To Analyze the Influence of Leadership on Employees for Business Success


This research project is based on analyzing the major influence of leadership on the company employees’ business success. In every organization, leaders are an essential component for gaining success and growth in the large market place. In most cases, leaders have the ability and capability to influence their employees to work hard and motivate them to reach with desired goals and objectives effectively. The leaders help the employees in providing the required knowledge and inspire them to encourage their co-workers to perform great work in a better manner. They are motivating their followers or workers to lead towards developing innovative and creativeproducts that assist them in achieving potential goals and targets in a better way.

The report is based on ALDI which is a supermarket retail chain and they providea variety of products and services to their customers for satisfying their needs and wants properly. Thepurpose of this project is to analyze the leadership influence of the ALDI on their staff members for gaining success and a higher development level. Moreover, the report includes a description of justification and the desired output of the study related to the topic of leadership influence on employees for business success. Besides this, this report covers a brief discussion of the research methodology of the chosen topic about business success. 

Research Problem Statement

The basic concept of leadership states that it is an important factor that assists company employees to perform work hard to reach set goals and this will help them in acquiring the required success or growth level. But sometimes it is difficult for an organization is to select capable workers who can lead the other workers and motivate them to perform well and achieve the potential objectives of the company(Ahmed, 2018). For this, most of the companies are hiring trainers to train and provide knowledge to the employees regarding how to become leaders and how to maintain their staff members in the business. If the leaders are not good so that the company faces great loss and all the employees are dissatisfied with their job which can lead the high turnover in the organization.

Along with this, ineffective leadership reduces the encouragement and motivation level among employees and by this they do not analyze the success level of the firm in a proper way. It has been analyzed that some of the leaders cannot lead their workers and could not capable to provide themthe right direction where they attain goals for an organization.

Research Aims and Objectives

Research Aim: “To analyze the Influence of leadership on employees for business success” A case study on ALDI

Research Objectives:

  • To understand the role of leadership in the ALDI
  • To evaluate the influence of leadership on employees for business success of ALDI
  • To analyze the benefits of leadership for motivating employees in ALDI

Research Questions:

  • What is the role of leadership in the ALDI?
  • How to evaluate the influence of leadership on employees for the business success of ALDI?
  • What are the benefits of leadership for motivating employees in ALDI? 

Justification and potential output of the research

By reviewing all the articles relating to leadership influence are describedwithin the research proposal report on the topic of the influence of leadership on employees for business success in the context of ALDI. With the help of this, it is easily gain knowledge about how the leaders of an organization work to influence their employees towards attaining higher business growth that is beneficial for the company development level(Bakari, et. al., 2017). The conducted investigation is important for further research in terms of leadership which plays an essential role in delivering an accurate direction to the firm workers by which they can lead towards achievingpotential goals.

The conducted study also involves the efficiency of the potential output in terms of leadership influence on the staff members for gaining high success and develops goodwill in the large market place. The research discusses the leadership which influences and motivates their employees to work hard and reach set targets of an organization. For this, the company selects such capable leaders who are effectively performing their role and understand the importance of business success for the firm in the huge market area. 

Conceptual Framework

To understand the role of leadership in the ALDI

As per the view of Chin, et. al., (2019)ALDI is a chain of supermarkets with a global range. The supermarket stores range from 20 different countries and have around 10,000 stores in all over the world. As per the ALDI reaches the global range, the role of leadership also becomes complicated with the increment in the responsibilities. Leadership is a phenomenon in which the followers follow the saying of the leader and get inspired to work hard to achieve their goals. There are different roles of leadership in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the organization simultaneously with the success in achieving the individual goals of the workers in their career. The setting of goals and objectives, organizing, coordination, motivation, direction, initiating action, improving morale, linking management with workers is some of the major roles of leadership in any organization.

In the opinion of Dunne, et. al., (2016)the role of leadership in the ALDI chain of supermarkets is similar to any other organization. The store manager serves the role of leadership in the ALDI in taking the lead to significantly impact the culture for the employees and the customers of the company. The store manager applies his/her personality and temperament in the business decisions for the growth and development of the company. The leadership in ALDI Company handles the coordination between the staff in the supermarket stores and manages the smooth working of the operations of the daily job. It is the role of the leadership in ALDI to keep the interest in the job alive. This will enhance the performance of the workers. The leadership should promote the attention towards the consumers which increases the customer’s visit rate in the ALDI Company.

The leadership in the ALDI Company needs to improve the motivation and morale of the employees for hard work and hence inspire them towards their individual goals in their career which will eventually help in improving their performance towards their job and help in the growth and development of the ALDI Company. The major role of the leadership in ALDI involves the fulfillment and balance between two major key factors of the management field which include the task direction and people management. The autocratic leadership style is helpful in the ALDI Company to make employees efficient and effective in completing their work. Task-oriented leadership also enhances the involvement of people management as the key factor for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the company.

To evaluate the influence of leadership on employees for business success of ALDI

According to the view of Hoffman, (2017)Leadership plays an important role in the success of the business of ALDI by influencing employees in various ways. The employees receive various kinds of impact from the leadership of the company which motivates them, improves their morale, and helps them in succeeding in their goals and objectives which eventually help the company in achieving success in their business. There are a direct impact and connection between the leadership and the businesses’ success and their development. The role of the leader company involves the formation of visions, values, and employee’s motivation which influences the employees of ALDI Company to work beyond their working style to fulfill the demands of the business to succeed in their objectives and aims. The leaders in ALDI are responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of the work done under his/her supervision. The employees get influenced by the leadership in such a way that they get highly motivated, their morale boosts up and their power will increase to achieve the goals and objectives for the company’s benefits and success.

The business of ALDI includes retail marketing in which the employees need to be highly motivated to achieve and attain their milestones which can be beyond their working criteria. But these milestones can be achieved through the influence of proper leadership in the company. The employees give all their might in the success of the business of ALDI in the influence of the leadership which also helps the employees in attaining their achievements for their career growth and development. The leadership improves the business culture and structure with its positive influence. The customers also get attracted to the high and boosted the morale of the employees of the company. The more consumers arrive in the company, the more will be the rate of success for the ALDI Company(Jackson, 2017). The organizational behavior of the ALDI Company will improve as the leaders will help the employees of the company to respond to changes in the company. This will facilitate organizational success as the responsibilities will be created in the company and the accountability in the employees will be generated in the company. This will help in succeeding in the business by influencing the employees for working hard to achieve the goals and objectives of the ALDI Company. Thus the leadership of ALDI will help in the business success with employees influencing.

To analyze the benefits of leadership for motivating employees in ALDI

In the words of Popli, et. al., (2017)Leadership is an important factor in the success of business organizations as they get various benefits of leadership in the company. Similarly, the ALDI Company receives various benefits from the leadership roles in the company but the benefits from motivated employees are the most beneficial for ALDI Company. The leadership provides various kinds of benefits to the company and the employees such as organizational changes, organization behavior, morale-boosting, setting goals and objectives, creating initiations, and many more. These roles are important for the business activities but the major benefits that ALDI Company receives from the role of leadership involve motivating employees by leadership. The leadership helps in motivating the employees in ALDI which provides various kinds of benefits like improving employee performance, increased engagement in business activities, enhanced role in customer service, better connectivity with management, and many more.

These are the benefits that ALDI receives from the leadership in motivating the employees. There is a saying that one highly motivated employee in a company is better than 100 de-motivated employees. Leadership involves the factors which improve and enhance the roles of the employees in the company. These factors motivate the employees to go beyond their working responsibilities to enhance the overall performance of the company with the help of their enhanced performance. A motivated employee not only do his work on best terms but also encourages other employees to fulfill their responsibilities to farthest which benefits the ALDI company. The employees get their morale boost up when motivated by the leadership to achieve and attain their goals and objectives to be successful in their life(Rangus, et. al., 2017). This morale enhancement in the employees of ALDI will eventually benefit the company in succeeding in their business activities. The productivity in the company will improve as per the performance of each employee who gets motivated by the leadership. The problem of absenteeism in the company will reduce and the employees will become content towards their job responsibilities. The resigning of staff will reduce as the manpower of the company will increase as a benefit of employee motivation from leadership in ALDI Company. As the retail market trading will increase for ALDI because of the benefits of the employee motivation which will improve the image of the company in the market place and enhance the market share.

To analyze the Influence of leadership on employees for business success

Fig: Conceptual Framework

The described conceptual framework reflects the influence of the leadership on gaining business growth with the help of employees. This shows the benefits of leadership and how this helps in increasing the reputation of the company in the large market place.


Ho: Leadership does not impact on employees for gaining organizational success

H1: Leadership has a positive impact on employees for gaining organizational success


To effectively examine and analyze the research aims and objectives of the research proposal, the methodologies are described as under:

Literature review

For the secondary data, different literatures will be reviewed and evaluated in terms of this investigation. Thus, data and information are accessible from the various sources that include Google scholar, articles, journals and so more. With the help of this, the researcher assists in collecting accurate and relevant data that are used for completing whole research.

Research approach and source of data

The research consists of various types which include primary and secondary methods for collecting data on the topic of leadership influence on employees for business growth(Seto, et. al., 2016). For this study, the researcher selects a secondary method that is used for properly completing the whole research. It allows forcollectingthe best suitable information related to the topic. The researcher gathers only accurate and relevant data to finish the project effectively.

Data collection

In this project, the data collection is the process that helps in gathering correct information that is used for properly developing a relevant study. the investigation formulae arebased on required data and information which are collected from the data collection technique which allows gathering information with the help of differentways that includes surveys, interviews, questionnaire, and many more(Sousa, et. al., 2019). By investigating the topic of leadership influence on staff members for increasing business growth level is the most appropriate secondary method which is conducting surveys on the employees of ALDI.

Data analysis method :It is a method of research methodology in which the data and information are collected in the form of statistics with the use of various analytical tools. There are various kinds of methods are included in the data analysis method which is as follows:

Qualitative data analysis method :This is a method for research in which the information and data are gathered in the non-statistical form with the use of various approaches like interviews, literature reviews, and the observations of the influence of leadership on employees and business success(Syafriansyah, et. al., 2019). This is an effective technique of research that can help in the finding of influence of leadership on the employees’ behavior and the business success rate through observation of various information and data facts.

Quantitative data analysis method: In this research method, the numerical data and information are collected from various sources to find about the influence of the leadership in employees and business success through different methods like questionnaires, polling, and surveys. This method can be proved to be helpful in the findings of the influence of leadership in employee’s behavior and business success(Waldron, 2017).

Proposed data collection and analysis techniques

The different data collection and analysis techniques such as target population for research conduction, sampling methods are used for the data collection techniques and analysis conduction which helps in research methodology in various ways. The topic selected can be analyzed with the proposed techniques and strategies for finding out the results of the analysis.


For the study of leadership and its influence on organizational growth and success, the workers of the ALDI are targeted that are consisting around 15,000 staff members.

Sampling method

The researcher selects a random sampling method for selecting the respondents in a large group of population. The sample size of this study is 30 respondents who are given their views and opinion regarding the leadership impact on employees for attaining success in the company.

Variables and analysis

In this, the research is reflected as a dependent variable because investigation demonstrates the positive impacts of leadership and its influence on company growth in the organization(Waldron, 2017). The analysis of the research is conducted on the qualitative method as it helps in collecting and gathering appropriate information related to ALDI annual reports and financial statements in a proper manner. 

Research Project Organisation, Budget, and Schedule

Organization of the study:

The organization of the whole investigation is described as follows:

  • The first chapter presents the research proposal on the specific topic
  • The second chapter evaluates the project justification and the potential output in regards to leadership
  • The third chapter includes the conceptual frame work about the literature review on the influence of leadership on business success
  • The fourth chapter shows the research methodology which includes methods of sources, approaches, data analysis, and collection.
  • The fifth chapter involves a summary of factors like project activities, budget, and Gantt chart.

Budget: It reflects the costs which are necessary to carry out this research and it ensures the completion of study along with considering each activity in the investigation(Waldron, 2017). The budget refers to the approximate cost estimation at the time of conducting research and the layout of the budget is described based onthe chosen topic:

Research Activities Estimated Cost
Recognize the problem, aim, objectives and scope $2000
Research project justification and potential outputs $1,000
Conceptual Framework $2000
Methodology $1000
Project Organization $800
Total Estimate Budget $6800


Project Activities

This activity reflects the tasks which are performed at the time of conducting the study and it defines various lines that are consumed in the research proposal. The different project activities of the related research are described as follows:

Activity Start date End date Required time
Identification of problem, aim, objectives and scope 25th February 2020 2nd march 2020 1 week
Research project justification and potential outputs 3rd march 2020 9th march 2020 1 week
Conceptual Framework 10th march 2020 16th march 2020 2 weeks
Methodology 17th march 2020 23rd march 2020 1 week
Project Organization and budget allocation 24th march 2020 30th march 2020 2 weeks
Development of Final Report Presentation 31st March 2020 13th April 2020 1 week


Activity (in weeks) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Identification of problem, aim, objectives and scope
Research project justification and potential outputs
Conceptual Framework
Project Organization and budget allocation
Development of Final Report Presentation



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