Unit 5 Marketing in travel and tourism Assignment Help


            For any nation economy tourism assumes a vital part. Administration of a nation need to work in preserving all the legacy and landmarks of a nation. Aside from them it is an ethical obligation of numerous secretly run association to contribute their more endeavours in ensuring these spots (Buhalis and Foerste, 2013). Thus, by counselling this, development and advancement of a nation is totally subject to movement and tourism part of a nation. For making travel and tourism more compelling advertising of such less created destinations is must and this complete by embracing proper advances. Advertising idea prompt help in upgrade this part more quickly. In this task different advertising approaches are portrayed and how they prompt utilized as a part of movement and tourism likewise examined here. First Choice is one of a newly open travelling group in UK whom used to facilitate and launch campaign of summer holiday 2019 at Turkey and Spain. Administration need to utilize assortment number of showcasing idea for making their business more fruitful.


1.1 Core concept for marketing in travel and tourism sector

            There are various approaches which has to be used by company to perform activities in  better and effective way. There are various policies which has to be done in better and effective way. There are various changes which has to be taken and then it helps in achieving business objectives. There are main requirement of various changes which is requirement of change in techniques. First choice is big brand in travel and tourism sector, this is effective due to change in customer demand and hence organisation can analyse market through use of change in policies.

            Marketing is one of the segment which is most important to achieve profits and this can be effective due to change in policies. There are five concept of marketing, they are- selling, production, product, selling, social marketing concept, so it is important to consider all of them so they can achieve targets in better and effective way. First choice frame policies through which they can achieve targets in better way, this is effective due to change in policies of market. There are many strategies through which they can assign task to appropriate person and correct time (Buhalis and Foerste, 2015).

            These days scope of travelling is increasing hence competition also increase. So there is requirement of policies which are affecting business in better and effective way. These above mention marketing concept has to be considered so through this marketing manager of First Choice organisation can adopt best and effective way. There are changes in demand of customer as per change in requirement, need, age, purpose, etc. so through marketing they can analyse change in better and effective way and get positive impact on business operations.

1.2 Impact of marketing environment on travel and tourism businesses

            Marketing means to perform activities to increase sales and profits. There is requirement of policies which can be done in better and effective way. As per choice of managers they can analyse market and then alter policies. There are many changes which are taking place in tour and travel business so they can achieve targets in better and effective way (Butcher, 2010). It is not possible for First Choice to apply all changes so they must adopt changes which are effective and efficient to prefer, changes which assist to achieve goals and objectives of association. These days there are many changes taking place in tour and travel business so it is important to make strategies which are efficient in achieving goals. First choice must analyse need of customer through which they can plan travelling packages. There are main role of marketing manager to frame customised packages which help to give satisfaction.

            There are many changes which are required to make business growth. There are many marketing techniques which can be used to make policies achievable and it is essential to make select source which are effective to perform actions in effective manner. Business runs in society, so it is important yo change policies and this can be achieved in effective and efficient manner. Marketing means to delivering knowledge about services of product of First Choice. In case of change in feature of travelling packages of First Choice then it must be delivered to public so they are ready to avail it.

1.3 Factors affecting consumer motivation and demand in travel and tourism sector

            Travelling business has more demand in vocations and in weeding seasons, so they must come with innovative ideas which help to achieve goals and objectives. There are many factors which has to be evaluated before making any changes in business. First Choice consider these factors so they have good image in market (Crooks and et. al., 2011). Customer behaviour alters as change in travelling plans. So marketing manager has to apply policies which are effective to know what can be done to get better results. There must be policies through which they can analyse by marketing. They must know what is demand off customers, if there is trend then it must be effective to achieve targets. Factors which affect customer motivation, behaviour are as follows-

            Price- Cost of travelling is one of the best measure, which affects customer demand. First Choice must consider their cost be effective and hence it is important to analyse changes and then they can achieve sales targets. These days there are varieties of customer and they have different motto behind travelling, so demand can be satisfied.

            Preference- It is important to know preference of customers, through this they can achieve targets ion better and effective way (Dasgupta, 2011). There are policies which are effective to achieve business objectives. There are many changes which can be done in specific and pre determined matter.

1.4 Principles of marketing segmentation and its uses in marketing planning

            Planning is one of the basic concept which has to be considered in market, there are many policies which can be done by top level management of company. There are many policies which can be achieved in better and effective way. As per change in policies, then there must be proper planning and due to alteration in policies they can achieve goals and objectives in better and effective way.

            There are mainly three market segmentation, which are discussed as under-

            Clustered market- In this market there is interrelation between demand and requirement of customers. It is beneficial for company which is effective to achieve targwets in better and effective way.

            Diffused market- In this there is difference in demands, so manager has to plan different strategies for all. There is more requirement of managerial skills and techniques.

            Homogeneous market- In this market, there is similarity in demands and hence this is less costly and this helps to generate more profits (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012).

            These segmentation help management of First Choice to plan activities which helps to reduce cost and time an d helps to achieve profits. They can compete with other firms and this is beneficial to achieve targets,. As per change in techniques it must be delivered to workers also. Motivation of workers is one of the important component which help to give satisfaction to workers as well as customer.


2.1 Importance of strategic marketing planning for selected business and destination as well

            Strategies are a core part of business which enable and facilitate to draw things better and in effective manner. Thus, strategic marketing plan is a process through which better strategies get crafted in order to execute marketing process better and effective so that better delivery of products get done in a better and definite manner. Whenever a business want to communicate a new thing at market world there is a need to evaluate and formulate better strategies.

            Strategic marketing plan includes about formulation of objectives and goals with supportive targets which a firm want to accomplish in near future course. Along with this, it will also include appropriate and suitable marketing strategy so that better and efficient outcome could be drawn (Goeldner and Ritchie, 2012). In context of First Choice whom want to launch a holiday summer package 2019 for their clients. Thus, management need to understand its importance better and in effective frame so that beneficial attribute could be drawn in long period of course. Importance of strategic marketing plan signify as follow:

  • It enables First Choice to design strategies for their package of holiday for 2019.
  • Enable in evaluating strength of their project so that better launching get done
  • Define appropriate marketing strategy so that effective and efficient outcome could be frame.

            Thus, with this consideration and understanding of strategic marketing plan, management of First Choice could become able to deal with things in better and definite frame of course. This will enable them and lead in managing things better and in supportive manner.

2.2 Relevance of marketing research and market information to managers in travel sector

            Managers are known as the individuals that formulate effective policies and strategies for business enterprise so firm can attain its set goal and objective in adequate manner. It is very important that for take right decisions they should have proper and  relevant information  related with market. In context of travel and tourism sector it is very important that firm should have knowledge about current and new trends of market. With this, firm can use appropriate tool and right technology for undertake its business operations (Hall, Timothy and Duval, 2012). For this, research is one of the tool which help manager and make him aware about what’s going in market. This provide an opportunity to firm to manufacture better and effective products to its customers for satisfy their needs. With help of marketing research, managers of First Choice can grasp the attention of large number of individuals.

  1. As entity wants to formulate a holiday package for Turkey and Spain so manager can estimate the cost of whole project. Research can be carry out by entity through which company can enhance its understanding about the individuals who may visit there.
  2. Ascertain the cost of whole project is very essential as with this, entity can set the price of its tour packages.
  3. If entity determine that visitors that will visit the destination is low then it is important for formulate effective strategies to influence more individuals to visit the place.

            In this way company can attract large number of customers and at the same time can increase the percentage of its growth rate (Huang and et. al., 2013).

2.3 Influence of marketing on society

            Every firm remain responsible to use all available resources and funds in an optimum level so their wastage can be minimised. Various factors are there that require to be consider by firm for manufacture quality products and services. Marketing is known as the process that can not take place without society. Different tools and techniques are there that can be use by First Choice for undertake process of marketing. Public relation, advertising, sales promotion and many more are the major tools that can be use by firm. One of the main feature of marketing is that it help firm in make the customers inform about its products and services and persuade them to purchase the same. As entity wants to launch a summer camp so the steps required to made a positive impact on public  can be understood by the following:

            It is very essential for firm to ensure use of all funds and resources in an way that it does not harm the society (Hudson and Thal, 2013). Further, all rules and legislations are require to be follow by firm as this provide various benefits to entity. All this help in create and maintain a positive image of firm in market. Marketing is the activity that largely affect the actions and decisions of customers. Step by step process should be use by firm for increase the effectiveness of marketing activity and to create a link between customer and firm.


3.1 Issues in the product, price and place elements of marketing mix with reference to company

            Promoting blend assumes an imperative part in expand the offers of a business (Hall,  Timothy and Duval, 2012). In any case, a portion of the time there are a few number of issues get emerges which influence business element most. In movement and tourism division organization administrations are their item. First Choice will going to provide holiday summer package 2019 to all their clients at Turkey and Spain. Thus, business need to determine all major issues and problems which arise in working. Thus, with marketing mix certain number of issues and problems also get associated which need to understand and determine in better and effective manner of frame:

  1. Product: It is the most imperative part of business since when an item sold to their purchaser it brings some an incentive back (Huang and et. al., 2013). It is an ethical obligation of organization when they resale item or assembling another item, administration need to maintain their emphasis more on getting consideration of clients. First Choice have to understand this fact in determine and suitable manner so that they could made their package differ from others. This will facilitate them to focus more on summer holiday package of 2019 so that effective and efficient gain could be drawn.
  2. Price: Another essential part of business is their cost. Distinctive associations utilize different evaluating procedure and it is fundamental for them to view cost of every single item. Value which can be offered by client need to consider and for this a legitimate research need to complete. Additionally, organization need to mindful about such estimation of same item which is serve by their rivals. Their competitions esteem for same item can prompt make some issue for them in which their business may endure some misfortune. First Choice have to evaluate their rivalries prices of package of summer holiday 2019 so that they could deliver it on differ prices or value as compared with their major competitors. This section enable and support in gaining competitive edge so that better package could design for Turkey and Spain.
  3. Place: Services are such things which can fulfil their client needs and wants better. Be that as it may, similar to item it don’t get conveyed starting with one place then onto the next (Hudson and Thal, 2013). It is generally produced at one place and conveyed at same time. First Choice have to deliver such course of products and services with definite places. Like they can provide their clients online tickets and information which assess and understand them easily. Along with this, they can also provide a print package so that each and every individual get better knowledge.

3.2 Importance of service sector mix elements to travel and tourism sector

            Travel and tourism is a one of a service sector industry where services are the ultimate thing for facilitating things better and effective in nature. Thus, service sector mix is helpful in order to manage and frame better things in nature. Travel industry enable and support in satisfying each and every guest or client better so that determined outcome could be drawn. Before delivering of services used to take place, it is really essential to evaluate marketing mix better so that chances of deriving beneficial gain could become possible (Molina, Gómez and Martín-Consuegra, 2010).

            Service sector marketing mix involves three more sections which are people, process and physical evidence. In such streamline, First Choice have to determine that people whom engage in this project are stakeholders where some of them are employees of a company where as few are customers. This assist and support them in delivering better and effective services in nature of frame. They apply personal selling process where each and every client get effective and suitable services in frame. Along with this, First Choice provide appropriate bill in regards with the trip of package in Turkey and Spain. This will assist in providing effective and suitable services to all clients in order to determine and deliver better services.

3.3 Concept of total tourism product to an individual tourism business

            Total Tourism Product incorporates all such thing which are identified with going of outing. In this specific situation, it begins with arranging of excursion covering different goals, spending plans which is related with that and so forth. Every one of these things are incorporated into add up to tourism item and Thomas cook need to chip away at this viewpoint quickly by recognising the requirements and needs of different clients. It is their obligation to mastermind a transportation office to each gathering with the goal that their fulfilment level get amplify. Where as then again singular tourism business incorporates single part of business. Like they just work in giving settlement office or some other administration. Yet, as indicated by introduce world situation, tourism industry work turn out to be wide with the goal that all clients issues get dealt with successfully and there is just need to get want of shopper (Moutinho, 2011).

            First Choice need to manage and craft such kind of package at Turkey and Spain which facilitate them to maintain effective and efficient consideration. Here, they have to design each and every single thing in a suitable manner so that clients would get understand the aspects better and in suitable manner. This result in providing beneficial and effective gain in nature so that effectiveness and efficiency could be manage and maintain. Turkey and Spain 3 nights and 4 days package is a total tourism product which includes about variety of services as well and trips like bull fighting, la to ma tina festival. This will bring down better and effective gain in response to clients as well as beneficial gain could be drawn.


4.1 Assess the integrated nature and role of promotion mix

            An integrated process is one where each and every consideration start working together so that a common cause could be accomplish in better and determined manner. An integrated nature of working at workplace enable management to manage their performance and keep competitive in frame so that better and efficient outcome could b assess for long period of course. Hence, with effective combine working objectives become possible to achieve as well as improve and better results could be deliver in a supportive course of moment (Tsiotsou and Ratten, 2010). First Choice need to integrate their process in a definite manner by utilising promotion mix in their operations so that better and determined outcome could be resource. First choice will going to organise a summer holiday package for 2019 campaign at Turkey and Spain. Hence, management want to consider such attribute properly so that they could launch this project for clients in better and definite frame of manner.

            Thus, for promoting their package regarding summer holiday 2019  at Turkey and Spain promotion mix get utilise better. A promotional mix enable and support in defining things better and effective in nature so that efficiency could be maintain and manage properly. A promotional mix enable and support in defining things properly by utilising advertising, sales promotion, personal selling etc. Certain are few number of promotion mix for First Choice in order to promote their summer holiday package 2019 at Turkey and Spain define as follow:

  1. Advertising: One of a major thing which enable and facilitate to made package available and aware to each and every individual is advertising. First Choice could go with print media advertising so that they could facilitate effective and better advertisement of project.
  2. Public relation: Another thing which facilitate and enable in made package available to each and every individual is public relation (Xiang and Gretzel, 2010). There is a need to maintain and manage better relationship with clients and provide effective and better information to them. First Choice have better relationship with each and every individual better so that their package availability get done in a determined manner.
  3. Personal selling: First Choice need to maintain and manage a personal selling process. First Choice have to made their package information available to each and every individual through personal selling so that they could become able to facilitate effective and suitable gain in nature. This personal selling enable them in accomplish target better and in supportive manner where Turkey and Spain become possible in nature (Xiang,  Magnini and Fesenmaier, 2015).

4.2 Plan and justify integrated promotion campaign for first choice summer deal 2019

            Planning is an essential component of business which have to understand properly and in determined manner. Thus, before executing any new kind of project, there is a need to launch integrated marketing campaign. First Choice wants to launch a project of holiday summer package 2019 at Turkey and Spain so that beneficial attribute could be drawn. In such aspect, whole project required to made aware to target client so that chances of providing beneficial services could become possible. Plan in such attribute is describe and define as follow:

  • Summer deal 2019 includes about 3 days and 2 nights stay
  • Hotel facilities will be A class where world top class amenities could be provided in Spain and Turkey at both.
  • It also includes a trip to see bull fight and la to ma tine festival.

            This is a information which includes in the package and need to understand by each and every individual of First Choice while promoting this (Buhalis and Foerste, 2013). This get done via effective consideration where personal selling is one of a kind of suitable approach. This going to assist in drawing beneficial and effective gain in nature.


            It get finished up from the above say report that advertising idea in movement and tourism industry assumes a compelling part. Administrations are the real items which offered by an organization and it is an obligation of administration division industry to give quality administrations to their clients. An appropriate arranged bundle must be give to all purchasers which have some an incentive to them. For showcasing, association need to utilize fitting promoting methodology for them in which they can make a mindfulness about administrations and bundles which give by organization. At to start with, the standards of promoting in movement and tourism are portrayed. Additionally, to enhance the tourism part administration assumes an essential part. In addition, advertising blend is one of a basic factor for pulling in numerous traveller.


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