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Present study is based on Halfords, it is UK based company that deals in car parts and other equipments. It was established in 1892 and has generated 1135.1 million revenues in the year 2018. Study will involve literature review on talent management. Research will conduct secondary data analysis in order to generate results on talent management strategies (Meyers, 2020). Therefore, knowledge regarding different kinds of talent management strategies ascertained with development of business.

Aim and Objectives


Talent management is considered as important HR practice that helps firm in attracting new candidates, developing skilled people, retaining them in firm for longer duration. Companies always ensure to hire highly talented and experienced person at workplace those who can manage their role well in organisation. But if management of this talent is not appropriate then it can cause issue to firm and enterprise will not be able to sustain in market for longer duration. Managers are required to communicate properly with all staff members. This is helpful tool that helps in knowing more about employees (Berger, 2020). By this way enterprise can get to know about their needs and can serve them accordingly. This can be beneficial in order to providing them satisfactory workplace atmosphere where people work for longer duration. Communication enhances their confidence and makes them feel comfortable. Empowering users is the great talent management strategy in which companies always give power to workers so that they can make their sound decision. This helps in making them feel valued which force them to retain in the business. Fair recruitment aids in attracting new talent those who can contribute well in success of business unit (Meyers, 2020).


“ To examine talent management strategies that can help in attracting and retaining talent at workplace: A study on Halfords”


  • To understand conceptual framework of talent management
  • To evaluate issues faced by companies to retain workforce in business unit and attract new employees
  • To find out various strategies of talent management that can help Halfords to retain its workforce and attract new employees

Research Questions

  • What is the meaning of talent management?
  • What are the main issues faced by firm related to talent management in organisation?
  • How companies can retain its talented staff in the firm for longer duration?


The reason of selecting this talent management strategy is that this is a burning issue in the Halfords, as many people are leaving their job soon and enterprise is facing issue in hiring new candidates (Harsch and Festing, 2020). This is creating trouble in managing the workforce at firm for longer duration. Hence this topic is selected so that strategies can be find out to resolve that matter., furthermore, many previous studies are available on the same matter hence this is an accurate topic on which researcher can conduct investigation in easy manner and gather huge data (Berger, 2020).


This research would give benefit to Halfords as company could be able to improve its HR practices and will be able to retain skilled employees at workplace for longer duration. This research will help other scholars as well to manage their investigation on talent management strategies.

Project plan


Research cost is total expenses that needs to be made by researcher to carry this investigation in effective manner. In This is duty of scholar that to ensure managing cost in significant manner. In order to control over the expenses there is need to have adequate cost over all activities and resource allocation needs to be done in adequate manner. This study on talent management will incur 1000 Pound cost. Resource procurement cost would be 400, buying stationeries cost is 100, searching material, 300 and project controlling would be 200. In  this budget this study can be completed in effective manner.


This study will have great scope as researcher get to know about the talent management and its effectiveness (Son and et.al., 2020). Study will allow companies to find out strategies through which they can attract new talent and can retain existing workers in the organisation for longer duration. This is the best way through which entity can gain success in market. This will help company in improving its HR practices so that it can sustain in market for longer duration. This study will cover the scope of improving talent management in Halfords company.


This is essential resource that can have impact over success of entire project. In order to complete this study researcher would require time of 9 week. In this duration individual will be able to finish this study in significant manner.


This an essential element that can have influence over the end result. Study will gather quality data from various sources. This data will allow scholar to find out answers of research questions and drawing a valid conclusion. Researcher will gather material from authentic sites so that quality data can be gathered and applied to this investigation (SOPIAH and et.al., 2020).


Researcher has not involved any human participants to share their views on talent management strategies. Researcher needs to ensure making proper communication will all the involved people. Teachers and peer group members are being communicated properly that has helped in drawing valid conclusion (Harun, Mahmood and Othman, 2020).


Researcher would have to face huge risk in order to manage and complete this study in significant manner. Human resource risk, communication risk, time risk, schedule risk, financial risk. All these risks will be managed by scholar in systematic manner so that this study can give desired results.


Researcher needs time resource so that study can be completed on time., Financial resource would be another element in which scholar will require money to manage entire study.

Gant Chart and Work break down structure

Gantt chart is the tool of project management in which project manager schedule activities. It has specific time duration in which study can be completed.

Idea generation related to topic
Framing aim and objectives
Conducting review of literature on the chosen topic
Data collection
Data Analysis
Drawing conclusion and recommendations
Submission of study
Edition as per requirement and final submission

Work breakdown structure is also known as planning tool that divide activities into sub activities so that project scheduling can be done properly and effective monitoring of project can be done.

Figure 1: WBS


Concept and overview

As per the view of  Berger, (2020) Employees are valuable assets of firm they are used to produce goods and services in firm and serving consumers well. Human resource management is responsible for handling talent well and retaining them in business for longer duration. Talent management is the act in which companies always ensure to attract new people those who have adequate skill to work perfectly in business unit and to serve company well.  Talent management is a moving ability in an organization that will persuade different representatives and helps them develop through inspiration from others. While there is no normalized model for the ability of the executives or employees, some HR experts have proposed astounding models that any organization can utilize like planning, attracting, developing, retaining, transitioning. Each association has its own remarkable objectives. Regardless of whether they identify with better execution or higher income, it is important that objectives should be obviously expressed and reachable. Meyers, (2020) stated Before starting Talent Management Company can go any further, the company must figure out what sorts of recruits need. Talent management always help in building strong bonding with employee , making them loyal towards the brand and handling business operations in significant manner.

According to Harsch and Festing, (2020) Organisation always emphasis on dealing with its employees in adequate manner. It ensures to have great  abilities. So HR manager of firm provide them training and give them rewards so that people feel happy and retain n business. In the recent time many companies are offering high salary packages to the people and employee leave their existing workplace soon just to get hike salary. In order to eliminate their issue in business unit there is need to give them rewards. Rewards and recognition always support entity in making them feel valued and meeting their expectation. By this way they will be positive and loyal towards the organs ton which will lead success to enterprise and will help in gang competitive advantage.

Strategies of talent management

Son and et.al., (2020) argued effective talent management practices allow companies to develop its unique brand image and sustain in market for longer duration. This is the tool that aids companies in  improving its brand image by serving its workers well. By this way enterprise can attract pool of talent as well.

Divekar and Raman, (2020) stated that Talent management is an important business strategy for development.  . In certain organizations, the ability from a talent management framework is open by means of computer programs; in others, casual correspondence among supervisors and HR staff is the methodology utilized. As expressed, most of the talent management is decisively in the possession of the worker’s director.

Hongal and Kinange, (2020) stated Keeping employee’s best ability was simple when barely any organizations were recruiting and workers felt stuck at their positions. Yet, presently, holding the cream of the worker crop is a battle again for some administrators. At the point when cutbacks are continuous and retirement benefits are essentially nonexistent, laborers feel less faithful to their organizations than they did in earlier many years and are eager to escape in the event that they discover better compensation or better possibilities somewhere else.

According to Berger, (2020) Change dull employment postings into dream work advancements. Remaining at a similar occupation for some time can likewise make employees resume look stale and give bosses the feeling that employees need drive and loath learning new things. Companies can land positions through emails to right aware, which eliminates the measure of time employees spend searching through advertisements. Also, the employee can transfer up to five variations of resume—each customized to various sorts of occupations that intrigue the company’s interest. According to 2019 reports, best-in-class Australian companies are 32% bound to draw in up-and-comers by means of online media. In addition, 79% of applicants are utilizing online media in their pursuit of employment methodologies.

Development of the organisation with implement talent management strategies

Harun, Mahmood and Othman,( 2020) argued Attract more employees by regular Learning: Attract more employees by regular Learning: These days, it’s not just critical to pulling in the ability of employees, in the first place, however, keep on offering serious representative advantages and new development occasions to boost qualified and prepared individuals to remain at your association for the long stretch. Consider offering representatives employees esteem work-life balance. They welcome it when you offer adaptable work routines, for example. On the go training, employees additionally acknowledge vocation openings like hands-on preparing and possible advancements. Almohtaseb and et.al., (2020) stated Distinguish those with long-term interests in your organization: Cheerful workers for the most part remain longer. They additionally assist you with pulling in top ability by indicating the best potential recruits that they likewise could be upbeat at your business. Ensure group chooses a worker who needs to come work for you – not only for the payment. Potential employees who disregard your messages won’t change that propensity whenever they’ve been recruited, and they’re presumably not focused on working at your organization. Then again, an up-and-comer who opens each email and connection is probably going to be similarly as energetic in the work environment. Employees will consistently do what they believe is best as indicated by what they think pioneers need. In the event that company mentions to them the important need, it centres their conduct as proposed. On account of many companies, the statement of purpose assists with zeroing in representatives on making an extraordinary client experience – regardless of anything else. Company vision should settle on it simple to disclose business choices to workers.


Research methodology demonstrated an essential part in the study. In this way, several kinds of elements considered for perfect investigation with tools and techniques. Therefore, towards the present study “what talent strategies do the best to companies use to attract and retain people”, solution is identified.

In order to start this investigation on talent management strategies researcher has conducted small scale research. This research is being carried out by using qualitative and quantitative tools. These methods helps scholar in answering research questions in significant manner. Qualitative method is used in the present study as researcher has involved theories related to talent management strategies (Nally, Sorensen and Kavanagh, 2020). These theories have supported scholar in developing understanding about the subject area. Many previous studies are done on the same topic that have great knowledge about conceptual framework of talent management, its related theories and issues due to which talent management issue arise in the business unit. This wqualitative method has helped scholar in generating theoretical results through which research questions can be addressed in significant manner.

Quantitative method is another type of research method in which scholar extract data from computational techniques such as statistical calculation etc. This would be helpful in gaining adequate results and drawing valid conclusion.

Primary data are such sources in which researcher collects all insight detail related to topic by own, there is no previous information used by scholar. This is very important for the investigator that to gain current detail about topic. (Kadic and et.al., 2020). On other hand secondary data collection sources are such methods in which researcher use already available details. This secondary source aids the researcher in generating valid results as previous studies are used to enhance understanding about topic and critically evaluating its facts. In this talent management strategies scholar has applied secondary source sonly. These sources have helped investigator in knowing factual detail about issues in talent management and strategies that are so effective retain and attract talent at workplace. Questionnaire has been taken to conduct this research so that current facts about the subject matter can be collected. The present study has used random sampling methods and 20 managers of Halfords have been taken into consideration as sample those who can tell about talent management strategies of firm.

Research philosophy

Research philosophy consist effective consideration with detailed explanation regarding study. In-depth information collected with research philosophy to understand topic in creative manner. It is define as belief on data that are collected by researcher. There are different types of research philosophy such as interpretivism, realism, pragmatism, etc. From these all, researcher focuses on interpretivism that is related with qualitative aspect of research. There are several models and theories related with interpretivism philosophy that assists to collect relevant data and information (Turnbull, Chugh and Luck, 2020). This is because detailed analysis helps to ascertain insight information that is most essential thing to go for final conclusion.

Research design

Another important component of research methodology is research design that demonstrated as blue print for conducting detail study. In addition to this, most effective consideration of relevant information is most important perspective for the study. There are different types of research designs considered such as exploratory, causal, descriptive, etc. Therefore, for the present research study exploratory research design is most suitable perspective that helps to collect relevant information. On the basis of this research design, perfect conclusion made that helps to take right kinds of action systematically. There are facts and findings related with talent strategies to attract and retain people (Lee, Dobiyanski and Sviland, 2020).

Research approach

Furthermore, research approach is another important aspect that involve successful plan to find right and relevant facts. In this regard, perfect solution with different problem implemented systematically. There are two kinds of research approach such as inductive and deductive. From these both, researcher selects deductive approach that is most effective consideration that contributes towards business goals (Kelly, 2020). In respect to collect relevant information, this perspective is most essential tool for analyse and interpret effective results.

Research strategy

Research strategy is defined as demonstrate perfect discussion to collect relevant information. In this consideration, different types of research activities promoted for effective functioning. There are two kinds of research strategies such as qualitative and quantitative used in research study. For the present research study, researcher chooses collection of data with using qualitative aspects. In this way, data and information that are already collected is again used with in-depth study. Therefore, it assists to find and determine more depth analysis for the present study (Vasiliev, Goryachkina and Budnikov, 2020).

Data collection

In order to conduct research study, data collection demonstrated as most essential component related with topic. Primary data are related when it is collected first time and first used. On the other hand, secondary information is related with data that are already collected and again used to analysis further consideration. This study is generally based on secondary information to collect more and in-depth analysis (Turnbull, Chugh and Luck, 2020). For the collection of secondary information, present research study demonstrates different methods of talent to retain people in business. There are different tools of secondary data such as books, journals, government tools, etc. used for more in-depth analysis. Primary data collection sources are also used to gain insight detail of subject matter

Data analysis

Data analysis is most effective aspect of research methodology that is ascertain for conduct study. There are different perspectives to determine perfect research study such as thematic analysis, SPSS, etc. For the present study, thematic analysis is tool that consider for ascertain effective consideration. In respect to collect relevant information, on the basis of secondary information different themes made that focuses on find conclusion. Relevant outcomes established to regulate and attain results (Lee, Dobiyanski and Sviland, 2020).


Sampling technique demonstrates to collect right information with right kind of samples. Research study is based on different kind of data so that there is sampling determined probability and non-probability. However, present study determined in-depth analysis from current data and information. Therefore, random sampling method is being chosen

Ethical consideration

Ethical consideration determined as the most essential component to find right way to collect data and conduct study. In the present study, researcher focuses on conducting systematic review with data and information. From this consideration, researcher ensures that all data and information are not copied from different tools. Therefore, it assists to collect right information and right findings (Kelly, 2020). Furthermore, proper regulations and norms are undertaken with conducting research. This consideration study is helpful to presenting relevant data in front of people. Proper following of rules and regulations ascertain with different practices in term of program.

Research limitations

This study is focuses on concentration on what talent strategies do the best to companies use to attract and retain people, so that valid information must be collected. In this regard, different sources are used that are useful to find relevant conclusion. Proper framing of this study ascertain to accomplish desired results. Accomplishing desired outcomes to concentrate to solve issues is ascertaining with relevancy. Hence, research aim and objective accomplish positive outcomes (Vasiliev, Goryachkina and Budnikov, 2020).

Reliability and validity

In respect to ascertain desired outcomes, it can be stated that present research methodology required ascertain relevant information. Therefore, it has been identified that reliable and validate information that are effectively applied in systematic work. All kind of data and information generally depend on accomplishment of aim in respect to find conclusion. Along with this, there is certain kind of information and data that are collected are reliable and validate. Hence, this information is believable to ascertain perfect consideration.



Theme 1: Theme importance of talent management

attract right talent and utilise their capabilities10
Reduce staff turnover ratio8
develop confidence of workers2

Interpretation: 10 Out of 20 respondents have replied that talent management is considered as methodically organised process that is used to attract right talent and utilising their capabilities in significant manner so that individual can retain in business for longer duration. Talent management is done by looking at objective of firm. On other hand 8 out of 20 respondents have said that this is important for the company to minimise staff turnover in the company. In the recent time many companies are here those who are unable to attract new talent and even staff turnover ratio is also very high in this organisation. 2 Out of 20 participants have replied that  It is helpful tool through which companies can be able to develop confidence of its workers and would be able to manage their talent well so that they retain in business and contribute well in accomplishing goal of organisation. Hence it can be interpret that talent management practices of organisation always take care of utilising skills of people properly so that overall business performance can be improved and firm can gain success in the market. (Hongal and Kinange, 2020). Talent management is considered as systematic process that needs proper planning. Planning aids in managing talent by looking at loop fall. This aids in identifying the requirement of human resource, formulate job description, source the right talent and develop workforce plan. This planning allows companies in understanding actual requirement of managing talent so that talented people can be hired and they can be retained in the firm for longer duration.

Theme 2: Sources to bring the right talent in organisation

Internal source5
External source15

Interpretation: 15 out of 20 respondents said that once planning is done then enterprise needs to ensure whether talent requirements are met through external sources. Manager evaluates both these sources and effective source is being used for attracting the new candidates those who can work better in organisation. Companies enhance flow of applicants. Company takes assistance of external sources such as recruitment agencies etc those who can help in finding poor of talented people at workplace (Divekar and Raman, 2020). On other hand 5 out of 20 respondents said that firm is taking assistance of internal sources to bring the right talent in organization. It evaluates the performance of each member and promote the right person so that vacant post can be filled. It cna be interpreted that external sources help business to get the right talent. Job description is prepared so that actual skill that is needed in the person can be determined and candidate those who have that capability can be attracted in the workplace. Selecting is another phase of talent management in which companies take assistance of testing and checking mechanism. Test is being conducted on the bases of test score person can be selected. Background checking is done. There are many software that are used by companies to test capabilities of person so that manager can hire the right person in workplace those who have capability to person job well.  Developing is another major phase of talent management in which companies develop hired candidates so that individual can retain in business for longer duration. If skills are not developed then new candidate can feel uncomfortable in the workplace which may create issue in managing their job in significant manner (Almohtaseb and et.al., 2020).

Theme 3: Issues faced by company to manage talent

lack of leadership8
 higher compensation demand5
unappealing culture7

Interpretation: From the above data it cis found that 8 out of 20 respondents believe that lack of leadership is the major issue faced by company to manage its talent. Companies face huge issues when they have to manage their talent. One of the major issues is lack of leadership. Leaders are the responsible person those who work to retain staff and manage talent in organisation for longer duration. Ineffective leadership create problem for existing employees to work in firm for longer duration. On other hand lack of leadership direction create problem for the new candidate to get adjusted in the workplace easily. Both these elements have great impact over talent management. If leader is not paying attention on new and existing members then these people would not be able to perform their jobs well. This would help firms in retaining skilled people and sustaining in market for longer duration. 5 out of 20 participants said that demand of higher compensation cause issue to managers of company in order to manage talent. It is discussed that higher compensation demand create problem in talent management in the firm (Harun, Mahmood and Othman, 2020). There are many companies where employee’s feel pressurised. Companies put high pressure on the employees and do not provide them fair compensation. In such atmosphere people feel hesitate to share their views and feelings. Pay scale is considered as major contributor that can help organisation in managing all difficult situation greatly, Companies need to offer good pay to its employees as per the compensation demand of employee. In the absence of it entity can fail to retain skilled people in business for longer duration. 7 Out of 20 respondents said that unappealing culture of company is the major issue due to which firms are unable to handle their workforce well. Due to poor culture employees do not feel happy and they think to leave their job soon. This kind of culture always create problem in making sound communication. This can create confusion at workplace and entity can get failed to retain its skilled people in organisation for longer duration. Unappealing culture makes them feel uncomfortable due to which people fail to utilise their skills well and perform allotted task in significant manner. This is the best way through which entity faces issue in managing talent (Son and et.al., 2020).

Theme 4: Benefit of talent management for the performance improvement in business

create new opportunities5
reduces the operational cost6
High employee satisfaction9

Interpretation: From the above data it is found that 5 out of 20 respondents believe that this talent management practice help the firm to create new opportunities. It revel that talent management is considered as most essential tool that create new opportunities for the business unit. Effective management of talent helps firm in retaining skilled people those who can serve consumers well. This is the best way through which entity can raise its productivity and can enhance profitability as well. Talent management supports the manager in utilising pool of talent in significant manner so that entity can perform well in market and can serve satisfactory services to its consumers (Harun, Mahmood and Othman, 2020).

6 out of 20 participants said that Talent management reduces the operational cost of firm as enterprise need not to spend huge cost in recruiting new candidates and giving them training as well. Talent management allows firm in holding skilled people for longer duration. It ensures to make its employees happy by giving them appealing workplace culture. 9 out of 20 respondents said that this is the best way through which loyalty of employees can be raised and company can make them satisfied towards the brand. This is the best way through which enterprise can enhance confidence of people and can make them loyal towards the brand. This loyalty will raise their commitment and they will always support firm in critical situations.

Theme 5: Strategies to manage talent at workplace

Detailed job description4
Effective leadership6
Empowering employees5

Interpretation: 4 out of 20 respondents said that detailed job description is considered as most effective strategy that always help firm in hire deserving candidate those who is eligible to perform their duties in significant manner. Detailed job description is beneficial for the source to find the right talent on right post otherwise unskilled people can be hired by firm. There should be effective communication between employees of organisation. This would be better in making them feel clear and valued. This communication will improve culture of company and talented person like to work in the firm for longer duration. 6 out of 20 participants said that Effective leadership is considered as best talent management strategy that aids in retaining skilled people in organisation for longer duration. Leaders develop collaborative approach where managers take feedback from employees and empower them (Almohtaseb and et.al., 2020). 5 out of 20 respondents said that Empowering employees always aids business in developing skills of an individual and making tem able to retain in firm for longer duration. If there in poor coloration then confusion can take place which may cause issue for enterprise to manage its skilled employees in the organisation for longer duration. 5 out of 20 participants believed that Reward and recognition is the best way through which entity can retain its workers. There is need that company gives attractive rewards to its staff members so that they can make the employees happy and can fulfil their needs. This can be helpful for the entity in gaining success and retaining talent at workplace for longer duration.

Theme 6: Relationship between talent management and employee retention


Interpretation: From the above table it is found that 15 out of 20 respondents have believed that there is significant relationship between talent management practices of company and employee retention. When companies manage talent properly then this enhances confidence of employees. They become more committed in the workplace an always help the organisation in its critical times. Hence this is fact that there is significant relationship between both these variables. On other hand 5 out of 20 respondents said that there is no significant relationship between both because overall employee retention is highly depended upon the expectation of company, if company is expecting too high and giving less wages to people then they will leave the job. From the above data it can be interpreted that yes talent management influences the employee retention in company. Firm needs to attract the right person and must train then so that person feels confident. This helps the individual in retaining them in company for a longer duration and making them loyal as well.

Theme 7: Training is the right method to retain the talented people in the firm

Strongly agree3
Strongly disagree2

Interpretation: From the above table it is found that 3 out of 20 respondents said that they are strongly agree that training can help in retaining the talent in business for longer duration. On other hand 10 of 20 participants have viewed that they are agreed that training is helpful in retaining people n the organization. On other hand 5 out of 20 answers are disagreed that training is suitable way to retain people. From the above study it can be interpreted that training can be helpful for organisation to enhance skills of people. By this way they understand their job role and perform it confidently. This is the best way through which organisation can gain success and can retain its talented people in the workplace for longer duration. If company is unable to give proper training to its employees then they will not feel happy and feel uncomfortable. This will makes them feel bad and this will increase workplace mistakes. Hence training and development practices are essential to raise capabilities of people and retain them in business for longer duration. There are many training methods such as on the job, off the job etc. Firm is required to opt the correct and suitable method of training so that it can reach to large employees and can enhance their understanding about business practices, customer needs so that they can serve consumers well and can support the firm in raising its revenues to great extent.


From the above literature review and data analysis it is found that talent management is considered as effective tool through which business can grow well. firm is need to improve its recruitment and training practices to bring the right person on the right job. This can help company in improving its performance greatly. It can be said that rewarding people and giving them training creates a good image in the mind of employees. These employees retain in firm for longer duration and use theri skill in a better manner to generate the adequate results in the firm.



From the above data analysis it is found that talent management is essential activity that needs to be look upon by HR team of Halfords. Company is facing trouble in retaining its workers in firm for longer duration and unable to get pool of talent as well. Most of the time entity fails to recruit right candidate. This is creating issue for firm in sustaining in market for longer duration. Halfords needs to understand the importance of talent management at workplace. This effective practice will create new development opportunities for firm. This would support in utilising skills of person in the firm for longer duration and gaining success in market. Poor culture and lack of leadership create big trouble in managing talent. Due to these issue managers fail to make contact with right talent suppliers and fail to evaluate skill of person properly (Berger, 2020). This is responsibility of leader to examine whether person has capability or not otherwise recruitment cost will incur which would raise operation expenses of firm to great extent.


Halfords should improve its leadership first, it has to lead people well and must direct them. By this way new candidate can get familiar with the job role which would help in managing operations well and performing task in significant manner. Halfords should work on its culture as well. Company should improve communication at workplace so that friendly atmosphere can be created and every person feels happy. This would be better in retaining skilled people in the organisation for longer duration. Company should give pay and rewards to the employees by looking at their performance and capabilities. This would motivate them skilled people will work in the firm for longer duration.



This study has become able to meet the research objective significantly. Scholar has applied adequate research methods that have supported in gaining insight details about talent management. By this way individual found about the issues and solution through which company can manage its staff well


I felt so amazing when I had to work on this project. This new concept has made me feel great and I feel that now I can manage talent in firm greatly.


This has helped in answering research questions in effective manner. While working on this project, I have learnt about project planning and scheduling. This has improved my research skill. My communication skills are still poor hence I need to work on it.


Now I am able to conduct any study in systematic manner individually. This research has developed my knowledge about talent management and also has improved my understanding about research methods.


This learning will always help me to manage my investigation in significant manner. This has improved my knowledge and project planning skill as well.

Action plan

I will join coaching and seminars to improve my communication skill.



From the above study it can be concluded that talent management is helpful for the growth of business unit. Attracting new talent and retaining existing people allow enterprise in utilising resources well and reducing operational cost of firm. This allows entity to serve consumers well and generate more profit. This is the method that supports in raising productivity and sustaining in market for longer duration. Secondary research aids in using existing data in adequate manner and analysing these detail properly to generate valid outcome.


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Why talent management is important?

·       Attract right talent and utilize their capabilities

·       Reduce staff turnover ratio

·       Develop confidence of workers

What are the main sources of brining right talent in organization?

·       Internal source

·       External source

What are the main issues faced by company to manage talent

·       Lack of leadership

·       Higher compensation demand

·       Unappealing culture

What are the major benefits of talent management for improving performance of company?

·       Create new opportunities

·       Reduce operational cost

·       High employee satisfaction

What are the strategies to manage talent in company?

·       Detailed job description

·       Effective leadership

·       Empowering employees

·       Rewards

Is there relationship between talent management and employee retention?

·       Yes

·       No

Do you agree that training is the right way to retain the talented people in the firm?

·       Strongly agree

·       Agree

·       Disagree

·       Strongly disagree