PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control PART A

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Effective status reports used in project management and challenges and pitfalls of different status reports. Difference between status reports provided for teams, sponsors, and steering committee.

Project status report is the type of evidence and effective evidence which comprises whole growth regarding the planned project plan. Main aim of the PSR is to notify complete and important members about the development and alleviate them beforehand they arise and make sure that aplan is done in an effective way(Owusu, et. al., 2019). Myki project statuses reports help improve communication in an organization as any member can check and monitor the project progress report in a better manner. Along with this, it assists in describing the communication procedures with the help of the form all the reports that can access to possessre organized and uploaded. Project status report helps in improving the project support by ensuring that all the company goals and purposes are reached by retainingand managing nearby interaction between company team associates.
In the context, the project manager requires to maintain and accomplish all the required detailed data and info from different plan reports to show danger. Ina project administration, there are various forms of report patterns that are utilised to demonstrate the present Myki project presentation(Poston, et. al., 2019). In this, it is examine that report status have some issues and challenges which are described and also some differences among a status reports develop for group, steering, and sponsors boards.
The communication is vital for fruitful plan supervision, and status reports are the major methods that are mainly used by project managers to interact with stakeholders. Various information are required while developing project such as performance, risks, issues, problems and overall progress and many more.

Types of status reports:

Current Period Report – It is that report which is used to display the data and information regarding the staff’s time card, schedule, and exceptions for the current time. The current period is the time that comprises the last paycheck to the next paycheck, mainly in two weeks.
• Do not help to manage time
• Too much time spend while preparing this report

Exception report – It is that document which states such examples where actual performance is diverged considerably from potentials, usually in an undesirable way. The intent of this report is mainly to concentrate on management attention in which most of the areas require instant actions.
• These reports create a culture where people admit to mistakes
• Difficulty in data collection

Summary status report – The reports show the detailed summary information regarding the Myki project which includes the current phase, overall status, upcoming actions, and key goals. The cost and amount of resources are consumed and it helps in analyzing risk which may create a negative impact on the myki project operations(McGrath, et. al., 2020). This report is used to collect all the resources and other items, risk details of the project in a better manner.
• Unsure how to improve the performance of the report
• Time-consuming
• Complex to analyzing risks which need to write in the report

Challenges of status report

In my view, the major issues and challenges concerning the report eminence is not developed and update the reports, but this is capable of enhancing the communication in the project so that they can properly manage the project. according to my individual understanding, I have analyzed that a huge figure of Myki assignment rank information were mainly mistreated by stake-holders, most of them were not planned, enclosed unrelated news, and did not able to gain the attention of stakeholders.

Targeting the audience
It has been analyzed that generally time; standing information should be unique which includes sponsors, assignment teams, and navigation board. At the time of announcement, assignment manager need to examine the entire stakeholder’s record and also evaluate how, when, and what the report is required to be relieved. There are few forms of distinction amid the rank information that are developed for specific assignment group, committee and task sponsors that are described as under:
• The report developed to assignment sponsors or map-reading commission that may have a diverse intensity of aspect in evaluation to the news which are developed to assignment group for instance technical problems or various tasks.
• Information are prepared to clients which may not embrace in the internal issues and cannot be disclosed at any time (Fernandes, et. al., 2020).
• Information developed to assignment panel members may not consist of classified data for instance budget details, economic statements, tactical decision that is important for task.
It is significant for mission director is to focus on various other factors that should be taken into account at the time of doing planning communication for the MYKI project.

It can be over and done with the position report is an imperative task communication method and this is required to be a plan, develop, and modified the Myki Project in a better manner.


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