Work-Life Balance Assignment


Work-life balance is an essential factor in a healthy working environment. It is required for an organisation is to maintain and manage WLB which helps in reducing stress and assist in protecting the burnout in the company. It is required for an organization is to maintain stability and sound environment within the workplace which assists in developing motivation among employees in a better manner. It is that concept which evaluates and describes the prototype of dividing an individual time and energy between work and other essential factors of their life. The workplace allows staff members to attain work-life balance and it is mainly helpful in motivating and encouraging the employees that make them happy and satisfied as well. The report is based on ALDI which is a multinational retailing company that offersa variety of goods and services to their desired customers in the large market area. The motive of this assignment is to focus on evaluating and analyzing the concept of work-life balance where the company needs to maintain a positive environment for their employees.

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Work-life balance is the condition that includes a lack of antagonism between the other life roles and works. It is the level of the prioritization between personal and professionals’ actions in the person’s life and the level to which activities associated with their job are exist in the home. It has been analyzed that the ideal work balance is to provide an open method for the discussion. Apart from this, WLB is the topical issue due to the enhancing amount of technology which helps in removing the significance of the physical place in defining that concept in a better manner. In an earlier time, it is very complex and tough to take work home and so there wasa clear line that effectively manages the personal and professional life of the employees. It has been observed that an increase in mobile technology and methods, cloud-based software, and the internet system has providedan easy life for the employees where they can properly perform work without any difficulty(Obiageli, et. al., 2015). Along with this, stress and tension is the general feature of the poor work-life balance. The information economy mental stress has been recognized as significant health and economic cause by perceived required of staff to perform in limited time. The major key issue and problem in the work-life balance in which responsibilities lie for making sure employees have good WLB.

The work-life balance can be different based on the culture of an organization. Every company is different from other and it is based on cultural differences in the working life of a specific company. Some of the organization manage and execute the work-life balance in each way in which they are providing5 working day and holiday vacations on weekends that gives chance to staff members and spend time on weekends with their families to manage their WLB and also reduces the work stress by enjoying and maintain a bond with family(Johnson, 2015). Most of the companies are offering six working days but working duty reduces to two hours at this time employees spend some time with their families and friends.

The work-life balance is the humanistic concept that is being adopted as a business case in many organizations. Such a concept helps in improving the personal and professional life of the employees who are working for maintaining their personal life and it reduces the stress and tension level. Work-life balance is so personal which helps in maintaining stability in the company. The humanistic concept assists in improving the personal life of employees which helps in maintaining their professional life that reduces stress. The company also adopt the humanistic concept which helps in developing feeling which is overcome in modern days of the workplace and it eliminates stress and tension of the employees which they are facing in an organization(Bloom, 2016). For this, the companies introduce work-life balance in their workplace and conduct training sessions where employees learn how to behave with others. This will assist in maintaining a sound and optimistic environment in an organization. In the current time, they do not focus on a salary which they are provided but also consider the WLB that plays an important role in job satisfaction. Most of the workers consider a positive environment workplace where they can perform their work in a better manner and communicate freely with their colleagues without any issue face.

The managers and leaders have to consider the work-life balance which assists in motivating and inspiring the people to perform good work in the company. An effective leader encourages these people who can perform effective work in a limited time. This is helpful for an employee where work-life balance feels their lives that are achieved both inside and outside of work and they gain experience of minim conflicts between work and personal roles. This helps in reducing the stress and work pressure of staff members(Daverth, et. al., 2016). The work-life balance defines as the worker’s abilities which maintain the healthy and sound maintenance between the work roles and duties and their accountabilities towards their families. The companies are enhancing identifications to the importance of assisting their workers to gain the balance as most of the staff members are experiencing conflicts between their professional and personal work life. The ALDI company leaders focus on maintaining the health and wellbeing of employees and also concentrate on reduces their stress levels by providing them weekly holiday.
Leaders and managers have considered this approach as it assists in boosting company productivity and profitability, maintain stability, develop positive settings, and create a sound working environment and use of the effective style of working properly(Lyonette, 2015). A leader needs its employees tobe productive and in which work-life balance plays an important role. When the workers are happy with their work so this can lead towards greater productivity of the company.If the employees are staying late every day and perform overtime work so it observes that productivity will be a boost at anytime. Employers’ and leaders’role is to promote the healthy work-life balance which is important in the ALDI. For this, they are communicating and interact with exciting employees and discussions regarding their new candidate who does not know the company status and work conditions. Then the employers and old workers provide information to new staff members regarding the company working style and how to perform tasks in the workplace. Along with this, leaders are focus on flexibility of working environment where they should consider various aspects which helps them in maintaining flexibility in an organization. Firstly they should provide flexible working hours where it is not necessary for employees is to perform work for 8 hours. The employees can take work from home when they required but there is a condition to complete each task within time. Also, they are providing personal time off in which employees spend time to relax and reduce stress.
The company leaders and managers can adopt this concept while devising the strategy in which they are focus on employees’ culture according to this develops effective strategies and policies. The major motive of the work-life balance is to concentrate on employees’ health and their wellbeingwhen they are not capable to maintain equilibrium in their personal and professional life(Richert-Kaźmierska, et. al., 2016). While determining and evaluating the WLB framework, managers are work on formulating and planning of specific strategy which is the best appropriate for the company. For this, they are evaluated whole business growth and weakness as per this they are making strategies as per the focus of weak points and improve the business operations. With the assistance of WLB, leaders can easily analyze their employees’performance and its impact on their work.
Organisation managers are crucial for the successful implementation of the work-life balance concept. The main role of the leaders is to developing positive settings in the workplace. They are mainly concentrating on the culture of workers and reduces the negative working style that is adopted and it can impact company functions. Sometimes, the leaders face communication issues while they are interacting with their senior management leaders regarding the adoption of work-life balance approach in an organization(Omar, et. al., 2015). For this, they need to discuss with them and conduct a meeting where all the employees and other subordinates and senior heads are present. In this meeting, managers and leaders discuss their point to accept the work-life balance concept which helps in maintaining and managing the sound environment in an organisation. This also assists in enhancing workers’ satisfaction and motivation level regarding the job. Along with this, they take each member reviews and feedback of the WLB concept and senior members are present their point to the same. After the evaluation of the meeting discussion, the managers are decided to adopt or reject this approach in the workplace with the agreement of the senior management team. If the approve is accepted so the leaders need to manage whole tasks and responsibilities related to this concept and maintain the work properly.

It is essential for company managers is to focus on managing tactics which assist in gain the attention of workers to perform good work and attain desired goals. They are provide training to their staff members which increases their efficiency level so that they are performing great tasks in a better manner. Leaders motivate their workers to deal and handle the new candidates who do not know how to do the company work. Managers motivate employees to communicate with new workers and create a positive working environment. Also, they provide knowledge how to balance the work roles and personal responsibilities inbetter way. for this, the company gives five-day working shift in which they are work for only 6 hours and if their work remains so they can complete it from their home(Rich, et. al., 2016). Most of the IT companies are provide such facilities but in this time other organisations also provide these services which enhance motivation among workers and develop enthusiasm regarding the work. Also, managers need to focus on some aspects which can impact business functions and its operations effectively such as maintaining business management that is linked with work-life balance strategies and enhances productivity. It has been analyzed that an effective management system is the main key for success and proper implementation of the WLB concept in the company. By this, they can retain more employees and make existing workers always happy and satisfied with their systems and functions. In addition to this, managers require to examine and evaluate the differences between professional and personal working lifestyle that may impact employees health and brain effectively(Dizaho, et. al., 2017). For this, they need to communicate with supervisors or team leaders regarding the issue and try to resolve it. The managers work on eliminating these problems as most of the employees face such types of issues that can create a negative influence on both organisations as well as their productivity.


From the above-mentioned report, it can be analyzed that work-life balance helps in maintaining the company environment and develop positive settings in the workplace where all the employees effectively perform their respective tasks. It is important for a firm is to concentrate on managing the healthy surrounding and evaluate internal and external factors which can affect business operations properly.Along with this, this concept assists in formulating an optimistic environment in which workers complete their work in a given time witha proper manner. The leaders and employers are considering this concept in which they maintain work-life balance and it is essential to increase motivation and job satisfaction levels of their employees. Besides this, it is required for the firm is to manage the balance between the working environmentsthrough which they can efficiently perform their work. Managers adopt the work-life balance approach and implement it in the workplace in a systematic manner that helps in enhancing employees’satisfaction and encouragement.


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