Event Proposal- Promoting the Healthy Lifestyle among young adults

Event Management

Overview of Event

This event proposal will focus on Diabetes along with the main aim is to inform and create awareness among communities about the significance of promoting a healthy lifestyle especially the young adult people. In this event, the manager mainly concentrates on gathering all the young adults who do not aware of the health issues (Watson, et. al., 2015). The maximum attendance is around 300 who can attend this event. It is a community-based event so there will no tickets to be sold. The event is sponsor by The City of Cape Town and the venue of this event is Muizenberg Civic Centre.

Planning of budget

Budget is important statement which helps in evaluating the event alternatives and set the financial targets and it enables the event manager to work effectively through the budget.

Services Price QTY Subtotal
Venue fee R4000 10 R40000
Event staff (per hour/per person) R30 10 R300
Event chairs, tables, etc R300 20 R6000
Food and catering services R50 300 R15000
Event materials/decorations R200 1 R200
Total cost of budget R61500


Human Resource management

It is the main duty and responsibility of the event manager is to recruit, brief, and manage the students volunteer on the day of the event. For this, they are attracting students by use of social media channels and present the event description (Naumenko, et. al., 2019). Also, they gain the attention of students regarding how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid major diseases like diabetes. At the time of selecting the volunteer for the event, the manager needs to discuss the important points with them and distribute their roles in this event.

Information management

It is important for the event manager is to focus on maintaining record-keeping which must be collect, store, and categories the records automatically related to the volunteers, staff members, programs, budget, catering services, and many more. This must present the stored and gathered data whenever it is required. In this event, the manager presents the project file on a manual basis. It is kept safe and secure by the manager (Mercer, et. al., 2016). This information is required at any time when they need to pay the remaining salary of the staff members and search for their contact details. Then, this record-keeping statement is necessary which involves different activities information and total participated number.

Time management

Pre-event planning: the event manager will plan the event as per the theme of the event. This program is promoting a healthy lifestyle that creates awareness among young people.

Physical set up of event location: The manager establish and develop the event and decorate it as per the theme.

Arrangement of attendees: In this event, the maximum 300 attendees can participate so the manager will prepare the welcome event before the event.

Preparing and distributing event materials: The manager has staff that can distribute the event materials among other members and arranges the event activities properly (Mdodo, et. al., 2015).

Catering preparation: Volunteers and staff must arrange the food and items and serve it to the guests.

Management of activities: At last, the manager needs to manage and maintain all the event functions in a proper manner.



Activities (days) 1st day 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day 6th day 7th day 8th day 9th day
Pre event planning
Set up of event location
Arrange the attendees
Prepare the event materials
Catering preparation
Management of event activities

Design of Event

Theme management

The event can capture the theme which is promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people whose age is 18 to 30. The event mainly focuses on students who can participate in this event as a volunteer and learn how health is important for maintaining their body and by this, they can avoid major diseases (Li, et. al., 2018). For example, if a student has a face health issue so they need to attend this event and learn how to more careful in improving their health-related problems. The event manager invited specialist doctors and nurses who can take care of such attendees who are currently facing a major issue.

Catering administration

The catering is essential in any event as there are many VIPs and other guests also present. In this event, volunteers and staff served baked potato chips, part skin string cheeses stick, sliced peppers to dip, soda, sweet tea, or drinks (Khera, et. al., 2016). The volunteers and waiters can give the menu and guests can order the food item accordingly.


The topic of this event is to focus on educate and aware of the communities regarding the importance of a healthy lifestyle among young people. The event helps to increase knowledge of attendees about the health practices and how they will maintain their health in a better manner.


Entertainment is important while conducting an event where the manager needs to maintain sound environment settings. It is a quite entertaining event in which students learn healthy practices by playing funny activities which make them feel happy to all the attendees and they do not get bored.


It is one of the major management systems which should focus by event manager where they are select sound location and venue (Fletcher, et. al., 2018). This event signage is to promoting different healthy practices that make a great lifestyle, especially for young adults. The décor and furnishing develop a great environment that attracts attendees.

Production management

For this event, the main technical equipment is a video and projection system that is requiring, help presenters to discuss the major points in front of attendees and they can easily understand the event theme. There is various other equipment such as lighting system, sound or audio technology, video streaming, and many more.

Marketing management of the event

Marketing plan

The target audience for the event is the youngster’s age 18 to 30 to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The target audience will be attracted to the event by enlightening them about the various features, benefits, and advantages of a healthy lifestyle which encourages and keeps us away from harmful diseases like diabetes at in early age (Barron, et. al., 2017).

Promotional activities

The manager for the event will use the electronic media advertisements for promotion to run on social media as the youngsters who are the target audience for the event spend so much time on social media. Promotional video campaigns, hashtag campaigns, and healthy lifestyle challenges are being run on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.


In this event, various sponsors are involved such as a financial sponsor, media sponsors, promotional partners and so more. These are selected for the event as they help manage all the activities and functions that are conducted. Media sponsors are the financial sponsors that help in securing the advertising for an event (Backman, K.F., 2018).

Operational management


the attendees are 300 people who will be controlled in the event by providing them invitation cards which will help them in sitting arrangements in the event and will provide them with the best services from the event managers as they will promote the healthy lifestyle by taking it forward.

Communication management

The manager will control the internal team which will be in charge of taking the role players to their places and tell them what to do. The external suppliers of the event will help the attendees to reach for the venue on time and find their helpers to take them on the registered places (Adam, et. al., 2018). The technical production will be ensured smoothness as the operational requirements such as sound system, microphones, speakers, lightings, and so on will be used after double-checking as an operational perspective for smooth technical production.

Risk management

Risk management is an essential part of event planning as this will failing to identify the potential issues that can create a huge impact on different areas of the event. It involves financial stability, arrangements of activities, promotional problems, and many more.



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