Unit 6 Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment

PROJECT TOPIC- Identify Talent Management strategies attract and retain talented people in the business – A case study on Halfords


This study considers a discussion on Halfords that is UK’s retailer and deals in motoring, cycling, and many other leisure kinds of products. Furthermore, it is a leading independent business that consists of functioning in the vehicle, servicing, etc. (Mupepi, 2017). The present study focuses on identifying talent strategies that are used to attract and retain people in the business. Furthermore, the study is also based on secondary data due to running COVID-19 it is essential to maintain social distance.

Background of the study

            Talent management is one of the important perspectives for HR that assists to recruit new people in the business. Furthermore, it is also useful to promote skilled people and retain them for a longer period in the enterprise. Maximum businesses are always considered their functioning with talented and experienced people at the workplace to manage different roles (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016). These are multi-talented people who can take different roles and responsibilities in the organization. However, when the talent of these people is not considered properly it increases the issue to stay longer in the business. Therefore, managers need to take proper roles and responsibilities to communicate and use their participation in a significant manner.

            Halfords is one of the best United Kingdom’s company of motoring, cycling and leisure product and services in retail basis. It also runs the service centre for maintenance about vehicle, servicing and repairs. This company working since 2010. The chosen company leading retailer of automotive and cycling products. There are more than 10,000 people works at about 750 branches in whole Auto centres and Mobile expert hubs. The specification of this company is in car servicing, MOT testing, brakes, tyres, Exhausts and ac service and repair. The chosen company provides best services across the nation and for much kind of reasons the people prefer their product for modification and many more of reasons.

 It is essential to make strong communication with all kind of staff members that helps in increasing knowledge regarding different people in the same workplace (Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019). It is the best perspective through which an organization easily knows about each person’s need to fulfill accordingly. Along with this, satisfaction level can be also improved so that longer-term duration will be placed easily. With the help of strong communication, confidence builds easily to feel them comfortable at the workplace (Poisat Mey and Sharp, 2018). Empowering users is one of the essential talent management strategies that provide power to staff members to make good sound decisions. It increases the value and is forced to retain people at the workplace. Another talent management strategy is fair recruitment aids also help to attract talented people in the enterprise.

Aim and objectives


“To identify talent management strategies attract and retain talented people in the business – A case study on Halfords.”


  • To understand the concept of talent management.
  • To assess issues incurred in the enterprise towards retaining the workforce at the workplace and attracting new people.
  • To identify talent management strategies adopted by Halfords for retaining new people.
  • To recommend strategies through people attract and retain in the organization.

Research questions

  • What are the main issues incurred in the enterprise towards retaining the workforce at the workplace and attracting new people?
  • How will the company identify talent management strategies adopted in Halfords for retaining new people?
  • What will you recommend as strategies through people attract and retain in the organization?

The rationale of the study

 Concerning select the present topic, it can be stated that in today’s time it is one of the main issues in front of every business due to high turnover. Hence, in Halfords, several people are changing their job again, and again that creates a major problem in front of the manager. This is because they need to provide training again and again when they recruit new people. As a result, it increases the problem to manage a workforce with a long-term relationship (Pandita and Ray, 2018). Therefore, different talent management strategies are adopted to solve this problem in the workplace. Moreover, certain previous studies are also undertaken that is essential for considering proper investigation and gather relevant information. Along with this, the present research study is also beneficial for Halfords to improve HR practices to retain staff members for a longer time. The present study is taken to use a different kind of talent management strategies (Collings, Mellahi and Cascio, 2019).

Project plan


 Costing for research is determined as the total expenses incurred for the whole investigation by the researcher. Hence, it is an essential perspective to manage proper costs in a significant way for the whole study. To determine control over expenses, it is essential to cover different activities that are related to resource allocation. It needs to be undertaken with proper functioning that is related to the finding of a conclusion Collings, Mellahi and Cascio, 2019). For the present research study, a 1000 pound cost is undertaken. From 1000, there is 300 is required for procurement of resources, 200 for purchasing of stationeries, material searching required 250, and for project controlling 250 needed. Based on the above budget, the successful study will be followed systematically.


            With the conducting present research study, it can be stated that there is greater scope established that is related to talent management (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016). It is also useful to increase the effectiveness of the strategies that are considered as a talent management program. The present study also allows businesses to identify strategies that help to attract new talented people and retain existing ones within the business. It assists to increase longer-term duration program for ascertaining creativity at the workplace. It is the best perspective adopted by the entity to gain positive success within the market (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016). Furthermore, this study is based on Halfords Company and there is scope also demonstrated for improving talent management program in this entity.


 For the accomplishment of the entire project, there is essential to set time. This is because it helps to promote positive success with ascertaining creative results in the workplace. In this consideration, the present research project is required for 10 weeks. In these 10 weeks, the study will be completed in a significant perspective manner (Collings, Mellahi and Cascio, 2019).


 Quality is another important perspective that assists to find effective results from the study. This is all depending on the data that are collected for the study. To consist present study, it is ensured that all data are validated and collected from reliable resources. These data help to find out the answer to the research question. Therefore, a valid conclusion is also made with this data. The researcher used authentic sites to gain quality information that is applied for accomplishing research objectives ((Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019)).


 A researcher is not considered the personal participation of any person in this research because of COVID-19. This whole study is based on secondary research analysis. Therefore, the researcher needs to include another method through they can consider the participation of people with email, phone call, etc. This is because communication plays a very important role to share ideas and views of different people in the same workplace. In addition to this, peer group members share their views of ideas that is a most essential perspective for ascertaining valid conclusions in the research study (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016).


 The researcher also faces a large risk to manage this study due to a shortage of time and money. Along with this, there are many other kinds of risks also involved such as communication, human, etc. All these kinds of risks need to be managed properly so that study determined valid and reliable information.


            There are different kinds of resources needed to demonstrate successful outcomes. In this consideration, different kinds of financial and human resources are needed to manage the whole study with the allotted time.

Gant chart and WBS

Action Plan

ActivitiesStart DateEnd DateDuration (in weeks)
Idea generation towards the topic1-11-20207-11-20201 Week
Designing of aim and objectives8-11-202014-11-20201 Week
Conducting a review of literature on the selected topic15-11-202021-11-20201 Week
Collection of data22-11-202029-11-20201 Week
Analysis of data30-11-20201-12-20201 Week
Discussion2-12-20208-12-20201 Week
Drawing conclusion and recommendations9-12-202015-12-20201 Week
Submission of the research study16-12-202022-12-20201 Week
Addition as per need23-12-202029-12-20201 Week
Final submission30-12-20206-1-20211 Week


Gantt chart is one of the powerful tools used in the research study. In this aspect, different activities include the time that must be completed accordingly. The researcher also needs to ensure that each activity complete at that time (Poisat Mey and Sharp, 201).

Idea generation towards the topic          
Designing of aim and objectives          
Conducting a review of literature on the selected topic          
Collection of data          
Analysis of data          
Drawing conclusion and recommendations          
Submission of the research study          
Addition as per need          
Final submission          

Work breakdown structure is another tool that ascertains to divide all activities into different subparts. In this way, the whole project is scheduled properly so that monitoring the whole study can be done systematically.

Figure 1 Work Breakdown Structure


Literature review

Talent management

            According to the views of Berger, (2020), nowadays human is powerful asset in the enterprise for accomplishment of its goals and objectives (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016). In this consideration, the business gets success by using the capabilities of humans to manage different kinds of operations and functions. In the organization, different kinds of talented people work together that is the most effective consideration to attain desired results at the workplace. Talent management can be defined as an ability to fulfill the desire of business by recruiting the perfect candidate for this. There are different kinds of activities promoted to maintain coordination among several people. On the other hand, Martin and Ottemann, (2016) argued that perfect talent helps to create benefit for ascertaining effectiveness within the group. This is a more valuable thing than simple that stated more skilled people exist in the business. Furthermore, talent management is defined as the moving ability that persuades different kinds of representatives at the workplace. It is also an inspiration to others from talented people. The business HR expert always focusing on following different aspects through promote attraction, development, retaining, etc. Every business has a different goal so that HR performs functions accordingly (What is Talent Management? Definition, Strategy, Process and Models. 2019).

            As per the views of Maylett and Wride, (2017), Talent Management Company also goes further with ascertaining recruitment with consistent cycle. In this consideration, the different program arranges by the enterprise for inspiring the workforce to retain and attract people within the enterprise. It is also an effective aspect of maintaining longer-term duration with staff members at the workplace.

Issues incurred in the enterprise towards retaining the workforce

 According to the point of Wong, Wan and Gao, (2017), every business needs to concentrate on dealing with different people that helps build high goodwill. In this consideration, different resources must be put at the workplace that is related to talent management. The HR manager needs to focus on fulfilling business objectives by providing benefits to every employee. Hence, they are encouraged towards the goals of the enterprise. For instance, flexibility works hours, gifts, bonuses, etc. Beside this, Vitálišová, Vaňová and Šúrová, (2020) argued that talent management is simpler term that helps to assess issues exists at workplace. It is also effective to ascertain the long relationship of staff members in the business. This element reduces complaints of staff members that increase effectiveness within the successful business operations. For the business improvement, Podolsky, Kini and Darling-Hammond, (2016) stated that talent management is most effective consideration. In this regard, valuable outcomes portray to show capable representatives. In certain businesses, a talent management framework is also demonstrated effective computer programs in casual correspondence. HR staff members and supervisors both are taking usefulness with this perspective in the business. HR can also provide reinforcement that is an essential component of the talent management strategy (Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop. 2019).

            Aguina, (2019) said that several staff members have the best ability that is the most effective consideration for recruiting workers who feel low energetic. In this situation, different benefits and some extra power can be provided to employees that assist to encourage with developing a continuous development program. Sometimes, businesses cut benefits of staff members that create a negative impact on staff members in terms of maintaining faithful. Concerning demonstrating better possibilities work, it can be stated that it is important to reduce these issues from the organization.

Talent management strategies

 In respect to demonstrating views of Podolsky, Kini and Darling-Hammond, (2016), making changes in employment posting as per requirement or dream of staff members is a good thing to retain people. In this way, staff members are also increasing their learning capabilities that are more beneficial to promote the desired level of outcomes. In this consideration, businesses can easily land positions by using emails and social media. In this way, time-consuming can be reduced, expenses for heavy advertisement can also diminish. As per the interest area, each employee can apply for a particular job. Motivation is the essential element for the growth of firm. Maslow theory of motivation states that companies are required to different needs of employees. This can enhance satisfaction level of staff members and cn make them able to retain in firm for longer duration. On the other hand, Martin and Ottemann, (2016) argued that the attraction of more employees with regular learning method is also an essential consideration to increase effectiveness. In this regard, the ability of staff members is easily pulling in the right place. Along with this, offer several advantages and providing new development occasions is also a more effective perspective for a longer period. Work-life balance is one of the suitable examples of this aspect. Based on perfect training work, it can be stated that staff members are additionally acknowledged with possible advancement.

 As per the views of Poisat Mey and Sharp, (2018), there is biggest difference in people who are actually worked with interest in the business. There are very fewer people looking for cheerful work patterns that remain for a longer perspective. They are also looking to pull for performing a function as a top ability that indicates with best potential recruitment that is upbeat the organization. Concerning the select group of workers who are required to dedicated work for the enterprise, it is important to choose the right candidates. However, not only some people interested in the payment. Besides this, Podolsky, Kini and Darling-Hammond, (2016) argued that staff members are consistent works based on the belief that is indicating the needs of people. As per the event, the company mentions that are essential for conducting proposal. Among many businesses, the statement shows a purpose that helps in representing to make an extraordinary experience for the client. Business vision needs to settle on it with a simple perspective that discloses the choices of the enterprise to workers.

Primary and secondary methods of data collection

Research methodology demonstrates the most essential component in the study. It includes several tools and techniques for considering a successful investigation for desired results. For the present research study “talent management strategies for attracting and retain people in Halfords” there are different research methods considered to find a valid conclusion (Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019).

Research philosophy

 In the research methodology, the research philosophy takes the most essential part with detailed analysis. Concerning this, research philosophy is a belief that demonstrates an effective understanding with idea that assists to complete study systematically. Concerning collect relevant information, it is the most important tool. There are different types of research philosophy such as interpretivism, positivism, etc. In the present study, the interpretivism research philosophy adopted in which a detailed analysis of the present study done systematically (Wang, Dang and Lv, 2019).

Research design

 Research design is another important consideration that is an essential component for setting a successful plan(Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019). It is generally demonstrated a detailed description with conduct practical study. Furthermore, it is important to collect relevant information with a more useful perspective. The collection of information is related to research design in terms of exploratory, descriptive, and causal. In the present study, the exploratory research design is taken which is a most essential component for conduct in-depth analysis (Abutabenjeh and Jaradat, 2018). Hence, facts are finding with the related and systematic research study. This study is providing detailed research that is more effective to apply effective data properly. An in-depth study was conducted with secondary data.

Research approach

 The research approach is another essential perspective that is related to research methodology. It includes a plan and procedure with detailed research steps(Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019). Along with this, there are two types of research approaches such as inductive and deductive. Inductive research is related to emerging with new theories and deductive is related to the hypothesis that carries issues and problems for attaining successful outcomes (Dźwigoł and Dźwigoł-Barosz, 2018). This present study is based on the inductive research approach that describes general to specific to concentrate on information that is undertaken with different categories.

Research strategy

 Research strategy must be demonstrated to considering perfect and relevant information. It assists to regulate successful functioning with different activities. There are different aspects of research strategies such as qualitative and quantitative. The present study is demonstrated with qualitative information that helps to find relevant outcomes. With this consideration, gaining relevant information is ascertained that will lead to gain success in the business (Murshed and Zhang, 2016).

Data collection

            Data collection is another important perspective for assessing relevant information and outcomes. In respect to this, primary and secondary data two different sources must be used to demonstrate the desired level of outcomes. With this regard, it can be stated that the present study was undertaken based on secondary data in which different government statistics, journals, books, etc. analysis to find effectiveness in the recent study (Haydon, Browne and van der Riet, 2018).

Data analysis

 Data analysis is another essential perspective that leads to conduct appropriate outcomes from the research study. In this consideration, it can be stated that thematic analysis is undertaken for the present study. Concerning regulate functions, it is essential to focus on collecting data and information related to positive outcomes (Dźwigoł and Dźwigoł-Barosz, 2018).

Ethical consideration

 Ethical consideration is a most essential component that assists to focus on different kinds of information to conduct the systematic study. With this regard, the researcher is required to collect data that are not copied from anywhere and relevant to find a valid conclusion(Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019). Furthermore, it is essential to gather relevant information that is related to systematically presenting data. In addition to this, this study is based on proper rephrasing that is considered proper focus on considering the different programs (Haydon, Browne and van der Riet, 2018).

Research limitations

            This study is also concentrated to identify talent management strategies that are related to attracting new people to the workplace. Therefore, the researcher must focus on the relevancy of the whole research to find the desired results (Murshed and Zhang, 2016).

Reliability and validity

 All information collected for the present study is used for a valid purpose. Apart from this, loyalty is also mentioned that is related to complete the valid outcomes in the study.

Findings from the analysis

Theme 1: Talent management

Interpretation: From some secondary sources analysis, talent management is demonstrated as the tool that is one of the processes used for attracting right candidates in the business. In this regard, different individuals of the enterprise stay for a longer duration with performing different functioning(Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019). Therefore, different capabilities are used for accomplished desired results at the workplace of Halfords. It is developed with ascertained business objectives that will focus on effective consideration. With recent time, many of other businesses unable to retain new talented people and staff turnover are also high. Hence, talent management tool helps to builds confidence of staff members that ascertain and use talent at right place. Therefore, in respect to accomplish business goals, different staff members contribute their part with interest and more creativenesses. Furthermore, talent management process also includes assessment of actual gap between different talents of people. In this consideration, vacant position can be fill with deserving people that is most essential perspective for improvement in business and staff members as well. It is systematic process with developing successful planning (Poisat Mey and Sharp, 2018). This is helpful to looking and identify for mistakes exists in the organisation. It will also assist to assess need of human resources and formulate job description accordingly. Moreover, planning will also helps to understand business needs and managing talented people to retain them for longer duration.

Figure 2 Talent management

Source: Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop. 2019

            In respect to demonstrate analysis of secondary information it can be stated that when planning is done in systematic way, talent requirement fulfil easily. In the business with using internal and external both kind of resources can be used for ascertain creativeness at workplace. Manager of Halfords assess both internal and external resources for attract new candidates at workplace (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016). It will assist to make better effectiveness in the business. It is also enhances application of different people at workplace. Businesses are also able to take assistance with external sources from certain agencies from recruitment department. Job description is also considered by the enterprise so that appropriate skilled people take place in the business. In respect to this, selection is another parameter that is related with talent management in which different businesses easily take assistance for measure testing. In the organisation test are undertaken on the basis of conducting test and score by people in the business. Furthermore, different software also used to assess capabilities so that enterprise can fulfil enterprise requirement in systematic manner. There are right candidate must be recruited as per capabilities of staff employees. On perspective of right person recruitment at workplace well job done in the organisation.

Figure 3talent management

Source: Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop. 2019

            In addition to this, another essential perspective of talent management develop in the businesses for retain people for longer period of time. However, when existing staff members are not comfortable with environment, it is increasing problem of the organisation.

Theme 2: Issues faced by the company 

Interpretation: Businesses are also facing issue to manage talent. Due to lack of effective leadership, it can be stated that there is major problem incurred. Leadership is one of the essential component for improve business effectiveness. This is because leaders are responsible to retain staff and manage talent in the enterprise towards retaining longer duration. However, ineffective leadership creates major problem for staff members those exist in business for longer period of time. Besides this, lack of leadership is also related with another issue such as lack of direction also problematic situation. Hence, this aspect is creating major problem for ascertain desired results at workplace (Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019). On talent management, this is larger problem for determine proper attention. When leaders are not determine proper attention towards their subordinates, staff members are not effectively perform jobs in respect to retain people. In this aspect, retaining new candidates can be ascertained at workplace easily. For longer duration relationship maintaining, it is most essential perspective. According to secondary sources, it can be stated that different staff members demand for higher compensation with talent management within the business. There are many enterprises in which staffs members are also feel pressure so that it is also creating negative impact on results. Businesses put higher pressure on staff members and not provide such kind of compensation. In this kind of environment, staffs members are also feel pressure, hesitate, etc. As a result, they are unable to share their own views and opinion, Payment method and structure is one of the major elements that create impact on results (Poisat Mey and Sharp, 2018). Hence, it is also difficult to deal with this situation in greater perspective. Businesses need to focus on providing good payment so that staff members get perfect compensation. Enterprises are also required retain skilled people within the business towards longer duration.

            From the secondary research, it can be stated that businesses are not applying same culture. As a result, it is major issue to work among different kinds of people at workplace. Along with this, they are also unable to handle workforce in well manner. Poor culture of the organisation creates negative impact and staff members are not felling happy with effective work pattern. It is also creating impact on determine sound communication. It is major problem and confusion within the entity to retain skilled people with longer term relation. At workplace, it is essential to apply perfect kind of culture so that all members are feeling comfortable with its work pattern (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016). On the basis of skills, it is essential to distribute work among different people. All tasks will be completed in systematic manner when there is best way to manage talent of different people.

Theme 3: Essentiality of implement talent management to business

Interpretation: From the different secondary sources, it can be stated that talent management considered as most essential component for business. It helps to establish new opportunities for the organisation. In respect to ascertain effective management of talent, retaining of skilled people serve several customers in systematic manner. It is the best way in entity that improves business profitability and productivity. This is because several people will handle business activities together so that effectiveness can be earned easily. Furthermore, talent management also support several managers with utilising pool of talent in creative perspective. As a result, organisation can easily perform to serve satisfactory services for their different kinds of consumers (Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019).

            In respect to implement talent management in business, it can be stated that business need to spend cost for recruiting new people at workplace. In addition to this, businesses need to provide training to staff members that is effective for attain several people together. Talent management also consist to handling skilled people towards the longer term relationship. It ensures that staff members must be happy with perfect work culture that must be placed in systematic manner. It will lead in the enterprise to increase level of confidence among people. Hence, they are also working with loyalty that is most essential component for the enterprise. This kind of loyalty will increase commitment to take perfect support in critical situation (Poisat Mey and Sharp, 2018).

Theme 4: Strategies to manage talent at workplace

Interpretation: Secondary data also revels with perfect kind of job description that is considered as the most effective strategy. In this regard, every enterprise need to focus on recruitment of deserving people those is eligible to perform different tasks and duties systematically. Detailed job description is most effective perspective that is beneficial to find right talent that implement at right place. However, if business not applies this strategy they are unable to get talented people in the business. Furthermore, it is essential to follow effective communication strategy among different staff members within the business (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016).

Figure 4Maslaw theory

 It is most beneficial to use perfect communication among staff members and enterprise. It is helpful to feel better and validate with perfect conclusion. With the help of business culture, proper communication can be considered at workplace with talented person with longer duration relationship. In order to implement effective leadership at workplace is most positive consideration for apply best talent management strategy. It is helpful to retain skilled people within the business for longer duration. Leaders are required to develop collaborative approach in which managers need to take feedback from staff members. It is the best way for empower staff members in systematic manner. This thing is most beneficial for the organisation for develop skills for different people and retain them in the business. When there is poor collaboration among staff members with business, it is creating issue to develop more profitable in systematic manner. Another important strategy to maintain long duration relations with staff members, business need to provide reward and recognition that is best aspect for attract and retain people (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016). Organisations need to provide best and attractive rewards that are most essential component to make staff members happy. It is also need to focus on fulfil needs of each employee to make perfect longer relations. This can be also effective for gaining more success and retain people at workplace for longer period of time.  

Recommendations from findings

Analysis of results

            In respect to consider present research analysis, it can be stated that talent management is most important perspective need to look for growth of Halfords. Businesses are also facing problem for retain staff members to maintain relationship in longer term. Maximum time businesses are getting failed to recruit right people at workplace. This is issue for the enterprise for sustaining within the market in longer term relationship. In the selected firm, it is essential to understand importance of talent management within the workplace. This is most effective practice develop new development opportunities at workplace. It support for utilising skills of people to manage longer term relationship (Wang,  Dang and Lv, 2019). In this aspect, success can be gain within the market for develop desired results in systematic manner. However, poor culture and lack of leadership create major trouble to implement perfect talent in the business. These issues face by manager that increases reason of failure to consider perfect contact and evaluate skills of people in systematic manner. This is most essential responsibility to examine perfect capability of a person (Beamond, Farndale and Härtel, 2016).


Halfords need to increase and focus on their leadership strategy that is helpful to lead all staff members. In this way, it is important to direct staff members so that effective functioning can be ascertain in systematic manner. Furthermore, the selected firm should focus on create friendly environment so that all staff members can share their ideas and views easily. It is helpful to retain skilled people at workplace (Why Talent Management Is an Important Business Strategy to Develop, 2019). Moreover, the chosen company needs to create a cultural quality. In parts of producing or manufacturing products they must have been needed to reflect their poorly on the quality of their work. Instead of more, quality sectors and executive management should be creating a culture where proposal for changes about large and small are always welcomed. In addition to this, the chosen company using technology to connect supply chain with the global supply chain. In present condition of market the technology system it most powerful setup for any kind of business, the Halfords using these technology such as cloud or mobile devices.



            I have worked on project of talent management, i learned about talent management. I faced many issues as I was not able to communicate with others. In respect to consider present study, it can be stated that with respect to meet with research objectives, it is essential to focus on its objectives


             I have felt that smooth research with broad view point is essential to conduct any study, I learned different things regarding talent management strategies. Initially I was very nervous but i understood this may create issue for me. With the help of applying adequate research methods, it can be stated that insight knowledge and understating gain by researcher. In this way, researcher assesses different issues and problem that are related with implementing talent strategies at workplace


            . It can be evaluated that it is important to focus on consider perfect planning and scheduling that is related with my own skills. Furthermore, I am able to conduct research with own understanding in systematic manner.


            It is analysed that my communication needs to be proper and I need to develop broad view so that I can search more about topic., This research is helps to increase my understanding and knowledge related with research methods. This kind of learning also assists to manage perfect investigation in proper way.


            My planning and presentation skill need to be work on so that I can become good researcher.

Action plan

            I will join classes and seminars to improve my lacking areas.


In respect to consider present study, it can be stated that talent management strategy is most important perspective for more growth of the enterprise. Attracting and retain new people in the business is also develop with utilising different kind of resources. Furthermore, this report also identifies different tools that can be used by business to improve profitability in significant manner. Study is also based on secondary data analysis that provide understanding to conduct detain research for generate right and valid conclusion.


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