MITS5001 IT Project Management

Project Title

SIGMA Consulting’s Business


SIGMA Consulting is a consultancy company that provides world-class project management consulting services to different companies. An organisation can rationalize the business functions and also enhancing the firms by delivering data associated to the PM on their intranet websites. The company hires skilled and experienced consultants and provides the freedom to maintain all the required work of the projects.

The project is undertaken to analyzing required information and facilities that are accessible to the current and desired customers. SIGMA consulting form mainly focuses on increasing the growth and profitability of an organization and also gains the attention of more clients towards their services and project management facilities. This project concentrates on Project Management Intranet Site that helps them in gaining goals by enhancing the visibility of the company experts.
The opportunity which is an address in the project is they believe to buying admission to the expert software to help this new competence along with house growth. This will assist SIGMA consulting to increase their growth and success level. With the help of this, the firm can easily attract more clients who are taking advice from them regarding project management.

Project Goals

SIGMA consulting main goals are described as follows:

• To offers best project management consulting facilities to different worldwide company.
• To focus on increasing business goals by enhancing the perceptibility of the business’s experts to manage the customers.
• To analyze current technology and tools that help in increasing the growth of the firm.

Project Scope

This project scope is to use Web sites for getting and collecting accurate advertising data accurately. The main use of intranet is maintaining and managing HR data which includes gain benefits of related information and access the online handbook and operate a Web-based e-mail structure. SIGMA consulting concentrates on increasing growth and attracts more clients from different companies. This is important for the Intranet site project is to increase the knowledge of experts who are involved in these functions and operations of the specific project. The skilled workers perform to get a role in maintaining project activities along with delivering the best quality of services to their clients in a proper manner. Along with this, SIGMA consulting main focuses on recognizing the profitable project and evaluate its values after completion and concern on standards of projects. The firm focuses on enhancing web site networks so they can easily deliver their different latest services to the desired clients and provide the best facilities.

Key stakeholders

The key stakeholders of the SIGMA consultants are very important for the company to use the services and products of firm in path of PM consultancy services. The key stakeholders of the company are users, finance teams, legal team, subject matter experts, senior management, etc. the stakeholders need to have purchase access for the specialized software which will support the new capability of intranet website to access the information related with the on-going project management information and can contribute in the development of the projects [3]. The key stakeholders should be given access to services like the proposed intranet advancement for the clients and consultants of the company which will enhance the information technology access by the specialized software to manage the project management of the services of SIGMA. This is an important aspect which focuses on the information distribution for the various departments of the company to deal with the issues related with the stakeholders in which they need to be informed about the various aspects of the technology being used for the development of the projects on a higher quality range by using the intranet services. This will be useful in such a way that the clients and consultants will be informed about the information regarding the project such as meeting time, cost of development, time used, etc. this will be beneficial for the company to enhance the growth and development using the latest proposed services [4].

Project Milestones

It is that method that is used to identifying how a project is advancing especially when it is not familiar with which task has been performed. In this, a project management milestone is a measurement to control how project progress should be maintained effectively. It includes checkpoints, high priority activities, and deliverables [5]. It can help in attaining funds and patents, developing prototypes, and recruit employees who perform great work and functions in a better way. The project milestone of the project management that are described as follows:

Constraints and Assumptions

The intranet site for the SIGMA consulting services is very valuable and will face various kinds of constraints and assumptions in the way of establishing the intranet for the various consultants and clients. The intranet site should run on the existing software and hardware systems which can be used by the services on minimal technical support. This is the critical constraints for the organization in which the unauthorized users need to be located within the system to make the intranet services for clients and consultants secure [6]. This is very important to recognize unauthorized users on the intranet site of company. The office manager of PM can lead efforts for the project members to include the various applicants from different portions of firm to increase the new business policies and operating costs for supporting the project. The sigma consulting will be having very critical constraints for the development and running of the proposed intranet site for the consultants and the clients. The assumption for the better implementations of the intranet services for the security of the consultants and clients of the company from the unauthorized users who can create issues and constraints for the working of the intranet services which can be used for the betterment in functionality and operations of the company. The intranet will be well used by the consultants and the project managers to gain the information regarding the meeting time, goal, objectives and scope of specific project which will immensely helpful for the project management services for sigma consultant.


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