CSI6108 Fundamentals of Software Engineering Assignment Help

Submission requirement:

  • o Each team needs to submit their assignment work, i.e., report, via Blackboard electronic assessment facility. For detailed assignment submission procedure, please refer to “How to submit your Assignment online” item in the Assignment section of your Blackboard.
  • o The team/group leader is responsible for submitting the report of their team by the submission due date. Other team members are not necessary to submit the same report copy, however all team members’ names must be printed on the cover page of the report of their team.
  • o The Report must be in Word or PDF format. It is recommended to zip your file before submission. The zip file should be named in the format of A2_Team<your team Number>_CSI6108.zip. For example, if your team number is 3, the zip file should be named A2_Team3_CSI6018.zip. Submit the .zip file via Blackboard.
  • o No hard copy submission is required unless otherwise noticed.
  • o Remember to keep a copy of your assignment.
  • o Your attention is drawn to the university rules governing cheating and referencing. In general, cheating is the inclusion of the unacknowledged work of another person. Plagiarism (presenting other people’s work and ideas as your own) will result in a zero mark and other penalty.


Imagine that you have just started working as a Project leader in the ABC Software Company. A client of the company has requested your company to develop a web-based software system that supports on-line purchases. The previous Project leader who had been leading the team of 3~4 software developers has been promoted to a more senior position within the company and you are to take over his role in this project. The only available information that was given to you was the specification (Appendix A) provided by Company WholeSaleOnline originally. You also realise that the requirements specification document has not been prepared nor signed off as the previous project leader has dealt with Company WholeSaleOnline for a long period of time and they have always worked on the principle of “a gentleman’s handshake”.


You will be working in a team consisting of 3~4 persons. The team will work jointly on all the tasks associated with the assignment and a group mark will be assigned to each individual (unless otherwise affected, e.g., failed to submit peer assessment form, etc.). You are encouraged to “role play” various scenarios (for example, someone in the role of the project leader and the other team members in the role of one of the software developers in the team or as the representative of Company WholeSaleOnline) so as capture both sides of the arguments. You must log the minutes of your weekly meetings, detailing what was discussed in terms of what is to be done, who is assigned to the various tasks and whether the assigned tasks is completed on the agreed date.

(You need to email your lecturer the names of the people in your team for this assignment by Monday of Week 6. Note that if you do not form your team by then, you lecturer will pick your team members for you.)


  1. Since an official requirements specification document has not been completed, you are required to produce a requirement specification, written according to the IEEE standard for requirement specifications. The specification document is to be written after you and your team have talked to the representative of Company WholeSaleOnline. Before meeting the representative, you need to have completed the following:
    •   Surveying a number of other websites that support on-line purchasing and make notes of what’s good and bad about each of these sites.
    •   Design a series of questions that you will use to elicit more information about the system that you and your team will be developing.(30 marks)
  2. As the rest of the team are closely involved in the design and implementation of this system, you will take on the role as an independent tester and design a series of test cases using the information found in the completed requirement specification document which was signed off at the start of the project. The format of the test cases is commonly used within the company and an example of it is found in the test case specification document (Appendix B).(20 marks)
  1. As the project leader, you will also have to look into the risk management associated with the project. Clearly explain the steps that you will be carrying out in this task and the details associated with each of the steps. Provide a list of possible risk. Again, provide any assumptions and your rationale for the decisions that you have made.(20 marks)
  2. PrepareaPPTpresentationinthefollowingtheme:
  •  A presentation of the work done so far for your project and give the presentation that details and to summarises how your project was conducted. (20 marks)
  1. Minutes of your meetings. In cases of disputes among the team members, your lecturer may use the minutes of the meetings to redistribute individual marks. Each team has to email electronic copies of the minutes of all the meetings that had already taken place on Tuesday of Week 6, Week 9 and Week 11. Template for minutes of a meeting is shown in Appendix D.NOTE: although the minutes of your meetings were allocated for 5 marks only, you will fail your assignment if minutes of your meetings are not submitted by the due dates.

    (5 marks)

  2. Peer assessment (to be submitted by each team member): a peer assessment of the contribution of each of your colleagues to the system (this may contribute to your assessment). Any team member who does not submit a valid peer assessment by the due date/time will receive a mark of zero (0) for the assignment (- template in Appendix C).(5 marks)


  •   Requirement specification document following the IEEE standard (Task 1)
  •   A list of 2 to 3 web-sites and associated comments (Task 1)
  •   A list of questions to elicit requirements (Task 1)
  •   A series of test cases written in the required format (Task 2)
  •   Explanations associated with Task 3.
  •   Electronic copy of the PowerPoint slides for your team’s presentation (by Week 11).(Task 4)
  •   Minutes of your meetings (Task 5)
  •   Electronic copy of your report (also see Submission requirement).
  •   (Individual submission: Peer Assessment form) (Task 6)


    •   Lect 1: Introduction to Software Engineering
    •   Lect 2: Software Life Cycle and Methodologies
    •   Lect 3: Project Management and Planning
  • Lect 4: Cost estimation and Risk Management
  •   Lect 5: Requirements Analysis and System Engineering
  •   Lect 6: Software Design
  •   Lect 7: Verification, Validation and Testing
  •   Lect 9: Maintenance and Configuration Management

Appendix A

Specification for a web-based software system that supports on-line purchasing for Company WholeSaleOnline

Company WholeSaleOnline would like a web-based software system that supports on- line purchases to be developed. The system must at least provide the following functions:

  1. Creatingnewaccounts;
  2. Login;
  3. Allow users to search for items in the website;
  4. Purchaseitemsfromthewebsitebyselectingtheitems;
  5. Make on-line payment using credit cards;
  6. Email notification of successful transactions to be send to the packaging department so that the items can be posted off;
  7. Logout.

On-line purchases can only be made if a user has an account. The first web page presented to the user should therefore provide means for the user to either create a new account (if they do not have one already), or login (if they are already a member). If the user selects “create new account” a page requesting a chosen login name, password, and additional personal information will be presented. This page will be responsible for creating a new account for the user.

If the user selects “login” a login page requesting the user’s login name and password will be presented. This page will log the user into the on-line purchasing section of the system. Once logged in, the user will be given the opportunity to search for items of interest and purchase various items. Each item will have an associated price. Once the user has selected the item(s) they wish to purchase (and the order has been verified) the total “cost” of the purchase is calculated and presented to the user together with the list of purchased items. The user is asked to click on a button that will present a form for the user to enter his/her credit card details, postal address and the amount for the transaction.

Once the payment has been verified, the software system sends an email to the packaging section of the company with all the details of the transaction so that the items can be sent out to the respective clients.

The number of items remaining in stock is then updated by the system. The user is then given the option to log out or purchase more products.

Company WholeSaleOnline requested that the following information be associated with each of the items on the web-site:

  •   Price
  •   Unique Identifier
  •   Description
  •   Quantity available
  •   Notes [optional]
  •   Picture/s [optional]Logout

    This selection is made when the user wishes to logout of the on-line purchasing system. Once “logged out” the user should be presented with a “create new account/login” page.

Appendix B

Test Case Specification Sheet

Application System: Name of software system (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux offer, Microsoft Access 2016 Version 16.0.4229.1024)


Test id

Test Objective

Input Test data

Expected Outcome



Check that elements in the site (campus) table match the attributes within the data dictionary.

All specified attributes exist.

The name attribute of the site table has size 32 rather than 20.

Test Passed?: N
Action: Changed database schema to match specification.

Use the table above to write up each test case.

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