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Culture is considered as values that direct behavior of people. Company hires people with different culture those who work together and contribute well in accomplishing goal of business unit. Gender discrimination creates issue for the organization in retaining talent in workplace for longer duration (Henze, 2020). This is important for the firm to manage cultural diversity by implementing effective HR practices. This can aid firm in gaining success in market. Current study will review literature on importance of managing cultural diversity,. It will conduct primary research and will analysis the data. Study will highly research methods that are chosen for this investigation and will give justification for these methods.

LO 1

P1 Research proposal


            Equality and diversity can be defined as approach that is used by companies in which firms give respect to each employee without looking at their age, gender, race, culture etc. Equality act 2010 indicates that this is responsibility of employer that to treat all its staff members equally. Every employee in business unit needs to get equal pay and equal promotional opportunity. If person is being discriminated at workplace then individual has right to raise their voiced against this discrimination. Managing culture diversity is the great approach that helps firms in gaining trust of its talented workforce and helps the organisation in gaining more business opportunities (Thapa, 2020). Managing culture diversity works as key element for managing workforce in significant manner.  This aids the enterprise in raising productivity of firm and retaining staff in the organisation for longer duration. There are many companies where women are facing discrimination. These women are not considered as equal as man in the business. Man managers saw these female employees as less productive. Though these female workers are spending the same time in the organisation, putting same efforts and giving the same results as man employees’ are giving but still they are not being promoted. This demotivate them and affect their moral as well. This is responsibility of employer that to make effective human resource policies so that such kind of discrimination can be eliminated and every person can get equal respect and right in organisation (Skaggs, Kmec and Bae, 2020).


            The reason of carrying out this investigation is that this is the burning issues. Hotel industry is treating their female candidates unequally. These women are not getting rights to get promoted because managers think that these female employees are unable to handle their work and family properly. This is the major causes which are affected hotel industry to great extent. Hence researcher has taken this topic so that causes can be found and proper solution to resolve that issue can be suggested (Scott, 2020). Furthermore, scholar studied organisational behaviour hence have knowledge about this subject area. This knowledge has raised interest of scholar in this topic and individual has chosen this topic for further investigation. There are many authors those who have conducted their studies on the same subject in past. By this way scholar can get huge ideas that would be easy to carry this investigation hence availability of resources is another reason behind selection of managing cultural diversity topic.


            This study will be beneficial for companies where high level of discrimination is present and employees are unable to perform their job well. This study will encourage companies to find strategies to resolve that matter. Furthermore, this will improve workplace performance and retention of employees in Hilton hotel because company would get ideas to manage cultural diversity in significant manner (Al Muqarshi, Kaparou and Kelly, 2020).


            “To analysis the importance of managing cultural diversity at workplace: A study on Hilton Hotel”


  • To understand the conceptual framework of cultural diversity
  • To identify impact of gender discrimination on overall performance of company
  • To find out strategies to manage cultural diversity in Hilton hotel and eliminating gender discrimination in Hilton Hotel

Research questions

  • What is the meaning of cultural diversity?
  • To what extent gender discrimination has impact over company’s performance?
  • How company can manage culture diversity and can eliminate gender discrimination in business unit?

Proposed research methods

            Researcher will apply interpretivism research philosophy; human being will be involved to gain insight detail about managing cultural diversity. Scholar is going to apply primary and secondary both data collection sources. Individual will use questionnaire as primary source and books and journals as secondary source for analysing research problems deeply and finding answers of research questions. Furthermore, thematic analysis tool will be applied; as this investigation would be qualitative hence scholar will prepare themes and will represent data through graphical manner (Thunø and Ifversen, 2020).

Research Plan

Selection of research topic         
Formulation of objectives and research questions         
Gathering data         
Conducting literature review         
Selection of research methods         
Data Analysis         
Framing conclusion         
Edition and final submission of project         

Literature Review

            As per the view of Bradley, (2020) culture diversity is result of believes, values of employees. In the globalised era it has become essential for firm to hire people from different culture. These diverse workforces share their innovative ideas and perform well in the firm. This aids the firm in enhancing workplace productivity to great extent. There are many companies that are considering gender, race, age etc while recruiting people and giving them promotion. If people are being hired on the bases of their race, gender then it demotives other and deserving candidate fail to get equal development opportunities. BATCH, (2020) argued that cultural diversity needs to be maintained but if it is not managed then enterprise can face issue of conflicts at workplace. Lack of respect, high level of discrimination always creates difficulty for the employees to perform their duties in significant manner. Discrimination makes the employees negative and restricts their workplace performance as well.

            According to Henze, (2020) companies are required to make effective written policies in order to manage diverse culture workforce in significant manner. Written policies indicate that if any kind of discrimination is taking place in business then company has right to take strict action against the person.  There should be non-discrimination laws and fair compensation policies. This strategy would motivate all members and they will be able to work better. This will help organisation in retaining talented staff members in the firm for longer duration. Thapa, (2020) argued that providing sensitivity training is great strategy that can help business in giving respect to values of other culture people. This will help in eliminating discrimination in organisation.

            As per the view of Scott, (2020) culture diversity brings innovative ideas in the firm as all the people with different culture share their new ideas through which firm can improve its current practices and can gain competitive advantage. This make employees feel that firm is giving respect to its employees hence they will be loyal and committed towards the workplace. Culture diversity management gives benefit to organisation in enhancing reputation of firm in market, as employees will be loyal and they will serve to consumers well. This will enhance satisfaction level of employees and they will give good reviews about the firm. This would result in generating high profit in the business unit. By hiring diverse workers firm can conduct operations under the legal direction which helps in eliminating future complexities and sustaining in market for longer duration. Workplace culture diversity management encourage workers and they feel happy. By this way these people work hard so that company can accomplish its goal successfully. Al Muqarshi, Kaparou and Kelly, (2020) stated that in order to reduce employee turnover firm is required to improve culture diversity practice so that employee feel satisfied and work for longer duration in business unit. Otherwise enterprise will have to spend huge cost on recruitment. There is need that talented staff work in firm effectively hence this is duty of managers to eliminate discrimination and measure performance of each person on the bases of their performance rather than gender or race. Companies those which are making efforts to hire pool of diverse candidates always get advantage of earning high profit and gaining competitive advantage. Firm become able to utilise skills of diverse workforce in effective manner that supports in understanding clients better and serve them according to their needs. This is the best way through which business can sustain in market for longer duration.

P2 Primary and secondary research

            Primary research is considered as type of research in which data is collected by the scholar own self.  Individual go directly to population and observe their behaviour or ask questions to them. This is considered as best toll as individual can get fresh detail about subject area and can answer research questions in significant manner. There are various methods that can be used by scholar in order to conduct primary research such as questionnaire, survey, interview etc. All these are able to give realistic information about cultural diversity at workplace and its importance (Sovacool, Del Rio and Griffiths, 2020). Primary data contains high cost as researcher needs money or travelling, software application etc. All such things enhances financial burden of scholar. It also requires huge time to gather such primary details. On other hand primary data always help investigator in getting actual and current facts that enhances quality of study to great extent. These details are highly related with current subject only hence scholar becomes able to reach to desired end research and accomplish research aim greatly.

            Secondary research is another type of research in which secondary data is being applied to conduct any investigation. These secondary sources are books, journals, internet articles, etc. All these material give insight detail about subject area and aids the scholar in answering research questions easily (Rajasinghe, 2020). These details are already available for every one hence scholar can finish study in less time. Furthermore, less cost incur in secondary research. But secondary studies uses out dated data and old information that sometimes is different from current organisational situation hence quality of findings can get affected.

LO 2

P3 Research methods and consideration of cost, access, ethical issues

            Research methodology is the tool that is applied by researcher to carry an investigation in systematic manner.

  • Research philosophy: Present study took assistance of interpretivism philosophy. Involvement of theories has helped scholar in developing understanding about research area and knowing more about the cultural diversity and its importance to business. Application of interpretivism supported in involving human being and enhancing subjective view related to topic (Khairuldin and et.al 2020).
  • Research design: In order to conduct this research scholar has considered descriptive research design. This is the best tool that has supported individual in describing each objective deeply and gathering theories related to topic. Descriptive design makes this study simple and effective. By this way theoretical view point is being developed which supported in answering research questions in significant manner.
  • Research approach: Researcher has considered inductive approach, this is most effective in qualitative studies. Present research on managing cultural diversity is qualitative in nature hence scholar has applied inductive method. Scholar has gathered material, observed that data and developed theory (Trimmer, 2020). This theoretical developed is most effective in evaluating details and answering research questions in significant manner.
  • Data collection: This is another element of research that always supports scholar to gather insight detail about subject area. Scholar has applied primary and secondary both data collection sources. Questionnaire is used for gathering primary information. This questionnaire has supported in collecting current factual and highly related data. On other hand researcher has also applied secondary data sources such as journals, books, internet article. This has supported person in developing understanding about subject area and answering research questions in significant manner (Frost and et.al., 2020). Implementation of primary and secondary sources has helped investigator in reaching to end results and finding answers of research questions.
  • Sampling: In order to conduct study on managing cultural diversity scholar has used random sampling method. This is simple and effective method that is applied in qualitative studies. The main purpose of considering random sampling is to eliminate biasness and involve people randomly so that generalised answers can be collected. Researcher has involved 25 employees of Hilton hotel as sample. They have participated in this investigation and given answers of questions (De Groot and Spiekerman, 2020).
  • Data Analysis: Present study considered thematic analysis technique, this is so effective method and most suitable as well. This has helped scholar in preparing themes and graphs. Interpretation is done on the bases of graphical presentation. This graphical presentation clearly show the importance of managing cultural diversity at workplace


This is responsibility of researcher that to ensure completion of entire research project within allotted budget only.  Cost and expenses are highly depended upon how lengthy is research project. Present research on managing cultural diversity is interesting topic. Scholar has to invest some amount to carry this study. Buying stationary items, transportation, gathering material etc. all will incur cost to project (DATTA, 2020). Cost of this research project is 1000 USD. In this budget scholar would manage entire activities properly and will finish this project within set deadline.


 This is important element that has an impact over quality of entire research. Study will access all relevant sides and website that researcher is authorised to use. Individual has not used any unauthorised site without taking permission. All the quality material related to managing cultural diversity is involved in this research that supported scholar in answering all research questions properly (De Groot and Spiekerman, 2020).

Ethical issues:

This plays significant role in research, Individual has taken prior permission from all participants through consent letter; this letter is sent to them on their email address. They have read all guidelines and have signed it. Furthermore, investigator has involved human being into this research. In addition, study has not harmed any individual’s feeling as all people are given respect and are given right to skip questions. Data confidentiality is maintained and data related to this study is not shared with others. Researcher has taken care of dignity of all members that has helped in developing trust between scholar and human participants.

P4 Findings or Data Analysis

Theme 1: Working length in firm

Less than 6 months2
Between 1-2 year10
Between 2-4 years5
More than 5 years8


Interpretation: From the above table it is identified that 10 out of 25 respondents are working in Hilton between 1-2 years. 8 participants have replied that they are in business from more than 5 years. From the above data it can be interpreted that Hilton hotel generally have employees between 1-2 year old. Workers do not retain in firm for longer duration.

Theme 2:  happy with work culture of company

Not sure3

Interpretation: 10 out of 25 respondents have replied that yes Hilton has happy culture where employees receive rewards and attractive pay scale. On other hand 12 out of 25 participants have said that firm does not have happy culture because high level of gender discrimination is presented which demotivate people and they leave their job soon.

Theme 3: extent Hilton hotel prioritize inclusion of cultural diversity in its employees

Not considered8
To some extent13
To great extent4

Interpretation: 13 out of 25 answerers have answered that to some extent Hilton prioritize inclusion of cultural diversity. On other hand 8 out of 25 participants have replied that company does not considered inclusion of cultural diversity. 4 answerers said that to great extent hotel is considering this cultural diversity. From the above data it can be interpreted that organisation is not considering the element of culture diversity to great extent. Female candidates are being discriminated at workplace as they do not get equal chance of promotion and getting high rewards.

Theme 4: company has effective HR policies to foster inclusion of equality at workplace

Not sure2 

Interpretation: 15 out of 25 answerers believed that company does not have effective HR policies. On other hand 8 people said that yes hotel has great HR polices. It can be interpreted that Hilton hotel needs to take care to foster inclusion of equality at workplace and need to make effective HR policies otherwise it will not be able to sustain in market for longer duration. There is needed to make changes in HR policies in order to manage cultural diversity in the firm in effective manner. In the absence of it firm would face issue of survival and it would not be able to gain competitive advantage.

Theme 5: female candidates of company are treated fairly within firm

Strongly agree6
Strongly disagree5

Interpretation: 10 out of 25 respondents have replied that they are disagreed that female candidates of company are treated fairly. 6 answerers have said that they are strongly agreed that company is treating its employees fairly. From the above data it can be interpreted that Hilton hotel is not giving equal rights to each employees. Men and female candidates are treated differently. Female does not get much chance of promotion or to work as manager in the hotel.

Theme 6: Gender discrimination impact on employees performance

Not sure1

Interpretation: From the above data it is found that 20 respondents are agreed that gender discrimination impact on their performance. Whereas 4 participants said that it does not impact on performance. It can be interpreted that gender discrimination demotivate candidates and individual fail to utilise their skill well. This impact on their working performance to great extent.

Theme 7: Company needs to work on its culture diversity practices

Not sure3

Interpretation: 18 respondents have viewed that Yes Company is required to improve its cultural diversity practices. Most of the people believe that Hilton does not have adequate cultural diversity polices. Gender discrimination is present at high level hence firm need to eliminate this issue in order to retain talented workforce in business for longer duration.

Theme 8: cultural diversity gives benefit to Hilton Hotel

Enhance employee retention6
Decrease conflicts7
Raise employee motivation and performance8
Reduces operational cost4

Interpretation: 8 respondents believe that cultural diversity can help company in raising motivational level of workers. 7 answerers answered that this reduces conflicts at workplace as people feel happy hence they all work together without any issue. 6 participants said that it enhances employee retention at workplace. From the above table it can be interpreted that cultural diversity is helpful in motivating people and raising their workplace performance.

Theme 9: strategies can be implemented by Hilton hotel to manage culture diversity

Effective HR policies7
Feedback from employees6
Fair recruitment and promotion5
Implementation of equality law carefully7

Interpretation: From the above data it is found that 7 respondents believed that effective HR policies can help in managing cultural diversity at workplace in significant manner. 6 respondents said that gathering feedback from employees make them feel valued that can help in giving equal rights to each person and improving culture of business unit.

LO 3

P5 Research outcome

            Results indicate that cultural diversity plays significant role in the success of organisation. Companies are required to ensure giving equal opportunities to its employees without looking at gender. Female and male both employees of organisation are assets of firm hence they need to be treated fairly. Poor HR polices and ineffective recruitment enhances gender discrimination in the enterprise. There is need to take serious action in order to eliminate this issue otherwise Hilton hotel may get fail to sustain in market for longer duration. Companies are required to retain its talented workforce and for that entity will have to ensure improving its recruitment practices. It needs to hire candidates by looking at their capabilities. Managers need to give equal chance of promotion to every person so that individual feels motivated and pout best efforts to show their capabilities (BATCH, 2020). This would improve productivity of company and firm would be able to gain competitive advantage. Hilton needs to follow equality law carefully and needs to design effective HR policies that will help in managing cultural diversity at workplace in significant manner.

LO 4

P6 Effectiveness of research methods

            Researcher has used interpretivism research philosophy that was suitable and effective as well as scholar becomes able to involve theories of cultural diversity and involved human being that has raised subjective view point about topic. Involvement of this method helped scholar in knowing experience of employees at workplace and how they feel about culture diversity. By this way factual information gathered by researcher which supported in achieving research objective (Rajasinghe, 2020). Furthermore, questionnaire was used as primary data collection source. This was so effective method because all the questions were related with actual culture diversity practices applied in Hilton. By this way respondents have shared their view points that has helped scholar in interpreting data in significant manner. By this way research questions are addressed properly and meaningful valid conclusion is drawn. In the absence of primary data scholar would not be able to know the actual condition of hotel in term of culture diversity management.

P7 Alternative research methods and lesson learnt

            Researcher could have use positivism philosophy, individual could frame hypothesis and can test these hypothesis. This would have supported the person in getting more authentic and tested results that would be more effective to draw valid conclusion and answering research questions in significant manner. Furthermore, researcher could have use SPSS to analysis data. With the help of correlation individual would be able to know relationship between gender discrimination and employee performance. This testing would help in answering research questions in most effective manner (Sovacool, Del Rio and Griffiths, 2020).

            While working on this project I have learnt that gender discrimination can impact on moral of person and individual fails to perform better at workplace. I learnt that research methods need to be applied properly otherwise it can turn the results.  I would have to understand the nature of research and accordingly methods need to be implemented. This can give better results. Furthermore, this study has improved my communication and research skill. Earlier to this I was not able to interact with others properly but now I am able to manage interaction properly.


            From the above research it can be concluded that cultural diversity is important tool for gaining success in the market. If companies are able to manage this cultural diversity problem then it would give benefit of retaining talented workforce in the firm for longer duration. Enterprises need to ensure to make effective HR polices so that it can treat its workers well. Working efficiency need to be evaluated purely on the bases of performance of person rather than gender, race, culture.


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Since how long you are working in Hilton Hotel?

·      Less than 6 months

·      Between 1-2 year

·      Between 2-4 years

·      More than 5 years

Are you happy with work culture of company?

·      Yes

·      No

·      Not sure

To what extent Hilton hotel prioritize inclusion of cultural diversity in its employees?

·      Not considered

·      To some extent

·      To great extent

Does company has effective HR policies to foster inclusion of equality at workplace?

·      Yes

·      No

·      Not sure

According to you female candidates of company are treated fairly within firm?

·      Strongly agree

·      Agree

·      Disagree

·      Strongly disagree

Do you think gender discrimination impact on employees performance?

·      Yes

·      No

·      Not sure

Do you think company needs to work on its culture diversity practices?

·      Yes

·      No

·      Not sure

How cultural diversity will give benefit to Hilton Hotel?

·      Enhance employee retention

·      Decrease conflicts

·      Raise employee motivation and performance

·      Reduces operational cost

What strategies can be implemented by Hilton hotel to manage culture diversity?

·      Effective HR policies

·      Feedback from employees

·      Fair recruitment and promotion

·      Implementation of equality law carefully