016). The campaign monitor company also have database analysis IT professional for securing the information of the economic situation of the company and other confidential data of the company.

Software developers

The software developer is an important role played by an IT professional. A software developer is the professional which develops specific software for use in the company which helps the company in a particular task to be executed. The campaign monitor company uses the IT profession software developer in updating the website of the company or in making specific software for the use in the company’s working process.

Software engineer

The IT professionals play the role of software engineers in the company where they are responsible for performing tests on the developed software by the software developer of the company (Cavka, et. al., 2017). The software engineers are the IT professionals which contain knowledge about the hardware and software codes of the developed program. The campaign monitor also has an IT professional in the role of software engineers for their software testing unit of the products developed for the users to consider their services for the email marketing of other business groups.

Understanding the function of IT professionals and what their impact should be to the enterprise

In an organization, information technology is important for enhancing growth and value along with gaining and reach with desired goals. IT assist in-store required data and evidence which protects the company important records in a better manner. Along with this, it can help to keep and safe information by enabling the senior users of the company to access, use, and withdraw the evidences at the risk. Moreover, they are work on securing the accurate and correct information of the company and helps in reduces major risks associated with the data safety in a proper manner. In Campaign Monitor, IT professionals play an important part to assist and help the network database and structure and also update the hardware system, eliminate mistakes and threats, and support team members in optimizing the data (FitzGerald, et. al., 2017). It is determined that IT professionals are mainly accountable for implementing and formulating Microsoft system which can be used by organization workers for performing their activities that include use excel for managing budget and cost of the business functions. This is important for staffs are to focus on managing data and information which is required for firm growth and increasing its growth in the market area. For this, they need to develop and form strategies with the help of achieving desired customers.

The function and role of the professional are to change business operations. Information technology division is the most important activity and they are offering technical solutions to the problems which outlined the business functions (Yun, et. al., 2016). Furthermore, they are using the IT system which can be used by form to perform various tasks. Some companies use the IT system for common processing of statement, on the other hand, it allows customers, distributors, suppliers, and communication with the company through the assistance of different communication technology.

Along with this, IT professional activities impact business functions and their operations properly. Recently, Information technology enhances innovation in business, and its outcomes in smart apps, improvement in data storage, a wide range of information distribution and fast data processing. Professionals’ workers are work on developing innovation that increases the growth and development level of the campaign monitor. They perform an activity in achieving customer and gives required data regarding the innovation goods and services. Through this, customers are impressed to use their innovation facilities and develop communication along with senior staff members of the company (Miller, et. al., 2019). The influence of IT on business operations helps in improve efficiency and increase workflow. Information technology supports in formulating automated process for the business. It does not assist in reduces the cost of business functions but also saves time.

With the assistance of professional IT workers, a campaign monitor can enhance and increase the operations and achieve wide income and revenue. It is essential for employees are to perform work according to their abilities and skills and they should concentrate on formulating such security systems that assist in reducing the cost of an organization. Moreover, IT experts are work on installing and managing a computer network system in the company and their main role ensure that network is smoothly running their business operations. They should determine and install accurate software and hardware that are attaining to keep and safe the network in an effective way. Information technology helps businesses in improving competence and increase manpower (Webb, et. al., 2017). IT systems help in developing and building the automatic process for the smoothly running of business operations. In addition to this, these employees do not help in eliminating the value of company functions but it assists in saving time and money. The save time can be used to focus on other works, thus it continuously operating business activities properly. It is important for a Campaign monitor is to concentrate on formulating an effective structure that is associated with the IT that assists them in manages the business operations and maintain data safety.

 Enhancement in information technology has covered the different tools of various innovations in an organization. With the new digital information, some business increases leverage advantages of digital tools to improve their assumptions. In recent time, IT is the significant department which helps in maintaining safety systems and also helps in covert the process to finish development and success phase. It helps in giving business scope which assists in analyzing the data and plan effective strategies properly. It also uses information technology which means that data analysis is accurate, appropriate profitability, and income. IT professionals perform work on formulating business procedures to manage and maintain a system that operates information and data of the firm. Also, IT provides competences and abilities to get work completed. Along with this, it assists in the concentrate on examining and evaluating business functions to manage the information technology process effectively. Campaign monitor is computer software which mainly works to provide different goods and facilities to the clients and fulfill their needs and demand with the use of marketing tools.

Problems related to Information technology in the business

It has been analyzed that technology rapidly changes in the current period. Most of the organization faces a various form of IT-related issues in the working. There are some of the problems which also face by Campaign Monitor in giving effective services of emails to their desired clients that are described as under:

Network and data security – these are not the issue which is faced by the companies. Every firm is at risk of being hacked by some threat of an organization. The company that is small in size and do not have an accurate system for the security so they are facing such issues in which their data has been hacked by an unknown user (Calisher, et. al., 2020). Currently, cyberattacks are very common for the business where the hackers attach the company server and steal all important data. Campaign monitors also face the risk of being hacked. The most essential data that can be hacked from the company system will directly influence the privacy of clients’ information.

Data backup issues – An organization face problem to the backup of important data. The system exists in any firm is consists of a huge amount of information which assists in arranging the required information of staff and clients as well. Data is essential for the company to deal with its potential customers. Campaign monitor also faces such risks in which they can lose data. For this, they require to do a backup of whole business data which is important for company growth and customer retention.

Inappropriate power protection – Insufficient power is the main problem where the system works mainly depends on the power supply to the business (Yun, et. al., 2016). It is analyzed that when the power of the working system is to deliver the supply effectively so that company work has been affected by this. This is essential for firm workers are to complete their daily tasks at a given time but due to insufficient power, they do not complete such work. An ineffective supply of power affects the working systems in a campaign monitor that directly influences the facilities provided to their clients.

Poor backup strategies – The other main issue which occurs in IT organization in which poor backup tactics are executed that resultant in total loss of required data. It has been analyzed the firm which is used poor backup so they may lose more data as compared to others. Campaign Monitor also comes under the problems of poor backup tactics. Such backup of data is related to regular business operations of the firm which is essential for an organization.

No, IT Plan – The quality of research is essential for the company functions and operational activities. Most of the companies do not take accurate steps in such an area of information technology. Moreover, it directly impacts on the company operations in various ways. IT plan is required for working and business operation is performed well. An information technology plan is an essential part of the company working in which the regular working gets impacted by the computer systems (Vaona, et. al., 2018). Campaign Monitor also comes under the risk of not planning the IT facilities which are provided to the desired customers of the firm. The workers of an organization required to manage and maintain work and planning the IT services for the functions performed of the firm and facilities offers to the firm.

Hardware and software problems – In every company, customer facilities should provide to satisfy them. Thus, software and hardware issues occur at the time of performing business functions. Both problems arise when the company faces technical issues that also arise while perform working in a better manner. The issue associated with the software occurs at the time of technical problems in the functions. Hardware issues arise while harm and damage happen to the system on an external level and other forms of wiring issues arise in an organization. Campaign monitors also face some problems related to software and hardware and such issues are solved with the assistance of software engineers or some experts.

Research methodologies to justify the changes

In this, the research method is a systematic procedure and it is used to analyze the Campaign Monitor information technology issues effectively. This is mainly used to identify and examine the related issues of the IT professional and properly collect data (Kahvandi, et. al., 2017). The knowledge and information can be access to gain by using accurate research methodologies that assist in resolving business issues of Campaign Monitor based on the reliable and appropriate conclusion. The qualitative approach is taken on analyzing the IT professional functions and their impacts on the business functions and operations.

Qualitative method

In this, the qualitative approach should be implemented to resigning the impact on the IT professional in the Campaign Monitor. Along with this, it assists in identifying the major issue associated with the information technology that is faced by the company. They are mainly concentrating on formulating and developing a proposed solution which helps them in improving higher growth and success level.

Data collection methods

A secondary approach for the data collection is used to analyze the papers, journals, and blogs and the topic experience that can be attained and by which IT associated issues can be easily identifying in-depth manner (Luo, et. al., 2017). Campaign Monitor needs to collect and gather accurate data from the internal as well as an external way to highlight some issues that described under:

  • Data backup problem
  • Data safety and security
  • Cloud confusion

Data analysis

In this, Campaign Monitor can use the important data that process and mining technologies for the research. an investigator converts the raw data into accurate market knowledge by using such methods for analyzing real business issues. It is important for IT professional is to concentrate on examining the problems which occur within an organization. In addition to this, it helps to reduce costs and improving the business operations to gain potential goals effectively.

Interpretation Techniques 

After collecting and assembling data with the use of the secondary tool, the main focus of the Campaign Monitor is to identify the accurate outcomes and results effectively. An organization requires examining and interprets results that are best and necessary for the research methodologies. Campaign Monitor management will know the main reason behind the issue with the help of data analysis. In this, content analysis has been used to evaluate company data and analyze them in a better manner (Wu, et. al., 2019). Content research mainly included in determining and evaluating the various textual and accurate materials in the Campaign Monitor. In addition to this, company management should concentrate on getting accurate results to find out the outcomes and evaluate data collected properly.

Campaign Monitor must alter and change the business operations and also applied the effective technology which is correct for the business. Also, it assists in examining IT-related issues to concern on business functions and formulate software for safe their data. Data security is an essential process for the company as it will help in kept important information confidential and secure way. It helps in keeping all the data to improving the company’s condition and analyzing the data properly.

Proposed solutions for the IT problems

Information technology is important for every company to store and manage their data that are necessary for business functions. IT professionals must secure and save the required folders and files of the necessary company. The issues arise in the business which can help in resolve with the help of various types of solutions and it is based on problems faced while working with computer systems. Some of the solutions are explained that assist Campaign Monitor to solve their problems that described as follows:

Appointing network management – The issue related to the network security can be resolve by the use of appointing the network administrator that will account for the safety of the channel from external issues and cyber attacks (Whyte, 2019). The role of the network manager includes securing the network which is being used by the firm. Campaign Monitor focus on make their network secure by the use of firewalls. This helps in securing and safe the data transform from the internal system within an organization.

Backup policy – Such a policy requires to be executed in case of a data backup problem in which information loss as one or another issue arising in the company. The data loss happens in the firm and it became a vital point that affects the regular working and operations. Data backup strategies need to executed and perform data backup daily. This will assist in saving time from any issue arising in their system. The backup policy of the data helps in maintaining business functions and operations.

Hire software engineer – IT organizations also face issues that are associated with software and hardware. Such problems can be resolved by the assistance and support of software specialists. Such a software engineer’s main motive is to analyze both hardware and software current conditions. The manipulation of both systems comes under the work accountability of software experts (Elghaish, et. al., 2020). The function and role of this engineer are to secure the data and working systems of the company. They are tested and check the problem by using some equipment.

IT strategic planning – Some of the organization managers are focus on form strategies for dealing with arising issues. Such problems can be resolve by using accurate planning and developing tactics for the execution of various facilities. Planning is the only solution to various types of issues that arise in an organization and related to the IT areas. All these issues can be solved by arranging, organizing, and planning and so more. By implementing such methods, such issues can be resolved in the working capacity by the assistance of the current working workforce in an organization.

Protect the network – This is required for IT workers are to prevent and save the network which helps in overcoming such issues that protecting the software application. They should focus on managing and maintaining security integration over the whole product life cycle (Yun, et. al., 2016). It is required for the IT professional is to combine the cloud tactics and properly save the image of data. IT specialists need to apply the appropriate technology of security of data and information for each potential threat and evolution of these problems.


Based on the above-mentioned data, it can be concluded that IT professionals work on improving business development and growth as well as reduces the cost of the firm in a proper manner. It is important for them is to focus on maintaining and managing business functions associated with information technology and methods. Some of the issues arise in a company relating to IT security, the safety of data, too much paperwork, and many more. If the Campaign Monitor takes assistance to the IT professionals so that they can easily work on reducing major issues and increase their income. There are certain solutions also described in this report which helps in resolving issues. For this, they are concentrating on keeping all data and information in a confidential manner that helps in maintaining computer systems. Such are maintained by IT professionals daily and determine these changes.


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