MGMT20132: Individual report: Business proposal and reflection


The main motive of this report is to analyze the feasibility of new products and services which are being introduced for the Salesforce Company. This project will be addressing the different tools and technologies which help them in maintaining and improving systems in a better manner. Along with this, a description of new techniques and tools has been presented in this report(Chang, 2016). Five tools are used for analyzing the new product as the innovation includes Business model canvas, Porter’s five force models, SWOT and so more. Such tools will assist in evaluating and understanding the different influencing factors for the deployment of the product determined as the innovative tactics for the firm.

Business model description

The business model is that plan which helps in developing and making the company a successful business model generate the required profit. It assists in examining the products and facilities of the company, also work on gain the attention of customers in the target market and this income will occur effectively. It is that plan to formulae and increases the business scope. It mainly concentrates on the value proposition, describes the goods and services and organization offerings include customers’ requirements and needs.

The business model of the Salesforce helps in managing and maintaining customer segmentation and various channels. Salesforce also focuses on the value development procedures for the clients by developing a reputation and reliable goods. Along with this, the company provides the best quality of goods to their desired customers. Moreover, it helps in developing a strong relationship with the customers and firm concern on the marketing and other advertising cost and evaluates the whole production value(Chen, et. al., 2015). It is generating income and revenue when the company provides the best CRM product based on Blockchain technology.

Business model canvas

BMC components of the Salesforce Company are described as follows:

Key partners

●       Investors

●       The third-party development tool provider

●       Sales and distribution partner

●       Cloud storage providers

Key activities

●       Cloud storage

●       CRM services

●       Software development

●       Customer support

●       Marketing and sales

●       Training, hosting, networking, and other IT business operations

Value proposition

●       Cloud accessibility develop its simple and all-time accessibility

●       Customer-centric products

●       Most of the organization credited the success to Salesforce

●       Cheaper than other same products

●       Most usable software in the business era

Customer relationships

●       Self-service

●       24 hours of customer facilities

●       Personal support

●       Personalized access with AI automation

●       Services provide online and compatible with various devices

●       Mass customized and multi-channel assistance

Customer segments

Marketing departments


Different industries

All sized corporations

Customized products according to the needs

Key resources

●       SaaS

●       Intellectual property

●       Developers

●       Brand and technology

●       Hardware, software and cloud platform


●       Online platforms

●       Live chats

●       API

●       Consultants

●       Webinar

Cost structure

●       IT Operations

●       Developers and employees

●       Professional services

●       Investment and acquisition

●       R&D and management

●       Marketing & Sales and customer services

Revenue streams

●       Monthly charges

●       Price based facilities

●       Professional services

Disciplined entrepreneurship canvas

Design and build –Salesforce provide the best quality of CRM services based on Blockchain technology. The company work on improving its facilities and services to satisfying their clients’ needs and wants. Salesforce sells its products through websites and other online systems in which designing is important to gain the attention of potential customers(Delaney, & Bates, 2015). This is required for the company is to focus on the designing and structure of the systems accurately.

An overall economy–To maintain and manage the relationship with the large corporations and reputed brands of Salesforce which provides CRM based on Blockchain technology and also improves in their current services properly. The business spends a lot of money on advertising and marketing activities in which they are gain and increase economies of scale.

Customer acquisition–The huge number of customers are engaged with Salesforce successfully which increases the brand image and commitment among the clients in the market place. It helps in managing customers demand and needs and also builds a customer base.

Sales – Salesforce focus on improving CRM services through online websites and the use of Blockchain technology in which customers buy products digitally.

Scaling–Salesforce Company promotes its products in huge market areas and also captures the market internationally. 

Development of value proposition

In the case of Salesforce, they are focus on improving CRM which helps them in maintaining business operations and functions(Greco, et. al., 2015). It is important for a firm is to manage some of the values to retain its desired customers. Most of the people contribute services daily which helps in maintain some principles and values in their behaviour and business working in which they are engaged with some of the values such as:

Leadership –It is that value which is followed by Salesforce as they understand their areas of accountability and their obligation by customers.

Integrity –The Company always believes in honesty and maintains law regulates based on the right instructions and performs accurate actions for the development.

Ownership –Salesforce consider that personal responsibility for their business requirements and needs in which they act like owners and try to make organization success and gain higher growth.

Trust –Company employees respect each other which include peer members, colleagues, suppliers, people, and customers who play an integral role in the Salesforce.

Passion for winning–They are focused on performing the great function and best work to win which improving their business growth in the market place(Hsu, et. al., 2015).

Business operations development

Such are major techniques and strategies which assist in executing and examining the opportunities for the company’s higher scope. It is required for the developing value and long term success and also develops strong relations in the large market area. This is the procedure of formulating the organization’s working process in a better manner.

Salesforce mainly deals in online and offline stores and it is required for the company is to optimize websites, and improve the interface for their online stores. On the other side, creating the best channels for the supplies and concentrate on the manufacturing quality, managing effective quality checks which are required for physical stores(Piperopoulos, & Zhang, 2015). Salesforce can improve its business operations by focusing on its goals and objectives.

Supply chain development

The successful and effective supply chain involves a wide range of business functions and operations for managing each operation for gaining effective outcomes and formulates the accurate chain for maintaining supplies is supply chain development. Along with this, it assists in improving the quality of supply chain operations and activities for acquiring income by analyzing customers’ needs and requirements.

Salesforce Company relies on its distribution networks and supplies chain for the appropriate distribution of its goods and services. SCD can be conducted by a focus on maintain track of deviations of the procedures involved in the supply chain beginning from the planning stage till the delivery of a returning phase which is essential for the firm to establish a reliable supply chain. Salesforce satisfying needs and requirements of their customers by continuous delivery and by online and offline supply chains.

Financial value capture

It defines a type of public financing and it is the form is a system that saves the benefits coming from public investment. This scheme is regulated by the government to the value of all public infrastructures as for the private industry ownership of the land(Kafouros, et. al., 2015). The business can effectively use of available resources. Salesforce generates income and profits by their online stores and other websites through using social channels and it is the main role of Salesforce is to improve such mode for gaining better customer experience.

Activities Amount ($)
Designing Better Interface 20000
Designing website 5000
Data interpreting process improvement 2000
Optimizing Website 700
Total 27,700

Competitive advantage

It is generally helpful for the company over its rivals and this is the trail through which the company takes effective benefits of the opportunities over the same sector companies by multiple customers’ offerings. Salesforce enjoys the advantage over its competitors in the large market place by lower the MRP of its goods and services(Pangbourne, et. al., 2018). Trust helps in develop loyalty and commitment of customers which increases brand image and goodwill in the market area. The company carries the out similar type of commodities and facilities of Salesforce which concentrate on customer satisfaction that is directly or indirectly brings better outcomes and results for the firm.

Strategic fit

It reflects the degree of how company response to their resources and capabilities to gain high opportunities in the external environment.

Mission–Salesforce focuses on providing the best quality of CRM service based on Blockchain technology and improving customer services.

Vision–Company needs to develop ideal future business environment and increase leadership quality among leaders within an organisation(Ritala, et. al., 2015).

Strategy– Company considers the implementing intensive strategies for higher growth which focus on penetrate the whole market.

Critical assumptions and uncertainties

In the flexible working environment, it is confirmed that designers of the customer change weight alter the time of companies such as Salesforce which regulate the online stores and websites to introduce the software in the market place.

Phased development plan

Learning plan process Uncertainties
  Customer desirability Technical feasibility Financial viability
Level of criticality Medium High High
Conduct learning loop Review the online stores which assist in gaining experience Required to analyze for safety motives It will not one to expect
Evaluate learning Developed after preparing a plan Feasibility will be analyzed The budget will be evaluated.
Proceed with the next learning loop Execution will be followed. The results will be examined. Enhance the customer experience

Innovation tools and technologies

Brainstorm ideas: By executing this idea, the company will gain benefit and it is easy for them is to introduce new business ideas for great development.

Customer journey canvas: Salesforce mainly concentrates on the customer journey to examine customers’ wants and choices and there is an alteration in taste over some years.

Core capabilities: It is that tool that assists the company in reduces the cost when compared to their competitors and such technique enhances the competitive benefits of the firm(Yusr, 2016).

Value chain analysis: The tool ensure business functions and activities of the company by following such value chain analysis only the most valuable actions are concentrated to acquire benefits.

Porter’s five forces: It helps shape the company within the company and able to develop strategies as per the flexible environment to increase potential and income levels.

Storytelling canvas: Such a method assists the company to come up with new ideas that resultant in better performance and ideas that are developed by this tool by keeping in mind the market situation.

SWOT: It helps in analyzing and examining the internal business environment which is directly or indirectly affects business operations and its functions.

Business environment map: The tool assist in identifying the sector where the company regulates and it helps in analyze whole marketing factors and current trends properly.

Critical reflection

As per the report, I focus on identifying some circumstances of the business and how the firm grow by executing quality management and development practices. This will assist me in future activities and gain learning. I will surely do better functions in the future and apply all such practices learned in my future projects.


Salesforce needs to focus on the online platform which enhances business growth and reach with a wide range of customers. In such a case, an organization should concentrate on online stores and websites to provide customer experience and satisfy their needs(Zeng, et. al., 2015). The company requires improving CRM services which are based on Blockchain technology effectively.


From the above report, it is concluded that Salesforces focus on maintaining their systems and other factors that directly impact on their business functions. The selection of effective tools is critically reviewed the self-reflection which is described the growth of personal innovation capabilities and identify the strengths and weaknesses in the report.


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